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Ilanka Museum and Cultural Center Survey

Please help us plan for new improvements and updates by completing this confidential survey
Thank you for your help!

Which of the following apply to you (check all that apply)

____Community Member
____Tribal Member
____Visitor from Outside Cordova

How often have you visited the Ilanka Museum and Cultural Center?
____ Never ____1 to 3 times ____4 or more times

Would you recommend it to a friend or relative? ____ Yes _____ No

Are you a member? ____Yes ____No ____In the past, but not now

Have you ever visited the Ilanka Museum and Cultural Center for any of the following activities?
(Check all that apply)
____special event ____ dance performance ____guided tour ____ lecture or talk ____arts and crafts class
____Traditional Arts demonstration ____ gift shop ____Sewing Circle ____Meeting

What motivated you (or would motivate you) to visit us?

____a. See a particular exhibition. Which one (specify) ______________________________
____b. Attend a particular program. Which one (specify) _____________________________
____c. Visit the entire museum
____d. Visit the museum gift shop
____e. Entertain out-of-town visitors
____f. Enjoy a spiritual experience
____g. enjoyed a past visit
____h. Conduct research/do a school assignment
___ I. Other (specify) _________________________________________________________

What would encourage you to come back to Ilanka? (For example, a family day,
Extended hours, discounts, a particular activity or program, new exhibits, new technology, updates

Do you feel a museum kiosk (video screen) featuring interviews and/or demonstrations would?
_____ increase number of visitors ____ provide useful information ______entertain visitors
_____ encourage youth participation ____ not sure

What type of kiosk features would you like to see available at Ilanka? _____ interviews with Tribal elders,
_____interviews with artists and craftsman _____demonstrations of traditional arts
_____demonstrations of subsistence practices _____Eyak/Aleutic Language _____ other

If available, which of the following classes would you be interested in attending?

_____beading ____ carving _____weaving ____skin sewing _____subsistence practices
_____Eyak Language _____ Alutiiq Language _____None _____Other _____________________

Did anything interfere with your ability to enjoy your visit? ____Yes ____No
If YES, please specify: ____________________________________________________________


Did you have contact with any of the following staff during your visit? If yes, please check and tell us how
welcomed they made you feel? (Circle a number from 1-not very welcome to 5 – extremely welcome)
______First Person that greeted you - 1 2 3 4 5
______Cashier or desk clerk - 1 2 3 4 5
______Museum Director (LaRue Barns) - 1 2 3 4 5
______Cultural Center Director (Mary Babic) - 1 2 3 4 5
______Sewing Circle Group - 1 2 3 4 5
______Gift shop staff - 1 2 3 4 5
______Other NVE Employees – 1 2 3 4 5

Visitor Profile Questions:

What is your primary reason for being in Cordova? ____________________________

How old are you_________? Are you male or female? ________________________

How would you describe your ethnicity?

_____Native Alaskan ____ African American _____ Latino _____Asian _____Pilipino
_____White/Caucasian ____ Native American ______Other: __________________________

What is your highest level of education?

____High School ____Attended College ____Undergraduate Degree ____Graduate School

What is your annual household income?

____Under $20,000 ____$20,000-$45,000 ____$45,000-$65,000 ____$65,000-$90,000
____$90,000-$125,000 ____$125,000 plus ____Prefer not to say

If you are not a Cordova resident, where are you from? ______________________________
If visiting, where are you staying? ___Hotel/Motel ___Friends/family ___ RV/Camping ____ other
If you are traveling with children, what are their ages? ____________________

How did you hear about us?

____Internet ____Drove by ____Friends/family ____ School ____Travel agent/Cruise Director
____Newspaper/magazines ____Brochures/pamphlets ____Other (explain)

As a child, did you ever visit a museum with your family or school? Yes No

Overall, how do you feel about your visit to the Ilanka Museum and Cultural Center?

How likely are you to come back within the next twelve months?
____ Not at all likely
____ Possibly
____ Absolutely, probably _____ times


We welcome any other comments, feedback or suggestions -


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