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In my real life I fall under the realm of purdah sometimes, there are some thing

s I am not allowed to discuss in public. I have even received a verbal warning

over my real life Facebook activities in the past from my employer. That is why
Mr Rosedale invented this metaverse, in a virtual world I can have freedom of s
peech without risking my real life pay check. So, that is the reason why I writ
e under my avatar name and not my real life name. If I were called Jane Smith i
n real life I would probably feel somewhat differently but unfortunately my pare
nts were not that considerate in naming me or my brother. They were ahead of th
eir time.
So, why have I been quiet of late after so much blogging? It was self enforced
virtual purdah. I was hiding. The realisation of how little my friendship mean
t to a certain person (Nietzsche) was not something that disappeared overnight a
nd continues to be something I am unhappy about. Primarily, because I now know
the extent of what he was hiding from me and when I take the time to complete th
e jigsaw puzzle – I am not left with a pretty picture staring back at me.
But, there was another reason for my enforced virtual purdah. I had very public
ly declared I had feelings for someone in Second Life, someone who did not retur
n those feelings and then, shortly after all of that, I began dating someone els
e. Someone I am still dating. I just felt as though I would be judged as despe
rately grabbing the first man who expressed an interest in me (a man of the same
nationality). That presented a whole new range of questions for me. Having kn
own this “new” man longer than Nietzsche – We shall call him Socrates for the purpose
of this blog – I felt unprepared for possible raised eyebrows and the unavoidable
comments about my “speedy” recovery.
So, let us get those questions out of the way now. Does Socrates know about my
blog? Yes. He read it before we got together, or should I say back together?
We dated once before, over a year ago. Does he know Nietzsche? I don’t think so,
I haven’t discussed his avatar name with Socrates because to be honest, we don’t ta
lk about him LOL but on reading the blog he said he couldn’t guess who it was. Do
es Socrates mind if I blog about him? He says I can blog about whatever I like,
he believes in freedom of expression. I think he would prefer it if I didn’t emb
arass him though.
I haven’t “gone public” about my new virtual relationship yet because we haven’t decided
for ourselves what it is yet. When something is unplanned it takes some adjust
ment. But, everyone knows I don’t keep secrets and in the spirit of openness I am
coming clean now … purdah has officially ended.