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my hut - as made of objects found perspective elevations (1:25)

X marks the spot - bird’s eye site plan at 1:500

turning its back on the sewage works & road noise, privacy from industrial units from the nearby trees & bushes, as far away from smells from sewage works as possible within site confines
tremorfa aerial view - 1:2500
the site is surrounded by heavy & light industry,
and is dominated by the sewage treatment works to the north.
it does benefit from fantastic views across the
severn estuary & a clear aspect to the south

waste water
shaft treatment works
access to site

r e a t m ent ch imney
ewa g e t
smells from s

rover way (road noise)

west elevation - brick gabion screens road noise

ked me
rl oo an
ove high
es its wat
s u
is l un er l
c y eve
r i va stria l
p ndu

by i

mud flats

visualisation of my hut in situ:
views to the severn estuary, turning its back on the sewage works & road noise, privacy from industrial units from the nearby trees & bushes

moments of beauty
south elevation - turning its back on the sewage works,
steep brick angle rainscreened by estage agents boards

1:50 exploded axonometric

steel site fencing is used to support a
upvc windows and radiators for
passive solar hot water system,
lapped estate agents boards provide
rainscreeing. fencing system tied
together using found spool of
electrical earthing wire
sectional perspective (a-a) 1:25

east elevation - low entrance for security (found section

south-facing roof carries of garden shed), tyre and mud wall screens door
radiators painted black
for passive solar hot water

gabion wall
between st
tyres: ed by lapp

used to make rammed earth & tyre wall (akin eel grills (b
to earthships) to provide screen to door
sleeping deck (warm air rises)
ed estate a

n - bricks s
uilding site

bricks from beach are sandwiched between pallets (south wall & terrace):
two building site railings to create a gabion wall - approximately 12% of softwood used in the UK
gents boar

goes into the manufacture of pallets and other


providing thermal mass and also acoustic


screening from road noise to the north-west packaging. there are thought to be around
enclosed internal area = 11.9 square metres 2 billion pallets in circulation worldwide and
+ 2.4 square metres on sleeping deck as many as 90 million in the UK alone

(source: brighton & hove wood recycling project).


used water bottles can be jammed between

slats to stop driven rain ingress, without outdoor
blocking light bath

tesco bags filled with gravel form heat / smoke / coals / embers from fire conduited under hut floor (hypocaust system)
sandbags to support terrace

floor constuction:
concrete blocks support building site barrier, on which are
laid planks and other driftwood to form floorboards. hot
coals from terrace open fire are pushed under the dwelling a south elevation - deck with hearth on gravel sandbag
to provide heating - akin to a roman hypocaust system perspective plan of my hut showing solar hot water system (1:25) support, bath looking out to sea. ralph kent wsa iii