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Grub Street

Annual Report 2009

Letter from the Board Co-Presidents

Dear Grub Street friends,

Like many of you, we weren’t necessarily sad to say good-bye to 2009. In addition to the global economic gloom, we saw fellow non-profits
shaken—whether hit by the recession or rocked by the Madoff scandal. We have to admit we didn’t know what to expect for our own
small community organization. Would people abandon their writing dreams to focus on shifting priorities, or would they turn to words to
find meaning in the upheaval? Happily, our belief in the power of writing seemed to prevail. A growing num-
ber of students found inspiration in our workshops and events, and the generous spirit that infuses so much
of Grub Street’s outreach remained visible all year long.

A few months into 2010, we’re proud to report that the state of Grub Street is strong. In this case, num-
bers tell as good a story as words. We ended the 2009 fiscal year with a net income of $22,000. Over 1500
students came through the doors for our sold-out workshops, and more than 300 teen students participated
in our monthly teen writing courses and summer program. Our biannual Adaptations story/film event was
another sell-out success. Though, like many non-profits around the nation, we did experience a dip in fund-
raising revenue, we were the proud recipients of an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grant through
the NEA, which helped bridge the gap and enabled us to retain one of our staff members and fund eight of
Allison and Linda at a recent board meeting. our multi-week writing workshops.

Our momentum continues this year. Enrollments in our workshops are holding steady, as are our membership and volunteer rates. We
sold out our celebrated annual conference, The Muse and the Marketplace. And, best of all, we hear from writers at every stage of their
careers, thanking us for helping them achieve their goals of finishing their book or getting published for the first—or fifteenth—time.

As board co-presidents, we believe passionately in Grub Street’s mission. And we take pride in Grub’s many achievements this year. But
none inspire us as much as stories of how being part of the Grub Street community has transformed people’s lives. From the uncovered
talent of seniors in our Memoir Project, to our newest members, to two Master Novel course alums with novels out in bookstores, Grub
Street helps writers find their voice, find a writing home, and find success. These stories, and many more, add up to a thriving, vibrant arts
community that improves the richness of life in our city.

Gloria Wright is a senior from Mission Hill whose work was written and published for the first time through our Memoir Project. Born in
1933, Gloria worked as a nurse, then became an entrepreneur and opened a convenience store at 1070 Tremont Street, which she ran for
over twenty-five years. Gloria’s memories include a fantastic story about meeting Albert Einstein as a girl and asking for his autograph. In
her retelling, Einstein comes alive—still a quirky genius, but one who had time to share with a little girl: “He’d have on one boot and one
galosh, as he steadied a black pipe at the left side of his mouth. His coat didn’t have buttons but a big safety pin that held it together... He
sat me down on a little bench and…lectured me about different mushrooms that grew under trees, spoke about a little boy that he tutored
in math, and even shared details about his second wife and the first one whom he’d divorced. Then eventually he signed my [autograph]
book.” Gloria’s fascinating story is included in the Memoir Project’s upcoming third anthology, Sometimes They Sang With Us, and is just
one example of the moving and beautiful histories that would have been lost if they weren’t recorded by our Project.

If you’ve ever taken a class at Grub Street, you’ve probably heard about our ongoing Master Novel course with Jenna Blum, which is such
an institution the students call themselves “The Council.” We’re proud that our master novelists had two publishing success stories this
year: Randy Susan Meyers and Iris Gomez both just published their first novels, The Murderer’s Daughters and Try To Remember, to great
reviews. In the coming years, we expect more great news out of that class—and the other one hundred workshops we offer each year.

Member Len Abrams is a fixture at Grub Street these days. The staff can count on him coming in most mornings, setting up his laptop in a
free classroom and spending the day working on his book. As Len says, “When I left my last job a year ago—more to the point, when it left
me—I realized I had always wanted to write a novel and here was the opportunity. I wandered into Grub Street, became a member, and
started coming in three days a week. Grub provided me with a community of other writers and a comfortable space to work. I am finish-
ing up the first draft of an 80,000 word novel, and also completed three short stories, a respite when I lost traction with the novel. Grub
Street has exceeded my expectations.” Len joins a growing group of members who use the Grub Street space to work on their writing, hold
their book club meetings, and spend time with other writers.

And we have one final story that’s particularly meaningful to Grub Street’s future. 2009 was also the year that we dedicated ourselves to
finding an Executive Director to take the helm, in partnership with Artistic Director Christopher Castellani. We are thrilled that Eve Brid-
burg, Grub’s founder, is back to fill this new role. Eve is brimming with vision and energy, and we’re very excited to work closely with her
to shape the next chapter of Grub Street. 2010 will be a whirlwind year, packed with changes, new initiatives, and a great, unfolding story.
We can’t wait to keep turning the pages.

Warm regards,

Linda Button and Allison Adair

Grub Street Board of Directors Co-Presidents

Highlights from 2009

The Memoir Project

Since its inception in 2006, the Memoir Project has visited ten ethnically diverse
Boston neighborhoods and offered free multi-week workshops to instruct seniors
in the craft of memoir writing, giving them a practical and meaningful way to
turn their experiences into crafted narratives. In 2009, the Memoir Project visited
Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill and Hyde Park. The Memoir Project is a collaboration
with the City of Boston, and Mayor Thomas M. Menino has described it as “vital
work for our city.”
Steve Quintana works on his memoirs with coach Jenn De Leon

The Muse and the Marketplace

The Muse and the Marketplace, New England’s leading annual weekend
conference for writers, literary agents and publishers, returned to Boston for its
eighth successful year on April 25 - 26th at the historic Boston Park Plaza. Grub
Street welcomed over 400 participants and renowned author Ann Patchett (Run,
Bel Canto) as keynote speaker. As always, the sold-out weekend was a fun and
inspiring way to learn about “writing what you love and selling what you write.”

Ann Patchett’s keynote address at the Muse

Young Adults Writers Program

Grub Street’s YAWP program introduces teens to the power of creative
writing. Over 200 teens found inspiration at our entirely free Saturday
sessions, where they worked on poems, screenplays, sci-fi tales and
much more. Advanced students participated in our second annual YAWP
Summer Fellowship, which pays students a stipend for their time spent
as working writers in the two-week creative writing and publishing
Teens with instructors Becky Tuch and Regie Gibson at the YAWP Fellowship

Grub Street National Book Prize

The Book Prize recognizes the talent of writers whose primary residence is outside New
England. The prize is offered three times annually to a poet, fiction writer and non-
fiction writer publishing beyond his or her first work. The 2009 poetry winner was Rick
Barot for his collection, Want, and the fiction winner was Alan Cheuse for To Catch the
Lightning (there was no 2009 non-fiction winner). We are thrilled to have this opportu-
nity to reward authors who have made sustained commitments to their work.

Our Mission What we do Who we are

Grub Street is a non-profit creative writing We accomplish our mission by providing Board of Directors
center dedicated to nurturing writers university-level instruction via multi-week Allison Adair
and connecting readers with the wealth courses, seminars and conferences; bringing Eve Bridburg
of writing talent in the Boston area. Our the transformative power of creative writing Linda Button
mission is to support creative writers at to underserved populations – specifically Ken Cohen
all stages of their development so that teens and seniors – via innovative programs Marc Foster
they can achieve their goals of publication, and community events; financially Nathan Hagen
social and professional networking, gainful supporting and offering unique professional Bret Anthony Johnston
employment in the field, and/or personal development opportunities to creative Amy MacKinnon
enrichment. writing instructors, seminar leaders and Hillary Hedges Rayport
administrative staff; elevating the literary Hank Phillippi Ryan
profile of the city of Boston to increase its Michelle Toth
relevance among major publishing houses Lara JK Wilson
and prominent authors in all genres;
and maintaining a vibrant, inspiring and Advisory Council
accessible space where writers can find Steve Almond
professional resources and connect with Arthur Golden
each other in a spirit of mutual support. Esmond Harmsworth
Tim Huggins
Peter Keating
Jill Kneerim
Margot Livesey
Sue Miller
Susan Orlean
Pamela Painter
Tom Perrotta
Heidi Pitlor
Jeffrey Rayport

Special Thanks to:

Grub’s Success in Numbers

8 students came to our first term of workshops at Grub Street in 1997.

By the beginning of 2010, we’ve served well over 10,000 students.

We’ve sold memberships to writers and students.

We’ve reached out to seniors with our Memoir Project in

Boston neighborhoods, a full half of Boston, including the North End,
Roxbury, South Boston, Charlestown, Chinatown, East Boston, Matta-
pan, Mission Hill, Hyde Park and Jamaica Plain.

One Saturday a month, teens from over 40 Massachusetts towns

come into Boston to study writing with our instructors.

Grub Street runs programs 220 days of the year.

53 of our instructors have books in the world, including New York

Times bestseller Jenna Blum, who still teaches with us and has
taught for us since our inception.

Since becoming a nonprofit, our budget has grown by 470%.

Grub has raised over $1,255,000
in support of literature, seniors’ memoir projects, and youth.

Grub has put over $1,000,000 in the pockets of writers.

Our Supporters

Laureate Circle ($10,000+) Vineeta Vijayaraghavan Marianne Leone Cooper and Chris Cooper
Calderwood Writing Initiative Gerald and Aideen Zeitlin Beth Curran
Arthur and Trudy Golden Rhonda Cutler
Esmond Harmsworth Muse ($250+) Robert Deutsch
Inavale Foundation Megan and Warren Adams Susan Dowds
Massachusetts Cultural Council Inbal Alon Paul Drexler
National Endowment for the Arts Eve Bridburg and Evan Rosen Jennifer Dupee
Anonymous John Brodeur and Andrea Coville Amy Powell Faeskorn
Anne and David Bromer Jim Freeman
Patron ($5,000+) Buttonwood Books Edward Freeman
Marc Foster and Andrea Roberts Dawn Dorland Laura Gabel-Hartman
Hillary Hedges Rayport and Jeffrey Rayport Barbara Dumas Stephanie Gayle
Highland Street Foundation Christine Ellis Lisa Genova
Llewellyn Foundation Emerson College Caleb George
Glenn Morris Robert Foster Tom Gilchrist
Kevin and Sushma Hallock Amanda Gill
Luminary ($2,500+) Kathryn Handley Alison Goldberg
CDQ Charitable Trust Jennifer Hawkins Iris Gomez
Ken Cohen and Kate Flora Celine Huet Mark Granovsky
Lara JK Wilson Tim Huggins Leslie Greffenius
Perrin Ireland Amy Grier
Hero ($1,000+) Stephen and Rosemarie Johnson Lynne Griffin
Christiane Alsop Bret Anthony Johnston and Jennifer Johnston Matthew Hanlon
Richard Anders and Judith Paprin Darci Klein Julie Himes
Beth Babcock Sondra Levenson Margaret Holmes
Christine Carron Maria Lopez Elisabeth Horwitt
Nathan Hagen and Jean Kanarian Ron and Barb MacLean Sarah Ignatius
Peter and Alix Keating Linda Means Zack Jacobi
Thomas and Elena Matlack Randy Susan Meyers Nancy Jones
Wendy Mnookin Zach Mills James Kaplan
Mt. Washington Bank Jacqueline Mitchell Jamie Katz and Cynthia Piltch
Newtonville Books Mary Mullowney Robin Ketro
Octavia Randolph and Jonathan Gilman Steven Noneman Thomas Kilduff
Margaret and John Ruttenberg William Oppenheimer Mary Klug
Michael and Cilla Savage Thierry Porte Geoff Kronik
Michelle Toth Porter Square Books Debra Kurilecz
Henriette Power Miriam Lapson
Scribe ($500+) Marshall Stein Elinor Lipman
Gina Bolvin Bernarduci Paula Tyack Suzanne Lipsky
Bose Corporation Jay Wexler Margot Livesey
Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference Alison Lobron
Richard Bridburg and Helen Bridburg Friends ($100+) Margaret Lyons
Linda Button and Mark Tomizawa Jan Alsheimer Michael Marano
Jay and Christy Cashman Ray Anderson Bonnie McIsaac
Jeff Dolan Larry Anderson Margaret Moore
Emily Epstein and Jared Leiderman John Argos Frances Moyer
Sheila Fireman Mary Ashburne Alissa Newton
Joan FitzGerald Janet Banks Robert Oakes
Valerie and Mark Friedman Janet Benvenuti Pamela Painter
Ross Goldenberg and Laura Johansen Martha Berman Jon Papernick and Eve Rubinstein
Andrew and Patricia Goldstein Ben Berman David Patterson
Karen Voci and Laura S. Peabody Nichole Bernier Theresa Peterson
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation Drea Besch Gillogly Brian Pfeiffer
John and Pamela Humphrey Sharon Bially-Cohen Charlotte Pogue
Varsha Kukafka Lyn Brakeman Alexis Popik
Holly LeCraw Howe Anne Braudy Lisa Dee Port White
Lesley University Lisa Braxton Sophie Powell
Carol Marlin Sara Brodsky-Sieman Ladette Randolph
Terri-Lynn McCormick and Jack Szostak Rachel Brown Scott Rankin and Daniel Kamin
Mameve and Howard Medwed Jennifer Bruni Diana Renn
Robin Regensburg Sally Bunch Amanda Rettig
Ed and Nancy Roberts Lauren Norton Carson Alexis Rizzuto
Michelle Seaton Jamie Chambliss Julie Rold
Jennifer Szeto Pauline Chen Jane Roper and Alastair Moock
UMass Boston Diane Croft Laura Roper

Our Supporters, Cont.

Mike Rosovsky Gale and Richard Scharer Law Offices of Kevin Daley
Jenn Scheck-Kahn James Scott Margot Livesey
Thalassa Ali Scholl Sharon Shaloo Lois Lowry
Brian Schulz Robert Smith MASS MoCA
Katrin Schumann Mandeliene Smith Matthew Frederick
Anita Shreve Valerie Spain Josh McDonald
Janet Silver and Jeffrey Wieand Kathleen Spivack Merrimack Repertory Theatre
Rod and Nancy Skinner Adam Stumacher Michael Noel Painting
Kathleen Tibbetts Lisa Tallin MIT Museum
Elisabeth Weed Cam Terwilliger Lorrie Moore
Jackie West Chuck Weed Heather G. Murray
Barbara and Leon Ehrlich White Katherine Woodworth MyAudioBook.com
Burns Woodward Alexis and Jim Wooll New England WILD Flower Society
Karen Wulf New Repertory Theatre
Robert Xavier In-Kind Donors Stewart O’Nan
Vicki Yuen Actors’ Shakespeare Project Susan Orlean
Dorothy Allison Peter Orner
Contributors (Under $100) Steve Almond Pamela Painter
Kathleen Aguero D.Y. Béchard Peabody Essex Museum
Mary Barlow Sven Birkerts Matthew Pearl
Alison Bass Book Architecture Benjamin Percy
Constance Bolton The Boston Athenaeum Tom Perrotta
Lisa Borders Boston Modern Orchestra Project Heidi Pitlor
Sari Boren The Boston Park Plaza Hotel Red Sox Nation
Joanne Brown Brattle Book Shop Robin Erb Skin Care
Jennifer Chang Karen Brennan Hank Phillippi Ryan
Serena Crystal Eve Bridburg Ondine Salima
Sunny Davidson Brookline Booksmith David Shields
Joe DeRosa Steve Buckley The Sports Museum
Anjali Duva Ron Carlson The Steamship Authority
George Fishman Maud Casey Elizabeth Strout
Nicole Frankel Christopher Castellani Ten Tables
Ann Frantz Susan Cheever Thoughtforms
Cynthia Maurice Garrett Company One TomTom
Jon Gbur The Concord Museum Daniel Wallace
Ethan Gilsdorf Coolidge Corner Theatre Amanda Eyre Ward
Marie-France Gozzo Chris Cooper Josh Weil
Deanna Griffin Darby Farms Wellesley Booksmith
Jessica Handler DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park The Wine Bottega
Amy Havel Matthew Dickman Jayson Zeeman
Katie Hayes Fairbank Literary Representation Zoo New England
Michelle Hoover Merrill Feitell
Norine Johnson Ann Forbush
Kathleen Kent James Franco
Fran Leitz Fuller Craft Museum
Mary Lima Grendel’s Den
Aimee Loiselle Rebecca Goldstein and Steven Pinker
Naomi Lomba-Gomes Lauren Groff
Alyssa Mazzarella Esmond Harmsworth and James Richardson
Helen and Joseph McHugh Harpoon Brewery
Tom Meek Amy Hempel
Dinty W. Moore Henrietta’s Table at the Charles Hotel
Lisa Pemstein Alice Hoffman
Mary Lou Quinlan The Hotel Marlowe
Pam Ralston Tim Huggins
Rishi Reddi The Huntington Theatre Company
Hillary Rettig Hy-Line Cruises
Patty Robertson The Institute of Contemporary Art
Larry Robiner JFK Presidential Library and Museum
Richard Rogers Adam Johnson
Wendy C. Sanford Pagan Kennedy
Sheila Saunders Kathleen Kilgore
Shelley Scaletta Jon Kracht

Grub Street 2009 Members

Karen Aaronson Alison Barr Chris Boginski Sandra M. Bullitt

Russell Aborn Nancy Barron Ilene Bogosian Sally Bunch
Carol Abram Jennifer Barsamian Doug Bolin Bernice Buresh
Len Abram Alison Bass Julie Bolt John Burger
Ariel Acosta Bill Bassett Gina Bolvin Bernarduci Stephen Burke
Allison Adair George Batchelor Merle Bombardieri Tom Burke
Carey Adams Julie Batten David Bond Mary Burket
Kristin Adams F. Marshall Bauer Richard Bondi Michael A. Burstein
Leslie Adams Natasha Bauman James Boneparth Eric Butterman
Susan Adams Jeri Bayer Susan Bonifant Linda Button
Jaya Agrawal Elisabeth Bayle Lisa Borders Steve Bzomowski
Kathleen Aguero Jasmine Beach-Ferrara Patricia Bordewieck Sofiya Cabalquinto
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Jennifer Barnes Julie Bogart Stace Budzko Natalia Chilcote

2009 Members, Cont.

Leslie F. Choras Sean Danehy Stephen Dorneman Elisebeth Fenstermaker

Janet Chwalibog Lindsey Danis C. Michele Dorsey Bill Ferguson
Manya Chylinski Stanley Dankoski Peggy Dostie Michele Ferrari
Mike Civille Andrew Dansker Amy Dowd John Ferris
Reyna Clancy Negeen Darani Susan Dowds Nicole Ferro
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Priscilla Cobb Jennifer De Leon Michael Dubson Michelle Fiordimondo
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Richard Shain Cohen Melanie DeCarolis Amanda Dugay Josh Fischel
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Adena Cohen-Bearak Rhonda Dechambeau Barbara Dumas Joan FitzGerald
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Caryn Collins Virginia Deluca Steven Dworetz Mary Fitzgerald
Bob Colman Joanna Demakis Susan Dyer Laurie C. Fitzpatrick
Beth Conlin Patricia Demarco Jane Dykema Kate Flaherty
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Patrick Connolly Dewey Dempsey Stephanie Ebbert Shoshana Flax
Mary Conway Karen Dempsey Paula Echeverri Jessica Fleet
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Paul Greenspan Elizabeth J. Harris Artemis Hionides Suzanne John

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Eithne Johnson Crystal King Susan Larkin Elinor Lipman

Elizabeth Johnson Laurel King James LaRowe Bret Lipow
Elizabeth A. Johnson Loren King Sandra Larson Suzanne Lipsky
Jeffrey Johnson Sam Klar Sonya Larson Nicole Lipson
Mary Johnson Alexandra Klein Kathleen Latham Giugliano Cashel Lisse-Brown
Norine Johnson Susan Klein Christopher Lathan Michele Order Litant
Sharon Johnson Mary Klug Andrea Lathrop Ellen Litman
Martha Johnson Jill Kneerim William Lattanzi Julia Littlefield
Susan Johnston Amitha Knight Karen Laugel Pei Pei Liu
Susan Ehrlich Johnston Roy Knight Jen LaVin Yuan Liu
Bret Anthony Johnston Susan Knight Elizabeth Lawler Margot Livesey
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Mary Ellen Kelly Peter Kullgren Dan Leone Marlo Manning
Kerrie Kemperman Pam Kuras Marianne Leone Samantha Mansfield
Sharon Kendrew Alison Kuzmickas Bernice Lerner Michael Marano
Alan Kennedy Andy Kwong Sondra Levenson Amy Marcott
Marian Kennedy Donna Kyed Robert Levine Scott Margeson
Pagan Kennedy Christopher LaBounty Paige Lewin Eliane Markoff
Nadine Kenney Madeleine LaFarge Brian Lewis Richard Markow
Sheila Kenyon Julie LaFontaine Krishnakali Lewis Julia Marley
Maryam Keramaty Linda Lago-Kass Mike Lewitt Carol Marlin
Mary Kernan Clarence Lai Catherine Li Denise Marois-Wolf
Larry Kerpelman Geri Lake-Bakaar Alisa Libby Bob Martin
Robin Ketro Betsey LaMonte Coppelia Liebenthal Casper Martin and Linda Woolford
Thomas Kilduff Sarah Marwil Lamstein Tehila Lieberman Christie Mase
Kathleen Kilgore Sam Lanckton Jen Light Tara Masih
Ann Killough Misia Landau Karen Lindquist Cindy Matchett
Jacqueline Kim Lucinda Langenkamp Tina Lindsay Thomas Matlack
Romi Kimell Maureen Lapre Paul Lindstrom Meggie Mattson

2009 Members, Cont.

Jennifer Mattson Catherine Milliken Meaghan Muir Sharon O’Brien

Dan Maurno Rebecca Millman Diane Mulcahy Siobhan O’Callaghan
Katie Maxim Eileen Mills Maureen Mullins-May Kerry O’Connell
Edith Maxwell Zach Mills Mary Mullowney Shannon O’Connor
Patrick May Deb Milstein Margaret Munro Tim O’Donnell
Tracy Mayor Robert Minnocci Sarah Murphy Cynthia O’Grady-Chaya
Linda Mazurek Felipe Miranda Sarah G. Murphy Ellie O’Leary
Anne McAdams Chochrek Tova Mirvis Alison Murray Catherine O’Neill
Elaine McArdle Nikki Misra Patricia Murray Laura O’Neill
Patricia McAuley Karen Mitchell Louise Myers Mary O’Riordan
James McBride Wendy Mnookin Samantha Myers Mark O’Sullivan
Devereaux McClatchey Ilan Mochari Lenore Myka Robert Oakes
Anita McClellan Sarah Modigliani Sepeyeonkqua Myles Whitney Ochoa
Matthew McCluskey Kelly Modzelewski Naomi Myrvaagnes Nina Lydia Olff
Tel McCormick Daniel Moheban Stuart Nadler Carolyn Oliveri
Amy McCoy Jack Moher Mariko Nagai Erika Olson
Maeve McDade Gregory Mone Chris Nahil Margi Olson
Alta McDonald Linda Moody Gabrielle Nahr William Oppenheimer
Brenda McDonald Catherine Mooney Laura Nalesnik Susanna Opper
Peg McDonald Ayesha Moore Rachel Nameika Susan Orlean
Kelly McEnaney Bill Moore Dianna Nargasans Raquel Ortiz
Maura McEnaney Elizabeth Moore Josh Narins Christopher Osborne
Mike McGonagle Gail Moore Simone Nathan Laura Osborne
Shana McGough Lisa Osornio
Jennifer McInerney Lauren Ostberg
Fran McIntyre Rosemary Oxenford
Bonnie McIsaac Katherine Ozment
Kirsty McKay Laura Packer
Emily McLean Dwan Packnett
Paul McNeil and Claudia A. McNeil Susan Page
Michele McPhee Pamela Painter
Pat McTiernan Grace Paley
Melina McTigue Tracey Palmer
Paul McWade Vincent Palmieri
Denise McWilliams Collin Panahi
Linda Means Diane Pansen
John Mears Lisa Papandrea
Mameve Medwed Jon Papernick
Catharine Mee Rekha Parameswaran
Tom Meek Julie Park
Ellen Meeropol Amy Parker
Peggy Meill Gaylen Moore Shawn Nawrocki Joan Parker
Christine Melchior Geoff Moore Ilse Nehring Aidan Parkinson
Nicco Mele Jamie Moore Catherine Neijstrom Lauren Parks
Michael Mell Jane Moore Kate Neuner Mark Parsons
Phil Mellinger Keith Moore Alissa Newton Karen Partridge
Patrice Melvin Margaret Moore Fred Newton Jeannie Pasch
Deborah Mendleson Robert Moore Celeste Ng Mari Passananti
Nancy Mendoza Jane Moore Duy Nguyen and Jennifer Churchill Sejal Patel
Sudha Menon Julie Morancy Michelle Nicholasen Zachery Patten
Ann Marie Menting Daryl Morazzini Emily Nichols Benjamin Patterson
Melissa Menzone Donna Moreau Joan Nichols Marie C. Pechet
Alexis Merriman Ellen Morgan M.L. Nichols Alexandra Pell
Keene Metzger Jason Morgan Nancy Nichols Hinginio Pena
Peg Metzger Mary Morgan Mary Niederkorn Marilyn Pennell
Stephanie Meyer Peter Morin Carmen Nobel Hannah Pepper-Cunningham
Randy Susan Meyers Lorna Moritz Dawn Noel KL Pereira
Noelle Micarelli Kimberly Morrissette Michael Nolan Tanya Perez-Brennan
Geri Michael-Hackel Raquel Moscarelli Dani Nordin Cynthia Perkins
Liz Michalski Paula Motta Laurie Nordman Tom Perrotta
Brett Milanowski Ann Mottl Carrie Normand Warren Perry
Audrey Miller Lesley Moussette Lauren Norton Yvonne Pesquera
Louise Miller John Moynihan Akua Nti Lore Peters
Michael Miller Lindsey Moynihan LZ Nunn Craig Peterson
Rebecca Miller Janine Mudge Michael Nystrom Elizabeth Peterson
Sue Miller Priyatam Mudivarti James O’Brien Theresa Peterson

Diane Petzold Marcos Reyna Asa Rubin Catherine Seo
Jeanine Pfeiffer Kathryn Reynolds Steve Runge Sukanya Seshadri
Jennifer Philley Lisa Rhoades Abigail Rupp Ingrid Shaffer
Joe J. Phillips Elizabeth Rhodes Amanda Russell-Bolio Veronica Shaffer
Matthew Phoenix Ray Richard Lina Russo Marin Shannahan
Kavita Pillay Amy Richard Butte Margaret Ruttenberg David Shannon
Heidi Pitlor Sandy Richter Erin Kate Ryan Sarah Sharnoff
Elizabeth Robin Plumer Kendra Rickerby Susan Ryan Janet C. Shartle
Anne Pluto and Terry Chance David Riese Trish Ryan Jessica Shattuck
Charlotte Pogue Fran Riley Hank Phillippi Ryan James Shaw
Wendy Polins Glenn Ritchie Michelle Salazar Jennifer Shay
Jane Poncia Phyllis Rittner Kalim Saliba Jason Shechtman
Michael Ponsor Maite Rivas Nancy Salzer Jacqueline Sheehan
Michael Pontacoloni Abbas Rizvi Judith Salzman Elizabeth Chiles Shelburne
Michelle Pontbriand Alexis Rizzuto Matthew Sandel Marguerite Shepard-DiCaccio
Cheryl Poole Anne Roach Janet Santos Mary Shepherd
Alexis Popik Karen L. Roach Christina Sartori Joye Shepperd
Lisa Dee Port White Jillian Roberts Todd Savelle Christian Sherden
Tara Potter Karen Robinson Steven Savides Lauren Sheridan
Lorraine Pouliot Jeanne Robison Christine Sawosik Yana Sherman
Sophie Powell Susan Robison Brian Scales Anton Shevchenko
Henriette Power Julie Rochlin Elizabeth Scanland David Shields
Laura Power Amy Rodriguez Lidia Schapira Stacey Shipman
Sean Powers Christy Rodriguez Whitney Scharer Kayleigh Shoen
Steve Powers Amy Roeder Loren Schechter Diana Shoolman
Jason Prevost Lori Shridhare
Lisa Prior Miriam Sidanius
Darlene Quarles Laurie Sigmund
Mary Lou Quinlan Rod Siino
Sean Quinn Phil Sills
Tom Quirk Peggy Silva
Mark Rader Annie Silverman
Joel Radford Clara Silverstein
Judy Rakowsky Jennifer Simons
Debi Ramrath Lisa Sinclair
Alex Ramsdell Sheila Sinclair
Sharon Randall Lisa Siniki
Ladette Randolph Susan Siroty
Octavia Randolph Melissa Skepko
Thankam Rangala Rod Skinner
Deepa Ranganathan Linda Sklar and Richard Moskowitz
Scott Rankin Brenda Smith
Jennie Rathbun Brian Smith
Robin Ray Anthony Rogers Jenn Scheck-Kahn Carole Jean Smith
Susan Ray Richard Rogers Jullian Schedneck Daniel Smith
Holly Raynes Patricia Rohner Julie Schlack Dell Smith
Hillary Hedges Rayport and Jeffrey Brenda Roland Brittany Schlorff Jenney Smith
Rayport Eva Roldan Christine Schmidt Jennifer Smith
Emily Redinbo Sarah Rolph Marlayna Schmidt Marianne Smith
Elizabeth Ann Reed Mary Root Nina Schneider Shelby L. Smith
Robin Reed Jane Roper Stuart Schooler Sarah Smith
Barbara Regan Laura Roper Susan Schopp Tristan Snell
Terry Regan Elliot H. Rosenberg Carrie Ryan Schultz Traci Sobocinski
Robin Regensburg Tzviyah Rosenstock Elizabeth Schultz Bryan Sobolewski
Carol Reichert Elissa Rosenthal Brian Schulz Manson Solomon
Ben Reichman Rosie Rosenzweig Kevin Schwartz Debbie Sosin
Linda Reid John Rosevear Erica Schweitzer Joe Souza
LeAnn Neal Reilly Renata Roskopf Ramona Schweitzer Nicole Souza
Virginia Reiser Mike Rosovsky Ellen Scopa Ruth Spack
Diana Renn Anna Ross Lara Scott Valerie Spain
Anna Renz Barbara Ross James Scott Ginni Spencer
Norma Reppucci Randy Ross Mary Scully Marianne Spencer
Josh Resnek Linda Rossi Michelle Seaton Kathleen Spivack
Sue Resnick Katherine Rossmoore Natalie Sedo Prema Srinivasan
Amanda Rettig Johanna Roveto Ayden Seguritan Earl Stafford
Hillary Rettig Carolyn Royce Pat Selmer Eleanor Stafford
Heather Reyes Monica Royston Meg Senuta Tad Staley

Suzette Martinez Standring Meredith Tufts Annie Weatherwax Jon Woodward
Leslie Starobin Liza Turner Teresa Weaver Linda Woolford and Casper Martin
Amy Steele David Twomey Anya Weber Rachel Worrall
Nakeema Stefflbauer Peter, Nicholas, Sophia and Eliza Susan Weber Frankie Wright
Leilah Steiger Tyack Suellen Wedmore Deborah Wrighton-Wex
Audrey Beth Stein Elizabeth Tyler Chuck Weed Julie Wu
Marshall Stein Barrie Tysko and Kearons Whalen Ted Weesner Mooncy Wu
Miriam Stein Samantha Ueda Ruth Weiner Karen Wulf
Robin Stein Jane Healey Ungashick Lynne Weiss Amy Wyeth
Barbara Stephens Rachel Unkefer Taya and Joseph Weiss Laura Wysk
Jeff Stern and Anna Goldsmith Sondra Upham Marcia Weiss Alison Wyss
Paige Stevens Nancy Upper Winona Winkler Wendth Robert Xavier
Kathleen Stone Teresa Valdepenas Jackie West David Yamada
Valerie Kim Stone Lori Valigra Donna Westlake Drew Yanno
Rebekah Stout Lisa Vallier Sylvia Westphal Stan Yarbro
Jenni Strand Jeanne Van Orman Jay Wexler Joanna Yee
Daphne Strassmann Adrian Van Young Barbara Ehrlich White Amy Yelin
Tara Stroll Nina Vansuch Christine White Pat Yingling
Janaka Stucky Mindy Vasecka Elizabeth White Bruce Yochum
Adam Stumacher Jorge Vega Sheryl White Janet Young
Cheryl Suchors Judith Venezia Andrea Whitfield Sara Young
Helene Sullas-Huggins John Verlinden Roberta Whitney Alex Yturbe
Erin Sullivan Yun Vermeule Joan Wickersham Linda and Vicki Yuen
Mike Sullivan Enza Vescera Parnel Wickham John Zakrosky, Jr.
Patrick Sullivan Rick Vidal Nancy Wilker Anne Zarella
Tara Sullivan Samantha Vidal Uzuri Wilkerson Gerald Zeitlin
Rosie Sultan Sheldon Zigelbaum
Shubha Sunder Krista Zimmer
Peter Sutcliffe Kathy Zimmerman
Morgan Sutherland Chris Zirpoli
Michelle Sweet
Wendy Swirnoff
Jennifer Szeto
Jeff Talarigo
Leslie Talbot
Christie Talley
Grace Talusan
Ken Tango
Suzie Tapson
Susan Tardanico
Rebecca Taylor
Yolanda Taylor
Leslie Teel Andrea Vij Allison Williams
Beth Tener Vineeta Vijayaraghavan Julie Williams
Rockwell Tenney Donna Von Halle Oneeka Williams
Susan Tepper Maianna Von Hippel Susanna Williams
Donald Terhune Taline Voskeritchian Kathleen Willis Morton
Cam Terwilliger Jennifer Voss Seth Wilpan and Joanna Rush
Alexis Thomas Flora Vuksan Donna Wilson
Stacy Thompson Susan Wadsworth Lara JK Wilson
Karen Thoresen Meta Wagner Rob Wilstein
Ben Thorpe Nathan Wahl Karen Winn
Lisa Thurau Jason Walcutt Nancy Winter
Kathleen Tibbetts Johanna Wald Rick Winterson
Carol Tinkham James Walker Christy Wise
Marie Tobin Keir Walker Christopher Wittke
Patrice Todisco Al Wallis Rodney Wittwer
Alycia Torres Carolyn Walsh Terry Wojtkunski
Michelle Toth Laura Walsh Melanie Wold
Barbara Trachtenberg Melanie Walsh Alisa Wolf
Erin Trahan Sarah Walsh Andy Wolfendon
Susan Trausch Amanda Ward Pam Wolfson
Jeff Travers Wendy Warlick Levina Wong
Allison Trionfetti Laura Warrell Connor Wood
Elise Tripp Rosalind Warren Jennie Wood
Lisa Troy Mary Wasmuth John Wood
Clayton Trutor Veronica Watson Maria Woodford
Becky Tuch Aaron Waychoff Burns Woodward

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