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Ambit Core Banking

Core Banking Transformation

Banks worldwide are in the process of transforming their core banking business to adapt to new
market and industry drivers. Increased regulation and globalization are heightening competition,
forcing banks to become more agile in the marketplace and adopt international best practice.
Expansion into new markets is forcing banks to leverage more on their existing branch and channel
networks. Furthermore changing population demographics and more demanding, intelligent
customers mean banks must understand their customers completely and meet their needs, or lose
them to competitors.

SunGard’s Ambit Core Banking is a solution specifically designed to help you meet these
challenges head-on. One of the leading core banking solutions in the world today, Ambit Core
Banking covers the entire spectrum of your bank’s business from retail to commercial banking.

• Retail and Commercial banking coverage

• Scalable, seamlessly integrated solution
• Front-to-back-office straight-through processing
• New generation technology platform
• Adaptable information architecture
• Customer-centric enterprise foundation
Core Banking Challenges
Compete Effectively Amid Adapt to Changes in the Payments
Heightened Competition Industry
Competition in retail banking has become Recent developments in payments
cut-throat as banks vie for customers. In processing has resulted in new and non-
saturated markets, customer gains for one traditional competitors. Historically, banks
bank are a loss for another. In developing alone have offered payments and trade
markets where there are large segments of services and as a result have built tight
underbanked and unbanked customers, relationships with their clients. However,
banks are competing to acquire customers SWIFT now offers a direct access payment
through extensive reach, innovative service for corporations to make payments
products, and superior service. To succeed from any SWIFT member bank instead of
you must offer a full range of retail banking having to use your bank’s proprietary
products. From savings and deposits to electronic banking systems. This opens
consumer loans and credit cards, you must choices to corporate customers. Also, SEPA
match your competitors and differentiate in Europe promises to eliminate the pricing
through excellent service. differences between domestic and cross-
border payments. All of these changes have
a direct impact on the revenue-generating
As head of retail banking, you need to re-
capacities of your bank.
think your marketing strategies.

As manager of corporate and commercial

• If your bank has merged with another, banking you need to re-think your strategies
how do you make sure there are product
in delivering payment and trade services.
synergies across the merged business
• How do you offer improved payment
• Are your business processes up to service levels?
international standards?
• How do you create new business
• How do you leverage on existing branch models and develop new value-added
networks to maximize sales products and services in order to retain
opportunities? competitive advantages and service
your clients better against the backdrop
• Can you provide niche offers such as of new and heightened competition?
Shariah-compliant retail products to the
growing Muslim population in your
Centralize Branches participate in the global forex, securities, and
money markets. You must offer the various
Branches are the most expensive of all financial instruments within your bank and
customer delivery channels. However, process transactions efficiently from front-
research shows that even with the office to back-office operational control,
proliferation of cheaper electronic delivery settlement and accounting management.
channels, banks worldwide continue to invest
in branches. Instead of declining, the number
of branches has grown either through M&As As a manager of treasury operations, you
or through domestic and regional expansion. need to ensure your bank and your bank’s
However, data integration and reconciliation clients earn profits from trading and
among disparate and geographically investment activities.
distributed branches is a major challenge.
• How do you ensure trading risks are
As head of branch operations, you are faced managed properly?
with several challenges.
• How can you offer Shariah-compliant
investment vehicles and participate in
• How do you consolidate information secondary market trading of Shariah-
across your distributed branches? compliant financial instruments such as
• How do you get rid of data silos?

• How do you accomplish straight-through

transaction processing and accept offline Manage Operations Risk and Improve
branch transactions? Efficiency
As the banking industry consolidates through
M&As, the objective for many banks is to
Run a Profitable Treasury and Trading realize the benefits and additional
Business stakeholder value that mergers are deemed
to provide. Domestic and cross-border M&As
Treasury and investment banking are are executed in an effort to improve the
necessary operations for universal financial situation and market position of the
commercial banks. To compete, you must combined entities. However, credit risks have
to be managed across the consolidated entities and
banks must ensure total visibility across the new
entity’s positions, volumes, trends and profitability.

As the head of operations of your bank,

• How do you ensure that business processes

remain efficient after a major merger with
another bank?

• How do you control credit limits across products,

customers and business lines?

• How do you build a foundation for enterprise-

wide corporate risk management?

• How do you perform multi-dimensional drilldown

and analysis of collected data to gather
intelligence that will support business, customer
and regulatory reporting requirements?

Match IT Infrastructure to Business Needs

M&As in the banking industry pose several
integration problems. In fact, successful integration
of people, culture, business lines, processes and IT is
essential and a clear integration roadmap is required.
The integration dilemma also dominates branch and
electronic channel delivery. In order to maximize
ROI you must transform your branches from simple
transaction points into advisory centers. Your
branches and other electronic channels must be
integrated to become part of a larger strategy for
attracting and retaining customers.

As the head of IT, you need to align your bank’s IT

backbone with the requirements of the business.

• How do you integrate your enterprise to ensure

connectivity between business processes,
channels, people and technology?

• How do you centralize and optimize branch

operations in order to prevent data silos and
deliver a single customer truth?

• How can you help marketers introduce

innovative products faster than your
Characteristics of Successful Core Banking Implementations
A core banking system is the heart of a bank’s business. A bank’s ability to
compete effectively and become a leader in the marketplace is almost a direct
result of the capabilities of its core technology. Successful core banking systems
must be customer-centric, intelligent, adaptive, agile, and comprehensive.

Customer-Centric, 360-degree
View of your Business and

Enterprise Reference Data and

Centralized Customer Information

Ambit Core Banking consists of real-time

transaction processing modules that support the
back-office operations of your universal banking
business. It supports a broad range of banking
products including deposit accounts, consumer
and corporate lending, domestic and
international payments and trade related
instruments like letter of credits and treasury
instruments covering foreign exchange, money
market and securities products.

Ambit Core Banking provides a centralized set

of enterprise-wide customer definition and
product parameters on one technology
platform. This is to ensure the consistency of
your customer data, activities and processes.
Each Core Banking module is able to support
the entire life cycle of a product from inception
to maturity with seamless enterprise integration Ambit Core Banking
across customers, products, risk and accounting
control. consists of real-time
transaction processing
With a single centralized enterprise foundation
modules that support the
for your business, Ambit Core Banking assures back-office operations of
you of consistent and real-time updated
information giving you a complete view of your your universal banking
operations, risks and profitability. No more data
silos, no more ambiguities.
Customer retention is more cost effective modules. The Kernel module also keeps a
than customer acquisition. Nowadays record of your customer’s complete
however, customers feel less and less loyal to relationship with your financial institution and
any one financial institution. More intelligent allows definition of cross relationships.
and demanding customers are more than
ready to take their business to the institution
that can meet their specific needs. Banks With the Kernel module, Ambit Core Banking
need to deliver their products and services in delivers a centralized enterprise-level
a personalized and customer-centric manner. customer information repository that
maintains a 360º view of your customers. This
enables your bank to interact with each
Ambit Core Banking provides a Kernel customer from a customer-centric perspective
module which contains the individual consistently even across different business
information and preferences that are areas.
referenced by other Ambit Core Banking
Enterprise Business Intelligence user-defined core reports. This gives you
greater ability to understand all aspects of
A next generation core banking solution your business from different dimensions.
should provide not only transactions
processing support but also integrated
business intelligence for faster and smarter
Business Data Marts & Templates
business decision making.
The datastore schema, with its suite of
subject area data marts, supports enterprise-
Ambit Core Banking has a Knowledge
level analysis of your bank and customers.
Manager module that provides an enterprise
Based on user-defined rules and parameters,
OLAP data-warehousing framework
your non-technical users can perform multi-
designed to meet your bank’s enterprise
dimensional drilldown and analysis of
data analysis and knowledge management
collected data to gather intelligence that will
needs. It provides a comprehensive database
support your business and strategy.
schema that captures and consolidates
operational data from across all Ambit Core
Banking modules or other third party systems Financial data from source systems are
for business analysis. stored in time series into data marts which
allows you to custom run pre-defined reports
or create ad-hoc multi-dimensional analyses.
The Knowledge Manager module is fully
integrated with all Ambit Core Banking
modules. It also supports integration with The Data Marts are pre-built around the
other third party data sources. Periodically, topics of:
data from the different modules in the Ambit
Core Banking database or other databases • Liquidity
are extracted and loaded into the
Knowledge Manager database. • Profitability

Subsequently the data is transformed and

• Credit Portfolio
loaded into dimension and fact tables. The • General Ledger
end user’s OLAP tool then provides analysis
capability based on a variety of existing or
MIS and Operational Analysis
The Knowledge Manager module also provides total
Ambit Core Banking has visibility of your bank's positions, volumes, trends and
a Knowledge Manager profitability for each:

module that provides an

• Product and customer segment
enterprise OLAP data-
• Branch, subsidiary, profit centre and relationship
warehousing framework manager
designed to meet your
• Geographic area, region, country and business place
bank’s enterprise data
• Activity sector
analysis and knowledge
management needs. • Channel

• Historical cycles

• Bank clients

• Currencies

• General Ledger

• Interest Rates

This provides you a complete picture of your business.

Enterprise-level Accounting
and Risk Management

Integrated Accounting
Ambit Core Banking provides a General
Ledger module that maintains a multi-
currency enterprise and client accounting
system. It supports multi-company, multi-
branch and multi-profit centers, and
facilitates consolidation and reporting of
accounts information maintained within a
nostro/vostro module.

The nostro/vostro component manages your

financial institution’s nostro and vostro
accounts. It manages and supports the
reconciliation of the nostro and vostro
accounts. The module also provides liquidity
management by maintaining enterprise-wide
cashflow projection and a consolidated
Enterprise-level Credit and Currency
asset/liability position.
Exposure Limits
A report formatter is available to provide you Ambit Core Banking’s Limits Control module
with the facility to define layouts for selected provides you with the capability to manage
financial reports such as the balance sheet, credit and currency exposure limits at
profit & loss statement and subsidiary multiple product and geographic levels
statements for your financial institution and across the entire customer relationship. Your
your clients. This gives you great facility to customer can use as many forms of credit
view a complete snapshot of the current and transact in any number of currencies
financial state of your banking business. without you losing track of your complete
credit risk exposure. Limits Control allows
your financial institution to manage your risk Comprehensive Treasury, Retail and
especially with mobile high net-worth and
corporate customers. Exposures are Commercial Banking Coverage
monitored online with corresponding ability Ambit Core Banking provides your bank with
to approve or reject limit excesses, allowing a complete suite of deposits and lending
you to manage your credit risks completely. functionalities for a wide range of retail,
treasury, and commercial banking business
Agile Banking on Open Platform
Savings and Deposits
The ideal core banking solution enables your
bank to design and configure new product Ambit Core Banking provides a
offerings without the need to perform time- multi-currency, multi-branch host Deposits
consuming and expensive customizations on module that can give you online transaction
the underlying software applications. It must processing for current accounts, savings
provide you product flexibility enabling new accounts, call deposits, term deposit
products to be created by non-technical accounts and overdraft accounts.
individuals in hours as opposed to weeks.
This way, your bank can quickly deliver The module handles processing of new
innovative products that keep up with market accounts, closure of accounts, debit and
demands. credit interest calculation and generation of
accounting entries on all processed
Ambit Core Banking is a highly transactions. It has the capability of setting-
parameterized solution that enables the up the access rights for different client
creation of new products and services classifications providing security for
through parameter-driven configuration. confidential accounts that should only be
Such parameters include accounting rules, accessed by specific users.
fee-charging parameters, pricing methods
and statement printing frequency. Additional Ambit Core Banking’s Deposits module also
facilities such as transaction definition, cash supports back dated, future-dated and cross
management, overdrafts and servicing can currency financial transactions. Appropriate
be easily defined to add value to your adjustments to balances and accruals are
product offers. applied to the affected accounts on the
effective date of the transaction. Moreover, it supports
multiple base currencies in your bank. Each business unit can
store its own base currency and rate tables against that base
currency. As a standard, cross-currency transactions are
triangulated against the base currency.
Ambit Core Banking
Ambit Core Banking Deposits module includes the following provides a multi-currency,
account services and facilities:
multi-branch host
• Current/Savings Account Deposits module that can
− Cash deposit give you online
− Cash withdrawal transaction processing for
− Cheque deposit current accounts, savings
− Cheque withdrawal accounts, call deposits,
− Funds transfers term deposit accounts
• Time Deposit and overdraft accounts.
− Rollover/renewal
− Redemption/predetermination

• Foreign Currency Transactions

− Selling of foreign currencies
− Buying of foreign currencies

• Safe Deposit Box

• Overdraft Facilities

• Sweeps and Standing Instructions

• Interest Compensation/Notional Pooling

• Clearing Services and Float Management

• Account Enquiries

• Cheque Book Issuance

• Posting of Interest/Charging of Fees to Third-party


• Automatic Funds Transfer across Different Accounts

• Automatic Collection of Uncollected Service Charge

• Account Restraints

• Image Capture and Retrieval with Special Instructions

• Comprehensive reports
Loan Servicing loan facility. It is also possible that the facility
of one client is secured by the asset of
Ambit Core Banking provides a Customer another client depending on the cross
Lending module that handles a wide variety relationship between them. Collateral
of loan products from consumer loans to management is maintained in the Kernel
complex wholesale lending. It offers the module with corresponding details, risk
flexibility for your bank to define new loan weights, and margins. In combination, the
products through the setting of loan Kernel and Customer Lending modules
characteristics parameters including pricing lessen your bank's risk through recording of
basis, charges method, repayment rules and secondary sources of repayments. Collateral
others. revaluation is cascaded down immediately,
enabling your bank to view its online
Credit Facilities - enable the capture of collateral position.
credit facility information including exposure
limit, date of availability, review and expiry. Accounting - accounting entries are fully
Default parameters are amendable to allow user defined, based on the product type,
your bank to further customize each product client type, accounting events, and amount
to support the specific needs of each client. types. Settlements to a client may be made
to internal GL accounts, nostro/vostro
Collateral - you may link various accounts, and online to retail accounts in the
combinations of collateral to various loan Deposits module or interfaced to legacy
facilities for specific clients. A single systems.
collateral may secure multiple loan facilities
or multiple collaterals may secure a single Draws and Repayments - each credit facility
may be drawn multiple times with each draw
having different interest rates, repayment
parameters and schedules. Loans requiring
multiple disbursements with identical
parameters but a single repayment schedule
may be set up transacting a draw with
subsequent increases. Draws and increases
may be future-dated to enable the
scheduling of draws against a loan account.

User-defined and amendable repayment

schedules may be created with regular or
irregular payment intervals. Repayments can
be made from your clients' on-us accounts,
accounts in another bank or the account of a
co-debtor. Installment repayments support
either the standard system-generated equal
monthly installment method, the Rule of 78
method or a user-defined and amendable Enquiries and Reports – you are provided
Apportioned Installment method. with a comprehensive menu of reports and
enquiries with which to manage your loan
Interest, Charges, and Re-pricing - supports
fixed and variable interest rates, index and
spread rates. Rates can be specified at
disbursement level. Interest repayment can
be scheduled separately from principal Branch Delivery
repayments and re-pricing dates. Re-pricing Ambit Core Banking provides a Branch Teller
is likewise flexible through the use of user- module that is a branch delivery solution
defined frequencies, start dates and oriented towards high-speed teller
amendable parameters. Once set, re-pricing transaction processing with online and offline
is automatic. The user need only amend the processing capabilities. The Branch Teller
unlimited range of system wide index rates, module is integrated with the Deposits
in the Kernel module, either manually or module to provide the necessary extension
through a feed from an internal or external of deposit services to your bank’s network of
rate source. The user will also have the ability branches.
to define and levy an unlimited number of
charge types on an account. Penalty rates are
separately available for past due principal Like other Ambit Core Banking modules,
and past due interest. Branch Teller supports cross-currency and
inter-branch transactions with multi-lingual

Branch supervisors can process requests for

override from tellers for limit violations,
modifications of standard parameters and
offline processing conditions. It has a built-in
image capture and enquiry function that
support signature or identification
verification of any account from any branch.

With the Branch Teller module, centralized

branch operations can be accomplished as
opposed to disjointed, standalone branches.
Trade Services
Ambit Core Banking provides a Trade Finance module that
automates the full lifecycle of trade finance operations
from the issuance of a letter of credit to the buyer, to the
seller’s presentation of the bill, to payment to the seller by
discounting the bill or issuing a trade linked loan to the

The module supports the following trade finance products:

• Letters of Credit (Issuance and Advising)

• Negotiation (process Export bills and Import bills under

Letter of Credit)

• Collections (process Import and Export Bill Collection

against DA or DP)

• Shipping Guarantees

• Trust Receipt and Export Loans

• Bankers’ Guarantee
To improve efficiency in the transaction capture, the Trade
Ambit Core Banking Finance module is delivered with a library of user-defined
re-usable short codes and frequently used trade phrases.
provides a Trade Model templates can also be created and re-used.
Finance module that
Ambit Core Banking’s Trade Finance module provides
automates the full comprehensive fees and charges support covering one-
lifecycle of trade finance time charges or recurring charges, fixed charges or rated
charges, interest charges or two-tier charges, bank-wide
operations from the charges or client-specific charges. The module enables
your bank to process settlements with great flexibility.
issuance of a letter of Settlement can be done either fully, partially or deferred.
credit to the buyer, to Each transaction can be settled in multiple currencies,
through multiple accounts such as nostro, vostro, internal
the seller’s presentation or customer's accounts.
of the bill, to payment
Ambit Core Banking’s Trade Finance module automatically
to the seller by generates all types of outgoing correspondences in SWIFT,
Telex or Mail format for different Trade Finance products
discounting the bill or under various business events. Incoming MT700 message
issuing a trade linked can also be automatically uploaded and processed by
system. The rule for message generation is user-definable.
loan to the buyer.
Throughout the life cycle of a transaction, accounting
entries are automatically generated based on user-defined

With ready integration to the Ambit Core Banking’s Limits

Control module, your bank can manage risk • Transaction Entry from entry screen,
and limits exposure at the customer level, incoming GIRO/Clearing transactions,
customer group level and country/region generated transactions from standing
level based on user-defined parameters. orders and non-financial requests

• From other delivery channels (Inward)

Domestic Payments Processing • Transaction approval

Ambit Core Banking includes a Domestic • Transaction booking
Payments module that provides intraday and
batch processing of transactions initiated • GIRO/Clearing Messages generation
from deposit accounts or incoming clearing
files. It generates messages for a Domestic • Exception processing for queued and
Clearing/GIRO Center. failed payments

The module supports high volume The transaction type definition screen allows
processing of financial, non-financial and different transaction types for all required
standing orders transactions. It supports the clearing messages. Parameters include
setting up of services under four categories accounting, queuing, value dating controls,
to include: standing order, direct debit service charging and messaging formats.
mandate (collection permission), funds held These enable easy and error free transaction
and payment orders. capture.

Ambit Core Banking’s Domestic Payments The module performs automated

module supports rule-based transaction reconciliation of incoming financial messages
processing workflow such as: (direct debit) with the original non-financial
Using pre-defined transaction types,
transaction details can be captured in two
stages with automated computation of
charges based on user-defined parameters:

Stage 1 - Users input basic transfer details,

which include the sender/receiver details,
transfer and other currency, exchange rate,
transfer amount and date and charges.

Stage 2 - Data Entry of settlement agent

details by a secondary level of control.

Settlement accounting entries are

Verification controls for transaction capture
automatically generated and cash flows are
and message generation provide the added
updated after spooling/processing of
control necessary to transact large amounts
outgoing/incoming GIRO/clearing messages.
across a network of remote branches and
Cashflows can also be updated manually for
head-office users. Tight control is
the outstanding messages before spooling.
implemented over each transfer transaction.
Changes to transactions can be made with
audit trail logging and verifications prior to
Funds Transfer
Ambit Core Banking has a Funds Transfer Ambit Core Banking’s Funds Transfer module
module that supports incoming, outgoing provides comprehensive enquiries and report
and internal transfers. It handles international features to track transfer status and detail
and domestic remittances of funds in multi- movement with full message generation and
currency using SWIFT standard messaging accounting support.
Treasury Operations
Ambit Core Banking includes treasury modules that support
your bank’s treasury operations, covering the processing of
a comprehensive range of financial instruments available in
the international foreign exchange, money markets and
capital markets.

It is composed of selected Ambit Core Banking modules

that support the processing of the various financial
instruments within your bank, from front-office to back-office
operational control, settlement and accounting

• Foreign Exchange
− Spot Ambit Core Banking
− Forward includes treasury
− Swaps modules that support
• Securities
your bank’s treasury
− Equities operations, covering the
− Discount Securities processing of a
− Fixed Income Bonds comprehensive range of
− Floating Rate Securities financial instruments
• Money Market available in the
− Call/Notice Loan/Deposit international foreign
− Fixed Term Loan/Deposit exchange, money
− Certificate of Deposit markets and capital
− Repos & Bonds markets.
• Trading Limits
− Dealer/Trading Book
− Profit Center
− Client Type
− Product type/Currency
− Transaction Type/Value
Position/Portfolio Maintenance - It is possible enquiry facilities. Trade details can be
to construct a unique trading book for each amended at any time during the day. All
trader or a specific group of dealers. positions are adjusted accordingly.
Through trading books your bank can
segregate its overall position into various
Settlement Processing- Back-office capturing
portfolios such as trading, investment,
of settlement information can be facilitated
arbitrage and hedging. Market revaluation of
by the use of default pay/receive instructions
portfolios/position can be carried out in real-
maintained for a specific counterparty.
time and during the end-of-day run to
Confirmations and the related payment
establish realized and unrealized profitability.
messages are generated for transmission
either through SWIFT, telex, fax or post.
Trades Capture - Trade details can be
captured manually through a deal capture
Upon verification of all trades entered, day-
screen or automatically through an interface
end processes will be executed to update
with front-end dealing systems such as
positions, compute realized and unrealized
Reuters Dealing 2000 and Kondor. Trades
profit/loss, update projected nostro account
entered in the system will immediately
balances and post accounting entries to the
update all intra-day positions, providing
General Ledger.
dealers and back-office with real-time
tracked based on various business events. It
supports both online and offline (remote)
override processing of limit excesses in
accordance with user approval levels.

Accounting Management - Accounting

entries are fully user-defined based on the
transaction type, client type, accounting
events and amount types. Settlements to a
client may be made to internal GL accounts,
nostro/vostro accounts, and online to retail
accounts in the Deposits module or
interfaced to other legacy systems.
Accounting entries related to mark-to-market
revaluation and realized and unrealized
profitability analysis are also automatically
Limits and Risk Management - Integration
with the Ambit Core Banking’s Limits Control Securities Custody Holding - For securities,
and trading limit modules enables your bank custody holdings can be maintained by
to monitor in real-time exposure against specific customer, security and custodian. It
internal trading limits and external keeps tracks of securities on pledged, transit
counterparty facilities. and in custody. An in-built diary is available
to monitor coupons, bonus issues, rights and
dividend entitlements on each security
The rules for monitoring the exposures
arising from trading in the various treasury
products are defined in the respective
treasury module. Your bank can define the
different internal trading limits or
counterparty facility limits that need to be
How to Implement a Successful
Core Banking Transformation Project

Work with a Trusted Partner…

We are a trusted partner to our We have a deep understanding
customers. We do the right thing and we
do it well. We listen to our customers and
of specialized business
we help them anticipate, and take processes gained from years of
advantage of, changes in the industry. By
virtue of our industry presence and close collaboration with our
expertise we are able to recognize early customers.
new developments across the industry,
synthesize our insights and advise our
customers on the best solution for them.

We have a deep understanding of

specialized business processes gained
from years of close collaboration with our
customers. We specialize in complex and
mission-critical systems. Our solutions are
category-leaders. We have the broadest
portfolio of best-of-breed technology
solutions in the financial services and
higher education markets.

We balance innovation with pragmatism.

We apply the latest proven technologies
to our vast breadth and depth of
industrial-strength functionality. We are
constantly striving to perfect and adapt
our solutions through product
development, acquisitions; and

… to Successfully Implement…
Our mission is to help our customers
achieve their institutional goals through a
deep understanding of their specialized
business processes and the smart and
effective use of information technology.

Our software, services and solutions help

them automate their business processes
and decision-making in order to
differentiate themselves from their
competitors and bring out their
institution’s unique characteristics.
We are able to adapt our solutions to support our
customers’ unique business strategies – helping them to
become more efficient, capture growth opportunities
through innovation, improve customer service and
comply with regulations. Our customers vary in size,
complexity and geographic
Our implementation record is impeccable. Our
customers can testify to the benefits they have received scope and include some of the
from our solutions and the enthusiasm, professionalism, world’s elite financial services
synchronized teamwork and competence of our
consultants as they worked diligently towards successful institutions.
project completion.

… a Proven Core Banking Solution

Our customers vary in size, complexity and geographic
scope and include some of the world’s elite financial
services institutions.

Some of our customers include,

• The largest bank in the Czech Republic

• The largest bank in the Slovak Republic

• The second largest bank in the Central and Eastern

European Region

• Three of the 25 largest banks in the Central and

Eastern European Region

• The fourth largest bank in Slovenia

• The second largest bank in Latvia

• One of the three policy banks in China

• Two of the top 10 commercial banks in Indonesia

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Ambit Core Banking provides

• Customer-centric, 360-degree View of your Customers

• Integrated Accounting and Risk Management

• Agile Banking on Open Platform Technology

• Comprehensive Retail and Commercial Banking Coverage

About Ambit
SunGard’s Ambit is a banking solution suite for retail, commercial and private banks. It provides
banking professionals with solutions that support front-, middle- and back-office operations, as
well as solutions for financial management, risk and compliance. Ambit helps banks improve
customer service management, streamline business processes, comply with regulations and
capture growth opportunities. For more information, visit www.sungard.com/ambit.
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STeP and System Access.

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