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Keeping it fresh and cutting edge

Dentist Mark Cronshaw, pioneer in the use of the Biolase Waterlase,
champions the all-tissue laser ‘the profession has been waiting for’

oped, and as I took further along with bone and

training, my clinical profi- connective tissue regenera-
ciency increased, and I tion treatments. Also I have
started to widen the range been taught the Annapolis
of the clinical procedures I method of laser assisted
was happy to offer. periodontal surgery which is
I discovered that osseous proving a very successful
crown lengthening can treatment modality for the
often be achieved without management of moderate
the need to raise a flap and to advanced periodontal
that the healing and tissue disease. As with all laser
recontouring was so treatments post operative
predictable and reliable that discomfort and sensitivity is
the definitive crowns or minimal in sharp contrast to
veneers could be placed the difficulties associated
without having to wait. with the conventional
approach. Again thanks to
Minimal discomfort the lasers mode of opera-
As a Cerec user, I took to tion these procedures are
both doing the osseous clean, simple and reliable
surgery and placing the and I have found myself
definitive crown all on the taking on a much expanded
same day with excellent range of effective treat-
results. Patients reported ments many of which are
little other than minimal historically the province of
discomfort, post-surgery, specialised practitioners.
and, for aesthetic and The response from my
cosmetic procedures patients has been over-
involving tissue recon- whelmingly positive and I
touring, the laser is easy to have found myself enjoying
use, reliable and predictable my dentistry more than ever
with outstanding clinical before. In my opinion the
results. Waterlase MD is the biggest
More recently, I have single advance in dentistry I
used the laser as an addi- have seen during the course
tional step in my endodon- of my career. My confident
tics as there are new special expectation is that within
radial firing tips which help the next decade the major-
debride and sterilise root tity of UK dentists will wish
canals. The clinical results to integrate the laser into
have proven to be their clinical practices. Over
outstanding and I frequently the next few issues I intend
With the Biolase Waterlase, ‘the clinical results have proven to be outstanding’ says Dr Cronshaw see filled lateral canals on to present some treated
my post treatment radi- clinical cases looking at
ographs. In vitro research examples of laser assisted
demonstrates that the laser surgical extractions, crown
I first learned about the since 2002 and, at that when I had to resort to disinfects the interior of a lengthening surgery, the
Waterlase MD on the time, there were around placing a local. root canal to a depth of Annapolis laser assisted
internet and I was intrigued 3,500 users – so there was a More recently a new 1mm which is 10 times periodontal surgery regime
to see first-hand this appar- wealth of clinical experience handpiece has been intro- more effective than bleach and frenectomy. In the
ently amazing machine. I could draw on. duced which cuts as fast as alone. interim anyone interested in
The claims made by the The experience and an airotor and I am better I have recently returned learning more can view a
manufacturer seemed enthusiasm of our American able now to use the laser from an advanced laser wealth of material including
scarcely credible as it was colleagues is tremendous rather than a drill for many assisted periodontal surgery some superb webinars on
billed as an all-tissue laser and, following my initial visit more clinical procedures. course where I learned the manufacturers website,
with the ability to cut to the USA, I have been As my experience devel- tissue grafting techniques www.Biolase.com.
cavities and treat decay back time and again. As a
without local anaesthetic in mature practitioner of 25
the majority of instances. years, this year it has
I travelled to the annual enabled me to stay fresh, Dr Mark Cronshaw B.Sc (Hons) BDS LDS RCS (Eng), MF Hom (Dent)
meeting of the ADA in Las motivated and very inter- is a private practitioner in Cowes, Isle of Wight. He qualified from
Vegas in November 2006 ested. Guys Hospital in 1984 and is a long-established and highly experi-
and was sufficiently My clinical experience of enced postgraduate trainer. Following his move into an exclusively
impressed to order a unit the laser was initially private practice in 2002, Dr Cronshaw has developed an interest in
which duly arrived just confined to relatively simple high-tech dentistry, aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, minimally
before Christmas of that procedures such as gingivec- invasive techniques and holistic care. Having studied in the USA,
year. tomy and cavity preparation. Mark is an approved trainer for Biolase and the World Class Laser
At that time, mine was I discovered that I could Institute. His practice in Cowes is a modern showcase for state-of-
one of the very first units in indeed perform some proce- the-art equipment, including the Cerec, digital imaging and video
the UK and I had to rely on dures without a local anaes- microscopy. He is an active member of the BACD, and is a fellow of
distance learning for thetic. However, it was a the World Class Laser Institute.You can email him at macron5@hotmail.com.
instruction on how to use slow business compared to a For more information on the Waterlase MD, please visit www.henryschein.co.uk.
the unit. The Waterlase MD conventional turbine and
had been is use in the States there were still occasions