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Quotes from The Book of Theanna In the Lands that Follow Death, Written by Elias Lonsdale

"Every Human Being is surrounded by a shell" p22

"Don't you see that the words are also shells,the carefully maintained containers to allow slow
and piecemeal comprehension?"p22

What is it that allows a soul to recognize thi sopportunity, to participate in the truer core of dying
and of the world beyond dying? One simple characteristic: they must be able to love" p43

His first observation was that people have become closed to deep change in the era when they
are becoming ever more open to superficial changes...
Human sould have lost touch with the source of true inward transformation.this is the I-in-them,
the true greater self, the divine spark within.

..reversal of the destructive trend toward extreme self-alienation...This depends on becoming so

very centered within beholding and witnessing one's own path as legitimate and worthwhile, upon
it's own idividual terms, that instead of seeing a "me" endlessly at war with other "me"s for space
and breath, each one begins to notice the Christ-self as its very own incarnational brother or
sister, walking beside them closely and giving them all the room they need to be here calmly,
steadily, peacefull, and with an abiding sense of well-being.s

You find that it is natural to become all-that-is, and that your old identification with one separate
segment against the others is meaningless and absurdp139

I had to take the vastest oceans and condense them into a brook, to make myself into a cup that
could carry the vital coursing of that brook, and offer whatever I had in my cup to whoever
thirsted. If I could learn how to flow without ceasing, the treasue of my inner being would pur
thorugh in a form that could be recieved and utilized. p164

Another was to work closely with the transformational dynamism of radical future-streams, which
showed me how the world was ripe for great changes, and how I could serve to mediate these
changes so that , even one geration down the road, all would be entirely renewed. p 148
My desire for human beings to emerge from their numb despair was so urgent and forceful that I
had to do something with those energies. p 148

Now is the month of Taurus. this is the time fo rforming the new vessel of a new creation. p148

"...that I can be a source point for whoever tunes to my frequency"


..whos greatest devotion is to the Mother of the world. however, we view the Mother differently
from her Earthly representations. To us, she isa close and permeating being, one who reveals in
a nd through us her love and her light. We seek to be as she is. And we can communie in this
way in vast peace and tranquility, knowing it is this lvel that makes th greatest difference. p152

...My eight-dimensional self...She forms futures that will be actualized when they are ripe. p152

What I came to in my final years of this lifetime was simply to total willingness for face myself,
including all pasts, no matter what they revealed. p157