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Read Psalm 95. WRITE a prayer to Who is someone

Do some chores Don’t text at all
What are some God explaining a that you need to around the house today. Instead,
things that stand specific habit, ask forgiveness that you don’t call the person.
out to you? How behavior or sin that from? What is
normally do.
do you need to you need stopping you?
respond to God? forgiveness for. Stop now & write
27 28 them a letter. 29 30 31

Who is somebody Choose one

you need to person and pray
forgive? What is for them three
keeping you from times today.
it? Write a letter to
God & that person.
1 2
Read Revelation Pray the Lord’s Send a handwritten Fast during Take some time In one of your Do something
21:1-8. What are prayer today at 8 note to somebody daylight hours. today and think classes today, today that you’ve
some things that am, lunchtime, 4 today to tell them Those times when about if you are make a point of been putting off or
stand out to you? pm, 8 pm & as you that you appreciate you would eat, living generously or praying for each trying to avoid.
How do you need go to bed. them and to pray and ask God selfishly. What is person in the class
to respond to God? encourage them. to become more something you can
3 4 5 real to you. 6 give away? 7 8 9
Read Ephesians What fears are Give up social Carry a list of What is something Who in your life is Intentionally spend
3:14-21. What are keeping you from networking things that you’re that God is telling in desperate need some time today
some things that living fully for (facebook, twitter, thankful for. Take you to do, but of Jesus? Three with your family; let
stand out to you? Jesus? Name etc). Instead it out and read it you’re not? Today, times today take them know that
How do you need them specifically & connect with every time you take a step of some time to pray you love them.
to respond to God? then prayerfully people face to face catch yourself boldness and do it! today.
give that list to God complaining.
10 12 14 15
11 13
Read Psalm 99. Have a Eat only one meal Take time today to Fast from Read Luke 22:47- Spend the evening
What are some conversation today today of rice and pray for your small technology: tv, 23:46. Spend 10 with people you
things that stand with somebody that beans. During the group and your computer, internet, minutes in love. Share what
out to you? Come you don’t normally other two meals, leader. Drop them video games and complete silence God is teaching
to the worship talk to. pray for the hungry a note or a text your i-pod. remembering you and doing in
night at 180 at of the world. letting them know 21 Jesus’ death. you during this
respond to Jesus. 18 19 that you did. 22 Lent season.
17 20 23
He is Risen! Read
& respond to John Lent is a season in which we practice giving up something important in order to
20:1-18. Go to
church & celebrate refocus our lives on God. By fasting from certain things, we practice dying to
with other believers ourselves. And by refocusing our lives, living to God, we intentionally choose things
the resurrection of
our Savior!
that help us become the kind of people God desires us to be. This calendar suggests
24 daily practices for fasting-from and living-to during this Lent season.