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Plimmerton Helps Christchurch

Auction Catalogue
www.plimmerton.org.nz for information about artists and auction results
No. Description Donated by
1 ‘Island Bay’ 2005 gesso panel painting Yvonne Crump
by renowned NZ landscape artist John Crump, value: $600
2 ‘The Bay’, diorama acrylic on board Cliff James
Titahi Bay artist Cliff James
3 ‘Collection 1’ acrylic paint on wood Cliff James
Titahi Bay artist
4 ‘Tui at Twilight’ sculpture, Oamaru stone, Stephanie Drew
by NZ sculptor, Pataka exhibitor, Stephanie Drew
5 ‘Pacific Rose’ sterling silver and enamel brooch by NZ jeweller, Bride Coe
Bride Coe
6 Landscaping site consultation (2 to 5 hours) for design ideas for your Linda Kerkmeester
garden or courtyard, value $250.00 Landscape Architect
7 Survive –it kit, survival kit Rodd Hall
Everything you need to survive after an earthquake, value $399.00 Survive-IT
8 ‘Hill Behind Cambourne’, oil on canvas, Stuart Nicol
by well known local Paremata artist and tutor Stuart Nicol
9 ‘View of Onepoto from Porirua Harbour’ Stuart Nicol
Oil on canvas
10 Paddle Stand up Surfboard, 1x10.9 WOW SUP package Marchelle Dann
Reserve $1000.00, value $2,199.00 Stand up Surfboards, NZ Ltd

11 Three course dinner for six prepared in your home (within Porirua Annie Highet
boundary), reserve price $250.00
12 Dinner for two up to the value of $80.00 Café Vella Plimmerton

13 12 Purebalance Yogapilates, Pureyoga or Purepilates classes (any term) Deidre Lee Allen
in 2011, one 12-week term, value $180.00 Pure Balance Yoga Pilates
14 ‘Hakarimata Range’ Waikato, acrylic Lesley Fairbairn
by local landscape artist Lesley Fairbairn
15 ‘Healthy Eating’ water colour Lesley Fairbairn

16 ‘Rowing Boats’ pastel Lesley Fairbairn

17 Cricket bat, The National Bank Series, 2001/2002 Tommy’s Real Estate
NZ and England team signatures
18 ‘The Old Woolshed’, framed water colour/pen Denny Evison
by NZ artist Denny Evison
19 Tall stoneware, vase by international ceramicist, Anneke Borren Anneke Borren
Reserve price $200
20 Colours Hair Design, Plimmerton Carleen Mclatchie
Colour/cut/blow wave, value $130.00
21 Retro walnut cocktail cabinet Mike and Wendy Lyons
height 94cm, width 64 cm, depth38cm
22 ‘Space to Dream’ acrylic painting Radha Sahar
by NZ painter and musician Radha Sahar
23 Wool and mohair throw rug by Whitby weaver Robyn Parker
24 ‘Landscape 1993/94’, paint and sand Carolyn Wallace
by Hillary Robson

No. Description Donated by
25 ‘The Immaculate Housewife’, tapestry, Victoria Clay
by Jennifer Pudney
26 ‘On the waters edge Plimmerton’ framed photograph Carolyn Wallace
by local artist Carolyn Wallace
27 Fire Truck to go to a kids birthday party Plimmerton Fire Station
available through Plimmerton Volunteer Fire Brigade
28 A family bike service for up to 4 bikes. Excludes any parts A & R Janssen
value $240.00 Pack & Pedal Porirua
29 Two nights accommodation, for two, at Aquavilla Seaside B & B, Judi Thomson
including a breakfast feast, before 01.09.11, value $360.00 Aquavilla Plimmerton
30 Palmers garden makeover package, one hour consultation followed up Richard Persson
with a planting plan and 20% off any plant purchase Palmers Garden Centre
31 Shino white and iron glazed pottery bowl Mary and Ken Rae
by internationally acclaimed NZ potter Mirek Smišek, value $400
32 Mana Island tour for four adults or family of Two adults and up to three The Roofbox Company
children. Fully guided tour of on water and on-island experience, any Julie and Phil Rich
morning from 8:00am to 12 noon or 2:00 – 6:00pm.
33 Anti Stress Facial Alex Aloiai
value $105.00 The Glamour Room
(Colours Hair Design)
34 Pollen Pod Ring, by international award winning jeweller Stacey Whale, Stacey Whale
9ct yellow gold and pink fresh water pearl. Plimmerton Jewellery
Stamped with official UK hallmarks & Stacey Whale makers mark.
Reserve price: $800.00 (value $1200 - we start bidding at $200.
35 $100.00 Dinner voucher (any night but Friday/Saturday) Stephan Jasinski
Award Winning Polish restaurant Topor in Plimmerton Topor Bistro & Bar

Silent auction
No. Description Donated by
36 ‘Golden Rays’ South Island seen from Plimmerton Johanna Lowe
by local photographer Johanna Lowe
37 ‘Float Away’ Plimmerton Sunset Johanna Lowe
38 ‘Timelessness’ – Mana Island Johanna Lowe
39 Revolving compost bin Daphne Brennan
Originally $500.00, in good condition
40 ‘Daisies at Midnight’ water colour Daphne Brennan
by local artist Daphne Brennan
41 ‘Daisies at my Window’, pastel Daphne Brennan
42 ‘Everything is Coming up Roses’ oil painting Daphne Brennan
43 ‘Poodle Talk’ oil painting Daphne Brennan
44 ‘Sweet Dreams’ water colour Daphne Brennan
45 ‘Tea with the Birds’ acrylic painting Daphne Brennan
46 ‘Tulip’ photograph Unknown
47 ‘North Bluff – Mana Island’ The Bay Gallery
by Rosemary Mortimer
48 ‘Summer City’ acrylic The Bay Gallery
by W R Allen
49 ‘Moana Sunset’ Painting acrylic on canvas Carolina Gartner
by local artist Carolina Gartner
50 Bugs Bunny trinket box Daphne Brennan

Silent auction
No. Description Donated by
51 Set of three plates second issue in the Symphony Beauty Series A Holmes
Crafted from an original work painted on silk and issued in a
strictly limited edition, Bradex Number: 84-G20-51.2 by Lena Liu
52 ‘View of Nelson Haven’ framed 1971 print of a painting I & M Harwood
by Charles Heaphy, Print # 285
53 ‘View of Wellington’ framed 1971 print of a painting I & M Harwood
by Charles Heaphy. Print # 284
54 ‘HMS North Star at Pomares Pa’, framed 1970 print of a painting I & M Harwood
by Cyprian Bridge, Series 19, Print # 594
55 ‘Capture of Kawit’s Pa’, framed 1971 print of painting I & M Harwood
by Cyprian Bridge, dated, Series 20, Print # 594
56 ‘Lake Taupo’, framed 1971 print of painting I & M Harwood
by C D Barraud. Series 24, Print # 1374
57 ‘The White Terraces’, 1971 print of a painting I & M Harwood
by C D Barraud, Series 22, Print # 1374
58 ‘Ohinemutu Village’, Framed 1971 print of a painting I & M Harwood
by Charles Bloomfield, Series 23, print #1374
59 ‘Below’ oil painting on canvas Clare Matthews
by local artist Clare Matthews
60 ‘Protect Me’ oil painting on canvas Clare Matthews
61 Two months lease of AIRNERGY oxygen breathing machine Shirley Gay
delivered within Porirua area, value $340.00
62 Homeopathic consultation Shirley Gay
value $200.00
63 Six golf croquet lessons Plimmerton Croquet Club
value $30.00
64 Six golf croquet lessons Plimmerton Croquet Club
value $30.00
65 Electrolux Ergorapido 2in1 vacuum cleaner Rosemary Friedlander
66 Paua Shell Mirror Diana Fary
by Diana Fary
67 Painted and carved matai wooden block ‘South Pacific Series’ Alan Wehipeihana
by Wellington artist/carver, Pataka and Te Papa exhibitor Alan
68 Ten embroidered beanies with your club or business logo. Brett Richardson
Includes set up and creation of any design, value $190 Branding Solutions, Thorndon
69 A term's tuition at NumberWorks’nWords Kapiti for after school NumberWorks’nWords
tuition in maths and English, value $500 www.numberworksnwords.com
70 A free Warrant of Fitness (before 01.08.2011) Tony
value $46.00 Plimmerton Auto Services
71 Wooden Italian tray with brass edging Ann Holmes
72 Modern clock with Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature guide Ann Holmes
73 Set of Alexander Turnbull Library prints in their original folders: A Levy
1. ‘View of Petone’ ca 1843 print by Brees, serial 37:1975 no. 577
2. From Thorndon Beach’ July 1845 by Wallace, 1788-1880, serial
36: 1975 no. 577
3. ‘Wellington from Brooklyn’ ca 1852 by Barraud, serial 35: 1975
no: 577
74 Contemporary, abstract stainless steel dolphin vase inside a glass A Levy
75 Ceramic bowl A Levy
76 Two stoneware bowls , glazed inside retail $40.00 each Rosemary O’Hara

Silent auction
No. Description Donated by
77 New Paraffin Lamp (Farms Lamp Light replica) Mrs. Hunt
78 Ceramic vase Mrs. Hunt
79 Painting from Singapore Mrs. Hunt
80 Dry wicker laundry basket Mrs. Hunt
81 Japanese stencil print on metal Ann Holmes
82 One, seven bar, square-rung ladder towel warmer Trudy Mills
MasterTrade Porirua
83 Two hexagon style black outdoor wall lanterns Trudy Mills
MasterTrade Porirua
84 Untitled oil painting Bev Francis
by Ruby Rankin
85 Set of two floral oil paintings Bev Francis
by Ruby Rankin
86 Flower vase, oil painting Bev Francis
by Ruby Rankin
87 ‘Water Logged’, watercolour Bev Francis
by Peter Leitch
88 ‘Wild Stag’ black & white print Bev Francis
by Rei Hamon
89 Untitled watercolour Bev Francis
by Dorothy Roberts
90-101 One set of His and Hers perfumed luxury soap in boxes R and M Kellahan
Lots 90 to 101
102- Baskets with assorted china and bric a brac Various
105 Lots 102 to 105
106 Blik Pug Family wall art Baby Vintage
value $59.95 Plimmerton
107 ‘Fruit of the Vine’ framed watercolour Janice Neighbour
by local artist Janice Neighbour
108 ‘Sandra’ oil painting Barry McEwan
by P.E Nestanan
109 ‘House and Fields’, watercolour Barry McEwan
by G Marlen
110 ‘First Born’, oil painting Barry McEwan
by Claire Jennings
111 ‘Harrowing on the South Down’ Barry McEwan
etching by Joseph Kirkpatrick 1872-1930
112 Untitled etching Barry McEwan
by Joseph Kirkpatrick 1872-1930
113 ‘Land Form ‘ Barry McEwan
by Kathleen V McKay F.I.B.A (Cambridge England )
114 ‘Reflections’ (The Estuary) oil painting on canvas Denise Farrell
by local artist Denise Farrell.
115 Royal Winton Grimwades Vase R & R Jones
No. 4895, 12cm
116 Royal Doulton figurine, 1993, ‘A Posy for You’, 11cm R & R Jones
117 Royal Doulton figurine, 1978, ‘Sunday Best’, 9cm R & R Jones
118 Royal Doulton pink/gilt cup with 9.5cm saucer, RA7601 R & R Jones
119 Royal Doulton seriesware cup, ‘The Jackdaw of Rheims’ R & R Jones

Silent auction
No. Description Donated by
120 One Royal Doulton sweet dish, seriesware, 13cm R & R Jones
One Royal Doulton dish, country scene, D3647, 19.5cm
121 A set of two Royal Doulton sweet dishes , 13cm, Windsor Castle & R & R Jones
Rochester Castle
122 Royal Doulton plate D5814 Sir Roger de Coverley, 14.5cm R & R Jones

123 Royal Doulton cabinet plate, fish, ‘Samlet’, signed J Birbeck, gilt R & R Jones
rim, 22.5cm
124 Set of two Royal Doulton cabinet plates, fishing scenes, hand R & R Jones
painted and signed JH Plant, 26cm
125 Royal Worcester Old Worcester Parrot cup and 13cm saucer; Royal R & R Jones
Worcester small lidded pillbox, 3.8cm
126 Wedgewood dish 7x9cm and lidded box 9x11.5cm, with raised R & R Jones
flower detail
127 Set of two Mason’s Regency sweet dishes 13cm R & R Jones

128 Limoges dish 5cm and lidded pillbox 4x6.5cm R & R Jones
129 Paragon cup and 10.5cm saucer, fruit design R & R Jones
130 Two Carlton Ware Rouge Royale bowls, 13cm and 7.5cm R & R Jones
131 Carlton Ware Australian Design Green Leaf sauce bowl, saucer & R & R Jones
132 Set of two Carlton Ware Australian Design Magnolia (green)dishes R & R Jones
9.5cm x 12cm and 15.5cm x 18.5cm
133 Set of four Carlton Ware Australian Design butter dishes, R & R Jones
(1) 11cm Yellow Buttercup, (2) 11.5cm white Daisy,
(3) 11.5cm green Daisy (d) 11.5cm yellow Daisy in original box
134 Set of 4 items R & R Jones
1. Royal Copenhagen Mallard Duck dish, 10cm
2. Bing & Grondahl Seagull shell dish, 8cm
3. Bing & Grondahl Seagull platter, 27cm
4. Bing & Grondahl Snowdrop vase, 12.5cm.
135 ‘Terns at Plimmerton’ Ruth Mclean
Watercolour by Ruth Mclean
136 ‘Franz Joseph Glacier’, acrylic on canvas Margaret Brown
by Margaret Brown
137 ‘Tenby Wales’, oil on canvas Margaret Brown
by Margaret Brown
138 ‘Wild and Woolly Kapiti’, wool fibre on canvas Margaret Brown
by Margaret Brown
139 ‘Plimmerton Sunset’, oil on canvas Ruth McLean
by Ruth McLean
140 ‘Cockerel’ water colour, Ruth McLean
by Ruth McLean
141 ‘True Love’ six piece setting of Royal Stafford bone china, made in D & R Anderson
England with 5 extra small plates.
142 Photo of Kapiti on corrugated iron Phejoa Design, Plimmerton
by Joe Mc Phee
143 Small Rimu wall cabinet with two leadlight glass doors Mike and Wendy Lyons
144 36 piece white porcelain tea set (cups saucers and plates) Jenny Dickensen
by Maxwell and Williams porcelain
145 Tallboy, dark-stained Parker Ferguson Rosemary Collier
(small heat-mark on top); five drawers

Silent auction
No. Description Donated by
146 Desk, light-stained Elliott roll-top with four drawers and cupboard, Rosemary Collier
felt-lined pigeon-holes, and pull-out writing surface (Elliotts are
fairly small - not like old-fashioned roll-top desks)
147 One-drawer filing cabinet Rosemary Collier
148 Two-drawer filing cabinet Rosemary Collier
149 Hurricanes rugby jersey, 2006 Graham Twist
signed and framed
150 One ballet lesson for a 5 - 10yr old. Bronwyn Taylor
Springhill Academy of Dance, Pukerua Bay
151 One modern jazz dance lesson for a 9 yr old or older Bronwyn Taylor
Springhill Academy of Dance, Pukerua Bay
152 One dance lesson for a pre-schooler Bronwyn Taylor
Springhill Academy of Dance, Pukerua Bay
153 10 classes of ZUMBA Fitness anywhere in the Wellington region Nikolai Romanov
with Nikolai, value $80.00
154 10 Classes of ZUMBA Fitness anywhere in the Wellington Region Nikolai Romanov
with Nikolai, value: $80.00
155 Voucher for $30.00 to be spent at Magpie Magpie at Paremata
156 Two x breakfasts, two coffee/teas Mondo Espresso Café
value $55 Palmers Garden Centre
157 Two pizzas at The Big Salami in Plimmerton Dave Star
value $52 The Big Salami Café
158 Japanese tea set, blue and white china on a tray Mary and Ken Rae
159 Tea pot, numbered edition Mary and Ken Rae
by Charlotte di Vita
160 Six glazed pottery drinking mugs Mary and Ken Rae
161 One hour relaxation massage by appointment Gillian Fry
value $50.00 Symmetry Health & Wellness
162 ‘Till The White Rose Blooms Again’ (2011) Kristel Coppieters
Mixed media on hardboard, Framed Reserve: $500.00
163 Pacer professional car cleaner kit Glenn Laurenson
from Plimmerton Panel & Paint Plimmerton Panel & Paint
164 Photographic printing of prints 6x4” up to 12x18” size, gloss or Denis Clode
matt off 35mm/120 negatives, transparencies or from CD. DAC Group Partnership
165 'Basket of Goodies' R & M Richards
166 Go 30 Nails, artificial finger nails, gentle on your nail beds Jenna Stroud, Nail Obsession
value $50.00 Colours Hair Design
167 Massage and a $100.00 off Trinity Clinics Treatment Marchelle Dann, House of Beauty
Valued over $200.00 Day Spa and Trinity Clinics
168 Spoil Yourself with a Pamper beauty package Marchelle Dann, House of Beauty
value over $200.00 Day Spa and Trinity Clinics
169 Wine gift pack includes French wine carrier, Champagne gift bag, Cherie Barcham
bottle tags, boxed wine card set and beverage napkins Scene@Plimmerton
value $105.00
170 Drapes, elegant floor-length designer curtains x two Anonymous
each 2270mm x 3360mm

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