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Goto the application developer responsibility and set the profile option of

GL_Set_Of_Bks_Id to updateable :

Set Profile “GL: Data Access Set”

Created liability, prepayment and discount taken accounts, which are used in financial
options. Furthermore, created master inventory org, which is again required to be chosen
in financial options as mandatory field. For the purpose of defining inventory org, created
gl accounts required at the time of defining inv org. Also created workday calendar in
inventory, which is required for inv org. While creating Master Inv Org, it is important to
give both inventory and receiving information to avoid any errors later on. Refer Global-
GRMS Screenshots.
Define Payable System Setup
Define Payable Options
Define Special Calendar
Define Payment Terms
E.g. 15 days after invoice date
Define Lookups

Pay Group (Purchasing)

Supplier Type (Purchasing)
Invoice Type (Payable)

Define Supplier
Click on Create and following window will appear
Click Continue

Following window will appear

Select the relevant operating unit

Click Apply
Click on Quick Update
Following window will appear
Define Tax Authority Type Supplier
Create WHT Tax Codes
Document Sequences