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I am an Objectivist by nature and believe in a Rational approach towards life. I have strong Ethical
values and wish to apply them in everything that I do. Having completed my Graduation and Post
Graduation in Finance, I seek to build my career as a Trader/Fund Manager.
Masters in Business Administration(MBA), Finance
ICFAI School of Financial Studies(ISFS) HYDERABAD
 8.68/10 CGPA
 Focused on developing my knowledge on topics like Equities & Fixed Income,
Derivatives, Quantitative techniques & Portfolio Management theory.
 DCF and Relative Valuation in Equities along with methodology for public offering.
 Valuation of Fixed Income and measurement of Interest Rate risk using the concepts of
Duration and Convexity.
 Concepts of CAPM, SML and Portfolio risk in Portfolio Management.
 Studied Probability, Sampling and Hypothesis testing in Quantitative Techniques.
 Took up assignments on otherwise un-chartered topics like Investor Psychology.
 Studied about various Derivatives products such as Forwards, Futures, Options and
Swaps and strategies for which they can be used.

Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA) USA

Cleared Level 1 in Dec 2009, Level 2 candidate (June 2010)

Bachelors in Business Administration(BBA), Finance

Prestige Institute of Management & Research INDORE
 Attended the Basic Course on Stock Markets training at BSE, Mumbai.
 Summer Internship at ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, Bhopal.
Summer Internship Program ING VYSYA Bank, Financial Markets
Approach note for Currency Futures Trading.
 Prepared detailed Product Paper covering Product Features, Cost-Benefit analysis &
trading strategies.
 Cost-Benefit analysis focused on Margin costs and Arbitrage profits.
 My project report was the basis for seeking management/board approval for trading
in futures.
 Also got chance to work with professionals from MCX stock exchange.
 My work was appreciated by the banks Fx Trading Group.
Dealing Room Training (ISFS)
 Clear understanding on various Dealing room activities/Treasury functions.
 Understand roles and responsibilities of Front, Middle and Back office.
 Division of front offices into Proprietary trading, ALM and Sales desks.
 Covered basics of Technical Analysis.
 Students were made part of the actual Trading activity where buying and selling of
Equities and Foreign Exchange was done based on Technical analysis.
 The platform used for this purpose was IRIS.

Business Strategy Analysis & Equity Valuation

CYGNUS Business Consulting & Research Pvt. Ltd (ISFS)
 The only Equity valuation and Analysis training given by any college across the country.

 Major focus on Fundamental Analysis.

 A step-by-step Economic-Industry-Company analysis.
 Economic analysis included studying past GDP, IIP, Interest rate and Inflation trends
and then forecasting a future trend.
 Industry analysis included studying the impact of economy on various industries.
 Finally Company analysis, which included DCF and Relative valuation.

Interest Rate Derivatives

Management Research Project (ISFS)
 Done as a part of the college curriculum.
 Report consists of a detailed study on various Interest rate derivatives such as Interest
Rate Forwards, Interest Rate Futures, Swaps, etc. and how they function.
NISM Currency Derivatives: Dealers module
NCFM Financial Markets: Beginners module
IRDA Insurance exam
Proficient in the use of MS Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
Playing a number of musical instruments including Guitar, Mouthorgan and Keyboard.
Delivering under time pressure.
Pencil Sketching (landscapes and object drawing)
Won positions in various school activities like Quiz, Debates and Sports competitions.
Reading: From general reading which includes newspapers and financial journals to serious
reading such as Philosophy, Spirituality, Psychology, Religion and Economics.
Music: From Mozart and Schumann to contemporary English and Hindi music.
Traveling: like to travel and have been to various parts of the country