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  Place eggs in carton on table displayed up front. You could cover it
with a white cloth or Easter colors. Allow one child at a time to come up, open the
egg, and show the group what is inside. Teacher reads the lesson below in his/her
own words to make it interesting without sounding like you are reading it.

x   Following the lesson serve the children communion. Use a large loaf
of bread (broken in pieces) and one cup of grape juice that they may dip the
bread into. You can even have them all sit at a table like the pictures of Jesus that
we see. Carefully, explain the meaning of communion and that we take it to
remember what Jesus has done for us in our own hearts. Invite all those who
have asked Jesus into their hearts to partake. Give them time to pray if necessary
in preparation of their hearts. (Something we all should wisely do according to the

  This lesson can be used for more than one week if that works best for you,
and lead up to complete with the final egg(s) and communion on Easter Sunday
   (can use paper donkey)

Jesus needed a donkey and sent two disciples to get him one. The owner gave a
donkey for Jesus to use. It was traditional for a king to ride a donkey in times of
peace. Jesus was referred to as the Prince of Peace. He gives us peace when we
repent of our sins and turn from them. The people were so happy to see Jesus.
They wanted to be near him and talk to him. They shouted, ͞Hosanna to the King͟
God call us to follow Jesus no matter what. He will bless us and protect us.

      x  (three dimes)

Jesus was with his 12 disciples and told them that one of them would betray Him.
Judas got up and left. He went to the Jewish leaders and accepted 30 pieces of
silver coins to betray his best friend. Jesus had told the Pharisees that they were
doing wrong and that their hearts needed to be changed. They did not like this,
and decided to get rid of Jesus. While Jesus was praying in the Garden, Judas took
the Jewish soldiers with him and kissed Jesus to betray him.

     !   x!(can use a paper cup)

As Jesus was having supper with his disciples before Judas left to betray him, he
broke bread with them and gave them grape juice or some people may say wine.
Today, this is called communion - something that Christians do at church to
remember what Christ has done for us. Many, many years ago, before Jesus even
came, God sent Moses to tell Pharaoh to free the Jews, but Pharaoh did not want
to. So God sent many plagues that made them miserable. Finally, the King let
them go and because of that they remembered God͛s love by having a Passover
each year. The Jews still do that today. We use to be slaves like the Jews before
Jesus forgave us from our sins and set us free. Anyone who loves and trust Jesus
will have eternal life with him some day in heaven. Jesus broke the bread and
served out of the cup as a sign of remembrance for us to do later to represent his
blood and body that he would soon die on the cross. That is why we have
communion today to remember what Jesus did for us.

 "       #(can use paper hands)

These praying hands remind us when Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane to
pray. That is the garden that Judas found him. Jesus͛ heart was heavy and he did
not like the idea of dying on a cross, so he spent some time praying to God, the
Father about it. However, He also wanted to be obedient to the will of the Father.
He prayed for a long time. While He was praying the disciples fell asleep three
times. Jesus tried to wake them up, but they were so sleepy they could not stay
awake. Jesus prayed that God would give him strength to do what was about to
happen. We need God͛s strength to do what we need to do each day. We need
his help in test we take, doing our homework, treating others kind who treat us
mean, and talking nice to our parents when they make us angry.

 " $  % !(small strip of leather or piece of shoe string)

After Judas betrayal in the Garden, the Roman soldiers brought Jesus before
Pilate. They told all kinds of lies about him ʹ things that were not true. They had
to make up things to make him look bad. Nothing they said made any sense at all.
Pilate did not want to make himself look bad, so he ordered Jesus to be beaten.
The soldiers took Jesus and a long leather strap and hit him 39 times. The leather
left terrible marks in his body causing the blood to run down his body. It was very
painful. He did this for you and me in place of our sins. We were the ones who
deserved to die, but he was willing to do it for us. What love!

  & ' x  (  (can use toothpick)

After the soldiers had beaten Jesus with the leather whip, they placed a crown of
thorns on his head. The thorns were long, sharp, and hurt causing blood to flow
down his head. They then mocked him saying, ͞Hail, King of the Jews!͟ Can you
believe that someone would treat anyone this in the manner - especially,
someone who had not done any wrong. They decided if this was really Jesus he
could save himself. But this was not the Father͛s plan. The Roman soldiers did not
love God and rejected him completely. They spit on him and yet Jesus showed no
bad attitude toward them He did not fight, hit, call them names, or even try to
run away. He just stood there patiently and took all their terrible meanness. If we
love others and God, we will try to be kind even when others are not kind to us.
 '   x  (nail or thumb tack)

The soldiers placed Jesus on a cross of wood and nailed three large nails into his
feet and hands. How painful that must have been! Why did He have to do this for
us? There was no other way that we could be forgiven and go to heaven and a
sacrifice had to be made. Jesus offered to give himself in place of us. Because
Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, sin entered the world. We are all
born in sin, and in order to be forgiven of that sin, we must be forgiven through
the blood of Jesus Christ. There is no other way. We can have a relationship with
God as we seek and obey Him. When we think of what He did for us and those
nails driven into his hands and feet, we can be thankful for His great salvation.

   $ $)(  x (dice)

Before the soldiers placed Jesus on the cross, they gambled for his garment. It
was a very special robe make into one piece woven from top to bottom. They did
not want to tear it, so they cast lots to see who would get it. They were greedy
thinking only of themselves. Jesus forgave them for what they did to him. We are
to forgive others when they wrong us. Jesus was our example.

    !   ! (piece of metal)

When people were put to death on a cross, the soldiers would break their legs to
make sure they died. That way, they could not keep pushing themselves up to get
a breath so not to suffocate. They would live as long as they could get breaths.
When they came to the body of Jesus, he was already dead, so they pierced a
sword in his side, and water and blood gushed out. Many years ago, prophets said
that not one bone would be broken from the body of Jesus, and that was true.

 x  %  % !!  (scrap of white or cream material)

Joseph of Armathea knew that Jesus was dead and went to ask for his body. The
leaders allowed him to take the body and dress it for burial. He took Jesus and
wrapped it in white linen, then placed it in a brand new tomb that had never been
used before. Joseph was a rich man, and wanted Jesus to be put away in a decent
   ) (Small stone or rock)

Pilate wanted to be sure that no one stole the body of Jesus, so he had a large,
heavy tomb placed on the outside to seal the tomb. No one could get In and no
one could get out. The Pharisees were worried that someone would take the body
and that could cause a big problem. An official Roman seal was placed on the
tomb. If anyone tried to break it, the Roman soldiers could lose their own lives.
After three days, some women went to the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus with
special spices. They were shocked at what they found!

  !  ) (egg is empty)

Jesus͛ tomb was empty. Where was Jesus? He had risen from the dead. An angel
was there and told them not to be afraid; He had risen from the grave. They ran
to tell the disciples. Can you imagine how excited they must have been? This was
wonderful news! Jesus has risen from the grave. He appeared to the disciples and
many others. He then, went back to heaven to prepare a beautiful place for us to
go some day. If we confess our sins, He will forgive us and make us clean. We will
be ready for Him, when He returns someday. The empty tomb is new life for us if
we accept his forgiveness and make Him Lord of our lives.

© Rev. Jeanne McIntosh 2011

Resource used: Resurrection Eggs by Randal Lee Walti