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“Guide me in your truth and teach

me, for you are God my Saviour, and

my hope is in you all day long.”
Psalm 25:5
Volume 22, #3 • Spring 2010

True Stories About the Holy Spirit Working Through You

Cambodia: Encountering God in a Pit Philippines: The Value of Teaching God’s Love
India: The Unexpected Gift
Our mission a personal note...
We are called by God From the President
to provide Scriptures “This service that you perform is not only supplying
and training worldwide the needs of God’s people but is also overflowing in
many expressions of thanks to God.”
so that people prepared
2 C o r i n thia n s 9 : 1 2
by the Holy Spirit
While we have not had the joy of meeting yet, I want to thank you for your faithful
will be brought into partnership with the Bible League. I have been deeply impacted by what God is doing
fellowship with through your partnership, and I am humbled by how God has placed me in the role of
servant to the Bible League of Canada.
Christ and His Church.
Your gifts are producing incredible fruit. In this short report, you will read about Savita, an
Indian woman whose life was changed through Bible-based literacy training. You will also
If you have a question, read about dedicated volunteers in the Philippines who walk through jungles and mountains
please write to to teach children the truth of God’s saving grace. And you will read about Lim Phanny, a
The Bible League of Canada Church Planter in Cambodia who once hated Christians but now trains Church Planters.
or email us. Without partners like you, we would not have seen God do so much. Through your
faithfulness, God has accomplished something great; many lives have been touched, including
mine. You have been caught up by the work of God and by the love for His Word. Because of
you I have been caught up as well. I can see why it is so important to you and I am sure this
is why you continue to give. And God will continue to do great things through you!
There are numerous changed lives to learn about, countless testimonies about how God’s
Word has made a difference. People who have been given a better chance at this life and
an introduction to eternal life. Christ’s finished work at the Cross and at the empty tomb has
made this possible.
3067 Mainway • Box 5037
The past has been fulfilling, the present is exciting and the future is powerful. I look
Burlington, ON • L7R 3Y8
forward to serving with you for a long time. Will you continue to partner with us and see
905.319.9500 – local many more people come to Christ and give thanks to God?
1.800.363.WORD (9673) – toll free
For all the touched lives, and from my heart, thank you!

The Joy Report is published four times per year to inform partners about the specific results of their gifts and prayers.
Permission is granted to copy, re-publish, and/or distribute the information in this issue as long as The Bible League of
Canada is credited. For the safety of our co-workers in various countries, we ask that you do not post this information on the
internet. Additional copies of this newsletter may be obtained by contacting P.O. Box 5037, Burlington, Ontario, L7R 3Y8,
1.800.363.9673, ministry@bibleleague.ca. All Scripture quotes are taken from the NIV.
Encountering God in a Pit asia

Giving Hope to Hundreds of People in Cambodia

Lim Phanny is a former Buddhist After hearing the Words of God,

who used to live in a Cambodian Lim Phanny’s life completely changed.
refugee camp. It was here that he He lost his fear of the soldiers, and
met a Christian who told him about was filled with the peace of the Holy
Jesus Christ. Hearing about this Spirit. He began to share the Good
“living God” made him so angry News of Jesus Christ with others.
that he tied up the Christian and Though Lim Phanny once hated
mocked him, saying, “If this God is the name of Jesus Christ, God has
true and living, let Him help you!” used Lim Phanny for over twenty
One day, Lim Phanny hid in a pit years as a church planter, bringing
to escape soldiers who were going hope to hundreds of men and
to send him to a different camp. He women in Cambodia. Now Lim
“My soul thirsts awoke to the sound of a voice outside, Phanny works with The Bible League

for God, for the saying “Come to me, all of you who
are weary and loaded down with
as a church planter trainer, training
other Christian leaders to establish
living God.” burdens, and I will give you rest." churches in their communities.

Psalm 42:2

> To help train Christians in South East

Asia to plant churches in their
communities, please see the response
form included with this report.
> You can also give online at
www.bibleleague.ca or by phone
Values Education is a program that
provides Bible-based classes to over
30,000 Filipino children in schools
across the Philippines. Nearly 400
trained national volunteers follow a
laid-out curriculum, teaching children
about God and His love.

The Value of teaching God’s love

Mountain Province was one of the
most difficult to reach with the gospel.
Paganism controlled people’s lives
for centuries. The Values Education
Program (VEP) is only the beginning
of a deliverance of the people from
paganism and great poverty.
“These children see the value of
going to church and hearing God’s
Word,” a teacher says. “Teachers and
parents are so thankful.”
“I thank God for sending volunteer-teachers for our values classes. asia
Whatever they are teaching our students, I know it must be good
because I see the change, the impact on my students.”

In the beginning, high school we begin the day. My students are of Jesus Christ. They continue
students would just walk out of teaching me also. God bless the VEP to work wholeheartedly, walking
the classroom without permission and their workers.” many miles through rough terrain
and not return; some students Last October, the endurance of the to teach the children the truth of
played cards while the teacher was Filipino volunteer instructors was God’s saving grace. Nothing is more
talking. But after much prayer and severely tested. A typhoon swept the important than the thousands of
perseverance from the volunteer South China Sea and smashed into young hearts waiting to hear about
instructors and the parents, these Luzon Island, killing hundreds and the God who loves them.
students are learning respect, destroying the homes and livelihoods > To help give Filipino children the
honesty and obedience. of many in the northern Philippines. opportunity to learn about Jesus,
“I thank God for sending please see the response form included
Because of the typhoon, the VEP with this report.
volunteer-teachers for our values classes were suspended in October
classes. Whatever they are teaching > You can also give online at
for up to two weeks across the island
our students, I know it must be good www.bibleleague.ca or by phone
of Luzon as people recovered from 1.800.363.9673
because I see the change, the impact their losses.
on my students. I used to get angry
“This incident has made me realize
a lot because my students were
the urgency of praying for my pupils
noisy, disrespectful, un-attentive and
and for their salvation,” shares a
sarcastic. After a few months, I began
grieving volunteer teacher, after
to see the change in their attitude
learning that one of his students had
and most of all, a positive change in
lost six family members in the typhoon.
their academic performance. I am
confident to give credit to the values Despite the hardships and tragedies
classes. The volunteer teachers the typhoon has caused, the volunteer
are doing a good job in teaching teachers and pastors are thankful
the children about God and godly for the opportunities God has given
values. The students in my class them to reach out to the people in
even volunteer to lead prayer before their communities with the message
The Unexpected Gift
Like many of India’s often invisible and
marginalized women, Savita never
learned to read.

Savita married at 13. She believed she had finally

escaped the poverty and loneliness that plagued her
childhood. But Savita was wrong. She quickly became
a very young mother to two children. Her husband
couldn’t earn enough to support the family—so she had
to spend hours working alongside him in the fields
for less than 50 cents a day.
Even the family’s devotion to their
household gods did not relieve their
burdens. Instead, Savita and her husband
lived in fear of angering the gods and
suffering even more misery.
Then Savita received an unexpected gift—she was
invited to join an Adult Literacy Class.
“Show me your ways, O LORD, teach me your paths.”
Psalm 25:4

Savita felt shy and nervous the free of disease, and became a role Savita is praying that her whole
first night. But as the weeks passed model to her neighbours. family will choose to follow Jesus.
she excelled in her studies. Soon, Savita says the most important gift > To give women like Savita the
she was helping other classmates she received was God’s gift of salvation. opportunity to learn about God’s gift
with their lessons! Savita didn’t of salvation, please see the response
The Bible-based literacy lessons form included with this report.
want to keep this gift to herself! She
introduced Savita to Jesus, and today
often counseled other women in the > You can also give online at
Savita is joyfully following him. Her
village on the benefits of learning www.bibleleague.ca or by phone
husband is curious to know more 1.800.363.9673
how to read and write. She also
about the Saviour who brought such
learned to keep her home clean and
dramatic changes to his wife.

Soon, she was

helping other
classmates with
their lessons!
Savita didn’t
want to keep this
gift to herself!
a day of You will hear firsthand accounts from our
partners on the frontlines of faith. You will

hear the passion, the struggles, the satisfac-
tion and the joy of bringing God’s message of
salvation to those hungry to hear the gospel
of Jesus Christ. Partners from ministries
Date: May 27, 2010 representing all the regions where TBLC is
Time: Noon until 8pm (a complimentary lunch and dinner will be provided) involved will give compelling presentations.
Where: Bingemans Conference Centre Each of the five access platforms (Church
Planter Training, Adult Bible-based Literacy,
425 Bingemans Centre Drive, Kitchener, ON N2B 3X7
Children’s Ministry, Scripture Placement and
To Register: online at www.bibleleague.ca, email ministry@bibleleague.ca or Discipleship Resources) will be highlighted.
call The Bible League of Canada at 1.800.363.9673.
Registration deadline is May 7! Please join us for this remarkable event.

Remembering someone special through a memorial gift is a thoughtful

way to honour their life. Your memorial gift will make a difference in
the life of someone who will receive the gift of God’s Word.

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