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"Every wise woman builds her house, but the foolish plucks it down with her
Proverbs 14:1

As the end of the age draws near, Satan’s assault on the family, the cornerstone of
society, increases at a feverish pace. His once subtle attack on womanhood has
grown in intensity as motherhood, marriage, and the traditional roles of women
have been revised, ridiculed and rejected by the majority of Western culture.
Satan’s devious design to convert our once strong patriarchal authority system to
the un-Biblical Third-world matriarchal system is becoming more and more
obvious even to the casual observer.

However, standing in direct opposition to his destructive plan is God’s Word. As

Solomon tells us, "Every wise woman builds her house..." showing that the
wisdom of God has not changed with the pressures to conform, but concludes that
the wise woman will follow Biblical guidelines to fulfill God’s glorious calling for
her life, regardless!!

Ruth 4:11 illustrates this foundational truth for us as Rachel and Leah are biblical
role models for Ruth. They are commended for building "the house of Israel."
What was their claim to Biblical commendation? They were the mothers of the
children of Jacob/Israel, the father of the twelve tribes of the nation of Israel! What
a glorious calling, to be singled out by the God of Heaven to bear and nurture the
children that God would use to bring salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ for
the whole human race, and establish the physical descendants of Abraham.

The opportunity for this type of glorious service to the King of kings still exists
today, to the wise and Godly woman who will say "amen" to God’s will for her life
as outlined in God’s holy Word! From the Creation account in Genesis throughout
the New Testament, the Bible provides guidance for the "Wise Woman of God."
We will examine these guiding principles and divide them up into three specific

I. God’s Glory for the Wise Woman

II. God’s Goals for the Wise Woman

III. God’s Goodness in the Wise Woman

First of all, God’s Glory is revealed in the Wise Woman as she recognizes God’s
purpose for her in His original Creation authority structure. The Lord, by creating
male/female in all the animal kingdom, did so for the purpose of function; not to
show that one was more important than the other, but that there were specific
functions that each was responsible to perform.

The male is the normal leader and agressor, while the female is more passive;
following, serving, submitting, and bringing herself under the authority of her
husband as the husband is under the authority of God. It was and is God’s plan for
authority structures to be established and maintained throughout all His creative
order, but most important is His crowning creative act, making man in His own
image, giving him dominion over all creation. God performed a special work,
breathing life into man and from him created man’s helper, the woman (Genesis 1-

Secondly,God’s Glory is revealed in the Wise Woman as she realizes the impact
she can have on the spiritual Kingdom of God by winning, building, and
strengthening her husband (I Pet. 3:1-7).

Third, God’s Glory is revealed in the Wise Woman as she recognizes her role is
the key to sound authority sructures I.E. the family, the church, the government.
Because she is the one God has placed under the leadership/headship of man and in
that position of servant/helper, she has the option to rebel against the direction
given her, creating disorder and confusion, or she can obey, creating order and
discipline according to God’s will
(I Corinthians 11:3,8,9).

Fourth, God’s Glory is revealed in the Wise Woman as she rejoices in the
opportunity God has given her for eternal reward. As a servant, she is placed in the
same exalted position the Lord Jesus was in when He came to earth, to serve and
not to be served (Mark 10:42-45).

Fifth, God’s Glory is revealed in the Wise Woman as she remembers the Godly
women of old, who rose to the occasion and stood firm, serving the God of Heaven
in times of crisis I.E. Deborah the judge of Israel, and Esther the one whom God
used to save multitudes of exiled Israelites from certain death (Judges 4,5 Esther).

Sixth, God’s Glory is revealed in the Wise Woman as she refuses to be moved
away from her glorious calling by the pressures from society, peers, false teaching
and uninformed authorities, but her heart remains fixed on doing God’s will as
given in His precious Word (Romans 12:1,2)


God’s Goals for the Wise Woman encompass three specific areas: The Wise
Woman’s Seniority, The Wise Woman’s Priority, and The Wise Woman’s

First of all, Seniority or Age. This area of guidance in God’s Word is most
significant, for age is the issue when guidance is given from God’s Word, as we
shall soon see. Therefore, we must begin with God’s instruction to the aged/older
women. Titus 2 and Proverbs 31 show the distinction God makes between the
aged/older and young women. In Titus 2:3 the distinction is obvious as Paul
specifically says "The aged woman..." but in Proverbs 31 the passage must be
properly interpreted to realize that the virtuous woman was also an aged woman
like the one mentioned in Titus 2.

Proverbs 31:23 tells us that the husband of the virtuous woman is not only known
in the gates, but he also sits with the elders of the land, indicating his age and
maturity. Here was a man who was recognized as a leader in the community, a man
who had gained a high level of status as he was counted worthy to have attained
this elevated position of authority. But, the key verse showing that the virtuous
woman is an older woman is verse 28 "Her children rise up and call her blessed,"
indicating that they had reached a certain level of maturity, adulthood if you
please, in order for them to realize the value of a mother of her caliber, and then
pay a compliment that could only be given by a mature son or daughter!

Second, the older woman’s priority. As is revealed throughout the Scripture, God
provides her with a multifaceted opportunity to exercise her Spiritual gifts in His
service. He never limits any of His saints as long as they are directed by the
guidelines given in His Word. These opportunities fall into these six categories:
1. Wife (Proverbs 31)
2. Mother (Proverbs 31)
3. Teacher (Titus 2:4)
4. Homemaker (Proverbs 31)
5. Ministry in the Church (Romans 16:1,3,6)
6. Managing/Home/Business (Proverbs 31)

Although this list is not exhaustive, it provides guidelines for the aged woman to
exercise her God-given gifts, providing with great fulfillment in her calling.
However, it must be pointed out that although the aged woman’s priority included
activity in the "business world", her primary place of activity was the household
(Proverbs 31:15,21,27).

She was not as many of today’s compromising "Bible teachers" mistakenly insist,
the manager/owner of a great factory or business complex. No, the Bible clearly
teaches that the Wise Woman of God has her activity focused on her home, her
husband, her children, and her household.

Third, the older woman’s authority is shown in Proverbs 31:11,12. The Scripture
states " The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her so that he shall have no
need for spoil, she will do him good and not evil all the days of her life."

These verses amply demonstrate what the Scripture teaches from cover to close-it
is God’s will for the wife to be under the authority of her husband, and this woman
was no exception, working under the headship of her husband, as he is seen
trusting in her, receiving good and not evil from her activities throughout her life.
Verse 28 affirms his attitude toward her Biblical conduct, as he is seen blessing
and praising her.

Let us now focus on the younger woman’s goals as we turn back to Titus 2. Again
we will divide this section into the same three specific areas: The Wise Woman’s
Seniority, The Wise Woman’s Priority, and The Wise Woman’s Authority.

Although it might seem to be obvious, let us briefly look at Titus 2:4 and I
Timothy 5:14 as they both give explicit guidelines to the "young" woman,
distinguishing her from the aged woman dealt with in the preceding verses. The
young woman then is the recipient of the aged woman’s experience as she is being
taught by the aged woman, who has the valuable insight and experience of God’s
working in her own life.

Secondly, the young woman’s priorities are outlined in Titus 2:4,5. She must be
"sober" meaning sound-minded, disciplined, "love her husband" literally meaning
husband-lover, "love her children" another compound word literally meaning
children-lover, "discreet" meaning self controlled, "chaste" with the emphasis here
on purity, modesty, and holiness of lifestyle, "keeper at home" literally homemaker
describing the primary place and function of the wise young woman. It is evident
from this passage and the parallel passage in I Timothy 5:14 that God’s calling, His
ministry for the young woman is to serve Him as wife and mother, focusing her
priorities on the home.

Third, the Wise Young Woman will have as her authority her own husband. Yes,
God’s goal for the young woman is to serve Him under the headship/authority of
her own husband as verse 5 of Titus 2 states "obedient unto their own husbands."
This word obedient is the same word used in Ephesians 5:22 translated "submit."
This is ome of key words in the New Testament as it describes the attitude
necessary to win the victory in the struggle we all face, submitting to the authority
God puts in place over us.

This military term illustrates the necessity of keeping ourselves under authority, in
rank (the proper position militarily) in order to be effective in the spiritual battle. If
we expect to be successful soldiers of the Lord Jesus Christ, it is imperative that
we are always under our God-given authority.

This same word is used to command the saints to be submissive to civil

government (Romans 13:1-5, Titus 2:9, I Peter 2:13), and servants to be
submissive to their masters (Titus 2:9, I Peter 2:18). Although saint/servant
submission is important, the crucial area of wife to husband submission is stressed
no less than five times in the New Testament!

And, understandably so, for this is where the devil wages his most intensive battle,
knowing that if he can destroy God’s authority in the home (the first and most
important institution God established), then he can shake the foundation of the
local church, the institution God ordained to proclaim His precious Gospel.

Therefore, this vital truth can not be over-emphasized, for it is the foundational
building block of the family unit. With out this essential authority structure
operating properly, the entire make-up of family life will in spiritual confusion.
The wife will desire the opposite role God designed her for if she does not keep
herself under the headship/authority of her husband (Genesis 3:15, 16).

When these roles are reversed the family unit can not operate according to God’s
will. Discernment on the husband’s part can be forfeited if he surrenders his
position of authority. Wrong decisions can be made if the spiritual head of the
home surrenders his God-given authority, thereby providing the adversary the
(I Timothy 2:12-14).

Unfortunately, Satan’s attack on Biblical womanhood is only the outward sign of a

wrecked and perverted society that has gone without a clear voice from the Bible-
preaching pulpits on this vital doctrine for over forty years. As Bible preachers are
surveyed in 1993 we find many are silent, many are compromising, and many are
teaching false doctrine concerning this "controversial" issue that was certainly
clear cut only a few decades ago.

Oh my brethren, this is not an issue than be circumvented, avoided, or omitted, for

if we expect to build strong churches that can withstand the present and
increasingly fervent persecution as our Lord’s Return draws near, we must first

1. Biblically strong Pastor/Preachers with their own family

authority structure operating according to God’s Word.
2. Biblically strong laymen with spiritual discernment to assist the Pastor
3. Biblically strong families with God’s authority structure also
operating according to God’s Word

God’s Goodness in the Wise Woman

Although this too might seem to be an obvious point, God’s Word points to this
character trait in two different passages. Titus 2:5, and the one we have not yet
touched on I Peter 3:1-7. It is in I Peter 3 where the wives are again commanded to
stay in battle ready position as verse 1 states:
"Wives, be in subjection to your own husbands". However, the purpose of obeying
God is significant in this passage, for it goes on to show that the wife of a man who
knows not the Lord can win him to Christ without the Word, but by living out the
Word, the husband is won.The Wise Woman of God is portrayed in this passage
1. Sou-lwinning by Submission (vs.1,2)
2. Secure in Holy Living (vs.2,3)
3. Spirit-Controlled (vs.4-6)

The Holy Spirit controlled Servant of God is described as a woman who was able,
by her walk with the Lord, to perform supernatural works for the Kingdom of God.
Her attitude is illustrated by using one of the well known women of the Old
Testament, Sarah, who is seen repeatedly obeying Abraham’s leadership even in
times when he was obviously not walking with Lord (Genesis 20). Sarah instead
chose to follow Gods guidelines as she recognized the importance of His creative
order/authority structure and thereby called Abraham "lord"
(Genesis 18:12, I Peter 3:6).
This is in direct compliance with the classic New Testament passage (Ephesians
5:22-32) which provides us with the most concentrated teaching in the Scriptures
on husband/wife relationships. Paul calls this relationship "a great mystery"
literally a mega mystery, the only time these two words are tied together in the
New Testament.

He concludes this powerful passage with a solemn statement focusing on the

wife’s attitude "see that she reverence her husband" the word reverence literally
means fear, the same word that is used in other passages teaching submission to
God’s ordained authority structures (Romans 13:3,7; Ephesians 5:21,6:5; I Peter
2:18, 3:2).

This agrees with Sarah’s attitude and actions toward Abraham. She understood
God’s purpose in giving her the opportunity to serve Him, supplying her with the
spiritual protection and providing her with the authority structure that would give
her security and peace of heart, regardless of the adversary’s attempt to take these
gifts of God away through a rebellious attitude toward His perfect design for her

Although we are not dealing specifically with the husband’s responsibility to the
wife, we must realize the husband must love his wife, as he is commanded (Eph
5:25). This supernatural love can only be produced by the indwelling Holy Spirit
and is the natural outpouring of the heart of a Holy Spirit controlled husband.

This will give the wife the ability the to perform her service to the Lord, for in
many cases today, it is the husband who is ultimately at fault when the wife/mother
is not living in accordance with the will of God. It is the husband’s responsibility
to monitor the spiritual health of his wife and family for this is his priority.

If this authority structure is not maintained, if we are not in rank (the proper
position militarily to perform with success in the Lord’s battle for souls as prepared
soldiers of the King), we can not expect to be victorious in the cause of our Lord
Jesus Christ.

In conclusion, let us return to Titus 2 in order to show God’s emphasis on the

results of disobedience to this vital doctrine. Verse 5 end with this astounding
statement "that the Word of God be not blasphemed." This statement is of crucial

Paul gives us the reason why the Word of God in our day is spoken against,
ridiculed, rejected, blatantly ignored, and yes, blasphemed openly! We live in a
time when the lost and dying world has rejected their only hope, the living Word of

But the blame rests soundly on the shoulders of God’s people who have adopted
the world’s lifestyle, abandoning children and the home for careers, money, and
position. According to Paul, this type of conduct will cause the Word of God to be

This blasphemy is the direct result of the Christian willingly, openly, in the face of
the lost, going the way of the world system, instead of doing the will of God. I
Timothy 6:1 also teaches this same truth, where servants are exhorted to "count
their own masters worthy of all honor that the Name of God be not blasphemed."
Here again, authority structures are in focus showing that if servants do not honor
their masters God’s Name will pay the price!

The Old Testament confirms and illustrates this vital truth. Rebellion against God’s
authority structure will cause the enemies of to blaspheme Him and His Word.
When God and His ordained authority, King Hezekiah, were spoken against openly
(II Chronicles 32:16-19) the enemies of God were attempting to further break
down the authority of God as they defied the God of Heaven and intimidated the

Isaiah 52:3-5 shows the authority structure of the nation of Israel crushed as the
people now were in captivity, howling in oppression, and the Name of God was
blasphemed continually every day. This somber, dreadful picture of God’s people
and their powerless condition could well be applied to His people today as the
Bible preaching churches and people are held captive spiritually by the influence
of "another authority" which is not of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Corruption of God’s ordained authority structure will lead to the moral/spiritual

collapse of the family unit, the church, the community, the country, and yes, the
entire world which the Lord created for His glory. But, let us not be found pointing
the finger of blame totally at the wife/mother, for as we mentioned earlier, the
husband/father, the head of the woman, the one who surrenders his position of
authority, the one who does not provide the love and leadership, so that under his
authority the wife/mother can "guide the house" fulfilling her #1 priority in service
to the Lord.

Taking this one step further, when the pulpits are silent or perverted on this key
doctrine of Scripture, we should not be surprised that the family is in confusion,
the church is held captive, and the country is "goin’ to hell in a hand basket."
How has Bible believing Christianity, in just a few short decades, been deceived
into adopting the devil’s doctrine?
1. Pressure from the world’s philosophy I.e. E.R.A., N.O.W., etc. has seeped into
the thinking/lifestyles of the Christian family as it has permeated Western
thereby affecting us all whether we like it or not!
2. Perverted teaching from "Big Church" pastors who either think the Bible
doctrine for
the Wise Woman of God would not bring in the money/numbers, or are not aware
this vital teaching.
3. The greatest influence by far comes from institutions of higher learning, the
and universities that are concerned more with the number of students than sound
doctrine. They in fact, not only teach this devastating error but also openly
it by the conduct of many of the women on their faculty and stall, who abandon
homes and children to mistakenly "serve the Lord."

It is here where some Christian leaders have indoctrinated and sent out multitudes
of men and women, who are also promoting this damnable lifestyle. The family
has been robbed of it’s spiritual power, and therefore, the local church too has been
rendered ineffective in the Lord’s battle for souls.

Although one godly Christian educator of a generation ago has stated, and I
paraphrase his words, at this university we only teach our ladies to be missionaries,
preacher’s wives and teachers, this new generation of educators/leaders/pastors is
giving out an unfamiliar sound when compared to the Word of God.
What then shall we do as born-again Bible believers, to remedy the situation, to
correct our course, to get back on track for the Lord Jesus Christ?
1. We must thoroughly search our hearts to make sure we are in line with God’s
and protection for our lives, making sure we are under His divine order of
whether it be in the home, the church, the work place, or in the place where we
2. There must be a wholesale turning back to God’s Word repenting of the
lifestyle we have adopted.
3. We must full yield to the Lordship of Christ in building and strengthening all
God ordained authority.

If we do not follow these steps, our families are doomed to failure-failure to have
God’s best, His will, His glorious design fulfilled in our lives. And, the blasphemy
of God, His Word, His Name, and His Doctrine will continue, at our expense!

So then, the truly Wise Woman of God will build her house, realizing the eternal
consequences of "plucking it down with her hands." Although the emphasis of this
booklet has focused on women, we must realize it is the responsibility of all
believers to submit to God’s ordained authority, if we want to receive His blessing
and glorify Him who only is worthy!