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Education &
Psychology 2016

The Graduate School Mess

What Caused It and How We Can Fix It

Leonard Cassuto

Cassuto presents astute summaries of the history of graduate

education in America as a foundation for specific approaches to
reconceiving itA thoughtful, clearly written analysis.
Elizabeth Hayford, Library Journal
Cassuto offers a thoughtful and well-researched look at the broader
ills of academia through the lens of graduate education programs.
Vanessa Bush, Booklist
2015 2 line illus. 320 pp. $29.95 | 22.95 cloth 9780674728981

Inside Graduate
Merit, Diversity, and
Faculty Gatekeeping
Julie R. Posselt
Politicians, judges, journalists,
parents and prospective students
subject the admissions policies
of undergraduate colleges
and professional schools to
considerable scrutiny, with much
public debate over appropriate
criteria. But the question of who
gets into Ph.D. programs has
by comparison escaped much
discussion. That may change with
the publication of Inside Graduate
AdmissionsWhile the departments
reviewed in the book remain secret,
the general process used by elite
departments would now appear
to be more open as a result of
Posselts book.
Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed
2016 12 tables 272 pp.
$35.00 | 25.95 cloth

Lessons in Censorship

How Schools and Courts Subvert Students First Amendment Rights

Catherine J. Ross
 Concurring Opinions Best Book of the Year

Rossmakes a compelling case in Lessons in Censorship for

the importance of according students free speech not only as
a constitutional right, but also as a vital democratic practice.
Joan Wallach Scott, The Nation
Turn the pages of Lessons in Censorship and you will discover
what it means for students to think freely and how courts have
fashioned baseless arguments designed to squelch such thinking
A book that should be read and discussed by school officials at all
levels of education.
Ronald K. L. Collins, Concurring Opinions
2015 1 line illus., 1 map 368 pp. $39.95 | 29.95 cloth 9780674057746

Divergent Paths

The Academy and the Judiciary

Richard A. Posner

A valuable contribution to debates over the future of federal courts

and law schools alikePosner is, as always, uniformly sensible and
frequently brilliant.
Kermit Roosevelt, New York Times Book Review
A trenchant dissection of both the academy and the judiciarys flaws
Equal parts edifying and entertaining.
Mark Joseph Stern, Slate
2016 5 tables 432 pp. $29.95 | 22.95 cloth 9780674286030

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2 harvard university press


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Why Torture Doesnt Work

The Neuroscience of Interrogation

 n Irish Examiner Best Book of the Year
 Times Higher Education Book of the Week
Shane OMara
A meticulously researched bookAs OMara shows, torture
techniques are mentally debilitating, affecting memory as well
as mood, and thereby compromise the capacity of victims to
form and deliver a reliable account of any information that they
may be withholding. Not only is torture morally deplorable,
therefore, but its outcome is also entirely unpredictable.
Giovanni Frazzetto, Financial Times
2015 336 pp. $29.95 | 22.95 cloth 9780674743908

A Natural History of Human Morality

What Works

Michael Tomasello

Gender Equality by Design

If youre after a definitive guide to explain how humans

became an ultra-cooperative and, eventually, moral species,
this must be it.

Iris Bohnet

New Scientist
This is an extremely worthwhile addition to the literature
on the evolution of morality. It is well written and strikes an
excellent balance between easy accessibility and nuanced
and novel ideas.
Richard Joyce, author of The Evolution of Morality
2016 6 line illus. 208 pp. $35.00 | 25.95 cloth 9780674088641

Education and the Commercial Mindset

Samuel E. Abrams
Abrams describes eloquently the disconnect between the optimism underlying for-profit companies efforts to improve urban
education and the realities that their schools faced. He also describes the history of KIPP charters, their accomplishments, and
the limits of the KIPP model as a strategy for improving the life
chances of urban children growing up in low-income families.
Richard J. Murnane, co-author of Restoring Opportunity
2016 12 charts, 20 tables 432 pp. $39.95 | 29.95 cloth 9780674049178

800-405-1619 (US only)


Right up to board level, companies

should find in What Works not only
food for thought [about gender
bias], but a guide for effective
practical action as well.
Sarah Gordon, Financial Times
This is a must-have guide for
anyone in charge of a diversity
Julie Chappell,
Management Today
Provides a useful introduction to
all the available evidence showing
there is a business, as well as moral,
case for diversity. What Works
speaks to CEOs in a language they
will understand, taking the emotion
out of the argument and making
a pragmatic case for reshaping
workplace norms to make women
feel less alienated.
Helen Lewis, New Statesman
Belknap Press
2016 11 halftones 400 pp.
$26.95 | 19.95 cloth

harvard university press3

The Language Animal

The Full Shape of the Human Linguistic Capacity

Charles Taylor

Just as Humboldt believed that possessing a language is to be

continuously involved in trying to extend its powers of articulation,
Charles Taylors new book, The Language Animal, demonstrates how
the very study of language over time embodies the evolving human
effort to extend our understandingnot only of language, but of the
very self language helps to describe, propel, and transcend. It is a
deeply thoughtful, historically enriching, and ultimately luminous book.
Maryanne Wolf, Tufts University
Belknap Press 2016 368 pp. $35.00 | 25.95 cloth 9780674660205

Self and Soul

A Defense of Ideals
Mark Edmundson
 n Art of Manliness Best Book of the Year
 n Artery Best Book of the Year
[Edmundsons] bold and ambitious new book is partly a demonstration of
what a real education in the humanities, inspired by the goal of human
transformation and devoted to taking writers seriously, might look like
[It] quietly sets out to challenge many educational pieties, most of the
assumptions of recent literary studiesand his own chosen lifestyle.
Mathew Reisz, Times Higher Education
2015 304 pp. $29.95 | 22.95 cloth 9780674088207


Evolution and Human Sexual Behavior

Peter B. Gray Justin R. Garcia
A very good bookA strong case can be made that real sex
education would go beyond Plumbing 101 and emulate this
bookactually teaching about sexual behavior from an
evolutionary perspective.
David P. Barash, Chronicle of Higher Education
2016; 2013 376 pp. $21.95 | 16.95 paper 9780674660007

Ruling Minds: Psychology

in the British Empire
Erik Linstrum
2016 320 pp.
$39.95 | 29.95 cloth

Triumphs of Experience:
The Men of the Harvard
Grant Study
George E. Vaillant
Belknap Press
2015 480 pp.
$17.95 | 13.95 paper

4 harvard university press

The Prime of Life:

A History of Modern
Steven Mintz
Belknap Press
2015 432 pp.
$35.00 | 25.95 cloth


A Natural History of
Human Thinking
Michael Tomasello
2014 192 pp.
$37.00 | 27.95 cloth

800-405-1619 (US only)


Paying for the Party

How College Maintains Inequality

Elizabeth A. Armstrong Laura T. Hamilton
 istinguished Scholarly Book Award, American Sociological Association
 utstanding Publication Award, American Educational Research Association
 cholarly Achievement Award, North Central Sociological Association

Focusing on the pathways leading to the college experience, the authors

reveal an honest, if at times unflattering, look at the reality of the academic
experience for women of both high and low socioeconomic status.
Rachel Wadham, Library Journal (starred review)
2015; 2013 2 line illus., 15 tables 344 pp. $18.95 | 14.95 paper 9780674088023

How Economics Shapes Science

Paula Stephan
Economist Paula Stephan takes an exhaustive look at how publicly
funded science pays [its] bills, and how this affects research, researchers
and the economy. She argues that expanding universities and stagnant
budgets have made funders and scientists more risk-averse, and stunted
the development of young investigators.
2015; 2012 13 line illus., 7 tables 384 pp. $21.95 | 16.95 paper 9780674088160

Minds Online

Teaching Effectively with Technology

Michelle D. Miller

An outstanding book that provides a road map for truly effective online
teaching. What distinguishes [Millers] book from much of the research
available on teaching with technology, and pushes it beyond arguments
about improving access, is her emphasis on the ways in which online
teaching tools can actually improve learning for all studentsnot just
those who have no access to traditional face-to-face classrooms.
James Lang, Chronicle of Higher Education
2016; 2014 2 line illus., 2 tables 296 pp. $17.95 | 13.95 paper 9780674660021

On the Battlefield of Merit:

Harvard Law School,
the First Century
Daniel R. Coquillette
Bruce A. Kimball
2015 688 pp.
$39.95 | 29.95 cloth

Redesigning Americas
Community Colleges:
A Clearer Path to
Student Success
Thomas R. Bailey
Shanna Smith Jaggars
Davis Jenkins
2015 304 pp.
$35.00 | 25.95 cloth

800-405-1619 (US only)

Make It Stick:
The Science of
Successful Learning
Peter C. Brown
Henry L. Roediger III
Mark A. McDaniel
Belknap Press
2014 336 pp.
$27.95 | 20.00 paper


The Seven Pillars of

Statistical Wisdom
Stephen M. Stigler
2016 240 pp.
$22.95 | 16.95 paper

harvard university press5

Forthcoming in Fall 2016

Practice for Life

Making Decisions in College

The Vicarious Brain,

Creator of Worlds

Lee Cuba Nancy Jennings

Alain Berthoz

Suzanne Lovett Joseph Swingle

Translated by Giselle Weiss




Next Gen PhD

In His Time and Ours

A Guide to Career Paths in Science

lisabeth Roudinesco

Melanie V. Sinche

Translated by Catherine Porter



Wisdom Won from Illness

Becoming Who I Am

Essays in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis

Young Men on Being Gay

Jonathan Lear

Ritch C. Savin-Williams



Insanity and Sanctity

in Byzantium


How Law Affects Behavior

Lawrence M. Friedman

The Ambiguity of Religious Experience


Youval Rotman

6 harvard university press


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Nick Sousanis
 ROSE Award for Excellence in Humanities,
Association of American Publishers

 ROSE Award, Media & Cultural Studies,
Association of American Publishers

 Choice Outstanding Academic Title of the Year
 Forbes Best Graphic Novel of the Year
 n Independent Best Graphic Novel of the Year
 New York Observer Ten Best Books on Innovation Selection
 Print Best Design Book of the Year
If you prefer your mind-melt, dimension-bending comics with less
costumes and melodrama, Nick Sousanis cerebral exploration of
psychology and perspective offers a refreshing palate cleanser
Presented with a visual vocabulary that will blow readers minds in
the most scholarly way possible.
Sean Edgar, Paste
2015 164 pages of illus. 208 pp.
$22.95 | 16.95 paper 9780674744431

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