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The Tata Group

Tata International

Business Segments

The Tata Group Business Network

The Tata Group is one of India’s largest and most respected business conglomerates, with revenues in 2007-08 of
$62.5 billion, accounting for 5.3% of India’s GDP. Tata Companies together employ around 3,50,000 people worldwide.

The Tata Group comprises of 96 operating companies in 7 Business sectors:

• Information Systems and Communications
• Engineering
• Materials
• Services
• Energy
• Consumer Products
• Chemicals

The Group has the largest number of publicly listed Companies, all of which have been pioneers in their respective fields
among them, Tata Motors, Tata Steel, Tata Consultancy, Tata Tea, Tata Chemicals, Tata Power and Indian Hotels.

Going forward, the Group is focussing on new technologies and innovation to drive its businesses in India and globally, in
tandem with the increasing international presence of its Companies.
Anchored in India and committed to its traditional values of leadership with trust, the Group is fast building a
multinational business footprint which will achieve growth through excellence and innovation, while balancing the
interests of its shareholders, its employees and the society.

We believe the world is as wide as our vision…

The Tata Group

Tata International

Business Segments

Tata International Limited Business Network

Established in 1962, as the International business gateway of the Tata Group, Tata International was the driving force
behind the emergence of the Tata name as a global brand.

The Company has evolved into an International Company with a global reach. In international trading, it encompasses
the entire value chain from sourcing products to delivery, facilitating third country trade and focussing on select
geographies by setting up strategic alliances or wholly owned subsidiaries.

The Company has taken on various value-added roles and has stakes in a cross-section of businesses.
Its main business lines are: Leather, Engineering, Automobiles, Steel, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals,
Information Technology, Hotels, Logistics etc.

With the worldwide reach provided by a well-integrated network of 50 offices that span India and the globe,
the Company has strengthened its capability to source globally, deliver world-class quality, work with global brands, and
has developed some key international alliances for sustaining future growth. Its major markets are Europe, Africa, SAARC,
ASEAN, West Asia and the Far East.

The R&D division of Tata International’s Leather GBU, fosters environmental projects that look at the future needs of the
leather industry, including patented technologies for energy generation from waste and for ecological leather processing.

The Company has won the Rajiv Gandhi Award for Environmental Protection and the TERI Corporate
Environmental Award for these initiatives.

India’s leading leather and leather-products exporter
and supply chain integrator.

Globally driven, award winning and a community conscious corporate,

Tata International’s Leather and Leather Products business truly epitomises
a modern Tata Company.

The Tata Group

Tata International

Business Segments

Leather Business Network

Tata International is India’s leading Leather & Leather-products exporter and supply chain
integrator. Its value chain encompasses global sourcing, world-class manufacturing in India and
China, design studios in Europe, marketing and strategic alliances for world-renowned Brands.

Tata International is now India’s largest exporter of finished leather. Its state-of-the-art
manufacturing facility at Dewas (in central India) was the first in the leather industry in Asia
to be ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.

The Company is committed to good corporate citizenship by being a proactive, integral and
responsible member of the community and the environment in which it operates.
The Company’s Environmental Policy demonstrates its commitment to the environment.

The Company’s R&D unit has made internationally acknowledged breakthroughs in processing
chrome-free leather, generating energy from solid waste and recycling of solid waste through
in-house patented Biomethanation processes thus helping reduction of Green house gases
emission, recycling of liquid effluent through Reverse Osmosis process, producing herbal
leather and transparent leather, making value added chemicals like tanning agents from sludge
and chromed solid wastes, paints from finishing waste and many other such innovations. The
Company has installed large solar arrays that is used to pre-heat boiler feed water, thereby saving
fossil fuel. The Company has also developed technology for leather processing and finishes and
for the import substitution of chemicals. Shade and fauna in the factory area is provided by the 2
lakh trees that have been planted all around.

Tata Leather factory, Dewas

In recognition of its efforts towards the sustainability of the environment, Tata International’s Leather
business in Dewas has been awarded an Eco-labelling License by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)
to use the Eco-Mark for its finished leather products and is the first leather manufacturing unit in India
to secure the Eco-labelling License. It has also won the Modeurop Award for introducing the latest
generation of Leather Fashion Colours & Designs, the Best Exporter Award from the Council of Leather
Exports, every year since 1984, the TERI Corporate Environment award, the Rajiv Gandhi National Quality
Award (Best in all categories), the Rajiv Gandhi Environmental Award for Clean Technology and the
Madhya Pradesh State Pollution Control Board Award.

Leather Fashion
Tata International is a valuable partner and supplier to global brands like Betty Barclay,
Peter Keiser, Marks & Spencer, GCI, Mango, Pierre Cardin, Hush Puppies, Escada, Gabor,
Naturalizer, Zara, Grenson, Ambiorix, Samsonite, Danier and Indian retailers like
Westside, Shoppers Stop and Raymonds.

It has design studios in the fashion capitals of the world ….Italy, Spain and India.

The in-house design studio ensures the cultivation of latest fashion trends to
keep up with ever changing requirements of the industry. The elaborate range
of its finished leather includes full aniline and semi aniline finishes, patent
leather, suede and nubuck - which can be used in a wide variety of classic or
trendy Leather Products.

The total finished leather production is 60 Million Sq. ft. annually - in cow, goat,
sheep & buff leathers.

The Tata Group

Tata International

Business Segments

Leather Footwear Business Network

Tata International’s Footwear Division has an existing capacity of 5 million pairs per annum, with plans for scaling up the
production lines to meet the increasing global demand for quality footwear.

In response to changing customer requirements and market conditions, the Footwear Division has optimally restructured Product Development Centre, Dongguan

its infrastructure and product offerings.

Design Studio at Florence, Italy

Tata International has a full-fledged Design Studio in Italy, near Florence. This studio helps the customers to build their
initial collections or serves as an inspiration for their upcoming ranges. Designers and Product Development teams work
in tandem with brands like Zara, Massimo Dutti, Florsheim, Debenham’s, Marks and Spencers etc. to design and collate
mood boards and products for their collections.

Footwear - Product Development Centre & Component Sourcing Cell in Dongguan, China
Tata International has also established its Product Development and Component Sourcing Centre in Dongguan, China.
This facility has the capacity to create 50 samples a day; while its production line capacity for its key customers extends
to more than 35,000 pairs per month, with ability to double the capacity if required. This centre is the base for developing
product engineering and prototypes, after which, they are transferred to India. This production model has been
implemented successfully with brands like Hush Puppies, Lloyd and Ara.  

Footwear Manufacturing Facilities in India

Tata International’s manufacturing facilities in India are based in Chennai and Dewas.

The facility in Chennai has the capacity to manufacture 2,000 pairs of shoes per day, and is producing
elegant men’s shoes and comfort ladies shoes for leading brands and retailers.

New Ladies Shoe factory, Dewas Finished product

In addition, this facility is being expanded to accommodate a higher production of men’s shoes. Fashion multiples and
brands associated with this facility are Zara, El Corte Ingles, Hush Puppies and retailers like Shoe mart in the Middle East,
Marks & Spencers, U.K.

Tata International has established a joint venture - Graziella Shoes Ltd. in Chennai, with an Italian Company. This
independent facility focuses entirely on elegant shoes with the capacity to manufacture 3,500 pairs a day. The facility services
renowned brands and retailers like Zara, Massimo Dutti, Marks and Spencers, Florsheim and Lloyd. (See page 16 for details.)

Tata International has inaugurated a new footwear manufacturing plant in 2008, in Dewas, dedicated to manufacturing
shoes for ladies. This plant has a capacity to produce 10,000 pairs a day, in the near future. Employing 2,000 girls, this plant
is also an extension of Tata International’s community initiatives to provide opportunities to women from underprivileged
sections of society.

The Tata Group

Tata International

Business Segments
Dewas also houses Tata International’s men’s shoes facility,
Business Network
which caters exclusively to a niche customer segment. With
the capacity to manufacture 800 pairs a day, this facility
services brands and retailers like Grenson, Church’s, Barker
and Zara. In Dewas, the Company has also created the state-
of-the-art Good year Welted shoes production facility.

Marketing Headquarters in Europe and the

Far East
In order to enhance customer service and be more accessible
to its most demanding customers, Tata International has
instituted marketing headquarters and offices in Europe and
in Far East. These offices are located in London, Larciano, Italy
and Hong Kong. The presence of these global marketing
hubs provides Tata International with a competitive edge for making a difference in the market and also adding value to the
customer with a better product focus.

Tata International’s infrastructure is supported by the industry’s top-most professionals and is designed to cater to renowned
brands and retailers across the world. It offers comprehensive footwear solutions beginning from concept presentation and
design development to manufacturing in low-cost economies and delivery at the customers’ doorstep.

Leather Garments & Products
Tata International is India’s leading manufacturer exporter of leather garments and products. All of Tata International’s
leather products are elegant designs crafted from high-quality leather for style and absolute convenience. The product
range includes jackets, coats, skirts and trousers, handbags, wallets, cases, luggage and travel accessories.

The Company creates chic and stylish leather garments for leading fashion
houses like Zara, Escada, Mango, La Bella, Yuppie etc.
These are truly exclusive in fashion design with a slant on a bold mix of colours
and embellishments.

Leather garment factory

The Tata Group

Tata International

Business Segments
Tata International’s Garments Division has the capacity to produce 30,000 leather
Business Network
garments per month in every possible range cut and style with the aid of world-class
manufacturing processes, special sample lines and a design and development cell to
meet customers’ requirements. It’s client base is spread across countries like Spain, Italy,
Germany, France, Belgium, Japan, Canada, Sweden and Denmark.

The Business is aiming to move to niche fashion labels and tie up for dedicated
production lines. This is the future direction for growth in the Leather Articles business,
since it will take this business to the next level of fashion expertise.

Competitive Edge for Future Growth

Tata International’s Footwear & Leather Products Business is gearing up to
be a highly competitive business unit with a strong marketing and design
competency being built in the offices in London & Europe, backed with
strong sourcing development centers in India and China.

The presence of low cost production centres with a well integrated IT set-up is
a key to the future success. The business already runs on SAP for both Leather,
Footwear & Leather Products which gives the international retail customers an
edge in the product supply and delivery management.

Specialist in international
marketing and global
sourcing of various
engineering products.

Tata International’s experience in the development, manufacture

and supply of engineering products combined with its worldwide
presence enables it to offer comprehensive solutions for its
customers’ engineering product needs.

The Tata Group

Tata International

Business Segments

Engineering Business Network

Tata International’s Engineering Business Unit

Tata International’s Engineering Business unit (BU) is involved in international marketing, global sourcing, distribution and
supply chain management of the engineering domain including the sectors of mining, railways, power, steel, aluminium,
and automotive accessories.

The role played by the Engineering BU in the value chain extends from vendor management, product development,
supplies and logistics at the one end to market development, customer relationship management, after sales service,
financing etc. to the other.

In Manufacturing Process Outsourcing (MPO), the Engineering BU with its rich experience in the development,
manufacture and supply of engineering products for demanding applications, combined with its well
integrated network of resources, offers turnkey business solutions for all supply chain, shipping and logistics
needs under one roof.

The Company sources engineering goods from competitive and quality conscious manufacturers in
India and abroad. Tata International’s Engineering Unit has agreements with manufacturers in India, China
and other countries for marketing and representation in select markets. Its customer base comprises of
manufacturers in Asia, Australia, South America, USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Operations and Products

Tata International Engineering BU is diversified across various engineering industries, while its operations
are headquartered in Kolkata, Delhi and Pune. The Aluminium & Mining Industry Products (AMIP), the Iron &
Steel Industry Products (ISIP) and the Projects divisions are located in Kolkata. The Bicycles, Packaging and Auto
components divisions are in Delhi, while the Casting and Forging (ACF), Global Sourcing and Distribution, Industrial
Chemicals, Infrastructure Equipment (P&I), Steel Imports and Service Products (AS) are in Mumbai and Pune.

The product portfolio of Tata International’s Aluminium & Mining Industry Products division (AMIP) includes collector bars,
aluminium smelter spares, mining spares, precision steel profiles and GE products. The Iron & Steel Industry Products (ISIP)

Steel profiles Projects Auto Components

division markets pig iron, sponge iron, steel plant rolls, refractories and steel plant spares. The Projects division includes
supplies for railway projects, Hydel Power, Transmission line and solar power products.

The Kolkata office of Tata International’s Engineering BU is India’s largest exporter of merchant foundry grade pig iron,
the largest exporter of cathode collector bars for the aluminium industry, and one of the few suppliers for low carbon
collector bars.

The Tata Group

Tata International

Business Segments
Business Network
The Delhi office of Tata International’s Engineering BU is segregated into Bicycles, Packaging and Auto components
and its products include bicycles, bicycle components, bulk packaging, flexible and innovative packaging, tin
packaging, PP woven bags, PVC leather cloth, packaging machinery and auto components.

Tata International’s bicycle division has been a leading exporter of bicycles to African and Middle Eastern markets,
since the past several years. It sources bicycle components from over 100 vendors. Its warehouse in Ludhiana is
fully equipped with a testing laboratory as all components are subject to stringent quality control
procedures executed by skilled technicians. Tata International exports bicycles and bicycle
accessories to the Rapid programme in Africa for World Bicycle Relief (WBR). The WBR bicycle has
been specially designed by Tata International for WBR and is an innovation that is
patented by them.

Mumbai and Pune

Tata International’s operations comprises of Castings & Forgings, Global Sourcing
and Distribution, Infrastructure Equipment (material handling equipment
and earth moving equipment), Commodity Products (steel and aluminium
products) and Service Products (hotel supplies).

Other Segment
Industrial Chemicals Division
The Industrial Chemicals Division, based out of Mumbai markets products
with focus on Africa, Latin America & Asia Pacific regions. This has 3
groups: Chemicals, Healthcare and Agrochemicals.

Joint Ventures
Graziella Shoes Ltd.
Is a Joint Venture between M/s Calzataruficio Pucci S.r.l., Italy, and Tata International Ltd., based at the Export

Processing Zone, in Chennai.

This Company has a capacity to manufacture 3,500 shoe pairs per day.

The key idea of investing in this facility was to upgrade the production competencies and transfer the high end

Italian manufacturing skill-sets to the Indian production centres.

Graziella Shoes Ltd. has a strong linkage to major global retailers like Marks & Spencers, Zara

and Brands like Florsheim from whom Tata International can leverage overall advantages

in terms of cost of production and raw material availability etc.

This facility is also supported by the Italian Design Studio in Larciano,

Italy where new concepts and samples are developed for the

Company’s European customers.

The Tata Group

Tata International

Business Segments

Tata International DLT Pvt. Ltd. Business Network

Tata International DLT Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture between Tata International Ltd., India, and Dutch Lanka Trailer
(DLT) Manufacturers Ltd., Sri Lanka. DLT has been in the industry since 1990 and has used their experience to
evolve trailer designs that are adaptable to even the most adverse road conditions.

Established in 2006, Tata International DLT is a pioneer in the organised sector and is at present, one of the
largest manufacturers of trailers in India.

Tata International DLT’s plant is located in Chakan, near Pune in Maharashtra.

The Company manufactures and sells trailers based on tested technical designs created by DLT. The Company
has a fully equipped design centre, which is capable of catering to the exclusive demands of customers. Its
product range includes 7 models, available in both 35 tonne and 40 tonne segments, and is also introducing
trailers in the 49 tonne segment.

In the future, the Company proposes to expand

its operations into the manufacturing of other
applications like car carriers, tankers, tippers and
port trailers.

DIESL (Drive India Enterprise Solutions Limited)
Drive India Enterprise Solutions Limited (DIESL) is a Tata Enterprise, jointly owned by Tata Industries and
Tata International. It is a complete end-to-end Logistics Solutions Company that provides services like:
• Customs clearance
• Distribution
• Warehousing Operations
• Reverse Logistics
• Cash Management Services
• Tax & Compliance Management
• Retail Sales & Distribution

It is also the second largest Logistics & distribution Company in India and reaches
out to a network of 1,200 towns and 6,000 distributors, with hubs in all major ports
and state capitals across the country.

The Technology
• SAP Networked 127 Warehouses & 30 offices
• On line SAP enchanced features LC, Budgeting, P/L, BIW
• Retail Management System, Field Inventory System
• Freight Management System

The Tata Group

Tata International

Business Segments

Business Network

The Infrastructure
• 127 Warehouses - 14.50 L. sq. ft. Area in 23 States
• Kitting & Packaging Capacity of 1 Lac/day
• 1864 Delivery Touch Points
• E-Delivery Capacities

The Performance
• 125K transactions/month & 2000 SKU’s.
• Average on time delivery performance of 95%+

The Team
• Manpower strength of 235 dedicated employees
• 500 employees of Business Partners
• SCM & Finance Professionals in 23 states
• Network of Tax, Accounting & CMS professionals in 23 states

Key clients
Tata Sky, Tata Indicom, Virgin Mobile, ZTE, Castrol, Haier, Voltas Limited,
Croma, Dick Smith Electronics, Colgate Palmolive India Limited.

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The Tata Group

Tata International

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Business Segments

Business Network


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ETHIOPIA REP. OFFICE operations in Hongkong and China and is Tel.: +86-21 64159773
TATA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED involved in finished leather, footwear, sourcing Fax: +86-21 64157929
Villa Berhane, Hiyar 17, Kebele 23 of auto components, engineering products, Email: raymond@tatachina.com
House No. 2062
chemicals, glass, etc. from China.
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. SINGAPORE
25th Floor, Room 2506-2508, Enterprise Square II,
Email: sdubey@tatainternational.com 5, Shenaton Way # 27-10/11, UIC Bldg.
3, Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon,
Hongkong. Singapore - 068 808.
WEST ASIA Tel.: +65-62262565
Tel.: +852 27519747 / 27511802 / 26249521
Fax: +852 27596332 / 27546672 Fax: +65-62262130
Email: agoel@tatahk.com
Headquartered in Dubai, this subsidiary of TATA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
Tata International is involved in steel trading, House no.36, Alley 108,
engineering products, chemical projects, etc. Doican street, Ba Dinh Dist.,
RM13A16 Winner Way Edifice, No. 1 Winnerway
Road, Nancheng District, Dongguan City, Hanoi City, Vietnam.
TATA WEST ASIA FZE UAE Tel.: +81 973 633 476
Post Code 523087
ZB 07, R/A 08, P. O. Box 16980, Email: rpant@tatainternational.com
P. R. China.
Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE.
Tel.: +86-769 87071190
Tel.: +971-4-8837750 / 8837721
Fax: +86-769 87071191 AUSTRALIA
Fax: +971-4-8837725 / 8837806
Email: suvarup@tatachina.com
Email: sc@tatawestasia.ae
FOOTWEAR DEVELOPMENT CENTRE Level 19, Riverside Centre, 123 Eagle Street
TATA SOUTH-EAST ASIA LTD. Brisbane QLD 4000, Australia.
No 1, Hongdao Road, Hongmei town, Direct: +61 7 38390405
Star Centre, House # SE (C), 2A, Road # 138,
Donnguan City. Fax: +61 7 38390466
Gulshan Avenue 1, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.
P. R. China Email: bksingh@tataaustralia.com
Tel.: +880-28859132
Tel : +86-13509002234.
Fax: +880-28861011
Email : ravindar.mahar@tatachina.com
Email: tusar@tatabd.com

Tata International Limited:
Corporate Office
Block A, Shivsagar Estates,
Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli,
Mumbai - 400 018 India.
Phone: +91(22) 6665 2200 - 10