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  March 2, 1995 COMELEC promulgated Resolution No. 2772     
  free print spac   one-half page    
        Comelec Space´       used by candidates 
       #  The petitioner Philippine Press Institute $cc %  
       COMELEC violated  prohibition    Constitution
    taking of properties without just compensation #  Sec 2  
   COMELEC amounts to #   #  violation of the freedom of
expression  # Sec 8   COMELEC asserts their directive
is not mandatory and compelling &for a donation   even if the
order is mandatory #  valid through the use of police power

#  !    #   # '  (

) No. &  Sec 2              order to give a free
space  not mandatory  no compelling languageor any criminal or
administrative charges for violation !reason for creating #  
#   voluntary offers given by the newspaper company in the 1992 elections  
      ) court will have to disagree  
order is mandatory, it would still be valid  '  
 only the
legislature can exercise police power '              
COMELEC did not give any effort to specify evidences that they were given police power
*     # when a property is taken #  given a just compensation
     no just compensation   give the space for free
    no showing of reasonable necessity or emergency for the
taking of print space   )Sec 8 still stands    
power of COMELEC  control the media influences of candidates    #+# 

c       , -    , .