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When YAHUSHUA (“the Lord Yah Saves”) did come and dwell among us, he spoke many parables

& taught deep,

spiritual lessons, such as explaing that inwardly your heart was capable of committing sin, too, & it was equally as wicked as
doing it outwardly. He also said that breaking just one rule was like breaking them all- obviously bad news for man. He said
the most important commandment is that you love your neighbor as yourself, & He gave this as a sign of
His new covenant, for all men to do in honor of Him. But He lived by the 10 Commandments, & we are to look to Him
Sin has always been the
as an example of A perfect life. He also kept God’s eternal Holy Days as given to Moses.
only thing seperating us our from our God, & Jesus’s sacrifice is the only way that we have to bring us back to
Him. He GAVE his perfect, sinless life as an atonement for the sins of men, & was given the power of God to
defeat Death, bringing us the promised Eternal blessings, but only if we “zealously” repent (confess our
wrong doings & guilt, turn from our error, & apologize)! Yahushua made it clear, “In no way think that I
came to abolish the Law”, & we are still to live by it, even though He is Forgiveness. YOU CAN ONLY BE FORGIVEN
WHEN SORRY in your heart. He is the true Seer and Judge of men inwardly, the Son of the God of Judgement!
Can’t you see the beauty of our Creator in His Words? Jesus taught ”Not everyone who says to me 'Lord, Lord,'
(proclaimed him as God and King) will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my
Father who is in heaven.”

Do not forget that men do not survive on bread alone! Let’s get back to His Holy WORD! We do not need anyone
to teach us. Just read it yourself! He is our ONLY Healer & Counselor, our deepest desire & missing piece! For His
yoke is easy to bear, & the burden He gives us is light. He’s waiting for you. Call on Him in humbleness, “as a child” to
his Mighty Father. He does not demand perfection, but true and steadfast LOVE, Faith & Knowledge of Him and
His Ways, with praise of his Greatness! We need him badly in these dark days, as many evil

storms are upon us. He proclaimed an End!

The body of his believers will be his loving Bride for
eternity, & He will “make all things new”
10 Statutes of the LOVING Holy God, our Father written by his own
hand for His people: Exodus 20 Deut. 5

1)His Love is Mighty. We should love and praise him whole heartedly, and
daily, because he is So Great. His love for you is even deeper and stronger.
2)In Hebrew, the word “make” means to mold into a form with
the hands; figuratively, to determine, form a resolution,
fashion, form, frame, purpose. & it refers to the creating a
similitude of any thing created by God (including the heavens,
male & female likenesses, & anything with breath of life). We
are told to not even bring these cursed “images” into our
homes, even if we do not worship them. 3)Vanity is emptiness; mere
breath/vapor. The exceedingly popular phrases OMG, GD- are SIN! 4)The
LORD tells us to honor the Sabbath(7th) Day by resting from
ALL working/creating. Even by cooking all of your food the day
before! & The Lord’s days begin at evening. 5)Paul tells us to
love our parents in the Lord; NO disrespecting! 6)Abortion IS murder. Jeremiah 1 tells
us the Lord knew you before you were even in the womb! Pregnancy & children are a blessing for us from Him!
sexual interaction or intentions with someone you are not married to, is defilement
to your spirit and body. Divorced or unmarried, it does not matter. 8)Not giving your tithing to
the Lord is considered stealing from Him (Malachi 3). 9)The Lord sees and hears ALL, so learn to control your
tongue (& heart)! 10)Coveting involves setting your heart or mind on some thing or idea. Have spiritual
faith that the Lord gives us everything we NEED! He DOES, when we obey his Blessed

These commandments run way deeper than I am even
capable of understanding, and there is much, MUCH more to
learn about our God.

You can email me @ arodr0619@blessedmail.com

Also, please research books found in the Dead Sea Scrolls which were not in “The Bible”.
There are many beautiful texts about the Lord that were left out of the books, such as the
Book of Enoch.