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8/17/2009, 12:34 PM
Tomy Master
Hello experts.

What kind of ET200 modules that accepts hot swaping (replacing

modules when CPU is in run mode).
another question, I have a project which comprises (384) DI, (224)
DO & (16) AI points, what is the most suitable configuration (by
using Profibus through ET200)
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8/17/2009, 1:16 PM
8/17/2009, 1:23 PM
8/17/2009, 2:10 PM
H-H (1)
Hello Tomy,

ET200S, ET200M & ET200iSP enable hot swapping feature.

For the numbers of I/Os you have mentioned,

If you go for ET200S (8 DI, 8 DQ, 4AI) then you will have around
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64 modules per IM).
For ET200M (32DI,32DQ & 8AI) then you will have 21 modules
which also means min. of 2 HF interface modules. You will need
deep S7-300 rail and active bus units for all modules.

ET200S has the advantage that it's mounted on 35mm DIN rail
which means it doesn't need deep S7-300 rack and active bus
Maybe the ET200S solution will be cheaper.
I don't know about price differences between the 2 solutions but I
think you should calculate it.
Hot swapping depends on both the CPU and the interface module.
For Profibus, Only S7-400 CPUs have OB83 in their operating
system which is essential for this kind of interrupts.

8/18/2009, 2:08 PM
Import of a Technical Reply of an User

J_Bell wrote:
Dear Tomy,

well... this is a tough question... because there is so much to care about

and to know about your site, saying this or that system is the best for your
application would not be very smart.

To give you an idea what I am thinking of here a short list of questions I

Import-User-2 would ask to decide which system is the most suitable... or which system
I would use where....

- How many DP Slaves are planed or are wished to be used?

- How do the surrounding conditions look like? (Gas, Acid, Food &
Beverage, Safety class...)
- Where should the I/O be located at?
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Posts: 1460 About the question about hot swapping with ET 200 I would say it also
Rating: depends on the used DP-Master System. If you use a S7-300 as DP
Master you do not have to care at all, because the S7-300 does not
(18) support hot swapping at all.

If you have a S7-400 you may use... I think at least these ET200 systems:

+ ET200S
+ ET200M (with active bus module)
+ ET200iSP
+ ET200pro

I hope I could be of any help.

Best regards