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VOL.III No. 32 APRIL 2011


‘Roadmap to 100’ is a
matter of diet, exercise
By Sam McManis ments, or gene and hormone people are staying healthier
SCRIPPS HOWARD NEWS SERVICE therapy, or the latest “super longer.
From the title of Dr. Walter fruit” — is the key to extending
Bortz’s book — The Roadmap and improving life. Q: A good thing, right? But
to 100: The Breakthrough Sci- “Fitness is a 30-year age off- don’t you also write in the book
ence of Living a Long and set,” Bortz says. “A fit person of that we live in a “bifurcated so-
Healthy Life — you might pre- 70 is like an unfit person of 40. ciety” in which we’ve got the re-
sume the noted gerontologist And the galling thing is, it cost ally healthy and really
has uncovered some miracu- us $2,000 per person per year unhealthy, and the healthy pay
lous anti-aging formula. (in medical bills) to pay for peo- for the rest?
In a way, he has. It’s called ple being unfit.” A: I lay a lot of the blame on
exercise and diet. An outspoken proponent of health illiteracy. If you’re
personal responsibility for smart, you’re going to live a
health and a frequent critic of long time. Because now we
mainstream medicine’s dis- know. It’s not genes and not
ease-oriented focus, Bortz, 80, doctors. It’s how you live your SHNS PHOTOS

is himself a model of healthy life. We are a ... wonderful en- ABOVE: Dr. Walter Bortz, left, and
his wife, Ruth Anne, ran the Boston
behavior. semble of genes. All these genes Marathon April 15, 2002. LEFT: Dr.
We talked to Bortz about The are little electric switches that Bortz’ book.
Roadmap to 100 (Palgrave must be tuned. The tuning of it
MacMillan, $25, 246 pages) and is exercise. When you’re fit,
longevity. everything tunes correctly. If Q: So, if doctors themselves
you’re not fit, everything goes can’t stay healthy ...
Q: I read a statistic from your to hell. A: Listen, health is a control
book that shocked me: By the thing. You have to own it. You
middle of this century, we’ll Q: Exercise and nutrition — must ingest health and make it
have 6 million centenarians. is that going to be a hard sell to
a part of all your decisions. I’m
Does that mean people are someone always looking for the
healthier, or are they just hold- quick fix? a student of the human poten-
ing on longer thanks to medical A: Sure. We, as doctors, can tial. How long can we live? A
science? treat disease. We can charge hundred years. That’s our
A: Oh, I give medical science you for it. We want things we birthright. But it can be a good
Old school as that may seem,
the Stanford University profes- a very small partition of it. can send you a bill for. And 100 years. It’s not lying around
sor of medicine presents solid, they can bill you for surgery in some desolate nursing home.
peer-reviewed research that Q: Are people healthier now and pills. But if you come into
confirms the belief that fitness than before? my office, and I go over you and Q: So longevity for its own
— not antioxidant supple- A: The data clearly show old say the best thing for you is to sake is not a good thing?
get on a really good exercise A: Clearly, no. It’s quality of
program, you’re going to life. When I wrote my first book
stalk out because I didn’t in 1991, called We Live Too
give you the easy answer. Short and Die Too Long, I as-
serted that 100 was our
Q: Why aren’t doctors birthright. That was out on a
trained more to deal with
limb back then. A lot of people
health rather than disease?
said, ‘This guy’s blowing
A: They get paid for hav-
ing you sick. They want you smoke.’ Now we recognize that
to bleed. I just lectured 600 we ought to live to be 100 if we
doctors at Kaiser. They are don’t [mess] it up.
all fat. Continues on page 4

April is Cancer Control Month

We all know someone the benefits of chemotherapy and cigarettes manufactured in years
other cancer treatments. Smoking past, making it harder to quit. Tap
whose life has been affected by
causes more than 85% of lung can- into resources such as
cancer. Whether it is a friend, fam-
cers and can cause cancer almost www.SmokeFree.gov for helpful
ily member or you personally, this
anywhere in the body. One in three tools or call the NCI’s national
disease cripples families and
cancer deaths in the U.S. are to- QuitLine at 1-877-44U-QUIT (1-
causes much heartache. Though
bacco-related.” To make matters 877-448-7848) to speak with a
technology has advanced research
worse, cigarettes today have more smoking cessation counselor.
and introduced new treatment op-
addictive chemicals (nicotine) than Continues on next page
tions, cancer remains the second
largest killer of Americans, behind
heart disease. In an effort to fight
the battle against cancer, empha-
size the promise of medical re-
search and remind Americans of Miguel Tarango, MD
the healthy, preventive steps to
Colorectal cancer screenings (can
protect themselves, President
range from a blood test to a
Barack Obama has proclaimed
colonoscopy) and Prostate-Spe-
April as National Cancer Control
cific Antigen, known as “PSA”
(generally recommended once per
year for men over age 50). Other
According to the National Cancer
screenings for specific types of
Institute (www.cancer.gov), there
cancer are available and may be
are four components to fighting
prescribed. The good news about
cancer- kicking bad habits, being
these preventive measures is that
conscientious about what you eat,
most insurance plans cover these
ensuring you make time for physi-
tests in full. Inquire with your car-
cal activity and getting screened.
rier for details.
Whether you have been diagnosed
or are trying to reduce the risk of
Stop Smoking. Research has found
cancer, you should follow these
a strong link between tobacco use
and many cancers, among other
diseases. Quitting smoking- even
Get your screenings. Perhaps the
after many years- can greatly re-
easiest part of a cancer-prevention
duce your risk of developing can-
regimen, early detection is the key
cer and other serious diseases.
to successfully treating cancer.
According to US Surgeon General
Cancers are most treatable when
Regina M. Benjamin’s December
caught early; conversely, unde-
9th press release, “Tobacco smoke
tected cancers are likely to spread
contains a deadly mixture of more
and become harder to treat. De-
than 7,000 chemicals and com-
pending on gender, the most com-
pounds, of which hundreds are
mon cancer screenings include
toxic and at least 70 cause cancer.
mammogram (women age 40 and
Every exposure to these cancer-
older should have mammograms
causing chemicals could damage
every 1 to 2 years), Pap tests (talk
DNA in a way that leads to cancer.
to your doctor about frequency-
Exposure to smoke also decreases
the guidelines vary by individual),

Senior Games 2011

The City of El Paso Parks and Recreation Department and Bravo Health have the Senior Games
underway for individuals 50 years of age and older. (Individuals turning 50 years of age in 2011
are eligible.) Continued from page 2

You can still register for any of the events below and registration forms are available at any of Q: What about the ways other than ex-
the nine Parks and Recreation Senior Centers. The fee is $15 for two events and $5 for each ad- ercise and nutrition? Everything from
ditional event. gene therapy to dietary supplements to
Event Date Time Location super fruits. Is it people wanting to get
the quick fix? Or is science trying to sell
Cycling April 2 8am Ascarate Park, 6900 Delta Dr.
us product?
Volleyball April 7 6pm Galatzan Recreation Center
A: It’s money. I’m at Stanford. So high-
Road Race(5K,10K) April 9 8am Ascarate Park, 6900 Delta Dr.
tech. They all want their laboratories.
Track and Field April 16 830am Burges High School, 7800 Edgemere
They all want to find something lucrative
Awards Ceremony April 29 6pm Hilos De Plata Senior Center that helps people. I was at a lecture there
Information – David Lopez at (915) 544-0753. a year ago on angiogenesis — new blood
vessels. The speaker said, “With these
New Website Helps Texans Find viral vectors, you get the first blush of a

Information, Services on Autism new vessel!” I went up to him afterward

and said, “You get the whole thing from
(Austin) ― The Texas Autism Re- treatments really help, or where to exercise.” He says, “Yes, but there’s no
search & Resource Center has go to get them. This new resource money in it.” It all comes down to what
launched a website eases that learning process and em- you can sell in Walgreens.
(www.tarrc.org) that can help Tex- powers parents to tackle the chal-
ans find the information and serv- lenges ahead.” Cont/page 12
ices they need to support people
diagnosed with autism spectrum
disorder (ASD).
Cancer Control...
Continued from page 3 products, lean meats, fish, beans,
Get moving. There is a direct link eggs, and nuts. A healthy diet is
The website will be especially between physical inactivity and also low in saturated fat, trans fat,
helpful to families with a child re- breast, colon and other types of cholesterol, salt and added sugars.
cently diagnosed with ASD, a de- cancers. Not only does physical A great resource is
velopmental disability that can
cause significant social, communi- activity ward off heart disease, http://www.fruitsandveggiesmat-
cation and behavioral challenges. high blood pressure and diabetes, ter.gov/, where you can calculate
In addition to general information but has shown to improve mental how many fruits and vegetables
about the disorder, such as signs health. Think you don’t have the you need, read tips, download
and symptoms, the website pro- time, stamina or equipment for a recipes and use other interactive
vides detailed resources to help proper “workout”? Think again- healthy eating tools.
guide families through the deci- quality of life can improve with So in the spirit of honoring sur-
sion-making process and direct just one 30-minute walk, three vivors – and ourselves – let’s try
them to services and programs in times per week. Sadly, the Na- to implement a cancer-fighting
their communities.
tional Center for Chronic Disease way of life. This month, pledge to
“Texas has needed a resource like Prevention and Health Promotion adopt healthy habits that will last
this website for a long time,” said and Centers for Disease Control a lifetime.
Frank McCamant, chairman of the and Prevention tell us that more
Texas Council on Autism and Per- than 50% of Americans do not Miguel Tarango, MD
vasive Developmental Disorders. meet this guideline. WellMed Senior Clinic
“We know that families often feel Watch what you eat. The NCI 501 N Yarbrough Dr.
the frustration of not knowing states that a healthy diet includes El Paso, TX 79915
where to turn for reliable informa- fruits and vegetables, whole (915) 595-1844
tion on ASD for instance, which
grains, fat-free or low-fat milk

By: “Doppler” Dave Speelman

Spring Arrives!
Spring officially arrived last Sunday (March 20th). It is hard to believe
What is the cloudiest city in
the United States?
we are already in a new season. For many folks, this is their favorite A. Astoria, Oregon
time of the year, minus our wind, blowing dust & sand.
We now know the forecast for this Spring, courtesy of NOAA (Na- B. Seattle, Washington
tional Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration). The computer models C. Elkins, West Virginia
are indicating that in El Paso and all of southern New Mexico rainfall
amounts will be below normal for this time of year while temperatures D. Kalispell, Montana
are anticipated to run a little hotter than normal. year.
What about the sunshine forecast for the Spring or even upcoming Answer: A – Astoria, Oregon. It has 240 cloudy days per
year? I had one person ask me that question jokingly, but I though it
was an interesting question, albeit unusual. Did you realize that this
area is one of the sunniest across the country? In fact, El Paso is the 6th
sunniest city in the United States! The average annual amount of sun- “Doppler" Dave Speelman is the chief me-
shine here is 84%! That’s a lot. Below you will find the sunniest cities: teorologist at KVIA-TV in El Paso. You can
watch his forecasts at 4, 5, 6 and 10 pm on
POSSIBLE SUNSHINE OF DATA ABC-7 (channel 6 cable). If you would like
1. YUMA, AZ 90% 42 Doppler Dave to address
2. REDDING, CA 88% 10 (explain) any weather issues you can email
3. LAS VEGAS, NV 85% 47 him at Dopplerdave@kvia.com
4. PHOENIX, AZ 85% 101
5. TUCSON, AZ 85% 53
6. EL PASO, TX 84% 54
FRESNO, CA 79% 46
RENO, NV 79% 45
KEY WEST, FL 76% 38
PUEBLO, CO 76% 61
ELY, NV 73% 56
LUBBOCK, TX 72% 25
ABILENE, TX 70% 49
MIAMI, FL 70% 20
MILFORD, UT 70% 16
DENVER, CO 69% 46
LANDER, WY 68% 50
SAN DIEGO, CA 68% 56

Calendar of upcoming events for

El Paso/ Southern New Mexico
are from April 2011

If you want your upcoming event listed in SPOTLIGHT’S Out & About section, please send all your relevant data by e-mail to:

‘Colors of Spring 2011’ — El ’60s and beyond.

Paso Art Association’s annual Better Business Bureau and ‘Huapango’ — Ballet Folk-
spring show and sale is April 1- Gun Show — The Paso Del Torch Awards — Character lorico Paso del Norte performs at
29, at Sunland Art Gallery in Sun- Norte Gun Collectors Spring Gun First founder Tom Hill is keynote 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and
land Park Mall Opening reception Show is Saturday and Sunday, speaker at the BBB’s annual 3 p.m. Sunday, April 8-10, at the
and awards ceremony is 5:30 to 8 April 2-3 at the El Maida Shrine luncheon meeting and Torch Chamizal National Memorial, 800
p.m. Friday, April 1. Information: Temple, 6331 Alabama. The show Awards1 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. S. San Marcial. Tickets: $10.
584-3117, 474-0053 or sunlandart- includes guns and antiques for Wednesday, April 6, at The Sum-
gallery.com. buy, sell or trade. Minors must be mit Ballroom & Conference Cen- El Paso Artists Studio Tour
accompanied by a parent. Informa- ter, 120 N. Festival. Tickets: $50 —The 4th annual tour is Saturday
‘YES’ Choir Music Marathon tion: 598-0935. ($1,000 corporate tables for 10). and Sunday April 9-10 featuring
— Young El Paso Singers and Information: Annabelle Estrada, Eastside, Northeast and Mission
friends, will host a fundraising El Paso Sports and Health 490-0762 or Valley artists and April 16-17fea-
music marathon 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Expo — KROD’s annual family communications@bbbelpaso.org. turing Westside, Upper Valley and
Saturday, April 2, at Western Hills show is 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, Downtown artists. Information:
United Methodist Church, 524 April 3, at Sunland Park Race- Celebrity Waiter Spaghetti 833-0636 or bobada@elp.rr.com.
Thunderbird. Participants will sing track and Casino. Several sports Dinner — Las Americas Immi-
and play music non-stop for eight card and collectibles tables, and grant Advocacy Center’s 12th an- Tejanas softball — The EPCC
hours. Admission is free; dona- sports-related retailers, UTEP ath- nual fundraiser is 6 p.m. Thursday, Tejanas’ home games are at the
tions accepted. Information: Dr. letics and professional sports April 7, at St. Pius X Parish’s Valle Verde Softball Field. Admis-
Cindy Jay, 227-6002. teams are featured along with Msgr. Arturo Banuelas Commu- sion is free. Information: 831-
celebrity guests and other activi- nity Center, 1050 N. Clark, at 2275. Softball office: 831-2367.
Juanes — The Colombian rock ties. Admission is free. Informa- Geronimo. Admission: $40. Infor- • April 8-9 — Clarendon Commu-
singer and guitarist returns to the tion: 351-4592 or krod.com. mation: 544-5126, ext. 23 or las- nity College
border at 8 p.m. Saturday, April 2 americas.org. • April 15-16 — Midland Com-
at El Paso County Coliseum to March Madness symphony muity College.
promote his latest CD fundraiser — The 14th annual Joyce Meyer — The author and
“P.A.R.C.E.” Tickets: $37-$77, fundraiser benefiting the El Paso founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries “Lost in Yonkers” - El Paso
plus service charges. (Ticketmas- Symphony Orchestra’s education brings her conference tour to El Community College's Performers
ter). and outreach programs is Mon- Paso Thursday through Saturday, Studio closes its season with the
day,April 4, at the El Paso Coun- April 7-9, at Abundant Living Neil Simon comedy 7:30 p.m.
‘Gotta Swing! Hollywood’ try Club, featuring the NCAA Faith Center, 1000 Valley Crest. April 8-9 and April 15-16, at the
— Shundo Dance Studio presents Men’s Basketball Championship Times are 7 p.m. Thursday, 10 EPCC Transmountain Campus
the stage show 7 p.m. Saturday, finals on several wide-screen tele- a.m. and 7 p.m. Friday and 10 a.m. Forum. Directed by Cornelia Pat-
April 2, at Chamizal National Me- visions. Cost: $110. Saturday. The conference also in- terson. Tickets: $10 ($5
morial. Admission: $15 ($12 stu- Information/reservations: 532- cludes music and praise by Fuzed students/seniors/military). Infor-
dents). Information: 532-2043 or 3776 or epso.org. Worship. Admission is free; seat- mation: 637-4029, 831-5056 or
shundodancestudio.com. The stage The 4th annual March Madness ing available on a first come, first epcc.edu.
show features some of the greatest Golf Tournament is earlier Mon- serve basis. Information: 532-8543
music from the ’20s through the day. or alfc.com. Continues on next page

UTEP Softball - Home games “Finlandia,” Glazunov's Violin 8994, 747-5565 or Symphony closes its season with a
are at the Helen of Troy Complex. Concerto, op.82, A minor and museum.utep.edu. salute to “The March King” John
Ticket information: 747-5347 or Mussorgsky “Pictures at an Exhi- Phillip Sousa. Tickets $12.50
utepathletics.com. bition.” Tickets: $11, $17, $28, Avalanche Tour — The heavy ($7.50 military, students and sen-
• April 9-10 — 2 and 4 p.m. Sat- $32 and $37, plus service charges metal tour is 5:30 p.m. Sunday, iors). Information: 760-5599.
urday and noon Sunday vs. Hous- (Ticketmaster). Student tickets: $6 April 17, at El Paso County Coli-
ton and $8.Information: 532-3776. seum featuring Stonesour, Theory Sesame Street Live ‘Elmo’s
• April 22-23 — 2 and 4 p.m. Fri- of a Deadman, Skillet, Halestorm Healthy Heroes’ — The
day and noon Saturday vs. East Tejanos baseball - The Tejanos and Art of Dying. Tickets: $32.50, Sesame Street Live friends’s an-
Carolina of El Paso Community College’s plus service charges. (Ticketmas- nual Easter week shows are April
home games are at the Valle Verde ter). 21-24 at the Abraham Chavez The-
Sgt. Ruben Orozco Torch Campus Baseball Field. All games atre. Presented by VEE Corpora-
Run — El Paso County Sheriff’s are doubleheaders and begin at Psychedelic Furs — The 80s tion. Showtimes are 7 p.m.
Officers Association’s 8K Run/2 noon. Admission is free. Informa- new wave band performs at 8 p.m. Thursday, 2 and 7 p.m. Friday,
Mile Walk benefiting Special tion: 831-2275. Thursday, April 21, at Club 101, 10:30, 2 and 5:30 p.m. Saturday
Olympics Texas Area-19 programs • April 15-16 — Luna Community 1148 Airway. Tickets: $20 in ad- and 2 and 5:30 p.m. Sunday. Tick-
is 8 a.m. Sunday, April 10, at College vance; $25 day of show. Available ets: $11 and $28, plus service
Stanton and Cincinnati, Kern • April 29-30 — Western Texas online at ticketbully.com. Informa- charge. (Ticketmaster). Informa-
Place. Registration/information: College tion: 544-2101 or club101.com. tion: sesamestreetlive.com.
532-1795 or sotx.org.
“Barabbas” - The original play “A Sousa Spectacular” - 7:30 Quint Quintet — El Paso Pro-
Chicago — The classic rock by El Paso's Fred Keyser is April p.m. April 21, at UTEP’s Fox Fine Musica closes its season with a
band returns to El Paso at 8 p.m. 15-May 7 at El Paso Playhouse, Arts Recital Hall. El Paso Wind ...Continues on page 10
Tuesday, April 12, at the Plaza 2501 Montana. Directed by Kate
Theatre. Tickets: $49.50, $59.50 Keyser. In time for the Easter sea-
and $79.50. (Ticketmaster) son, the Easter story is told
through the point of view of the ul-
Children’s Grief Center timate outsider. Featuring a score
by Fred Keyser as well. Showtime
dinner — The Children’s Grief is 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday and
Center’s gala Spring Fundraiser 2 p.m. Sunday. Tickets: $10 ($8
Dinner and Auction is 6 to 9 p.m. seniors, $7 military and students
Thursday, April 14, at the Coron- with ID). Information: 532-1317,
ado Country Club, 1044 Brood- elpasoplayhouse.com.
moor. Tickets: $100 ($1,000 for a
table for 10). Information/reserva- UTEP Track Invitational —
tions: 532-6004.
Top-ranked university track teams
and other athletes will compete in
Concierto de las Americas the annual all-day track meet, be-
— The “Rock and Roll” concert is ginning at 10 a.m. Saturday, April
2 p.m. Friday,April 15, at the 16, at Kidd Field, UTEP. Informa-
Chamizal National Memorial, 800 tion: 747-5347, 747-6841 or
S. San Marcial. Tickets: $5. utepathletics.com.

EPSO with Dmitri Berlin- FloraFest 2011 — The UTEP

sky - The guest violinist joins Centennial Museum’s annual na-
conductor Sarah Ioannides and the tive plant sale is 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
El Paso Symphony Orchestra at Saturday and Sunday, April 16-17,
7:30 p.m. April 15-16 at The Plaza at the museum Wiggins Road and
Theatre. Selections are Sibelius's University Ave. Information: 747-

Continued from page 7 dent). Information: 833-9400 or

Quint Quintet ...Night of Tango eppm.org. “The Sound of Music” — George Thorogood — The
at 7:30 p.m. Friday, April 22, at UTEP Dinner Theatre presents the blues-rock legend performs at 9
NMSU's Atkinson Recital Hall and Cristo Rey pilgrimages — Rogers and Hammerstien family p.m. Thursday, April 28, at Speak-
Saturday, April 23, at UTEP's Fox Pilgrimages and hikes are planned classic April 22-May 8. Showtime ing Rock Entertainment, 122 S.
Fine Arts Recital Hall. The quintet thoughout Easter weekend, Good is 7 p.m. Wednesday through Sat- Old Pueblo Road, as part of its se-
was formed by Grammy nomi- Friday to Easter Sunday, April 22- urday; dinner matinee performance ries of free concerts from nation-
nated native Russian violinist 24, by various groups of all de- is 1:30 p.m. Sunday, May 1; non- ally known touring acts. Ages 18
Phillipe Quint and inspired by the nominations. Security and dinner matinees are 2:30 p.m. Sun- and older welcome. Information:
music of Astor Piazzolla. Tickets: concessions are often on-hand day, May 8 and 15. Tickets 860-7777 or speaking-rock.com.
$25 ($20 senior/military, $5 stu- throughout the weekend. $26-$38 dinner shows; $12-$22
non-dinner matinee. Information: Taste of Frontera — Frontera
747-6060. Land Alliance will host its annual
meeting and fundraiser at 6 p.m.
‘Party for the Planet’ — El Thursday, April 28, at Ardovino’s
Paso Zoo, 4001 E. Paisano, will Desert Crossing, One Ardovino
host special Earth Day exhibits and Drive in Sunland Park. Informa-
activities 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Satur- tion: 526-7725, 490-8601 or fron-
day, April 23. Information: 521- teralandalliance.org.
1850 or elpasozoo.org.
YWCA Women’s Benefit
‘Anne of Green Gables’ — luncheon — Leigh Anne Touhy,
Shining Star Drama Team, com- the inspiration behind the motion
posed of home-schooled students, picture “The Blind Side” is
presents the play at 1 and 6 p.m. speaker for the 18th annual benefit
Saturday, April 23, at the luncheon at 11 a.m. Thursday,
Chamizal National Memorial, 800 April 28, at the El Paso Conven-
S. San Marcial. Ticket prices to be tion Center. Minimum donation
announced. per person: $100 (tables of 10 also
available). Information/reserva-
Special Olympics Spring tions: 533-2311, ext. 250 or yw-
Games — The Area 19 2011 caelpaso.org.
Spring Games run April 23-May 7
with golf, aquatics, basketball and Ricky Martin — The Puerto
more. Admission is free. Informa- Rican megastar returns to El Paso
tion:533-8229 or sotx.org. Thursday, April 28, at the El Paso
County Coliseum.” Tickets:
Blue Man Group - Broadway $30.50, $50.50, $80.50 and $126,
El Paso presents the eclectic, ec- plus service charges. (Ticketmas-
centric musical trio 7:30 p.m. ter)
April 27-28 at The Plaza Theatre.
With no spoken language, Blue Talent Showcase — The vari-
Man Group is perfect for people of ety show by students of St.
all languages, and cultures. Al- Clement’s School is at 6 p.m. Fri-
though it is impossible to describe, day, April 29, at the Chamizal Na-
this unique experience is guaran- tional Memorial, 800 S. San
teed to be an outing audiences will Marcial. Tickets: $10
never forget. Ticket information:
544-8444 or ticketmaster.com. Continues on next page

Buddy Jewel - Showtime! El Elizario Genealogy and Historical $25. Information: info@neonde- and military; $8 per seat for groups
Paso presents the winner of the Society’s 20th annual conference sertmusicfestival.com. of 10 or more; $7 ages six and
2003 Nashville Star competition, is 9 a.m. to noon April 30, at Lineup includes touring acts younger).Information: (575) 523-
at 7:30 p.m. April 29, at Abraham Adobe Horseshoe Dinner Theater. Kinky, Los Amigos Invisibles, Girl 1200 or lcctnm.org.
Chavez Theatre. The Arkansas na- Eden Enterprises’ annual “First In A Coma, Gobi, Nicosounds and
tive took the world of country Thanksgiving” reenactment is also Designer Drugs, as well as local White Sands Film Festival — The
music by storm with his tender, planned that weekend in the San bands DA, Lusitania, The Royalty, 7th annual White Sands Interna-
heartfelt voice that gained him mil- Elizario Plaza, presenting the ar- Through the Trees and Bulletproof tional Film Festival is April 7-10
lions of fans nationwide. He re- rival of the first Spanish settlers in Tiger. in Las Cruces. The festival high-
cently formed his own record this area in April 1598. Costumed lights narrative and documentary,
company, releasing “Country actors and dancers portray the Na- SoUThERn Latino and New Mexico, with
Enough.” Tickets: $25 ($10 stu- tive Americans and Spaniards. In- nEw MExIco screenings, panel discussions, spe-
dents with ID; ages 6-25). Infor- formation: 851-9997. ‘The Return of Herbert cial guests and receptions. Infor-
mation: 544-2022 or mation: 1-877-345-6973 or
Bracewell; Why I'm Always
ShowtimeElPaso.com. La Viña Blues & Jazz Festi- wsiff.com.
Alone When I'm With You’
val — The annual spring celebra-
“The Three Musketeers” - — Las Cruces Community Theatre Doña Ana Arts Council Arts
tion of music, arts and crafts, food
presents the play by Andrew Johns Awards — The council’s 25th
The UTEP Department of Theatre and award-winning New Mexico
April 1-17. Directed by larrychan-
and Dance presents Ken Ludwig's wines is noon to 7 p.m. Saturday annual awards banquet “Great
dler. Showtime is 8 p.m. Friday
lively adaptation of Alexadre and Sunday, April 30-May 1, at Gatsby Style” is 6 p.m. Friday,
and Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday.
Dumas's adventure April 29-May La Viña Winery, 4201 S. NM April 8, outside the Rio Grande
Tickets: $10 ($9 students, seniors
8, in the Fox Fine Arts Wise Fam- Highway 28 in La Union, N.M. Theatre, Continues on next page
ily Theatre. Showtime is 8 p.m. one mile north of Vinton Road on
Friday and Saturday and 2:30 p.m. Highway 28. Information: (575)
Sunday. Directed by Chuck Gor- 882-7632.
den. Ticket information: 747-5118.
Spirit of the Painted Sky
Run/Walk for Autism — Powwow — The 2nd annual
Southwest Chapter of the Autism powwow is April 30-May 1. The
Society of America will host its event, sponsored by United Inter-
3rd annual awareness and Tribal Nations, includes traditional
fundraising 5K run and one-mile Native American art, crafts, dress,
family fun walk Saturday, April music and food. About 17 different
30. Information: 772-9100 or tribes will be represented, includ-
southwestasa.com. ing Cherokee, Apache, Comanche,
Tigua and others from throughout
“Dia de los Niños, Dia de los the country. Information: 599-1936
Libros” — The 15th annual chil- or intertribalnations@hotmail.com.
dren’s day/book day 11 a.m. to 6
p.m. Saturday, April 30, at Wash- Neon Desert Music Festival
ington Park, next to the El Paso — The inaugural music festival
Zoo. The day features book give- benefiting Amor Por Juarez and
aways, family activities, entertain- Creative Kids is Saturday, April
ment and more. Admission is free. 30, in Downtown El Paso, feature
Information: 543-5468 or elpasoli- 27 local and touring bands on four
brary.org. stages, food vendors, local artisans
and more. Tickets: $25 for first
First Thanksgiving Confer- 1,000 sold online at neondesertmu-
ence and Celebration — San sicfestival.com; $35 thereafter. All
active duty military admitted for
Social Security Column Continued from page 11...
WHAT WOMEN SHOULD KNOW ABOUT Doña Ana Arts...211 N Main Santa Fe Opera – The
in the Las Cruces Downtown Mall. renowned opera performs at 7 p.m.
SOCIAL SECURITY Saturday, April 9, at Rio Grande
By Ray Vigil Details to be announced. Informa-
Theatre, 211 Downtown Mall, Las
Social Security Public Affairs Specialist in El Paso, Texas tion: (575) 523-6403. Cruces. Information: (575) 523-
6403, (575) 523-0807 or Ri-
Border Book Festival — The
While the Social Security will mail the card to you. Or, you
17th annual Border Book Festival,
program treats all workers — men can elect to wait and apply in per- The opera will also give two per-
son at any Social Security office. “Vasundhara,” is Thursday formances for area children at 9
and women — exactly the same in through Sunday, April 8-10, at
However, if you wait, you must and 11:30 p.m. Monday, April 11.
terms of the benefits they can re- Mesilla Community Center, 2251
ceive, women need to know what provide evidence of your child’s
Calle de Santiago, and other area Antje Duvekot - The German-
the program means to them in their age, identity and U.S. citizenship venues, featuring school outreach
status, as well as proof of your American folk singer/songwriter
particular circumstances. Under- programs, children’s and family performs at 7:30 p.m. Friday,
standing the benefits to which they identity. Then, we must verify your storytelling, writing workshops for
child’s birth record, which can add April 15, at the Buckhorn Opera
may be entitled may mean the dif- teens and adults, panels, readings, House in Pinos Altos, N.M. as part
ference between living more com- 12 weeks to the time it takes to interactive arts workshops and of the Mimbres Region Arts Coun-
fortably versus just getting by in issue a card. more. Information/schedule: (575) cil’s Folk Series. Tickets: $20 ($15
their later retirement years. 523-3988 or bff@zianet.com, or members). Information/showtime:
When women start receiving So- borderbookfestival.org. (575) 538-2505, 1-888-758-7289
One of the most significant things cial Security retirement or disabil- or mimbresarts.org.
women need to remember in terms ity benefits, other family members ‘Spitfire Grill’ — No Strings
of Social Security is the impor- may be eligible for payments as Theatre Company presents the mu- ‘We are One Dance One
tance of promptly reporting a well. For example, benefits can be sical by James Valcq and Fred Drum’ — The student dance and
paid to a husband: Alley based on the film by Lee drumming showcase is 1 and 6
name change. If you haven’t told
David Zlotoff April 8-24, at Black p.m. Saturday, April 16, at the Rio
us of a name change, your earn- Box Theatre in Las Cruces. Di-
ings may not be recorded properly • If he is age 62 or older; or Grande Theatre, 211 N. Down-
• At any age if he is caring for your rected by Nikka Zeimer. Perform- town Mall in Las Cruces, high-
and you may not receive all the ances are 8 p.m. Fridays and
Social Security benefits you are child (the child must be younger lighting Middle Eastern student
Saturdays, 2:30 p.m. Sunday, April dance troupes and celebrating the
due. Not changing your name than 16 or disabled and receiving
17 and April 24, and 7 p.m. Thurs- variety of philosophies and styles
with Social Security also can delay Social Security benefits on your day, April 21. Tickets: $10 ($9 stu-
record). in belly dance. Tickets: $8 ($5
your Federal income tax refund. dents and seniors with ID, $7 all matinee). Information: (575) 526-
Benefits also can be paid to un- seats Thursday). Information:
married children if they are: 9509.
To report a name change, please (575) 523-1223 or no-strings.org.
fill out an Application for a Social • Younger than 18;
Security Card (Form SS-5). You
can get the form by visiting
• Between 18 and 19 years old, but
in elementary or secondary school Autism...
www.socialsecurity.gov, visiting as full-time students; or Continued from page 4
any Social Security office or card • Age 18 or older and severely dis-
abled (the disability must have The website also supports professionals, such as educators and law en-
center, or by calling Social Secu-
started before age 22). forcement personnel, who work with individuals with ASD.
rity’s toll-free number, 1-800-772-
1213 (TTY: 1-800-325-0778). You Developed with input from a diverse group of Texans, including peo-
must show us a recently issued The family of a woman who dies
may be eligible for survivors bene- ple with ASD, parents, service providers and staff from universities,
document as proof of your legal nonprofit groups and education service centers, this virtual resource
name change. fits based on her work.
center is the first major initiative of the Texas Autism Research & Re-
For more information about source Center.
If building a family is in your women and Social Security, ask
plans, it’s a good idea to apply for for the publication, What Every The center, a project of the Texas Department of Aging and Disability
a Social Security number for your Woman Should Know (SSA Publi- Services and the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, is
baby in the hospital, at the same cation No. 05-10127) or visit our being developed in collaboration with the Texas Education Agency, the
time that you apply for your baby’s special Women’s page online at Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, the Texas
birth certificate. Social Security www.socialsecurity.gov/women. Department of Family and Protective Services and the Texas Depart-
ment of State Health Services.


If your front knee juts out toward the of his right foot, creating a steady plat- combination ABOUT THE WRITER
did he
ball and you straighten your back leg
during the backswing, you’ve got
form to push off from to start the
of “power
numbers” —
Dr. T.J.
Tomasi is a
problems. When your front knee works In general, good players rotate the 22 degrees for professional
in Port St.
Remember Robert
out over your front foot, it prevents your front knee toward the back about 22 the front knee, Lucie, Fla. Gamez? Before Tiger
Visit his
body from turning as much as it should. degrees from the address position, thus 45 degrees of Web site at came on tour, this young
To see how top players use their knees, laying the foundation for the correct rotation for the upstart won his first tour
study these photos of professional Mike hips and 90 degrees for the shoulders start at the 1990 Tucson
Pedrys. There are several things to focus GOLF SPOKEN HERE — a 2-to-1 ratio that makes for a pow- Open. He was a
on: erful coil. University of Arizona All-
The after-impact photo shows how American who just for
First, his knees are closer at the top Pedrys uses his knees in the down- good measure won a sec-
of his swing than they were at address swing. Note how ond time that year and
because his left knee has folded inside A device used to measure the he has worked his knees closer togeth- then went 15 years before
his foot rather than over it. er. The knees get “friendly” just before he won again at the 2005
speed of a putting green by
Second, his knees are almost level impact, meaning that the back knee Texas Valero Open.
because the right knee has retained the allowing a ball to roll down a approaches the front. This image can After more than 20
same flex it had at address. This allows ramp, then measuring the give you a sense of the speed and tim- years Robert Gamez is
Pedrys to shift weight to the right side distance traveled in feet. ing of the knee action — quiet, quiet, still at it. Today his World
while retaining pressure on the inside then fast and friendly. Golf rank is 833 with two
tour events entered in
2011 — the Puerto Rico
Open, where he missed
the cut, and the Mayakoba
Golf Classic, where he
tied for 50th and won
In his second win in
1990, he made an eagle to
take the Nestle Invitational
at Bayhill — now the
Arnold Palmer Invitational.
In one of the most exciting
finishes in golf history, he
holed a 7-iron from the
1. 2. fairway to nip Greg

35 All het up 21 Exigencies

39 Aristocrat, for one 25 Undiluted
41 Tallinn is its capital 26 Fortas and Vigoda
43 Passover dinner 27 Soccer notable
44 El ___: Pacific current 28 Yielded a return
46 Elec. units 29 USS Enterprise milieu
47 Actress Ruth ___ 31 Legal claim
49 Videlicet 34 Sicilian smoker
51 California turkey center 36 Arrow poison
54 Graven image 37 Brooklet
56 Genie’s home 38 ___ “Rider”: Fonda movie
57 Insolvent 40 Mangle, for one
63 Capital of Samoa 42 Seth, ___ Adam
64 Check 45 First
65 Siouan tongue 48 At anchor
66 Campus military gp. 50 Popular appliance color
67 Pizzazz 51 Sudden blaze of flame
68 Pertaining to one’s birth 52 Keep talking!
69 Massachusetts motto word 53 Exudes
70 Strike out 55 English poet, John ___
71 Amusing, in an odd way 58 Ubangi feeder
59 Mountain ridges
DOWN 60 1949 defense org.
1 El ___ 61 Alike, to Henri
2 Oahu cookout 62 Cheer
3 Revise copy
4 Coo’s partner
ACROSS 19 Knell 5 Elia’s output
1 West Point freshman 20 Bizarre 6 Dutch cheese
6 Chain or street 22 Wampum 7 Counsels
10 Moonfish 23 For votes 8 Against votes
14 German autos 24 Weakness 9 U.S. evangelist Billy ___
15 Redolence 26 Place side by side 10 Win the gold
16 Pointed, in heraldry 30 Elsie’s bull 11 Preamble
17 Flying jibs, e.g. 32 “___ Geste” 12 U.S. statesman ___ Stevenson
18 Layer of the eye 33 Bandleader ___ Arnaz 13 Comic Hagar’s wife

By Patricia Woeber rior renovations. Set on 11 acres of

lush tropical gardens, this superb
Locals and tourists ate hot, steam- colonial-style property now con-
ing fish cakes, grilled tuna, and tains spacious suites with private
seafood and potatoes. In the balmy terraces. The beach is a nesting
Caribbean air, we dined outside on ground for the rare hawksbill sea
benches at tables. Dancing took turtles.
place on separate open-air floors.
On one, locals wildly swung with Coral Reef Club sits among 12
eye-popping, exuberant shaking acres of gardens. The Sandpiper is
and shimmering to island rhythms, a charming, exclusive small hotel.
and on another couples swayed to Cobblers Cove has an English
classic, romantic old favorites. country house style, and its pack-
Barbadians invited me to dance, ages include swimming with the
and I had a ball. This was an turtles, tennis and swimming les-
evening at Oistins, a popular local Poolside dining is a specialty at the Sandy Lane resort in Barbados. sons. Treasure Beach Hotel offers
hangout for the weekend fish fry. Photo courtesy of Patricia Woeber. free wedding packages. Mango
Bay is popular with vacationers
ater, Frank Collymore Hall and the village, presents alfresco dining at
Barbadians are gregarious, and and honeymooners looking for
Cane Pit Amphitheater. During D'Onofrio's and Bajan tapas at Bar
they welcome visitors to take part budget packages.
Crop Over (a heritage event) a 1887.
in the fun. Barbados' plenitude of road is converted to a marketplace
culinary delights and a variety of Patricia Woeber is a freelance
of traditional foods, arts and crafts, The Fairmont Royal Pavilion re-
nightlife can be found at all sorts travel writer.
steel bands, dance groups, folk per- sort has enhanced its incomparable
of hotspots. formers, gospel singers and ca- beachfront with interior and exte- COPYRIGHT 2011 CREATORS.COM
lypso music.
Music and dancing, a vibrant part
of Barbados' culture, give life to The choice of accommodations
Bajan floorshows and nightclubs, ranges from budget-priced guest-
all overflowing with the hypnotic houses and hotels to luxury villas,
island rhythms. Popular clubs are small elegant hotels, and five-dia-
Harbour Lights, the Ship Inn, the mond (five-star standards) resorts
Reggae Lounge, After Dark and such as The Crane and Sandy
the Boat Yard. Elegant musical Lane. On the southeast Atlantic
evenings with bands or string quar- coast, the elegant Crane is se-
tets are held on Sandy Lane's cluded with fabulous, spa-
Starlight Terrace, and guitar and cious suites and
saxophone are at Cobblers Cove. dramatically beautiful pools
overlooking its classic surf
A popular nightspot for live music beach, a delight of cliffs,
is the Coach House. Talented the- dunes and pink sand. The
ater and dance groups perform at 2009 Zagat Guide to the
the Daphne Joseph Hackett The- Best of Barbados rated The
Crane's Zen restaurant "Barbados'
No. 1 for Food." Zen serves classic
Thai and Japanese cuisine, and the
sushi is superb. The recently
opened Crane Village, styled as a
traditional 18th-century Barbadian
The Crane, on the Atlantic shore of
Barbados, is made up of a series of
detached buildings that face the sea.
Photo courtesy of Patricia Woeber.

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