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WiChorus SmartCore Platforms

SmartCore Platforms
Users are demanding a rich and satisfying broadband experience from wireless connectivity.
The availability of new types of multimedia content and applications through the internet
and the need to stay connected are creating an increased demand for multimedia-capable
wireless broadband. In essence, users want to be able to carry the richness of the internet in
their pockets, to stay informed and to collaborate through multimedia-capable applications,
whenever they want and wherever they are. This user demand creates a uniquely large and
potentially rapidly growing business opportunity for wireless operators.

Wireless data will be a US $200B market opportunity for

operators by 2011*. 4G air-link technologies based on
OFDMA with MIMO, coupled with an all-IP-based infra-
structure, provide the basis of high-capacity, content-rich
wireless data networks.

Worldwide Operator Data Revenue ($M ) With growth flattening in cellular voice, user demand for
rich wireless data is providing a rare growth opportunity for
B andw idt h operators. However, rich wireless data comes with its own
D em and challenges, as ARPU through traditional billing mechanisms
is not expected to be in proportion to consumer appetite for
data services, multimedia content and multicast video.
On the one hand, operators must deploy a network and
operate it cost effectively, keeping CAPEX and OPEX low.
On the other hand, operators need to enable new and non-
traditional means of revenue to increase the effective ARPU
for wireless data networks. Aggregation of network functions
ARPU is not keeping pace with on a common platform lowers CAPEX, while lowering
bandwidth demand OPEX requires efficient utilization of network assets and
simplified network operation. New means of monetization
require comprehensive and real-time intelligence about
customer requirements and behavior, including location
and content used, as well as the ability to flexibly and
smartly offer on-the fly service differentiation based on
these characteristics.

* source: Yankee Group

WiChorus SmartCore Platforms

In essence, service providers need a smarter wireless core service flows. WiChorus’ unique architecture supports
for IP-based 4G networks that can learn from content at millions of dynamically created service flows in a single
line speed and apply that knowledge to selectively adapt system, including full QoS classification and policing
the network, enable new revenue-generating opportunities capabilities for each flow.
and dynamically optimize both the network and services.
Service providers also need the flexibility to enable new Smarter Networks and Services:
services rapidly. WiChorus SmartCore™ platforms enable The ever-increasing trend towards subscribers accessing
such intelligent networks and services. services through the Internet threatens to turn service
providers into “dumb pipes.” The SmartCore platform,
SmartCore Platform Architecture: however, offers capabilities that prevent this from happening.
WiChorus SmartCore platforms are custom-built for next- With its unique ability to learn from content and location,
generation OFDMA-based all-IP 4G networks, enabling a match flexible policies and manage bandwidth on a
service provider to capture the unique growth opportunity per-subscriber, per-application or per-policy basis, the
of multimedia-rich data networks in a very profitable fashion. SmartCore platform allows operators to capitalize on
SmartCore platforms have an unprecedented combination service differentiation. These capabilities provide new
of intelligent content-handling capabilities, massive opportunities to monetize the internet, as well as the
scalability, flexible service differentiation, non-traditional means to offer better services than competitors.
charging functions, dynamic policy enforcement, mobility
management, network optimizations and enormous Comprehensive Subscriber and Service Management:
bandwidth needed for 4G. A subscriber is a service provider’s most important asset,
and knowledge of a subscriber’s state information is
WiChorus SmartCore platforms are designed to accommo- crucial to providing excellent service. The SmartCore platform’s
date a rich set of content handling and control-path content inspection capabilities and ample resources for
functionality with maximum performance, minimum state information enable it to support QoS, policy enforce-
latency and massive scalability. To achieve this, WiChorus ment and charging for a large number of subscribers.
SmartCore platforms employ a combination of processing
elements and hardware engines carefully designed for the
specific tasks and intelligence needed at all levels of Dramatic Increase in Speed
functionality. Hundreds of these processing elements and per Channel
hardware engines collaborating in a fully loaded large
Mbps : 150
system, combined with highly distributed and modular
software design, enable the massive processing and learn-
ing capabilities of SmartCore platforms. SmartCore future 100

proofs the mobile core for advances in 4G technologies.

Future-proof capacity:
4G’s OFDMA radio links, together with evolving improvement
in MIMO and AAS, can generate more than 10 times the EVDO- A HSDPA 4G
data of 3G radio links, creating new performance demands
on the mobile core. WiChorus SmartCore platforms are OFDMA-based WiMAX and
designed to deliver line-rate services at these higher 4G technologies offer much
capacities, unlike alternative solutions evolving from 3G. greater bandwidth

With the proliferation of new services, and an ever growing

base of wireless subscribers, the next-generation wireless
core will also need to support a much larger number of
With an ever increasing trend
Internet towards subscribers accessing
services through the internet, the
SmartCore platform offers capabili-
ties that prevent a service provider
Hosted Services CSN from becoming just a “dumb pipe”.
The platform’s advanced content
management features and extensive
accounting enable creative new
revenue models.

With visibility across all subscribers

S M A R T C ORE and base stations, the SmartCore
platform is ideally suited to optimize
network resources, including load
balancing, seamless handovers,
peer-to-peer traffic management and
backhaul optimization.

The SmartCore platform plays a

critical role in intelligently delivering
services to subscribers with optimal
QoS processing, advanced security
and extensive accounting and
charging models.

Leveraging hundreds of processing

elements and hardware engines in a
highly distributed design, the Smart-
Core platform’s unique architecture
enables massive scalability.
WiChorus SmartCore Platforms

Network Service Consolidation: Carrier Grade:

The SmartCore platform can consolidate multiple applica- SmartCore platforms are designed to ensure maximum
tions and network functions that traditionally have been availability. The fully modular, NEBS-3 system has exten-
hosted on separate boxes in the network. These services sive redundancy and availability features in both hardware
include peer-to-peer traffic management, new charging and software to ensure a minimum of five 9’s availability.
functions, QoS/policy enforcement, filtering and compres- The platform includes the following features:
sion. Consolidation gives service providers the benefits of • State preservation across software and hardware modules
reduced capital expenditure, simplified networks, easier • Checkpoint management service
management and reduced latency. Consolidation also • Application availability framework
enables sharing of key information between network func- • Hot-swap capability
tions, which enables compelling and unique optimizations. • Self-healing re-startable services and applications
• In-service software upgrades and patch management
Seamless Mobility Across Multiple Access Technologies:
SmartCore platforms provide optimized mobility manage- Service providers can deploy WiChorus solutions with con-
ment across multiple access technologies ensuring a fidence, knowing the hardware and software architectures
smooth migration path to 4G network architectures. The have been designed to deliver maximum uptime and
unique design ensures low-latency, seamless handovers of availability for mobile broadband networks.
real-time IP streams for WiMAX and LTE—along with han-
dover support for GPRS, UTRAN and EV-DO Rev A networks. Intuitive Management:
These capabilities provide GSM and CDMA operator’s flex- The SmartCore family supports Command Line Interface
ibility as they deploy next generation wireless technologies (CLI) with telnet, SSH and local login through the console
alongside existing networks. In addition, the SmartCore port or Ethernet port.
platforms support non-traditional access technologies like
I-WLAN and femtocells enabling delivery of converged ser- WiChorus also offers an advanced Element Management
vices across both mobile and fixed access networks. System (EMS) that provides an intuitive interface for
complete management of SmartCore platforms. This sys-
Comprehensive Network Visibility:
tem provides FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Administration,
With the ability to incisively inspect content and gather
Performance and Security) management functionality. In
statistics based a broad range of policies, the SmartCore
addition to providing visibility into the WiChorus elements
platform offers service providers a very clear picture about
of the network, the EMS provides insights about wireless
the usage of network resources and user behavior. This real
subscribers, offering service providers a comprehensive
time insight can be used by service providers to optimize
understanding of their customers.
their networks, improve services, add new revenue streams
or differentiate their services as compared to their competitors
With their throughput and capacity, built-in support for
Intelligent Network Optimization: mobility and packet-processing intelligence, SmartCore
The wireless core is an opportune location for network-level platforms are ideally suited for the following wireless
resource optimizations. The SmartCore platform’s network-lev- network functions:
el intelligence, load-balancing features and hardware capabil- HSPA and LTE Mobile Packet Core
ities for line-rate compression and traffic management enable • PDN Gateway (PGW)
backhaul and spectral optimizations. These optimizations • GGSN
improve the service provider’s bottom line and profitability. • Serving Gateway (SGW)
• Femto Gateway
Connectivity to the Operator Core Network: • Mobility Management Entity (MME)
The SmartCore platform provides a rich set of features to con-
WiMAX Mobile Packet Core
nect the access gateway or the mobility anchor to the operator
• ASN Gateway
core network. It supports VLANs, LAGs, MPLS, Routing protocols,
• Home Agent
Smart Filtering, ACLs and various tunneling mechanisms to
• Mobile Internet Gateway
connect to the packet core network and other external networks.
• Pico and Femto Gateways
WiChorus SmartCore Platforms

S martCore Mod el s:

The highly distributed and modular design of the SmartCore

family allows it to scale to a range of different form-factors.
All the SmartCore platforms benefit from the advanced
hardware and software capabilities purpose-built for
the WiMAX and 4G wireless core. The SmartCore family

• SmartCore SC 1400: a 14-slot carrier-grade

modular platform

• SmartCore SC 600: a 6-slot carrier-grade

modular platform

• SmartCore SC 100: a 10 port appliance

• SmartCore SC 20: a 2 port appliance

Welcome to the next generation A combination of following blades and hardware module
comprise a SmartCore platform.
of flatter, smarter, IP-based wireless
core networks System Cards:

IPP Intelligent Packet Processor:

The Intelligent Packet Processor provides high-performance
content management capabilities, along with distributed
The SmartCore platforms also offers the following control-plane processing resources.
network independent value-added functions:
• Network Intelligence & Mobile Analytics IOM IPP Rear I/O Module:
• Content Control & Network Optimization The IPP Rear I/O Module provides 10G Ethernet or
• Content Monetization & Mobile Advertising multiple 1G Ethernet interfaces.
• Internet Breakout
SXC Base Fabric Card:
The Switch Fabric Card provides a non-blocking switch
fabric for the SmartCore SC 1400.
WiChorus SmartCore Platforms

SC 1400 Pla tfo rm

SC 1400
The SC 1400 provides up to 100 S pecifications
ports of Gigabit Ethernet capacity in a No of Slots 14
single carrier-grade, modular Chassis Size 13 RU x 19 inch
chassis. Its massive packet processing Dimensions 22.75” x 19” x 19.94(deep)”
capability, ample resources for state Weight 162 lbs (max)
information and fully redundant Backplane Dual Star, Fully redundant backplane
design ensures carriers maximum DC Power Redundant, hot swappable -48V DC power modules
performance, subscriber capacity and I/O Ports Up to 100 1Gbps ports or 10 x 10Gbps ports or a combination
availability for the largest networks. (Copper and Fiber Options)

E nvironment
Temperature: Operating 0 to 40 C, -5 to 50 C short-term
Humidity: 5% to 90% RH non-condensing

R egulator y and C ompliance

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC):
FCC part 15B Class A
EN 300 386
VCCI (Japan)
UL/C-UL No. 60950-1
Network Equipment Building System Level 3 (NEBS-3):
GR-1089-CORE, EMC and Electrical safety
GR-63-CORE, Environmental
ROHS/WEEE Compliance
WiChorus SmartCore Platforms

SC 60 0 Pla tfo rm

SC 600
The SC 600 provides up to 40 ports S pecifications
of Gigabit Ethernet capacity in a No of Slots 6
single carrier-grade, modular chassis. Chassis Size 5 RU x 19 inch
With its compact 5U form factor, the Dimensions 8.73” x 19” x 20(deep)”
SC 600 delivers impressive perfor- Weight 90 lbs (max)
mance and subscriber density for Backplane Dual Star, Fully redundant backplane
medium size networks. DC Power Redundant, hot swappable -48V DC power modules
I/O Ports Up to 40 1Gbps ports or 4 x 10Gbps ports or a combination (Copper and Fiber Options)

E nvironment
Temperature: Operating 0 to 40 C, -5 to 50 C short-term
Humidity: 5% to 90% RH non-condensing

R egulator y and C ompliance

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC):
FCC part 15B Class A
EN 300 386
VCCI (Japan)
UL/C-UL No. 60950-1
Network Equipment Building System Level 3 (NEBS-3):
GR-1089-CORE, EMC and Electrical safety
GR-63-CORE, Environmental
ROHS/WEEE Compliance
WiChorus SmartCore Platforms

SC 10 0 & SC 20 Applia n ce s

SC 100 & SC 20
The SC 100 provides 10 ports of S pecifications
Gigabit Ethernet capacity in a high Chassis Size 3 RU x 19 inch
performance appliance form factor. Dimensions 3.2” x 19” x 16.275”
The SC 20 provides 2 ports of Weight 39 lbs (max)
Gigabit Ethernet capacity. AC Power AC 110V to 240V, (Redundant standard on SC100, optional on SC 20)­­­
These platforms are ideally suited Management Port Ethernet, Console, USB
for smaller networks or geographi- I/O Ports SC 100: 10 x 1Gbps (Copper and Fiber options)
cally distributed designs, where a SC 20: 2 x 1Gbps (Copper and Fiber options)
fully redundant architecture is not
required. E nvironment
Temperature: Operating 0 to 40 C, -5 to 50 C short-term
Humidity: 5% to 90% RH non-condensing

R egulator y and C ompliance

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC):
FCC part 15B Class A
EN 300 386
VCCI (Japan)
UL/C-UL No. 60950-1
ROHS/WEEE Compliance
WiChorus SmartCore Platforms

About WiChorus
WiChorus is an industry leader in Smart 4G Packet Core
infrastructure products. Its purpose-built SmartCore plat-
form’s unmatched performance with integrated content
and network intelligence enables operators to deploy smart
HSPA, LTE and WiMAX Packet Core networks, that optimize
network resources, deliver new revenue generating services
and monetize the Internet.

With headquarter offices in San Jose, California, WiChorus is

a private company with financial backing from Accel Partners,
Mayfield Fund, Redpoint Ventures and Pinnacle Ventures.

For more information, please visit www.wichorus.com.

WiChorus Headquarters:
WiChorus Inc.
3590 N. 1st Street, Suite 300
San Jose, CA 95134
408.435.0777 TEL
408.955.9093 FAX

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