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Subtitles for the Shiridi baba video clip


(please see translation of dialogues below...in the previous scene in

the movie there is somebody who considered as mad by everyone
in Shiridi challenges Shiridi Baba and then this clip starts Baba
talking about him to his disciple....)

Baba- From the time that I was considered mad to now when
I am worshipped as God…8 directions are my 8 wealth’s* and
Five elements are Five types of foods (five different food
offerings made by rice…?.)…When he heard my answer then
he is convinced that this fakir (Muslim saint) is Stitha
Pragya and Nanavali went away…

Baba: Tests are not only for you also for me…

Nana: Is there so much Vedanta (a term used for achieving

Brahman or self realisation in Hindu religion) in that mad
person’s words?

Baba: Extremity of Vedanta is madness ….Nanavali is not

mad as you all think... he is Avaduta (a saint who has
transcended ego)…. He is one who crossed all worldly
obstacles (problems)…

Nana: Baba why this Duni (this is like havan kundi Baba
used to burn and spend lot of time)

Baba: To burn all human sins

Nana: People are giving you so many presents but leaving

them all why you sleep making this brick as your pillow…

Baba: Nana, This brick is equal to my guru and also like my

friend and it is part of me (inseparable relationship) and it
will always be with me in my entire life

Baba: OK why are you massaging my feet?

Nana: It is said that Mother, father, teacher and God, they 4

are you for me therefore I am serving my guru

Baba: What’s the use of it?

Nana: Why they should be a gain or loss, it is dharma of

disciple to serve Guru

Do you know what Shri Krishna said in Bhagawat Gita…?

Baba: What he said...

Nana: Tat viddhi pari patena pari prashnena sevaya

upadeshinchete jnanam jnanina satva darshinah

Baba: Can you tell one more time

Nana: Why Baba….

Baba: So that I can understand…..

Nana: This is in Sanskrit baba…... how many times ever I tell

you don’t understand
Baba: OK then you tell me in a way that I understand

Nana: Those who contained 3 gunas in them(Tatwavidulu)

are one who have realised the knowledge of Brahma
(Brahma gynanulu) ..from them to know all the philosophy
(tatwam) we have to do namaskar, questioning, do service
and pray then question then they(gnanulu-the one who
knows the truth) can solve your doubts

Baba: Is that all full meaning of it?

Nana: Yes

Baba: What does it mean by questioning

Nana: To question guru

Baba: Then What is Pari

Nana: Pari and question are not different they both

together mean questioning

Baba: That means Pari doesn’t have any meaning then

Baba: No

Baba: No or you don’t know

Nana: Then you tell if you know

Baba: Tat viddhi pari patena pari prashnena sevaya

upadeshinchete jnanam jnani nashtatva darshinah

Baba: Pari prashnena seveya means....it doesn’t mean to

question guru if he knows or not

Baba: Questioning doesn’t mean you test a guru to see if

he knows or not and probe him, but you question with
devotion and faith (Bhakti and Shraddha)

Baba: Pari is upasarga..do you know why Vyasa used it

….when you ask a question to guru, ask with humility
without pretending that you know already

Baba: Pari is not a waste word it is having meaning

Nana: Baba you know Bhagawat Gita so deeply

Baba: Does any Gita that Krishna Bhagawan do not know…

like clouds cover the Sun, knowledge is covered by ego, if
you get over that clouds of ego you will understand
everything, then you will understand the entire essence of
philosophy (vedantam)

Baba: Nana…All this creation of Universe is me….all planets,

Sun, Moon, all deities and incarnations, 7 oceans,
mountains, flowers, all moving creatures, all living creatures
all are in me

Baba: All sinner’s birth and death and all those who have
done punyas (good deeds) and them ascending to the
heaven, their liberation/salvation... for everything I am
responsible ...All the life cycle of human beings is in me….
one can always see in me

All Deities, Seers, Saints, everybody wants to see my

vishwarupam (full form)... see my vishwarupam and see fully
to your eyes content….........

Then song in praise of Shridi Sai……………………….

8 wealths:

Ashtaishwaryam: [ashta: eight + aishwarya: wealth]

: Eight kinds of wealth:

: 1. Shakti, power,

: 2. Adhipatya, sovereignty,

: 3.Upanivesha, inhabiting the earth with living beings,

: 4. Vibhava, exalted position,

: 5. Dhana, material wealth,

: 6. Badappana, supremacy,

: 7. Sarvashakti matta, omnipotence,

: 8. sarva vyapakata, omnipresence.