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0 Integer number expected

1 Real number expected

2 Identifier expected
3 Element expected
4 '+' operator expected
5 '*' operator expected
6 '**' operator expected
7 '(' expected
8 ')' expected
9 '$' operator expected
10 ',' expected
11 '.' expected
12 ';' expected
13 '++' operator expected
14 relational operator expected - LT GT EG NE LE GE
14 < > = <> <= >=
15 OR operator expected
16 INF expected
17 SUM operator expected
18 'parameter' expected
19 'and' expected
20 'not' operator expected
21 'all' expected
22 'positive' expected
23 'elseif' expected
24 'else' expected
25 'loop' expected
26 'table' expected
27 'alias' expected
28 'solve' expected
29 'using' expected
30 'option' expected
31 'display' expected
32 ORD expected
33 CARD expected
34 'model' expected
35 'minimizing' or 'maximizing' expected
36 '=' or '..' or ':=' or '$=' operator expected
36 rest of statement ignored
37 '=l=' or '=e=' or '=g=' operator expected
38 Double or single quote expected
39 Colon ':' expected
40 'if' expected
41 'while' expected
42 'for' expected
43 'do' expected
44 'then' expected
45 'until' expected
46 'end...' expected
50 Loop controlling index appears in model equation(s)
51 Endogenous function argument(s) not allowed in linear models
52 Endogenous $-control operations not allowed
53 Endogenous $ operation not allowed
54 Endogenous operands for ** not allowed in linear models
55 Endogenous operands for / not allowed in linear models
56 Endogenous operands for * not allowed in linear models
57 Endogenous relational operations require model type "dnlp"
58 Endogenous smin smax require model type "dnlp"
59 Endogenous prod smin smax require model type "dnlp"
60 Endogenous operand for not requires model type "dnlp"
61 Functions with discontinuous derivatives are illegal
61 In nlp models. use "dnlp"
62 Endogenous lag operations are illegal
63 Functions illegal in model equations - normal, uniform, jnow ....
64 Function called with non constant argument
65 Discrete variables can only appear in MIP, RMIP, MINLP
66 The symbol shown has not been defined or assigned
66 A wild shot: You may have spurious commas in the explanatory
66 text of a declaration. Check symbol reference list.
67 This symbol is not allowed for this type of solution
68 Variables are only allowed in equ.var pairs for MCP, CNS, MPEC, RMPEC
69 Dimension of variable is unknown
70 The dimensions of the equ.var pair do not conform
71 The symbol shown has been declared as an equation, but no
71 Symbolic equation (..) was found. hint - look for commas in the
71 Documentation text for the equations. use quotes around the
71 Text or eliminate the commas.
72 A variable reference can only follow an equation in an MCP
73 Incorrect substitution symbol in %xxx.yyy%
73 GAMS.yyy or SYSTEM.yyy or xxx.HEAD or xxx.TAIL
74 An undefined procedure has been encountered in a model list
75 This procedure call makes the model nonlinear
76 An Equation has been referenced by a procedure but does not
76 exist in the model list. You need to add this equation to
76 the model list
77 The second argument in the function POWER has to evaluate
77 to an integer constant
78 Domains on equ.var pair are inconsitent
79 The third (last) argument has to evaluate to a constant
80 A '..' expected for equation specification
81 A '=' expected for assignment statements. Alternative
81 assignment operators are '$=' and ':='.
92 CTRL-Z character encountered in source file. This character is
92 sometimes uploaded from MS-DOS systems. Correct the input
92 or use the GAMS parameter CTRLZ. 'GAMS input CTRLZ=1 ....' will
92 treat the CTRL-Z character as a blank.
93 A set has to be indexed when used on the left side
94 Sign illegal with acronyms, 'na' and 'eps'
95 'yes' or 'no' not allowed here
96 Blank needed between identifier and text
96 (-or- illegal character in identifier)
96 (-or- check for missing ';' on previous line)
97 Explanatory text can not start with '$', '=', or '..'
97 (-or- check for missing ';' on previous line)
98 Non-blank character(s) beyond max input line length (40000)
98 (check that each line ends with a carriage return)
99 Character is illegal in gams input - reset to blank
100 Tab character is illegal - reset to blank
100 you may want to use the gams parameter 'tabin' to
100 enable tab expansion. for example: 'tabin 8' will
100 use tab positions 1,17,25,......
100 >gams input .... tabin=8 ...
101 Line overflow because of tab expansion - line truncated
102 Too many digits in integer number
103 Too many digits in number
103 $offdigit can be used to ignore trailing digits
104 Exponent expected
105 Exponent out of range
105 $offdigit can be used to replace large numbers with UNDF
106 abs(number) out of range
106 $offdigit can be used to replace large numbers with UNDF
107 Symbol too long
108 Suffix identifier too long
109 Identifier/Element too long
110 Too many decimal points in a number
111 Wrong suffix on variable assignment - allowable are
111 l level (activity)
111 m marginal (reduced cost)
111 lo lower bound
111 up upper bound
111 scale variable scale
111 prior priority for MIPs
111 fx fix level, lower and upper at same value
112 Wrong suffix on equation reference - allowable are
112 l level (activity)
112 m marginal (reduced cost)
112 lo lower bound
112 up upper bound
112 scale variable scale
113 Wrong suffix on model - allowable are
113 1. set by gams after each solve execution
113 cutoff, dictfile, domusd, iterusd, line, modelstat
113 nodusd, number, numequ, numinfes, numnlins
113 numnopt, numnz, numredef, numvar, objest, objval
113 rescalc, resderiv, resgen, resout, resusd
113 solvestat, suminfes, sysident, sysver,tryint
113 2. model specific run time options - will override global
113 bratio, cheat, domlim, integer1..integer5
113 iterlim, limcol, limrow, nodlim, optca, optcr
113 prioropt, real1..real5, reform, reslim, scaleopt
113 solprint, solveopt, sysout, threads, workspace
113 3. others
113 holdfixed, optfile, prioropt, tolinfeas, tolinfrep, tolproj
114 Closing quote missing in element
115 Label is unknow in symbolic equation
115 You may change this error with $onwarning/offwarning
115 to a warning message or do not use ON115=1
116 Label is unknown
117 Domain checking suppressed for this symbol
118 Unrecognized statement
119 Number (primary) expected
120 Unknown identifier entered as set
121 Set expected
122 One dimensional set expected
123 Set has not been initialized and the dimension is unknown
124 Suffix for a set not allowed
125 Set is under control already
126 Set identifier or '(' expected
127 Base of power not a real number
128 Exponent of power not a real number
130 Division not defined for a set
131 Incompatible operands for multiplication
133 Incompatible operands for addition
135 Incompatible operands for relational operator
136 Aliased redefinition of loop controlled set (map)
139 Wrong suffix on file - allowable are
139 ps, pw, bm, tm (page options)
139 cr, cc, ll (current curser)
139 tw, tj, tf (text options)
139 lw, lj (label options)
139 sw, sj (set options)
139 nw, nj, nd, nz (number options)
139 tlcr, tlcc, tlll (title curser)
139 hdcr, hdcc, hdll (header curser)
139 lp, pc, ap, case (file options)
140 Unknown symbol
141 Symbol neither initialized nor assigned
141 A wild shot: You may have spurious commas in the explanatory
141 text of a declaration. Check symbol reference list.
142 No suffix allowed here - suffix ignored
143 A suffix is missing
144 Illegal identifier (model or function)
145 Set identifier or quoted element expected
146 Maximum number of dimensions exceeded
147 Real value for lag operator expected
148 Dimension different - The symbol is referenced with more/less
148 indices as declared
149 Uncontrolled set entered as constant
150 Symbolic equations redefined
151 The left and right side are of different type in an assignment
151 use $conditions to convert or $ONMIXED
152 The expression is set valued - not allowed in equations
152 use $conditions to convert or $ONMIXED
153 Uncontrolled set(s) in lag-expression
154 Set for 'ord' is not controlled
156 Inconsistent identifier (set) in alias list
157 No known set found in alias list
158 No aliased symbol found
159 An aliased set is not allowed here
159 aliased sets can only be used for indexing and
159 cannot be assigned or used as operands.
160 Unique element expected - a starting symbol was encountered
160 and parsing will continue by entering 'element'.
160 An UNQUOTED element has to start with a letter or digit
160 followed by letters, digits, '+', '-' or '_'. The length
160 is limited to 63 characters. The following words are
160 reserved (starting symbols of a GAMS statement) and cannot
160 be used for UNQUOTED set elements:
160 QUOTED elements can contain any character. Single and
160 double quotes can be used (starting and ending quote have
160 to match).
161 Conflicting dimensions in element
162 The variant part of the macro label contains a non-digit
163 Too many digits in numeric part of macro
165 First number greater than second number in macro
165 -or- more digits in first number than second (eg x01*x9)
165 -or- leading zero illegal on second number (eg x1*x010)
166 A table must have two or more dimensions - use parameter list
166 rest of table will be ignored
167 Redefinition of loop controlled set (map)
168 Assignment not allowed to this identifier
169 Equation definition within a LOOP or IF statement not allowed
170 Domain violation for element
171 Domain violation for set
172 Element is redefined
174 Symbol is not a set
175 A map with the same name is already active
176 A row with the same name has been defined before in this table.
179 A '(' was expected - insert and continue
180 'variable' expected
181 Closing '/' missing in scalar statement
182 Closing '/' missing in a set, parameter or model statement
183 Closing '/' missing in file statement
184 Domain list redefined
185 Set identifier or '*' expected
186 Illegal data list ignored
187 Assigned set used as domain
188 Assigning to this set is NOT allowed. The set may have been
188 used in a domain definition or is a predefined/readonly set.
189 Domain list not allowed for scalar, acronym or model
190 Text too long, max is 255 characters
191 Closing quote missing
192 Identifier or quoted string expected
193 Text for symbol redefined
194 Symbol redefined - a second data statement for the same symbol
194 or a data statement after an assignment
195 Symbol redefined with a different type
196 Variable redefined with a different subtype
197 Lag or 'ord' illegal with non constant set
197 or use of a * universe
198 Set used in 'ord' or lag is not ordered.
198 Hint: Some of the elements of the set were used before this
198 was initialized and the order was different from the order used
198 in this set. Try to initialize the set earlier.
199 Assigning to set used in 'ord' or lag
199 this statement changes the content of a set
199 previously used with 'ord' or lag/lead.
200 Function not allowed here
201 Invalid argument for function
202 Too many arguments for function
203 Too few arguments for function
205 Missing dollar control option
206 A phantom cannot be redefined
207 A phantom element must have a zero value
208 Missing phantom element
209 An existing element cannot be used as phantom element
210 Unknown dollar control option. valid are -
210 on/offmargin on/offdollar
210 on/offsymlist on/offuellist
210 on/offsymxref on/offuelxref
210 on/offinline on/offnestcom
210 on/offeolcom on/offinclude
210 on/offwarning on/offsparse
210 single double eject (listing control)
210 on/offlisting
210 on/offecho
210 onmulti offmulti (multiple declarations for set table param)
210 onupper offupper (show source text as entered)
210 ontext offtext (bracket a block of comment lines)
210 ondigit offdigit (off ignores precision on input)
210 lines (followed by line count)
210 title stitle (followed by new title/subtitle)
210 mincol maxcol (followed by column position)
210 dollar comment (followed by 1 character)
210 hidden (followed by unlisted comment)
210 phantom (followed by an element)
210 inlinecom (followed by delimiter spec eg. /* */)
210 eolcom (followed by delimiter spec eg. _$)
210 verid (followed by version ident eg tp5-am-002)
210 include (followed by filename)
210 bat/sysinclude (followed by filename and parameters)
211 Left margin must be less than right margin
212 Left margin can not be less than 1
213 Right margin must be greater than left margin and 15
214 Right margin must be less than 256
215 Unknown dollar debug option. valid are -
215 dmpsym dmpcpl dmptpl dmpins measure tabteston tabtestoff
215 memorystat domteston domtestoff dmplim dmpunits
216 No previous "ontext"
217 "offtext" expected
218 Dollar and comment characters must be different
219 Single character between blanks expected
220 Partial overlapping column adjusted
221 Total overlapping column ignored
222 Row dimension inconsistent with declared dimension and
222 column dimension
223 Overlapping row name
224 Overlapping entry ignored
225 Floating entry ignored
226 Multiple entry ignored
227 $label has been defined previously in this file
228 Column dimension has changed
229 Row dimension has changed
230 Identifier is not a model
233 Empty model list
233 no legal data between / / or 'all' without any equations
234 Illegal type in model list - must be a set, parameter (scalar)
234 equation or variable
235 Table text terminated with illegal character '/' or ','
236 Duplicate identifier(s) in model definition
240 The suffix .te can only be used with sets in a put list
241 Model has not been defined
243 Objective is not a variable
244 Unknown or missing processor (LP,MIP,...)
245 Objective variable not referenced in model
246 Objective variable is not a free variable
247 No algorithm available for this class of model
250 Unknown option. valid are -
250 lp = "lpname" (and for nlp, dnlp, mip, rmip etc)
250 integer1 to integer5 seed
250 limrow limcol domlim iterlim work (integer values)
250 decimals (0..8)
250 optca optcr
250 real1 to real5 reslim bratio (real values)
250 measure eject (no values)
250 sysout solprint (on/off)
250 solveopt (merge/replace)
250 sparseopt (safe/fast)
250 sparserun (on/off)
250 "symbol":decimals:rows:columns (display control)
250 (decimals, rows, columns are integers. Number of
250 displayed decimal places, labels for each row and
250 for each column)
251 Unknown option value
252 System option value too large
253 Unknown algorithm
253 The GAMS statement 'option subsystems;' will list
253 the installed subsystems in the GAMS listing file.
254 Algorithm not licensed
255 Algorithm not suitable for process
256 Error(s) in analyzing solve statement. More detail appears
256 Below the solve statement above
257 Solve statement not checked because of previous errors
258 Option "decimals" must be in range 0..8
259 A mapping set with the suffix .TL has to have a dimension of one
260 Too many instructions to compile
260 (split your file into 2 parts and use save then restart)
261 The suffix .TL can only be used in a PUT statement on
261 a controlling set or on a one dimensional map, for example:
261 loop(tt(t), put tt.tl t.tl .. );
262 Minimizing/Maximizing does not apply to this model type
265 Equation has not been defined
266 Identifier is not an equation
267 A variable appeared more than once in and equ.var pair
269 A hercules or sambal model must contain 3 identifiers
270 A matbal model must contain 5 identifiers
271 Illegal type (not set, parameter, variable or equation)
272 Dimension not known
273 Display format specification must have 1 or 3 sub-fields
273 Required format is :-
273 option "symbol":decimals:rows:columns;
273 -or- option "symbol":decimals;
273 decimals: in range 0..8 (ignored for a set)
273 rows: 0 forces display into list format
273 -or- 1..(dimension-1) number of labels on each row
273 columns: max number of columns across page if row spec is 0
273 -or- 1..(dimension-rows) number of labels each column
274 Inconsistent values for display specification
274 Required format is :-
274 option "symbol":decimals:rows:columns;
274 -or- option "symbol":decimals;
274 decimals: in range 0..8 (ignored for a set)
274 rows: 0 forces display into list format
274 -or- 1..(dimension-1) number of labels on each row
274 columns: max number of columns across page if row spec is 0
274 -or- 1..(dimension-rows) number of labels each column
275 This set is used already as an indexing map and can only be used
275 as a reference. No additional indexing is possible.
275 For example, x(link(i,j),link(ii,jj)) = .... is incorrect
275 because link now serves as a driving index
276 Invalid external name specified - one of the following applies
276 invalid file name syntax -or-
276 name is already used -or-
276 name is same as input or output file name -or-
276 a file name from save files is no longer valid due to the above
277 A controlled index cannot become a map
278 Lags are not allowed on maps
279 Map has been redefined
280 Include/insert filename already in use
280 $onrecurse will allow recursive includes
281 Maximum include file nest level exceeded
282 Unable to open include file
283 Expecting external file name as $include name or "name" or 'name'
284 Missing error mark
285 Illegal selection of in-line/end-of-line comment delimiter(s)
285 conflicts with with other special characters
286 Invalid in-line/end-of-line comment delimiter specification - format IS
286 single delimiter - $inlinecom { }
286 - $eolcom #
286 -or- double delimiter - $inlinecom /* */
286 - $eolcom _$
286 This file may have inherited the same comment character(s).
286 For example use: $offeolcom $offinline $eolcom !
287 In-line comment still active at end of main or included input file
288 Opening in-line comment equal to eol comment
290 Width of put field cannot be set valued
291 Decimals for put field cannot be set valued
292 Unknown justification type
293 No external file has been declared
294 No external file assigned - A file has to be made current by
294 using the name on a put statement, i.e. PUTxxx fname ....
295 Expression for row or column address has to be real
296 Wrong or missing system suffix - allowable are
296 date,elapsed,fe,filesys,fn,fp,gstring,ifile,iline,incline,
296 incname,incparent,incparentl,lice1,lice2,line,listline,
296 memory,ofile,opage,page,pfile,platform,prline,prpage,
296 rdate,redirlog,rfile,rtime,sfile,sstring,tclose,tcomp,
296 texec,time,title,tstart,verid,version,
296 LP,NLP,MIP,....
297 Suffix not allowed here
298 Wrong suffix for this type
299 Unexpected end of file
300 Remaining errors not printed for this line
301 Batch include parameter too long
302 Batch include substitution line exceeded maximum input length
303 Dollar control directive only valid in batch include files
303 Use $BATINCLUDE instead of $INCLUDE.
304 Expecting label identifier
305 $label, $ifthen $elseif $else $endif must be first dollar control on line
306 Unresolved goto label
307 Apparent infinite loop. Too many $goto jumps to a $label
307 This can be reset with $maxgoto n (default is 100).
308 Expected a complete $if/ifthen/elseif conditional on the same line. The
308 statement can be placed on the next line as shown below:
308 $IF [NOT] condition statements
308 $IF [NOT] condition
308 statements
309 No keyword found assume comparison expression : string1 == string2
309 $IF [NOT] condition statement
309 condition ::= EXIST filename
309 ...
309 string1 == string2
310 Set identifier or * expected
311 The function ord('string',expr) needs the second argument
311 Note that ord('string') does NOT return the ordinal position
311 of the label 'string'. ord('string',n) return the ordinal
311 value of the n'th character in 'string'.
312 This version of GAMS is too old to run this program
313 The .fx suffix can only be used on the left side - ignored
314 Use this suffix only in put statements - ignored
315 Unknown suffix - ignored
316 Implied type inconsistent with previous use of symbol
317 Completely inconsistent type implications
318 Domain list redefined - no previous domain list - * assumed
318 when data was associated with this symbol
319 Set must be defined to be used as a domain
320 An aliased set cannot be redeclared
321 A '(' following an 'IF' is missing. We assumed you wanted to write
321 an if-statement. This statement has been introduced with GAMS 2.25
321 and it is possible that 'if' was used as an identifier.
321 The GAMS parameter G205=1 can be used to run with the old syntax.
322 Wrong complementarity pair. Has to be equ.var.
323 Priorities can only be used on discrete variables
324 Scales cannot be applied to discrete variables
325 Body of table missing - a ';' terminates a statement
326 An empty table statement is not followed by a legal statement
327 A $goto in an active $onverbatim section
328 Wrong suffix on equation assignment - allowable are
328 l level (activity)
328 m marginal (reduced cost)
328 lo lower bound
328 up upper bound
328 scale equation scale
329 Wrong suffix on variable reference - allowable are
329 l level (activity)
329 m marginal (reduced cost)
329 lo lower bound
329 up upper bound
329 scale variable scale
329 prior priority for MIP
329 slacklo,slackup,slack, slack values
329 infeas infeasibility
330 CALL failed
331 Parameters longer than 255 characters
332 $Warning encountered - see listing for details
333 $Error encountered - see listing for details
334 Illegal data following a data element - rest ignored
335 Complimentarity pair equ.equ has to have the same names
336 This version of GAMS does not allow the declaration of
336 variables and equations. It is intended to run precompiled
336 models only. If you need a fully licensed GAMS system contact
336 your distributor or GAMS Development Corporation.
337 A set has been domain-checked by itself but has more than
337 one dimension. SET I(I) / a,b,c /;
338 Unique element expected - symbol was not an element
338 and the following text will be skipped until a proper
338 symbol is found to recover. Remember that an UNQUOTED
338 element has to start with a letter or digit
338 followed by letters, digits, '+', '-' or '_'. The length
338 is limited to 63 characters. The following words are
338 reserved (starting symbols of a GAMS statement) and cannot
338 be used for UNQUOTED set elements:
338 QUOTED elements can contain any character. Single and
338 double quotes can be used (starting and ending quote have
338 to match).
339 Option PROFILE=n cannot be used inside a loop.
340 A label/element with the same name exist. You may have forgotten
340 to quote a label/element reference. For example,
340 set i / a,b,c /; parameter x(i); x('a') = 10;
341 Symbol/ident missing in $IF [NOT] DECLARE/DEFINED statement
341 Line has been ignored
342 Illegal suffix syntax - has to start with a letter
343 Abort triggered by above statement
344 SMIN or SMAX not allowed on set valued expressions, use
345 PROD and SUM instead.
346 The file name exceeds the maximum length - Name truncated
346 Use 'GAMS fn DP=2 ..' to get trace of file operations
346 on the screen or logfile.
347 Uncleared gstring overflow condition. A string was truncated
347 and no other error trap was triggered. Most likely
347 a file name operation. You may want to use 'GAMS fn DP=2 ..'
347 to get trace of file operations
348 The external file name is too long
349 Declaration not allowed inside a LOOP or IF statement
350 Unmatched parenthesis types. For example ( } or [ }
351 checking suppressed for the remainder of this statement
352 Set has not been initialized
353 The domain for this index position is unknown and the element
353 cannot be checked at this point. Missing data statement.
360 Current maximum error
361 Values for domain 1 are unknown - no checking possible
362 Values for domain 2 are unknown - no checking possible
363 Values for domain 3 are unknown - no checking possible
364 Values for domain 4 are unknown - no checking possible
365 Values for domain 5 are unknown - no checking possible
366 Values for domain 6 are unknown - no checking possible
367 Values for domain 7 are unknown - no checking possible
368 Values for domain 8 are unknown - no checking possible
369 Values for domain 9 are unknown - no checking possible
370 Values for domain 10 are unknown - no checking possible
371 The procedure is still undefined - rest of statement ignored
372 Not of the form EQU=VAR, VAR not of type variable
373 Equation names without a suffix are only allowed for return
373 arguments with variable capability
374 Wrong type for Procedure definition
375 Unit does not exist
376 Function does not exist
377 Unit name missing
378 This argument cannot be called with a set
379 This argument cannot be called with a constant
380 Cannot be called with a variable type
381 EQU=VAR pair only allowed on returns with variable capability
382 Dimensions of argument does not match or is not known
383 Cannot bind arguments - missing / .. / or proc(....) needed
384 Missing or incorrect argument definition inherited
385 Too many argument on this call
386 Inconsistent domains on position 1
387 Inconsistent domains on position 2
388 Inconsistent domains on position 3
389 Inconsistent domains on position 4
390 Inconsistent domains on position 5
391 Inconsistent domains on position 6
392 Inconsistent domains on position 7
393 Inconsistent domains on position 8
394 Inconsistent domains on position 9
395 Inconsistent domains on position 10
396 Missing domain data
397 Missing data for input argument(s)
398 Unknown output dummy parameter for deriv=output.input
399 Unknown input dummy parameter for deriv=output.input
400 Missing input dummy parameter for deriv=output.input
401 Dimensions for deriv=output.input do not match
402 Input dummy parameter for deriv=output.input not a variable input
403 Output dummy parameter for deriv=output.input not an equation output
404 Derivative output not allowed in /...../ form
405 Too few arguments on this call
406 More than one key set (known set) in alias statement
407 ELSE clause without a matching IF statement - ELSE ignored
408 Too many ),] or }
409 Unrecognizable item - skip to find a new statement
409 looking for a ';' or a key word to get started again
410 Wrong suffix on procedure - allowable are
410 rc cptime stacksize temp domcount derivnoise derivstep
410 derivtype
411 Procedure argument error - deriv=out.in:ident
411 not an ident
412 Same derivative has been referenced twice - dropped
413 This equation has been defined with a '..' statement and
413 cannot bee used anymore with the equ=var format
414 This equation has been used in a procedure with the
414 equ=var form and cannot be redefined with '..'
415 This equation can only be used together with a procedure
415 because of the equ=var format
416 Library name missing on INSERT statement
417 File name missing on INSERT statement
418 Unable to open INSERT file
419 Library name has been used before - insert ignored
420 The Insert header file is inconsistent with previous use
420 The time stamp does not match. You can use $DEBUG DMPUNITS
420 to get a summary of inserted definitions.
421 Unable to load header file
421 Need better messages for this
422 New library different from old one
423 New procedure different from old one
424 Procedure previously defined
425 Cannot override exiting bindings, only derivative requests are
425 allowed
426 Arguments not checked because of other errors
427 Incorrect insert header file
428 Don't allow suffix - only type parmeter allowed
429 Don't allow suffix notation for output arguments in / .... /
430 Cannot $KILL,$CLEAR or $SLICE a symbol with a .suffix
431 Illegal symbols in $SLICE command
432 Missing information on $SLICE line
433 Slice reference not terminated with ')'
434 $SETxxx id - id missing
435 $SETARG ... last cannot hold all remaining arguments
436 %xxxxx% not defined
437 CTRL-M character encountered in source file. This character is
437 sometimes uploaded from MS-DOS systems. Correct the input
437 or use the GAMS parameter CTRLM. 'GAMS input CTRLM=1 ....' will
437 treat the CTRL-M character as a blank.
438 Linefeed character encountered in source file. Most likely you
438 are using a UNIX style file with the CR (control^M) missing.
439 FOR index variable has to be a scalar
440 Expression has to be real valued
441 Expected TO or DOWNTO. The general syntax of a FOR statement is
441 FOR ( i = start TO/DOWNTO end [BY increment] , statements )
442 Expected a ',' or BY. The general syntax of a FOR statement is
442 FOR ( i = start TO/DOWNTO end [BY increment] , statements )
443 FOR index variable already in use by other FOR statement
444 SYSTEM.xxx in DISPLAY statement not implemented
445 More than one operator in a row. You need to use parenthesis
445 if you want to use such statements. For example
445 x := x + - not y; -> x := x + (- (not y));
445 sum(i$not x, ..) -> sum(i$(not x),..)
446 Incompatible operation on AND or OR. The flag $ONMIXED and
446 $OFFMIXED can be used to permit mixed mode expressions.
447 ident in EXECUTE statement not implemented
448 %GAMS.xxxxx%, unknown xxxxxx - no substitution
449 %SYSTEM.xxx%, unknown xxxxxx - no substitution
449 date,elapsed,errorlevel,fe,filesys,fn,fp,gstring,ifile,iline,incline,
449 incname,incparent,incparentl,lice1,lice2,line,listline,
449 memory,ofile,opage,page,pfile,platform,prline,prpage,
449 rdate,redirlog,rfile,rtime,sfile,sstring,tclose,tcomp,
449 texec,time,title,tstart,verid,version,
449 LP,NLP,MIP,....
450 Symbol following $IF [NOT] xxx id not an ident
451 Expecting and integer following $IF DIMENSION n
452 Identifier, * or . expected
453 Assignment to this parameter not allowed. This is a predefined
453 readonly parameter type.
454 Reached EOL in a delimited data record while reading a label
455 Bad or missing delimiter while reading delimited data records
456 The dimension has to be known if you want to use $ONDELIM
456 for a SET, PARAMETER or TABLE data statement. $ondelim will
456 be ignored for this section.
457 More than one entry on data line
458 $echo must have redirection symbol > or >>
459 $echo file cannot be opened
460 Empty data statements not allowed. You may want to use $ON/OFFEMPTY
461 Cannot have empty data statement without knowing dimension
462 The row section in the previous table is missing
463 The column section in the previous table is missing
464 Looking for more data - illegal delimiter or missing data entries
464 more column entries than data entries in this row
465 Too much data on this line - rest ignored
466 Number expected - rest of line ignored
467 Wrong end statement - 'endif' expected
468 Unexpected symbol encountered - this will terminate the loop
468 Symbol replace by 'endloop'
469 Wrong end statement - 'endwhile' expected
470 Wrong end statement - 'endfor' expected
471 Inlinecomment on $Include is not closed
471 terminating comment symbol inserted before
471 entering include file
472 Too many delimiters
473 Nonblank entries following the number
474 Missing number in delimited data line
475 Expecting and integer following $IF ERRORLEVEL/GAMSVERSION n
476 Scale not allowed on =X= equation type
477 Cannot assign to predefined symbol
478 Column section under ondelim must be of dimension = 1
479 Can only KILL/CLEAR SCLICE sets, parameters, variables
479 and equations.
480 The second argument in the function POWER has to evaluate
480 to an integer constant.
481 Suffix TMODSTAT and TSOLSTAT only valid with models
482 A mapped variable cannot be an objective variable
483 Mapped variables have to appear in the model
484 Unmapped MCP equations cannot be =g= =l= or =n=
485 Cannot get interactive console under the IDE
486 Wrong suffix for CARD(id.suf)
486 no suffix or .TE .TL .TS
487 Set 'id' for CARD(id.TL) or CARD(id.TE) is not controlled
488 Wrong suffix for ORD(id.suf,expr)
488 no suffix or .TE .TL .TS
489 Cannot load/unload this symbol and type
490 Cannot load/unload this suffix
491 Cannot Unload symbol with unknown dimension
492 Symbol not in GDX
493 Alias cannot receive data
494 Load types are different
495 Load dimension are different
496 Load/unload ident expected
497 Problems closing GDXIN
498 Problems opening GDXIN: Unknown
499 Problems opening GDXOUT: Unknown
500 Problems closing GDXOUT
501 GDXOUT file not open - ignore rest of line
502 GDXIN file not open - ignore rest of line
503 Problems dumping all symbols
504 Could not unload this symbol
505 Errors encountered after processing EOF
506 This symboltype is illegal in MCP model list
507 This name does NOT match the previous name
508 Blank needed between element and text
508 (-or- illegal character in element)
509 Dollar control statements are processed during compilation
509 and NOT during execution. The use of dollar statements
509 that change data may be misleading when inside a LOOP
509 or IF statement.
510 Unable to open gdx file for $GDXIN
511 An Excel range has to go from low to high
512 Element expected but closing '/' found
513 Unable to open gdx file for $GDXOUT
514 Unknown string %xxx.yyyy%
540 Echo not allowed under this execution mode
541 Echo into this location not allowed under this execution mode
542 $call not allowed under this execution mode
543 execute not allowed under this execution mode
544 Illegal diff symbol
545 Cannot diff symbol without data
546 Unmatched diff symbols
547 Diff symbols with different dimensions
548 Includes are not allowed under this execution mode
549 Includes to this location are not allowed under this execution mode
550 Unknow symbol in Security list
551 Cannot have Security item with suffix
552 Cannot use protected symbol on left side
553 Cannot clear/kill protected symbol
554 Cannot import data for a protected symbol
555 Cannot slice a protected symbol
556 Protected symbol cannot have data statements
557 Protected symbols encountered in ALL
558 Protected symbols encountered in model list
559 Cannot solve protected model
560 Model contains purged symbol
561 System not licensed to use this feature
562 Identifier locked by previous privacy activity
563 external Procedure with a library
564 no previous 'onecho'
565 'offecho' expected
566 Cannot gdx this item
567 No suffix for SET PARAMETER or ACRONYM allowed
568 Missing ident following READABLE
569 Only the first argument can be quoted (external file name)
570 GDX ident expected - the list items can take the form
570 'gams_name' or 'gams_name=gdx_name'. Check for
570 a missing ';'
571 No suffix allowed on GDX ident
572 Cannot GDX load/unload this type - only sets, parameters
572 equations and variables can be used
573 Cannot load/unload symbol with unknown dimension
574 You have redefined a built in function that has not
574 been used before. You can use this function by prefixing
574 its name by 'system.'
575 You have redefined a built in function that has been
575 used before. You still can use this function by prefixing
575 its name by 'system.'
576 Errors have been cleared and made into warnings
576 execution of this program may fail in unpredictable ways
577 The multiple declaration data is not ordered
578 The merging of existing and new data results in an unordered set
579 Cannot clear a set used as a domain or used in log/ord operations
580 Cannot clear a symbol with unknown dimension
581 Cannot clear a read only symbol
582 $SETNAMES without arguments
583 $SETNAMES has too many arguments
584 $SETCOMPS without arguments
585 Bad suffix on gdx namne
586 Gams symbol is a variable and has no suffix - the gdx symbol
586 cannot have a suffix
587 Conflicting unload
588 Compilation terminated by a Control C event
589 Cannot have a variable/equation table statement without known
589 dimension
590 Variable data record expected L,M,LO,UP,PRIOR,SCALE,...
591 PRIOR not allowed with cont variables
592 SCALE not allowed with discrete variables
593 Closing / missing on variable/equation data statement
594 Exponent too small - rejected
594 $offdigit can be used to replace with EPS
595 Exponent very small
595 $offdigit can be used to accept small values
596 PRIOR not allowed with equations
597 This $if statement is ambiguous. The original or preprocessed line
597 contains $if NOT == . Use one of the following ways to correct
597 $if NOT '' == if you really meant NOT the operator
597 $if 'NOT' == if you really meant NOT the string
598 Cannot map symbol with unknown dimension
599 Left dimension cannot be larger than right dimension
600 Could not match index space
601 Left side has to be Set or Parameter type for aggregation
602 Right side has to be Set, Parameter, Variable or Equation type
602 Left side has to be of same type as right side or of type set
603 Cannot project these different types
604 No gradient or hessian possible with this function
605 Gradient or hessian not allowed in equations
606 Too many grad/hess arguments
607 Cannot do grad/hess with this function
608 The argument list for low and high have to have the same length
609 Embedded values need $onembedded
610 At least one embedded value required
611 Overflow in embedded value calculation
612 +/- INF * EPS is undefined
613 Should never happen
614 Too many argument lists
615 The closing $offverbatim is missing
616 $onverbatim already set
617 $offverbatim without a matching $onverbatim
618 The closing $offverbatim missing in previous include file
619 ID expected
620 --id=val parameters not touched inside program
620 use $show to see all defined strings
621 Unknown function suffix - allowable are
621 Value, Grad, Hess, GradN, HessN, Low, High, GradL, GradH
622 Illegal system.ident, #.ident or set.ident structure
623 No suffix allowed on system.ident, #.ident or set.ident structure
624 No previous "onput"
625 "offput" expected
626 "onput" without an active PUT file
627 "onput" inside an active PUT context
627 with uncertain status, use , or /
627 to clarify status
628 Missing space after ident
629 Unknown system.xxxx in declaration context
629 entered as Empty
629 SystemConstants is a list of all entries
630 System Environment Variable does not exist
631 Ident has to be terminated by space
632 Could not set system environment
633 Prefixing the path failed
634 A $if SET/ENV... with an item that is not a proper ident
635 Cannot insert its own model list
636 Model data list has not been initialized
637 Inserted model list items exists already
638 Suffix has been used already
639 Bad character in string - non printable characters/control
639 characters having ordinal value < 32
640 Not a model identifier
641 Unknown symbol in set.ident or #.ident
642 set.ident or #.ident not a set
643 set.ident or #.ident cannot insert itself
644 set.ident or #.ident has undefined data
645 scalar assignments have to be type compatible
646 Subtypes have to be the same
647 Start skipping input
648 End skipping input
649 Domain violation when loading from GDX file
650 Ord type functions only work with controlling sets not with maps
651 Ord type functions can only be referenced with a one dimensional set
652 Cannot unload a predefined type at compile time
653 The left side of an equation cannot be a set expression
654 The right side of an equation cannot be a set expression
655 Missing model arguments for loadhandle
656 Compress/Decompress source file name missing
657 Compress/Decompress target file name missing
658 Compress/Decompress operation failed, see log
659 Error in evaluation
660 Error in evaluation of left expression
661 Error in evaluation of right expression
662 Closing } or ] missing in constant expression
663 Error in constant evaluation
664 Bad GAMS symbol
665 Missing == for string == string
666 Missing string following ==
667 Symbol does not have dimensions
668 $if [NOT] unquoted command is ambigous, use quotes around
668 expression
669 identfier expected
670 $endif without an active $ifthen statement
671 $elseif/else without an active $ifthen statement
672 Could not find matching $endif following $ifthen, the $endif
672 has to be in the same file as the $ifthen.
673 $ifthen nestinglevel has been exeeded
674 Could not find $elseif/else/endif
675 Closing $endif missing
676 IfThen and ElseIf/Else/EndIF/ tags to not match
677 $SYS.xxxxxx% unknown field - EMPinfo LMinfo
681 Constant evaluation: STACK_LOW
682 Constant evaluation: STACK_HIGH
683 Constant evaluation: EXP_MISSING
684 Constant evaluation: BAD_CHAR
685 Constant evaluation: MISSING_LEFT_PAR
686 Constant evaluation: MISSING_RIGHT_PAR
687 Constant evaluation: TOO_FEW_ARGS
688 Constant evaluation: BAD_SYMBOL
689 Constant evaluation: SYNTAX_ERR
690 Constant evaluation: UNKNOWN_IDENT
691 Constant evaluation: BAD_RETURN_STACK
692 Constant evaluation: EXP_TOO_BIG
693 Constant evaluation: FPU EXCEPTION
694 Constant evaluation: TOO_MANY_ARGS
695 Constant evaluation: WRONG_IDENT_TYPE
696 Constant evaluation: NO_VALUE_FOR_IDENT
697 Constant evaluation: MISSING_IDENT
698 Constant evaluation: VALUE_OUT_OF_RANGE
699 Constant evaluation: OTHER_EXCEPTION
700 Constant evaluation: MP_MISSING_COMMA
701 Constant evaluation: MP_BAD_UNQUOTED_STRING
702 keep space for above
710 Variable/Equation data definition with wrong suffix
710 possible ones are: L M LO UP FX (L,LO,UP) SCALE PRIOR
711 Discret variables cannot have SCALE
712 Only Discret variable can have PRIOR
713 Cannot have var/equ data statements with maxdim dimension
714 Set expected for matching
715 No data assigned
716 , : or ) expected
717 Dimension too large
718 Matching dimension are different
719 Match with itself not allowed
720 Not enough arguments
721 $macro without data
722 $macro without a legal ident - rest of line ignored
723 $macro definition had errors - message inserted
724 $macro identifier already in use
725 $macro name has illegal extension
726 $macro expansion error - skip over text
727 $macro expansion error - last skipped positon
728 tuple or map under control already
729 $macro expansion will cause line overflow - no expansion
730 $macro is hidden and cannot be expanded
731 Cannot assign to a macro
732 Too manu edits on one single line - possible recursion in macro calls
732 compilation will be terminated
733 abort.noerror expected
734 Too many nested macro expansions - skip of macro ident
735 Macro cannot have a suffix - no expansion
736 Abort because elapsed time > ETlim
737 Legal mappings are < <=
738 Legal permutations are >
739 Left side dimension of permutation not 1+2*dim_right_side
740 Permutations have to be of type SET or PARAMETER
741 Permutations have to be of the same type
742 Left side dimension of permutation not 1+dim_right_side
743 Cannot permute scalar values
744 Domain violation on permutation
745 Multiple MAX/MIN directives
746 The scenario definition expects a set
747 No MAX/MIN with short form solve statement
748 Model name expected - SOLVE modelid ......
748 rest of statement ignored
749 Multiple USING clause
750 Unknown scenario data
751 Multiple scenario definitions
752 .local not allowed in a reference context
753 .local nested too deep - use $onlocal to remove scoping limit
754 Unknown prefix in %prefix.xxxx%. Has to be one of the following:
755 Unknown field in %SOLPRINT.xxx%. Has to be one of the following:
755 (0) Summary, (1) Report, (2) Quiet
756 Unknown field in %HANDLESTATUS.xxx%. Has to be one of the following:
756 (0) Unknown, (1) Running, (2) Ready, (3) Failure
757 Unknown field in %SOLVELINK.xxx%. Has to be one of the following:
757 (0) Chain Script, (1) Call Script, (2) Call Module,
757 (3) Async Grid, (4) Async Simulate, (5) Load Library
758 Unknown field in %SOLVESTAT.xxx%. Has to be one of the following:
758 (1) Normal Completion
758 (2) Iteration Interrupt
758 (3) Resource Interrupt
758 (4) Terminated By Solver
758 (5) Evaluation Interrupt
758 (6) Capability Problems
758 (7) Licensing Problems
758 (8) User Interrupt
758 (9) Setup Failure
758 (10) Solver Failure
758 (11) Internal Solver Failure
758 (12) Solve Processing Skipped
758 (13) System Failure
759 Unknown field in %MODELSTAT.xxx%. Has to be one of the following:
759 (1) Optimal
759 (2) Locally Optimal
759 (3) Unbounded
759 (4) Infeasible
759 (5) Locally Infeasible
759 (6) Intermediate Infeasible
759 (7) Intermediate Nonoptimal
759 (8) Integer Solution
759 (9) Intermediate Non-Integer
759 (10) Integer Infeasible
759 (11) Licensing Problem
759 (12) Error Unknown
759 (13) Error No Solution
759 (14) No Solution Returned
759 (15) Solved Unique
759 (16) Solved
759 (17) Solved Singular
759 (18) Unbounded - No Solution
759 (19) Infeasible - No Solution
760 Tab character found; too much data -- rest of line ignored
761 Aliased sets have to be of dimension one
762 Dimension of first element does not match declaration
763 Numeric field missing in <element> * <element> list
764 Could not extract number in <element> * <element> list
765 Size of small number string too large in <element> * <element> list
766 Larger number string starts with '0' in <element> * <element> list
767 Unexpected symbol will terminate the loop - symbol replaced by )
768 Matching ':' and unordered sets may create unexpected results
769 $ElseIf without an active $IfThen
770 Reorientation can only be used with -equ.var pairs
780 Last unused message: change ctv.pas
999 *** SENTINEL ***