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Assignment 1 (Fluid Mechanic-I), Shahrood University of Technology

1-A U-tube manometer is connected to a closed tank containing air and water as shown in the Figure. At
the closed end of the manometer the air pressure is 16 psia. Determine the reading on the pressure gage
for a differential reading of 4 ft on the manometer. Express your answer in psi (gage). Assume standard
atmospheric pressure and neglect the weight of the air columns in the manometer.

2- A suction cup is used to support a plate of weight ‘’W’’ as shown in the Figure. For the conditions
shown, determine ‘’W’’.
3- Determine the elevation difference, between the water levels in the two open tanks shown in the

4- The inclined face AD of the tank of the Figure is a plane surface containing a gate ABC, which is
hinged along line BC. The shape of the gate is shown in the plan view. If the tank contains water,
determine the magnitude of the force that the water exerts on the gate.
5- The U-tube of the Figure contains mercury and rotates about the off-center axis a–a. At rest, the depth
of mercury in each leg is 150 mm as illustrated. Determine the angular velocity for which the difference
in heights between the two legs is 75 mm.