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TU Delft Master Prospectus 2011

Master Prospectus

Delft University of Technology

Delft University of Technology

Stevinweg 1
2628 CN Delft
PO Box 5
2600 AA Delft

T +31 (0)15 27 89111

F +31 (0)15 21 81855
E info@tudelft.nl

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Master Prospectus
2 | Master Prospectus
Dear prospective Master’s student,

Life is all about making choices, and the

choice you are about to make will influence
your future. So how do you know that a
Master’s at Delft University of Technology
is the right choice? Precisely because of
that future. Our research at TU Delft is
aimed at finding solutions for the problems
facing the world today and tomorrow. We
believe that the issues confronting society
revolve around health, energy, environment
and infrastructure & mobility, so those are
the areas we pay extra attention to in our
research and other activities. As an MSc
student you will be very much part of our
scientific community. Therefore, at TU Delft
you can help us improve the future.
What we offer you is the chance to study
in a challenging environment, with outstanding
research facilities and excellent education:
the ideal surroundings for you to excel in.
An international environment also, in which
scientists and students from all over the
world work together on research and design
projects. We value this international
community; that is why all our MSc
programmes are exclusively taught in English.
Naturally, we expect something in return: But let’s not forget there will be time for
your dedication and commitment to your relaxation too. The TU Delft campus with
studies. Our MSc programmes offer you its own sports centre and culture centre is
not only a comprehensive theoretical base the right place for that. And just beyond the
in your chosen subject, but also a chance campus is the centre of Delft: a beautiful
to specialise through elective subjects and city with an interesting history and, just
a specific thesis topic. Should you wish to as importantly, a vibrant cultural and night
broaden your horizon, there are many life. As I live right in the town centre,
student initiatives you can join, ranging surrounded by student accommodation,
from debating clubs to rocket builders. I can guarantee you that student life in
Our graduates should be engineers Delft is bustling.
capable of critical thinking and independent In short, scientifically, culturally or
problem solving. And maybe your MSc socially, Delft will not disappoint you.
will inspire you to embark on a third-cycle I hope to welcome you here as an
education. A PhD can be a stepping stone MSc student in the coming years.
towards a scientific career. However, in
today’s increasingly complex society the Prof. Karel Luyben
demand for highly educated people is also Rector Magnificus
increasing in many other careers. Delft University of Technology

3 | Master Prospectus
The Netherlands

Den Haag

50 km

250 km
Foreword p.3 1. Why TU Delft p.6

2. Student life p.12 3. TU Delft’s p.16

MSc programmes
Joint and double degree programmes p.20
MSc programme summaries p.23

4. Other postgraduate p.44 5. Practical information p.48

opportunities at for applicants with a
TU Delft ­Dutch degree
Admission requirements p.48
Application procedure p.49
Money Zone p.49
Starting up – the introduction week p.49

6. Practical information p.50 7. Contact information p.60

for applicants with

international degrees
Studying and living in the Netherlands p.50
Activities for international students p.50
Services for MSc students p.52
Supplementary services for
non-EU/EFTA nationals p.53
Admission requirements and application
procedures p.54
Money Zone p.56
Scholarships & awards for excellent TU Delft
admitted students p.56
Scholarships & awards for all excellent
students p.57
Scholarship & awards for excellent students
from specific countries p.57

5 | Master Prospectus
1. Why TU Delft

A modern university with a rich tradition

In Greek mythology, Prometheus, whose torch forms the TU Delft logo, was a
titan who defied Zeus, the supreme god, to steal fire from Olympus and give it
to mankind. It was the mythological act that marked the beginning of man’s
technological development. In the spirit of Prometheus, TU Delft is an
entrepreneurial university at the forefront of technological development. It is
constantly challenged to further technological advancement in the interests of
society. By means of its fundamental and applied research and educational
programmes and its focus on valorisation, TU Delft trains the engineers of
tomorrow. Established on 8th January 1842 by King Willem II, TU Delft has a rich
tradition spanning over one and a half centuries. While initially focusing on civil
engineering the university has gradually added more and more engineering
disciplines to the academic programme. Today TU Delft has eight faculties and
currently offers fourteen undergraduate and some 40 postgraduate programmes.
With approximately 16,000 students and an academic staff of 2,700 (including
over 200 professors), TU Delft is the largest and most comprehensive university
of engineering sciences in the Netherlands and among the largest and most
renowned in the world.

Excellent research and education standards

TU Delft is a state university which conducts cutting-edge research and provides
first-class education. To ensure that standards remain consistently high within Dutch
universities as a whole, the Dutch government applies a visitation system. All the
‘Technological country’s universities and all university education programmes must comply with

advancement in this. Alongside this national accreditation system, many of TU Delft’s education
programmes are recognised as substantially equivalent to the best programmes in
the interests of the USA by the American Board of Engineering & Technology (ABET) with very high

society’ marks for curriculum and research. In addition, the programmes are also accredited

6 | Master Prospectus
The central TU Delft
Library is a hub of
technical and scientific
information in the
Netherlands. It is also
a magnificent piece of

Energy, Health, and maintain prosperity and facilitate accelerated development

Environment and welfare, and to expand economic

opportunities, it is essential to
of real-life solutions. Behind
each Delft Research Initiative,
Infrastructures & come up with appropriate solutions there is a vibrant community of

Mobility in these areas.

That is why TU Delft devotes
researchers, students, alumni
and external parties who are
Patient-centred health care, special attention to research and engaged in academic debate
plentiful supplies of affordable education relating to these four and work together in concrete
green energy, a clean and safe themes, while simultaneously projects. Current projects include
living environment, smooth engaging in research and offering developing more affordable and
commutes with no tailbacks, educational programmes across more efficient solar cells, providing
efficient public transportation a broad spectrum of other topics. reliable data on climate change,
systems – just a few of the most The Delft Research Initiatives on designing a zero-emissions aircraft
prominent social policy concerns Energy, Health, the Environment and developing state of the art
today. Indeed, health, energy, the and Infrastructure & Mobility technologies for the operating
environment, and infrastructure proactively initiate partnerships theatre.
and mobility are among today’s with companies, consortia and More information:
major social issues. To provide government agencies in order to www.research.tudelft.nl

7 | Master Prospectus
The Oostpoort, one of the to the European Federation of National Engineering Associations, which means that
few entrances to Delft degrees are recognised by all engineering councils in the European Union. TU Delft
during the Middle Ages.
closely interlinks research and education, having each build solidly on the other.
Research is ongoing in the faculties, research institutes and research schools.
TU Delft's annual output is about 230 PhD dissertations and some 6,500 publications
in numerous scientific journals. Most MSc programmes are research driven and thus
challenge the student to dig deep to optimise their individual contributions. This
work leads to excellent ties with industry and the creation of numerous technology-
based (and often ex-student owned) companies in close proximity to the university.

In the 2010 QS World University Rankings, TU Delft ranked number 18 among the
World’s top 100 Universities of Technology. TU Delft proudly occupies this position
in the company of its IDEA League partners and the world’s most renowned

Outstanding facilities
TU Delft OpenCourseWare The provision of high quality research and education calls for outstanding facilities.
TU Delft develops technologies for The TU Delft University Library has one of the largest collections of technical and
future generations, focusing on scientific materials in the Netherlands. Much of the collection is in the form of hard
sustainability, safety and economic copies, but increasingly, e-journals, e-books and online reference materials are
vitality. The university’s core tasks being added. In addition to collecting information, the TU Delft library helps
include delivering know-how and students to find information. During office hours, employees of “Ask Your Library”
building knowledge networks in are always available to help via chat, e-mail and phone, as well as in person. There
an international context. TU Delft is also the TUlib ‘help with information’ (hulp-bij-informatie) search site, which
OpenCourseWare is a free and provides tips and pointers. The digital starting point for these and other library
open digital publication of high services, such as the catalogue, is www.library.tudelft.nl.
quality educational materials, In the main library building, you have access to many places to study, to work
organised as courses. together with fellow students, to use computers, and also to have a coffee and read
www.ocw.tudelft.nl a newspaper. Briefly put: the TU Delft Library is the place to go at TU Delft – for
information or just to relax!
TU Delft has eight multidisciplinary research schools and a number of research
institutes, all of which are fully equipped and dedicated to innovative research.
The Delft Institute of Microelectronics and Submicron Technology (DIMES), for
example, integrates the disciplines of nanoscale and high-speed device physics,
materials science and process technology, and circuit design and embedded system
design. At the DIMES laboratories there is a fully equipped clean room where
students can design and even produce chips. The Kavli Institute of Nanoscience
pursues cutting edge research at the forefront of many fields within its discipline.

8 | Master Prospectus
Other examples of cutting-edge scientific facilities are the unique flight simulator,
SIMONA, and the wind tunnels at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering not to
mention the second-largest High Voltage Laboratory in Europe housed within the
faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science. It is fairly
unique for students to have the opportunity to work with such sophisticated facilities
and it is one of the reasons why TU Delft graduates have such a good reputation.

The fostering of creative and independent thinking

TU Delft places strong emphasis on encouraging and stimulating students to
become creative and independent thinkers so that they will later become engineers
capable of independently solving complex problems. In order to foster this attitude,
much of the academic curriculum revolves around analysis and project-group
problem solving activities which are linked to report and paper writing activities.
Learning by repetition is not something that is encouraged. As an MSc student you
are expected to be able to make your own decisions. You should know how to work
independently and manage your time so that assignments and course-work can
be completed on time. The required study related material is clearly defined in the
study guides, reading lists and syllabi. It is the task of the lecturer to assemble and
structure the material whilst the student learns how to filter, absorb and apply that
information. The role of the lecturer is therefore more that of assisting, inspiring
and guiding rather than that of merely dictating a series of lectures. At TU Delft
much importance is placed upon the opinions of individual students. It is not
enough to just reproduce what others have written. Lecturers will often want you
to give your opinions on subjects. You are encouraged to actively work together
with your fellow students and lecturers for the duration of the programme.
Student-staff relations at TU Delft tend to be relaxed and quite informal.

International environment
This is very important in TU Delft’s thinking and approach, and international
students naturally play a central role. Some fifteen percent of TU Delft’s students
come from abroad, and represent a community of 100 nationalities; one reason
why all MSc programmes are taught in English. TU Delft’s international reputation
is excellent. We have partnerships with more than thirty leading universities all
over the world and participate in numerous international exchange programmes,
thus allowing our students to study abroad and foreign students to study in Delft.
The ATHENS programme, for example, enables TU Delft students to follow a one
week course at any one of nine partner universities in Europe.

Successful alumni
“For me ‘Delft’ provided the “I work as Associate Director for WSP “TU Delft has given me the opportunity
foundations for my technical Middle East and am currently involved to pursue my dream of combining
knowledge, my experience of life, in a 2 billion dollar project in the engineering knowledge with
and it gave me many of my best middle of the desert near Dubai. entrepreneurship. The University
memories. It is the bedrock on which It involves a lot of design coordination not only provides the facilities, but
you can build something beautiful, with all sorts of disciplines, so you also offers its students a learning
strong and durable.” have to be able to look beyond environment with a passion for
the boundaries of your particular entrepreneurship. I have successfully
expertise. My years in Delft have started up my own company here in
provided me with a wide range of Delft, producing a collapsible container
technical skills, which I still use on a for land and maritime use. By the end
daily basis. Wherever my career takes of 2009, we are going to start mass
me in the world, I will always be able production in China. By mid 2010, we
to rely on this extensive and priceless plan to launch our container worldwide.
tool set.” You can find out more about us on our
website www.hcinnovations.nl”

Ir. drs Jeroen van der Veer Ir. B. Leclercq Ir. Gunawan Kusuma
Studied Mechanical Engineering Studied Civil Engineering and is Studied Materials Engineering
and is now Chief Executive of now Associate Director for WSP and is now Managing Director of
SHELL Middle East Holland Container Innovations

9 | Master Prospectus
‘Delft’s rich history is
still very much alive’
IDEA League
The IDEA League is a strategic partnership between five of Europe’s top
universities, all of whom are committed to the highest international standards
in both research and education. These standards are achieved by using common
quality management principles for their educational programmes. In addition the
IDEA league members have created a range of alternative study and research
The IDEA League partners are:
- Imperial College London (England)
- Delft University of Technology (Netherlands)
- ETH (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule) Zürich (Switzerland)
- RWTH (Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule) Aachen (Germany)
- Paris Tech (France)
Website www.idealeague.org

An attractive historic university city

Delft is an interesting and historic town located in the province of South Holland
between the larger cities of The Hague and Rotterdam, the former being the seat
of Dutch government and the latter, with its Europoort, the largest sea terminal in
the world. Delft is nicknamed ‘de Prinsenstad’ (the Princes’ City), because William
of Orange, the first in the Dutch royal line, held court in Delft in the 16th century.
Other famous historical figures who once lived and worked in Delft are the painter
Johannes Vermeer and the inventor of the microscope, Anthonie van Leeuwenhoek.
If one looks at the ancient canals lined with merchant’s houses, the old churches
and the splendid town hall one sees that Delft’s rich history is still very much alive.
At the same time, though, it remains a very modern, safe and vibrant city.
Ten percent of its 100,000 inhabitants are students and the university has
­a ttracted a large number of technology-oriented companies.
Website www.delft.nl

10 | Master Prospectus
Plakkies: super
comfortable flip-flops
fashioned from
recycled car tires in
South Africa.
An initiative between
students of the faculty
of Industrial Design
Engineering and
Aerospace Engineering.

Student Initiative
In May 2009 the very first Plakkies hit the stores. Plakkies South-Africa. Arnoud went in search of a more Delft-
is the Afrikaans word for slippers. Plakkies are the trendy like product, and came up with the flip-flops via Michel’s
design flip-flops, designed by celebrity shoe designer Jan (Industrial Design Engineering) final Bachelor’s project.
Jansen and Industrial Design student Michel Boerrigter. Together they built up an overwhelming list of sponsors and
They are manufactured in a recently founded factory nearby within a year, had progressed from concept to unique market
the Durban townships in South-Africa, and have soles made launch. Plakkies are now for sale in many retail stores.
from worn-out car tires. Production has given employment “It’s an unique chance to combine studying with social
to 70 people. The proceeds are being ploughed back into entrepreneurship! In just 12 months this ambitious idea
the slum areas and used for projects including some for grew to a factory with more than 70 employees from the
children. The project began with an initiative from Arnoud, townships and the biggest market introduction on the
student of Aerospace Engineering, who noticed that Dutch market of a new slipper brand ever!”
development aid inevitably starts with employment. He was
inspired by the strategy taken by the KidsRights Foundation, Arnoud Rozendaal
which established a factory for children’s soft toys in Cofounder of Plakkies

11 | Master Prospectus
2. Student life

12 | Master Prospectus
Sport Centre and Culture Centre
It is not difficult to stay in shape at TU Delft. Badminton, basketball, (Thai)
boxing, fitness training, golf, rowing, hockey, indoor soccer, rugby, volleyball and
table tennis are just some of the sports that can be taken up at the sport centre
which is also ‘home’ to over 40 student sport teams. You can take up solo sports
or participate in team sports with friends. Professional instructors are on hand
to provide guidance and assistance. The sport centre is situated on the TU Delft
campus. The annual membership fee is approximately €90 but additional fees may
be charged for certain sports.
Are you interested in photography, acting, or playing the piano? Would you like
to learn Capoeira, a combination of dance and martial arts originated by Brazilian
slaves? Or perhaps painting is more your style? How about joining a band that
rehearses weekly? These are just a few of the many activities on offer at TU Delft’s
culture centre. Musical instruments are available, as well as a recording studio,
an art studio, a rehearsal studio, a darkroom and a dance studio. You get access
to these facilities by purchasing a card for the facility you wish to use. On average
these cost €65.

‘Not difficult to
stay in shape at
TU Delft’
13 | Master Prospectus
‘Or to dive into
the cool water on
a warm summer
In Delft you will find a great many of things that will help you to enjoy student life.
The city has numerous cafés and pubs, two cinemas and a theatre. There is also
an abundance of reasonably priced restaurants. The ‘Delft international cuisine’
ranges from Chinese, Indonesian and Mexican to Lebanese food. Many student
societies have their own restaurants which serve decent and healthy meals for
price in the range of just € 4.00. Of course you can also cook your own food.
Every Thursday and Saturday there is a market in the central market square,
where you can buy fresh vegetables, fruit, fish and flowers. What else is there to
do or see? The city park ‘Delftse Hout’ is the place to go for a stroll, to play soccer,
to have a barbecue or to dive into the cool water on a warm summer day. If you
prefer the sea then Scheveningen beach is only half an hour away by bus or tram.
Delft also has a number of interesting museums such as ‘Nusantara’, which is
devoted to Indonesian ethnology and art and the ‘Prinsenhof’, former residence
of the first Dutch monarch, William of Orange. Of course there is also the famous
‘Delft blue’ pottery, still produced today in the same way that it was manufactured
hundreds of years ago. This ceramics factory ‘Porceleyne Fles’ is open to the public
and offers guided tours for those who are interested and the opportunity
to purchase products in the factory shop.

marketing plans for real product launches.

It answers the question ‘how do you make a
certain product successful?’ What I like about
the programme is that it makes me a critical
consumer. When I watch commercials or walk in
the supermarket I look at products differently.
I notice the smart or stupid ways they are
branded, priced or promoted. My favourite
courses are the real SPD types, on branding and
marketing and such, though some research-
focused courses are tough. My internship will
let me experience working in SPD in different
cultural contexts. When I graduate I would
like to work as a strategic consultant or as
product manager in a multinational. I would
still like to work with products, but less with the
design and more with everything around the
“After my Bachelor studies I knew I wanted commercial process.”
to focus on the commercial side of product
development. So I entered for Strategic Product Pleun Lauwerier [The Netherlands]
Design. This programme relates design to MSc Strategic Product Design
putting the products on the market, creating

14 | Master Prospectus
like here is that you not only follow courses and
classes, it’s much more than that! There are
associations, projects, sports clubs, and cultural
events… In my second year I joined the formula
student racing team, where we learned how
to design and build a racing car. So I put the
things I learned into practice.
In my third year I helped first year students
with their projects and organized a study
tour to China and Russia. In my fourth year,
I helped manage our study society. Currently
I’m following the ‘design, integration and
operations of aircraft and rotorcraft’ MSc track
at the faculty of aerospace engineering. Initially
this involves various specialist courses. In the
second year I’ll be doing an internship at a
company leading to my graduation project.”
“When I was 16 I started flying gliders and it
became a passion. After high school I came to Pieter Broos [Belgium]
Delft and did Aerospace Engineering. What I MSc Aerospace Engineering

Student societies
Each MSc programme at TU Delft has its own student society, each of which
protects the interests of its particular students. The various student societies
also have representatives who sit on the faculties’ departmental committees and
participate in discussions on teaching issues. It is their task to critically appraise
teaching, detect problems and propose solutions.
The student societies also organise many study related events, such as
conferences and excursions in the Netherlands and abroad. Naturally, they also
organise parties and other leisure time activities as well. Once or twice a year,
the student societies organize ‘Career days’ where various companies are invited
to present themselves and students have the opportunity to talk with industrialists
about career openings and opportunities.

15 | Master Prospectus
3. TU Delft’s
MSc programmes

TU Delft currently offers some 40 MSc programmes. The first year of most
programmes comprises theoretical study, assignments and laboratory work.
The second year is largely devoted to final thesis work and will involve participating
in one of the university’s advanced research or design projects or completing an
internship or research assignment within a company. Each academic year consists
of two semesters. The first semester continues from September until the end of
January, while the second semester lasts from the end of January until July.
TU Delft has adopted the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Students are
expected to obtain 60 European credits (EC) each academic year. The duration of
all MSc programmes is two years. In most MSc programmes students are given the
opportunity to specialise in sustainable development.
During your studies, guidance and assistance is provided at all times. A faculty
counsellor monitors progress and provides advice whenever appropriate. Please
feel free to contact your counsellor whenever you come up against problems of
any sort related to your study.
This chapter lists the MSc programmes currently provided by TU Delft.
Please note that new programmes / tracks may be added during the course of each
academic year. Detailed and up-to-date programme information is available on
Prometheus’ flame

16 | Master Prospectus
Honours Tracks ‘Opportunities
Motivated students who have performed well during the
first semester of the Master’s programme (no fails and an
average mark of 7.5 or higher) are eligible to participate in
for more
an Honours track. This is a special individual programme,
scheduled alongside of the normal MSc programme which
carries about 30 EC and must be related either to the
student in question’s master’s degree course and/or to
the role of technology in society. Such tracks can offer
opportunities for more in-depth study, for example to
prepare individuals for subsequent PhD programmes,
or they might just provide students with a broader view
on matters, as for example in the field of sustainability or
other specific area of science. This extra programme has
to be completed within the time allowed for the normal
MSc programme. Students who successfully complete an
honours track subsequently receive a special certificate
from the university.

17 | Master Prospectus
Everything here at TU Delft is so advanced and
the facilities are very helpful for students when
studying. Every class has good audio-visual
equipment and computers in the superb library
have all the software you need. There are plenty
of places to study and a wireless internet signal
is available everywhere inside the buildings so
you can connect wherever you are.
My life is comfortable and happy. I enjoy
TU Delft’s sports centre and cultural centre. They
are great places to meet people. Basketball and
football matches are now regular traditions of our
Master class. After an unforgettable introduction
week the members of our class became good
friends. We feel we are not just a group studying
the same programme but loyal colleagues, fifteen
nationalities, who care for and respect others.
“I am an Erasmus Mundus Student meaning My best memory? The atmosphere. Best lesson?
I pursue my MSc in three universities: one How to organise myself.”
year at Delft University of Technology in the
Netherlands, a semester at Paris Sud in France Quynh Chi Trinh [Vietnam]
and one at UP Comillas in Spain. MSc Engineering and Policy Analysis

‘We are not just

a group studying
the same
18 | Master Prospectus
TU Delft MSc Programmes • Civil Engineering p.29 • Marine Technology p.35
Tracks: Tracks:
• Aerospace Engineering p.23 - Building Engineering - Design, Production and Operation
Tracks: - Geo-Engineering - Science
- Aerodynamics & Wind Energy - Hydraulic Engineering
- Control & Operations - Structural Engineering • Materials Science & Engineering p.36
- Space - Transport and Planning
- Aerospace Materials & Manufacturing - Water Management • Mechanical Engineering p.37
- Aerospace Structures & Design Tracks:
Methodologies • Computer Engineering p.29 - Transport Engineering
- Control Engineering
• Applied Earth Sciences p.24 • Computer Science p.30 - S ustainable Processes and Energy
Tracks: Track: Technology
- Applied Geophysics - Information Architecture - P recision and Microsystems
- Geo-Engineering Engineering
- Petroleum Engineering & • C onstruction Management & - BioMechanical Design
Geosciences Engineering (3TU) p.30 - Solid and Fluid Mechanics
- Resource Engineering - M aterials Engineering and
• Design for Interaction * p.31 Applications
• Applied Mathematics p.24
• Electrical Engineering p.31 • Media & Knowledge Engineering p.38
• Applied Physics p.25 Tracks: Track:
Tracks: - Electrical Power Engineering - B io-informatics (in cooperation with
- Bionanoscience - Microelectronics Leiden University, the Netherlands)
- Imaging Science & Technology - Telecommunications
- Multi-Scale Physics • Offshore Engineering p.38
- Quantum Nanoscience • Embedded Systems (3TU) p.32
- R adiation, Radionuclides and • S cience Education &
Reactors • Engineering & Policy Analysis * p.32 Communication (3TU) p.39
• A rchitecture, Urbanism and • Geomatics p.33 - S cience Education / Teacher Training
Building Sciences p.26 (Lerarenopleiding)
Tracks: • Industrial Ecology p.33 - Science Communication
- Architecture (In cooperation with Leiden
- Building Technology University, the Netherlands) • Strategic Product Design * p.39
- Real Estate & Housing
- Urbanism • Integrated Product Design * p.34 • S ustainable Energy
- Landscape Architecture Technology (3TU) p.40
• Life Science & Technology p.34
• BioMedical Engineering p.27 Tracks: • Systems & Control (3TU) p.41
- Biocatalysis
• Chemical Engineering p.28 - Biochemical Engineering • S ystems Engineering, Policy
Tracks: - Cell Factory Analysis & Management * p.42
- Molecular Engineering Track:
- Nuclear Science & Engineering • Management of Technology * p.35 - Information Architecture
- Process Engineering
• Transport, Infrastructure
& Logistics p.43

* These degree programmes start twice a year. Check the programme website for more information.

The three leading universities of technology in the Within the framework of this cooperation, five joint MSc
Netherlands - Delft University of Technology, Eindhoven programmes have been developed that address key issues
University of Technology and the University of Twente - in engineering and society. These five MSc programmes are:
have joined forces in the 3TU.Federation (www.3tu.nl). • Construction Management and Engineering
This federation maximises innovation by combining and • Embedded Systems
concentrating the strengths of all three universities in • Science Education and Communication
research, education and knowledge transfer. • Sustainable Energy Technology
The 3TU.Federation is in the top ranks of technology • Systems and Control
institutes worldwide.

19 | Master Prospectus
Joint and
double degree
MSc programmes
TU Delft participates in a number of joint and double degree programmes.
Please note that these programmes have their own specific application procedures,
their own tuition fees and facilities. For details please visit the programme
websites. New programmes / specialisations may be added during the course of
each academic year. Detailed and up-to-date programme information is available
on www.master.tudelft.nl

Erasmus Mundus programmes

Erasmus Mundus Master Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management
In cooperation with Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway),
Catalunya University of Technology (Spain), University of Southampton (UK) and
City University London (UK).
Website www.comem.tudelft.nl

Erasmus Mundus Master Economics and Management of Network Industries

In cooperation with Pontifical University Comillas (Spain) and University Paris-Sud
11 (France).
Website www.upcomillas.es/emin

Erasmus Mundus Master Minerals and Environmental Programme

In cooperation with RWTH Aachen (Germany), University of Exeter (UK),
Helsinki University of Technology (Finland), University of Miskolc (Hungary),
Wroclaw ­U niversity of Technology (Poland).
Website www.emmep.org

Erasmus Mundus Master Optics in Science and Technology

In cooperation with Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Germany), Imperial College
London (UK), Université Paris-Sud 11 (France), Institut d’Optique Graduate School
(France), Warsaw University of Technology (Poland).
Website www.master-optics.eu

Erasmus Mundus Master Computer Simulation for Science and Engineering

In cooperation with KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), Technical
University of Berlin (Germany), Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-
Nürnberg (Germany).
Website www.kth.se/cosse

The Erasmus Mundus programme is a European Union

cooperation and mobility programme. Through the creation
of European Master’s programmes and the provision of
scholarships, students from around the world may engage
in postgraduate education at European Universities.

20 | Master Prospectus
Other opportunities
Applied Geophysics, track within MSc in Applied Earth Sciences
IDEA League joint Master's.
In cooperation with RWTH Aachen (Germany) and ETH Zürich (Switzerland).
Website www.idealeague.com/geophysics

Computational Design and Fabrication Technologies, track within

MSc in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences
Double degree with METU (Turkey).

Design for Interaction

Double degree with METU (Turkey).

Engineering & Policy Analysis

Double degree with Harbin Institute of Technology (China).

Flight Dynamics & Control and Avionics, track within MSc in Aerospace Engineering
Double degree with Instituto Superior Técnico Lisbon (Portugal).

Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management, specialisations for track

in Hydraulic Engineering within MSc in Civil Engineering
Double degree with NUS Singapore (Singapore).

Management of Technology and Applied Physics

Double degree TU Delft.

Microelectronics, track within MSc in Electrical Engineering

Double degree with Tsinghua University (China).

Microelectronics, track within MSc in Electrical Engineering

Double degree with Fudan University (China).

Telecommunications, track within MSc in Electrical Engineering

Double degree with IT Bandung (Indonesia).

The IDEA League is a strategic partnership between five

of Europe’s top universities, namely TU Delft, Imperial
College London, RWTH Aachen, ETH Zürich and Paris Tech.
The IDEA League is committed to the highest international
standards in both research and education. Setting up joint
Master’s programmes is also on the League’s agenda.

‘18 th in the
top 100’
21 | Master Prospectus
22 | Master Prospectus
MSc programme

MSc Programme in Aerospace Engineering

TU Delft is home to one of the leading Others work in environmental research,
academic programmes in aerospace move into positions in national defence For more information
and earth observation technology in ministries, remain in academia, or www.ae.msc.tudelft.nl
all of Europe. The Master’s Programme begin their own firms. The increasing
prepares students to respond dependence of business on telecom International Officer
effectively and rapidly to the needs in and satellite-driven technologies will T +31 (0)15 27 81355
the aerospace sector with solutions continue to drive demand for qualified E study-AE@tudelft.nl
that are not only technically feasible aerospace engineers.
but also – crucially – commercially
viable. The programme has a distinctly Admission requirements
international focus. One of the goals of Depending on the track selection,
the programme is, accordingly, to train graduates should have a BSc from
professionals to work in an industry that a Dutch or international university
requires resourceful problem solvers in one of the following: Aeronautical
and innovative, visionary thinkers Engineering, Aerospace Engineering,
who are capable of collaborating with Applied Physics, Civil Engineering,
colleagues across cultural borders. Electrical Engineering, Maritime
Students have access to state-of- Engineering, Mechanical Engineering,
the-art test and laboratory facilities. Technical Earth Sciences, Geodesy or
Geodetic Engineering. Graduates with
Career prospects a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical
Graduates find work in leading Engineering, Marine Technology,
aerospace and astronautics firms Civil Engineering and Aerospace
including companies such as Stork, Engineering from a Dutch HBO are
KLM, the National Aerospace eligible for admission following the
Laboratory (NLR), TNO, EADS Space, successful completion of a one-year
Airbus, Shell Oil, Boeing, and Philips. bridging course.

23 | Master Prospectus
MSc Programme in Applied Earth Sciences
The aim of the MSc Programme in and scientists in the energy and
Applied Earth Sciences is to give a natural resource industry. TU Delft For more information
new generation of engineers the graduates are eagerly sought after for www.aes.msc.tudelft.nl
skills and knowledge to sustainably positions as engineers, geophysicists,
and responsibly locate, extract and geologists, consultants, or business Mr. Pascal de Smidt, MSc
process the Earth’s resources. analysts. The interdisciplinary Academic Counsellor
In the programme, students learn nature of the Applied Earth Sciences T +31 (0)15 27 81068
how to approach complicated issues Programme gives TU Delft graduates E P.deSmidt@tudelft.nl
related to the challenges of energy an added advantage.
production, raw materials technology
and geotechnical engineering in an Admission requirements
imaginative and resourceful manner. Applicants holding a university level
Students have numerous opportunities degree in Earth Sciences or a related
to work intensively with TU Delft’s subject may apply for admission.
partners in industry to complement Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree
their academic coursework with in a related discipline are eligible
practical experience. The programme for admission, but may be required who have no previous knowledge
includes four tracks: Petroleum to meet additional requirements of geology or engineering geology
Engineering and Geosciences, Applied set by the department. Graduates follow a personally tailored, six-week
Geophysics, Resource Engineering with a relevant HBO degree may convergence course.
and Geo-Engineering. be admitted, but need to follow a
bridging course. Students may only
Career prospects start the bridging course if they
There is currently a great need for have passed entrance tests in both
well-trained, innovative engineers Mathematics and English. Students

MSc Programme in Applied Mathematics

Applied mathematics is a field of Admission requirements
knowledge of crucial importance Applicants holding a degree in For more information
in engineering, construction, (Applied) Mathematics from TU Delft www.am.msc.tudelft.nl
finance, budgeting, planning and or an equivalent from another Dutch
policymaking, and countless other university qualify for admission. Dr. J.W. van der Woude
activities where models are needed to Students with a BSc degree in Civil Director of Studies for
predict the behaviours of technical, Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics
physical and even social systems. Geodetics, Aerospace Engineering, T +31 (0)15 27 83834
The objective of the MSc Maritime Engineering, Applied Earth E J.W.vanderWoude@tudelft.nl
programme in Applied Mathematics is Sciences, Applied Physics, Computer
to provide students with a thorough Science or Mechanical Engineering
knowledge of applied mathematics from a Dutch university will also be
and to develop their expertise in admitted to the MSc programme, after
applying the methods and tools of completing a mathematics bridging
mathematics to problems in science course. Students may only start the
and engineering. The programme bridging course if they have passed
offers specialisations in Computational entrance tests in both Mathematics
Science and Engineering, and in and English. Applicants from Imperial
Probability, Risk and Statistics. College London, ETH Zurich, RWTH
Aachen and Paris Tech holding a BSc
Career prospects degree in (Applied) Mathematics or
Experts in applied mathematics equivalent automatically qualify for
are much sought after by research admission.
institutes, the research departments Other applicants need to meet
of large corporations such as Philips, TU Delft’s general admission
Shell, AkzoNobel, KPN and financial requirements and will be evaluated
institutions such as ABN Amro, RABO on an individual basis.
Bank and ING.

24 | Master Prospectus
MSc Programme in Applied Physics
Physics covers phenomena ranging an area of specialisation from the
from the infinitesimally small following seven options: research For more information
– subatomic particles – to the and development; management www.ap.msc.tudelft.nl
unimaginably large – the universe. of technology; sustainability in
Somewhere between these two, there technology; education; astronomy and For national applicants
is the reality of everyday life. Applied instrumentation; entrepreneurship; Mirjam van der Geur
physics is about translating a deep and the Casimir Pre-PhD specialisation. T +31 (0)15 27 88718
understanding of the theoretical An additional programme, Optics E info-ap@tudelft.nl
underpinnings of physics into concrete in Science and Technology, is offered
results to benefit society. via the Erasmus Mundus programme For international applicants
The Applied Physics Master's in collaboration with several other Ms. Tamara Bacsik
programme educates students to European universities International Recruitment Officer
assume positions on the forefront of ( www.master-optics.eu ). T +31 (0)15 27 88180
understanding in the field of applied E msc-tnw@tudelft.nl
physics, and to develop practical Career prospects
applications from an awareness of the Companies that employ graduates
opportunities and needs of society. include Total, Shell, BP, Philips, Corus,
The programme combines elements ASML, Philips, TNO, Mc Kinsey, BCG,
of a standard Master’s programme in Bain and Company, Optiver and Price
engineering with a more theoretically Waterhouse Coopers. In recent years,
based programme in advanced approximately 70% of all applied
physics. physics graduates have found work
The programme consists of a within three months.
core curriculum and a specialisation.
The core curriculum contains modules Admission requirements
in advanced general physics and Applicants from Dutch universities
mathematics, as well as elective should possess a bachelor’s degree
modules associated with specific in applied physics. For Dutch HBO
research themes. In the second graduates, a number of university
year, all students write a research bachelor courses should be completed
thesis. The core curriculum is before admission. Students with
divided into five separate tracks: degrees in related subjects may apply
imaging science and technology; for admission; additional course work
multi-scale physics; quantum may be required prior to beginning the
nanoscience; bionanoscience; Master’s programme. International
and radiation, radionuclides and applicants must ordinarily possess a
reactors. Students also choose BSc in (applied) physics.

25 | Master Prospectus
MSc Programme in Architecture, Urbanism
and Building Sciences
The Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft Career prospects
offers a dynamic Master’s programme The programme prepares students For more information
very much informed by the unique for the full range of careers available www.aubs.msc.tudelft.nl
circumstances of the Netherlands, in architectural design, urban
where the high population density has planning and management, project For national applicants
strongly influenced thinking about how development, real estate investment, Academic Counsellors
to work creatively with space. The housing administration and design, E Studieadviseurs-bk@tudelft.nl
programme is especially strong in such architectural engineering, and
areas as design, research, management, contracting, among many others. For international applicants
technology and research-by-design. International Office
There are five programme tracks. Admission requirements T +31 (0)15 27 88240
• T he Architecture track emphasises Applicants holding a TU Delft Bachelor’s E I nternationalOffice-bk@
architectural design. degree in Architecture automatically tudelft.nl
• T he Urbanism track builds on the qualify for admission, and graduates
Dutch experience in managing the of the other Dutch universities of
urban environment, while critically technology may also qualify for
analysing and comparing it to other admission.
European approaches. Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree
• T he Real Estate & Housing track from a Dutch HBO may be admitted
is geared towards the design, to the programme in three ways,
development and management depending on their prior preparation:
processes of the built environment 1) a bridging course, 2) an academic
and urban areas. minor while completing the HBO
• T he Landscape Architecture Bachelor’s degree or 3) a screening
track focuses on the foundations process by the Admissions Advisory
of landscape architecture, the Board.
landscape of delta areas, and the International applicants must
design of urban landscapes. meet TU Delft’s general admission
• T he Building Technology track requirements, and are selected on the
focuses on the innovative and basis of a portfolio.
sustainable design of elements, For more details about admission
components and (sub) systems of and application requirements
building structures. please visit our website:
www.aubs.msc@tudelft.nl and
click on admission and application.

26 | Master Prospectus
MSc Programme in BioMedical Engineering
BioMedical Engineering (BME) Career prospects
applies engineering principles and Career opportunities for biomedical For more information
technologies to medicine and biology. engineers are excellent and many www.bme.msc.tudelft.nl
The BME Master’s at TU Delft is a continue at TU Delft with studies
multidisciplinary programme which leading to a PhD. To develop the Dr.ir. D.H. Plettenburg
aims to provide you with the skills innovative technologies that drive the Coordinator Master Biomedical
to design mechatronic devices such biomedical industry, employers are Engineering
as instruments for minimal invasive looking for personnel with the unique T +31 (0)15 27 85615
surgery, limb replacement prostheses, combination of skills, knowledge and E C oordinator-BME-3ME@
joint replacement prostheses, experience in biology, medicine and TUDelft.nl
microsensors, stimulation implants engineering that graduates of the MSc
and a range of imaging systems programme in Biomedical Engineering
from ultrasound and conventional can offer.
X-ray to CT, MRI and PET/SPECT.
The programme provides a basis in Admission requirements
human physiology and an overview Candidates with a Bachelor’s
of technology used in the medical degree from a Dutch University
practice. Courses and research of Applied sciences (HBO) in
assignments explore a wide range Electrical Engineering, Mechanical
of areas including human movement Engineering, Applied Mathematics,
analysis, musculoskeletal modelling, Physics or Applied Physics, Aerospace
identification of the (reflexive) Engineering or Human Motion
control loops in the musculoskeletal Technology will be considered for
system, biomaterials, bioelectricity, admission after completing a bridging
imaging, physics of medical image programme. Automatic admission is
acquisition, image processing, pattern extended to students with a Bachelor’s
recognition and radiotherapy. These degree from a Dutch university of
are complemented by general Master’s technology in Biomedical Engineering,
courses in such fields as design, Applied Physics, Mechanical
mechatronics, micro-electronics, Engineering, Aerospace Engineering,
physics, material and mechanical Electrical Engineering, Industrial
engineering. Courses are offered in Design Engineering or comparable
three TU Delft faculties – Applied studies. Applicants with a Bachelor’s
Sciences; Electrical Engineering, degree from an IDEA League
Mathematics and Computer Science; university are eligible for admission
and Mechanical, Marine and Materials to the programme, and others are
Engineering. The programme also admitted on a case by case basis.
benefits from the participation of three
teaching hospitals: Leiden University
Medical Center, Erasmus Medical
Center in Rotterdam, and Academic
Medical Center in Amsterdam.

27 | Master Prospectus
MSc Programme in Chemical Engineering

The main goal of the 2-year TU Delft • Process Engineering

For more information
Master’s Programme in Chemical > Focus on microfluidics, nano­
Engineering is to provide students technology, reactors and catalysis,
with the most current knowledge and multiphase systems and process
For national applicants
developments in the field, including dynamics.
Ir. Anjo Schaap
new areas such as nano-chemical > Typical course modules are:
Academic Counsellor
engineering. Students will find an reactors and kinetics, process
T +31 (0)15 27 86295
scientific environment that is both dynamics and control and applied
E info-chem@tudelft.nl
challenging and inspiring. Scientists transport phenomena.
and researchers in TU Delft’s Chemical • Nuclear Science & Engineering
For international applicants
Engineering programme are working > Focus on health care and medicine,
Ms. Tamara Bacsik
together with colleagues around the material science, radio isotopes.
International Recruitment Officer
world and across multidisciplinary > Typical courses are: nuclear
T +31 (0)15 27 88180
boundaries on technological science, nuclear chemistry and the
E msc-tnw@tudelft.nl
breakthroughs in the field. Students chemistry of the nuclear fuel cycle.
who join the programme will find that
they not only acquire the requisite Career prospects
knowledge and skills, but also gain the Most of our graduates work in
maturity and sense of responsibility industry, including many outside
that is so essential for innovative the Netherlands. Graduates have
work as a creative chemical engineer. found employment in a wide range
The TU Delft programme prepares of functions with leading firms such
graduates for careers in academic as Shell, AkzoNobel, DSM, Exxon
research or in the private sector. Chemical, Heineken, ING, BASF, Philips,
The programme encompasses the Proctor & Gamble, and Unilever. Others
full range of subjects at all levels: have joined governmental agencies or
molecular science, the design and consultancy firms, or have started their
analysis of chemical reactors, and the own businesses.
application of chemical engineering
in manufacturing processes, with Admission requirements
a strong emphasis on innovative Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree
thinking. A focal point of the activities in Chemical Engineering or a related
at TU Delft is the field of nano- field are eligible for admission. In
chemical engineering. It is the link some cases, additional course work
between molecular scale and product/ will be required before a student may
process scale. begin the MSc programme.
The TU Delft MSc programme
in Chemical Engineering offers
the student three interesting and
challenging study paths:
• Molecular Engineering
> Focus on self-assembly systems,
nano-structured materials, energy
conversion and storage and nano-
organic chemistry.
> Typical course modules are:
synthesis strategies and methods
in nanochemical engineering,
nanostructured materials and
dispersions, and molecular
quantum mechanics and

28 | Master Prospectus
MSc Programme in Civil Engineering

The TU Delft MSc Programme in Career prospects

Civil Engineering aims to train and Your career prospects as a graduate For more information
educate engineers to creatively solve of the TU Delft Programme in www.cive.msc.tudelft.nl
the complex problems of planning, Civil Engineering are outstanding.
designing, building and managing the Opportunities abound in the public Mr. K.O. Karsen
infrastructure of modern societies. sector as well as with engineering Academic Counsellor
The programme traditionally firms, building contractors, T +31 (0)15 27 83337
emphasises the interaction between consultancies, international E K.O.Karsen@tudelft.nl
theory and practice and between development organisations and
research and education. Students research institutes.
gain insight into the diverse forces
to which a typical structure produced Admission requirements
by civil engineers will be subjected Dutch university graduates, preferably
during its lifetime, and will learn how with a degree in Civil Engineering,
to quantify these forces, integrate are eligible for admission. Graduates
them into a design and apply with a relevant HBO degree may
theoretical knowledge to solve real- be admitted but will be required to Imperial College London, ETH Zurich,
life problems. The programme offers follow a bridging course. Students RWTH Aachen and Paris Tech holding
six tracks: Hydraulic Engineering, may only start the bridging course if a BSc degree in Civil Engineering or
Building Engineering, Structural they have passed entrance tests in equivalent automatically qualify for
Engineering, Transport & Planning, both Mathematics and English. The admission. Applicants with a degree
Water Management and Geo- bridging course may take the form of from another university outside the
Engineering. a minor during the HBO programme, Netherlands need to meet TU Delft’s
or it can be completed following the general admission requirements and
conclusion of the HBO programme. will be evaluated on an individual
International applicants from basis.

MSc Programme in Computer Engineering

The programme gives students the Career prospects
highly specialised skills demanded Computer Engineering is widely For more information
for the design, development and considered to be one of the most www.ce.msc.tudelft.nl
use of software and hardware for dynamic fields in terms of market
devices ranging from cell phones and growth. TU Delft graduates are Dr. A.J. van Genderen
desktop computers to main frames working in such fields as embedded Programme Coordinator
and supercomputers. Students systems, telecommunications, T +31 (0)15 27 86217
in the programme study system desktop computers, high-performance E c oordinator-msc-ce@
software, including programming, computers, networks, medical tudelft.nl
operating systems, and compilers; systems, and consumer electronics
networks and computer architecture; with prominent companies such as
and the design of software tools Philips, NXP, IBM, Infineon, SUN,
and methodologies for synthesis, Intel, IMEC, NVIDIA, ASML, Nokia,
physical design, VLSI, hardware- Lucent, OCE, and TNO-FEL.
software co-design, systems-on-chip,
testing and performance analysis. Admission requirements
In addition to academic coursework, Applicants with a degree in Electrical
students conduct experiments on Engineering, Computer Science or will be required to follow a tailored
software and hardware systems and equivalent are eligible for admission. bridging course. Applicants with
build working prototypes of their A degree in another technical field, a Bachelor’s degree from a Dutch
designs. Within the programme, there combined with a minor in Computer HBO are required to complete a
are 3 specialisations: Embedded Engineering or Embedded Systems bridging course prior to enrolment.
Systems, General Purpose and High may also be sufficient. In some cases International applicants must also
Performance Systems, and Distributed students whose preparation at the meet TU Delft’s general admission
Systems and Networks. undergraduate level is inadequate requirements.

29 | Master Prospectus
MSc Programme in Computer Science
The Master’s programme in Computer accepted positions with software
Science provides training and developers, consultancy firms, For more information
experience to students who wish to IT providers, communications www.cs.msc.tudelft.nl
design, redesign, build or maintain and networking firms, companies
complex software systems. Students developing innovative products Ir. H.J. Geers
acquire competence in the design of based on information technology, Programme Coordinator
software systems that serve as drivers financial institutions, and global T +31 (0)15 27 83832
of hardware; that control and monitor enterprises whose operations depend E H.J.A.M.Geers@tudelft.nl
large, complex systems like public on automated administrative and
transportation systems; and that logistics processes. Information Architecture Track
analyse and adjust other software Prof.dr.ir. G.J. Houben
systems, like the software systems Admission requirements Programme Coordinator
that financial institutions depend on Applicants holding a Computer Science T +31 (0)15 27 87486
to manage global transactions. The degree in Technical Informatics from E G.J.P.M.Houben@tudelft.nl
computer science programme offers a a Dutch University of Applied Sciences
full track in Information Architecture (HBO) are eligible for admission
and specialisations in Software after completing a bridging course.
Engineering, Parallel and Distributed Applicants holding a BSc in Technical degree in Technical Informatics or
Systems, Algorithmics, and Web Informatics from TU Delft or from the equivalent automatically qualify for
Information Systems. corresponding degree programmes at admission. Other applicants need to
other universities in the Netherlands meet TU Delft’s general admission
Career prospects also qualify for admission. Inter­ requirements and will be evaluated on
These days, it is not difficult for national applicants from Imperial an individual basis.
skilled computer scientists to find College London, ETH Zurich, RWTH
good positions. Graduates have Aachen and Paris Tech holding a BSc

MSc Programme in Construction Management

and Engineering
The aim of the Construction and Construction Processes Section
Management and Engineering (CME) at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and For more information
MSc programme is to give students Geosciences. The MSc programme www.cme.msc.tudelft.nl
broad management and construction in Construction Management and
engineering knowledge and provide Engineering is a joint programme Ir.drs. J.G. Verlaan
them with the skills necessary to of the 3TU. Federation of the three Programme Director
play leading roles in a transition universities of technology in the T +31 (0)15 27 87467
towards more sustainable solutions Netherlands. E J.G.Verlaan@tudelft.nl
gaining momentum in the building
and construction industry. As a CME Career prospects
student, you will familiarise yourself Career opportunities for CME
with existing management and graduates exist across the full
engineering practices, and learn spectrum of activities in the building
how you can help to achieve the and construction industry. Graduates
change in the construction industry, are especially well qualified to moved
taking into account economic, social, positions in large international
environmental and ethical factors, projects, often focused on in Civil Engineering, Architecture,
and assess the consequences of such infrastructure development. Potential or Management of Technology are
change. You will also further develop employers include building and admitted unconditionally. Others with
your engineering, problem solving and construction companies, engineering BSc’s in related fields or Bachelor’s
communication skills. Your studies and design offices and consultancy degrees from Dutch HBOs will be
will conclude with a graduation firms, public agencies, and academic assessed individually. In some
project addressing either process and or research institutions. cases students without adequate
system innovation in the building and undergraduate preparation will be
construction industry in general, or on Admission requirements required to complete a bridging
the ‘Living Building Concept’, which Dutch applicants who possess a BSc course. International applicants will
is being developed with the Design qualification from a Dutch university be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

30 | Master Prospectus
MSc Programme in Design for Interaction
The MSc programme in Design for provides a solid foundation for work
Interaction focuses on the way in in design-centred research. Graduates For more information
which people and products interact. of the programme have been hired www.dfi.msc.tudelft.nl
The goal of the programme is to in recent years by companies such
educate designers WHO understand major firms as Philips, Vodafone, HP, National applicants
what people do with and expect from Microsoft, TomTom, and Océ, many Ms. J.C. Thieme or Mr. J.H. Wiltjer
products they use in everyday life smaller companies, and design and Academic Counsellors
– designers who are able to design market research agencies. T +31 (0)15 27 82941/83041
products appropriate to users’ needs E master-io@tudelft.nl
and expectations. To gain the required Admission requirements
skills and understanding, students Applicants with a BSc in Industrial International applicants
pursue a multi-disciplinary course Design Engineering from TU Delft, International Office IDE
of study covering topics such as Eindhoven University of Technology, T +31 (0)15 27 81077
ergonomics, aesthetics, interaction and Twente University will be E internationaloffice-io@
design, psychology and sociology. unconditionally admitted to the tudelft.nl
Visualisation and conceptualisation Master’s programme.
play an important part in this, as do Applicants with another BSc from
the examination of the interaction a Dutch university may be admitted
between people and products, and the to the Master’s programme, but they
development, testing and refinement will be required to enrol in a bridging Engineering, Aerospace Engineering,
of prototypes. programme, depending on previous or Engineering Design & Innovation
training and competence. Applicants may be admitted after completing a
Career prospects holding a relevant HBO degree such bridging programme. All candidates
The programme prepares graduates as Industrial Product Design (IPO), must make a formal application for
for positions as product or interaction Product Design & Engineering, Human admission; for more information,
designers, R&D specialists, and Technology, Mechanical Engineering, please contact the academic
usability consultants, and also Human Movement Technology, Civil counsellors.

MSc Programme in Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering deals with the on devices and technologies requiring
study and application of electricity, the expertise of electrical engineers, For more information
electronics and electromagnetism. the opportunities for activities in www.ee.msc.tudelft.nl
These days, electrical engineering commerce, industry and government
covers a range of subtopics including are simply vast. The engineering Electrical Power
power engineering, electronics, programme provides a good Engineering Track
control systems, signal processing background for careers in research, Dr. Peter Morshuis
and telecommunications. development, and consultancy Programme Coordinator
At TU Delft, the central themes work, as well as for commercial and T +31 (0)15 27 84662
addressed in the MSc programme management positions. E P.H.F.Morshuis@tudelft.nl
in Electrical Engineering include
electromagnetism, analog and digital Admission requirements Microelectronics Track
systems, silicon device technology, Applicants with a Dutch university Dr. R.A.C.M.M. van Swaaij
communications networks, wireless level BSc in Electrical Engineering Programme Coordinator
communication systems, high power or equivalent are eligible for T +31 (0)15 27 87259
electronics and systems, signal admission. Students with a Dutch E R .A.C.M.M.vanSwaaij@
processing and radar technology. HBO degree will be required to tudelft.nl
These themes are reflected in each follow a tailored bridging course
of the programme’s three tracks: programme (maximum 30 EC). Dutch Telecommunications Track
Electrical Power Engineering (name students who hold a Bachelor’s Dr. B.J. Kooij
has changed?!), Microelectronics and degree in a related field may apply Programme Coordinator
Telecommunications. to the programme but, if admitted, T +31 (0)15 27 81745
may also be required to follow a E B.J.Kooij@tudelft.nl
Career prospects tailored bridging course programme.
With the extraordinary advances made International applicants must
in electrical engineering in recent meet TU Delft’s general admission
decades and the dependence in society requirements.

31 | Master Prospectus
MSc Programme in Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are combinations consumer applications and industry,

For more information
of hardware and software that are there is a growing demand for
used to control devices, processes or embedded systems experts all
larger systems. Embedded systems over the world. In Europe leading
Dr. A.J. van Genderen
control everything from automobile companies in automotive technology
Programme Coordinator
engines and digital TV set-top (DaimlerChrysler, BMW), avionics
T +31 (0)15 27 86217
boxes to pacemakers and nuclear (Airbus), and consumer electronics
E c oordinator-MSc-ES@­
reactors; they are pervasive and their (Philips, NXP) are actively recruiting
importance is growing rapidly. The embedded systems experts. Dutch
MSc Programme in Embedded Systems firms such as ASML and Océ are also
focuses on the design methodology of active in the field. Graduates can
hardware and software environments. expect exciting career opportunities
It covers a wide range of topics in management, design, research
including integrated circuit design, and development, government and
computer architecture, communication academia.
networks, control theory, real-
time operating systems, software Admission requirements
required to complete a bridging
engineering and formal methods for Applicants with a BSc degree in
course. Students with a Dutch HBO
embedding applications. The MSc Electrical Engineering, Computer
diploma in Electrical Engineering or
Programme in Embedded Systems Science or equivalent are eligible
Computer Science diploma are eligible
is a joint programme of the 3TU. for admission. Applicants with a
for admission after first completing
Federation of the three universities of Bachelor’s degree in another technical
a special bridging programme.
technology in the Netherlands. field, combined with a minor in
International applicants must also
Computer Engineering / Embedded
meet TU Delft’s general admission
Career prospects Systems, may also qualify. In some
With the growing importance cases students without adequate
of embedded systems in both undergraduate preparation will be

MSc Programme in Engineering and Policy Analysis

EPA students supplement extensive Erasmus Mundus programme on
technical know-how with studies Economics and Management of Network For more information
aimed at the development of vital Industries, in cooperation with the www.epa.msc.tudelft.nl
skills in systems thinking, actor University of Paris Sud XI (Paris, France)
network analysis, and project and Comillas (Madrid, Spain). It also Academic Counsellors
management, with the ultimate participates in international exchange Ms. Marja Brandt, Danielle
objective of improving the quality programmes with Queensland University Rietdijk en Jeanette Blokland
of policy-making. The programme of Technology in Australia, and Carnegie E studieadviseurs-tbm@ tudelft.nl
focuses on decision-making processes Mellon University and Georgia Institute
regarding large scale socio-technical of Technology in the USA. International Academic Counsellor
systems, such as infrastructure Ms. Toke Hoek
for transport, telecommunication, Career prospects E internationaloffice-tbm@tudelft.nl
energy, water, waste, industrial EPA graduates typically find employment
production and innovation. At the as consultants or project managers Programme manager
core of the programme are courses with engineering, consulting and Dr. Bert Enserink
in policy analysis, systems modelling, banking firms or as strategic advisers to T +31 (0)15 27 88071
economics and (intercultural) national governments and international E B.Enserink@tudelft.nl
management. organisations. Recent EPA graduates
With a strong international have taken positions at firms such as
orientation, EPA places particular Price Waterhouse Coopers, Accenture, Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree
emphasis on comparative analysis and ING, DHV, and Royal Haskoning. from a Dutch University of Applied
intercultural cooperation and project Sciences (HBO) are required to
management. EPA is also offered as Admission requirements complete one half year of additional
a double degree programme with the At a minimum, applicants are required course work. A solid foundation
Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT). to possess a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and proficiency in
EPA is partner in the prestigious in technical or natural sciences. English are also required.

32 | Master Prospectus
MSc Programme in Geomatics

Geomatics is the relatively new excellent career opportunities. Many

For more information
science and technology of three- graduates find positions in local and
dimensional measurement, mapping national governmental agencies.
and visualisation of geo-information. Others take positions in the private
Prof. D.G. Simons
Geomatics has an important role to sector with industrial firms and
T +31 (0)15 27 88145
play in construction, urban planning, consultancies, or work at universities
E D.G.Simons@tudelft.nl
infrastructure development and many and research institutes. TU Delft
similar activities. The purpose of the graduates have been hired by firms
multi-disciplinary Master’s programme such as Fugro, Kadaster, Grontmij,
in Geomatics is to give engineers Shell and ESRI.
a range of skills and knowledge
in the three principle domains of Admission requirements
geomatics: data acquisition, data Applicants with university BSc degrees
processing, and data application. As in the following disciplines qualify
a participant in the programme, you for admission to the programme:
will gain expertise in processes all Geodesy, Aerospace Engineering,
along the ‘geo-information chain’ and Civil Engineering, Geophysics,
will be able to apply your expertise Physical Geography, Geology,
to acquire, retrieve, analyse, and Mathematics, Informatics, Computer
exploit geo-information for industrial, Science, Earth Sciences and Systems
governmental and research purposes. Engineering. Deficiency and
convergence programmes can be
Career prospects designed that will enable graduates
With an MSc from TU Delft’s Master’s holding degrees in other disciplines
programme in Geomatics you are from either a university or a Dutch
on the leading edge of a very new, university of applied sciences (HBO)
exciting and expanding field with to meet admission requirements.

MSc Programme in Industrial Ecology

The MSc programme in Industrial real life, create and initiate innovative
Ecology is a collaborative programme technological solutions, and come For more information
offered jointly by Leiden University up with tools and strategies for www.ie.leidendelft.nl
and Delft University of Technology. management and policy in the field of
As an interdisciplinary programme, Industrial Ecology. Dr. Gijsbert Korevaar
Industrial Ecology draws on insights Programme Director
and knowledge derived from natural Career prospects T +31 (0)15 27 83659
sciences, social sciences and Industrial Ecology graduates find E industrialecology@tudelft.nl
engineering. The Industrial Ecology employment opportunities throughout
programme trains students in analysis business, industry, and government,
of environmental impacts, sustainable as well as in non-governmental
design methodologies, and strategies organisations, universities and
for initiating change in society. research institutes. They operate
Industrial Ecology is an emerging as mediators, system designers,
scientific discipline that promotes innovators and scientific researchers.
a systemic approach to human They are primarily engaged in
problems, integrating technical, activities designed to encourage
environmental and social aspects. It people at all levels of society to or social sciences relevant to
is argued that this approach will show consider adopting sustainable Industrial Ecology is required for
the way to sustainable development. practices and to initiate change in admission. It is possible to begin
For that reason Industrial Ecology existing patterns of production and this programme in either September
is considered to be the ‘toolbox for consumption. or February. More information on
sustainable development’ or the the requirements and application
‘science of sustainability’. Admission requirements process can be found at
Industrial Ecologists will be able A BSc degree in one of the natural www.ie.leidendelft.nl.
to analyse sustainability dilemmas in sciences, engineering sciences

33 | Master Prospectus
MSc Programme in Integrated Product Design
Integrated Product Design (IPD) is abundant opportunities including
a systematic approach to product positions as industrial designers, For more information
development. In the IPD Master’s product engineers, product managers, www.ipd.msc.tudelft.nl
Programme, you will learn to adapt quality assurance managers, sales
the design process to the demands of engineers, and packaging designers. National applicants
specific design problems and design Pursuing a career in research and Ms. J.C. Thieme or Mr. J.H. Wiltjer
contexts, focusing in particular on education is another possibility. Academic Counsellors
the design of innovative products T +31 (0)15 27 82941/83041
and product-service combinations for Admission requirements E master-io@tudelft.nl
consumers and professional users. The Applicants holding a BSc degree in
IPD programme offers a balanced mix Integrated Product Design from TUE or International applicants
of theory and practice. You will acquire UT will be admitted to the programme International Office IDE
specialised knowledge in courses such without conditions. Applicants with T +31 (0)15 27 81077
as Design Manifestation, Ergonomics, another university level BSc may be E internationaloffice-io@tudelft.nl
Life Cycle Engineering, Smart Systems admitted to the programme, but they
and Technologies, and Advanced will be required to enrol in a bridging
Design Support and will then have the programme the content of which
opportunity to apply this knowledge to will be dependent on their previous Students wishing to be admitted to
realistic complex design problems. training and competence. Applicants the bridging programme must pass
holding a relevant Dutch HBO degree both the Mathematics and English
Career prospects such as Mechanical Engineering, entrance exams and will be assessed
Integrated design is increasingly Human Movement Technology on the basis of their grades in the
important in a globalised business and Management Science, Civil HBO programme, motivation and a
environment, and crucial to design Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, portfolio.
processes that take the entire life or Engineering Design & Innovation
cycle of a product into consideration. are eligible for admission after
Graduates of the programme will find completing a bridging programme.

MSc in Life Science and Technology

The cell is the building block of Career prospects
life, the smallest unit with the This programme aims to equip For more information
characteristics of living systems. students with both theoretical and www.lst.msc.tudelft.nl
Increased knowledge of the applied knowledge and expertise,
mechanisms of the cell can lead to preparing them for careers in For national applicants
cleaner industry, better medicines, both industrial and academic Dr Babette Sluijter
new methods for combating diseases environments. The biotech, food and T +31 (0)15 27 88271
and isolating enzymes for the biopharmaceutical industries offer E B.Sluijter@tudelft.nl
development of improved foodstuffs. career opportunities, as do healthcare
The MSc programme in Life Science and fundamental research institutions. For international applicants
& Technology provides its graduates Ms. Tamara Bacsik
with an understanding of cell biology Admission requirements International Recruitment
and cellular processes. This relatively Applicants should have a BSc Officer
new, multidisciplinary area combines degree in Life Science & Technology, T +31 (0)15 27 88180
fundamental and applied knowledge Biochemical Engineering, Chemical E msc-tnw@tudelft.nl
from the disciplines of Biology, Engineering, Pharmaceutical
Chemistry, Physics, Technology, Sciences, Molecular Biology,
Informatics and Mathematics. The Bioinformatics, Biophysics, Chemistry,
programme includes three tracks: Cell Biochemistry or equivalent. Students
Factory, Biocatalysis and Biochemical may be required to take additional
Engineering. The general programme courses to compensate for missing
structure comprises a number of undergraduate coursework.
compulsory modules from the track in
which the student enrols, a module on
ethics, a design project, an internship
in industry and a graduation project.

34 | Master Prospectus
MSc Programme Management of Technology
This programme equips successful oriented firms such as IBM, Microsoft,
graduates with the skills to manage TNO, Frauenhofer, SKF, Hilti, and KPN, For more information
the acquisition and application of while others choose to work for start- www.mot.msc.tudelft.nl
knowledge so crucial to business ups or smaller technology-oriented
success. The programme focuses companies. Academic counsellors
in particular on skills that enable Ms. Marja Brand, Danielle
you to move into positions in high Admission requirements Rietdijk en Jeanette Blokland
tech businesses or sectors where Applicants with an academic BSc E s tudieadviseurs-tbm@
technology is of vital importance. degree in engineering or natural tudelft.nl
In the programme, you will gain sciences are eligible for admission.
an understanding of technology as Dutch graduates with a technical International Officer
a corporate resource and will learn Bachelor’s degree of a University of Ms. Toke Hoek
how to manage knowledge in the Applied Sciences (HBO) may also E internationaloffice-tbm@
design and development of products apply. Those who have demonstrated tudelft.nl
and services for maximum customer their ability by achieving academic
satisfaction, corporate productivity, excellence at a HBO may be admitted Programme Manager
profitability and competitiveness. The to the MSc programme immediately. Mr. Martin de Jong
programme also addresses technology Others are required to enrol in a E W.M.deJong@tudelft.nl
management in society. bridging programme.

Career prospects
Management of Technology graduates
most frequently move into positions
as project leaders, program
managers, technology managers,
R&D managers and consultants. Many
accept positions with large technically

MSc Programme in Marine Technology

TU Delft’s MSc programme in Marine continue on at TU Delft with studies

For more information
Technology (MT) – the only one of leading to a PhD.
its type offered in the Netherlands –
gives engineers the knowledge and Admission requirements
Ir. Jeroen Pruyn
skills they need to handle the entire Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree
DPO Programme Coordinator
process of design, construction, in Marine Technology or Naval
T +31 (0)15 27 86840
production and operation of these Architecture from a Dutch University
E J.F.J.Pruyn@tudelft.nl
ships and marine systems. Students of Applied Sciences (HBO) or the
choose between the Design, Royal Netherlands Naval College
Ir. Peter Naaijen
Production and Operation track and (KIM) are eligible for admission
Science Programme Coordinator
the Science track and select an area of after completing a bridging course.
T +31 (0)15 27 81570
specialisation from topics such as ship Applicants holding a degree in
E P.Naaijen@tudelft.nl
hydromechanics, ship and offshore Marine Technology; Civil, Mechanical,
structures, marine systems design and Aerospace, or Industrial Design
ship production. Engineering; or Applied Physics from
a Dutch university of technology
Career prospects automatically qualify for admission.
MT graduates find outstanding Applicants from Imperial College
opportunities with firms active in the London, ETH Zurich, RWTH Aachen
offshore oil industry, heavy cargo and Paris Tech holding a BSc degree
transport and salvage, engineering, in Computer Science also qualify for
shipbuilding, research, and safety and admission. Other applicants must
the environment. Numerous graduates meet TU Delft’s general admission
have accepted positions with the requirements and will be evaluated on
Royal Dutch Navy, while others an individual basis.

35 | Master Prospectus
MSc Programme in Materials Science & Engineering
Materials Science & Engineering production, development and research
is concerned with the design of in the industrial sector, and especially For more information
innovative new materials for the in steel and aluminium, as materials www.mse.msc.tudelft.nl
continuously evolving needs of experts in high level consultancy and
society, and with the manufacturing management positions, and in such Dr. Michael Janssen
processes that convert basic materials diverse fields as polymers, recycling, Programme Coordinator
into products. The MSc programme biotechnology, archaeology, and T +31 (0)15 27 85866
in Materials Science & Engineering academic research.
combines studies of the physical,
chemical and mechanical properties of Admission requirements
materials with training in production Applicants must have a basic
techniques and the selection of understanding of mathematics.
appropriate materials for a wide range University graduates with a BSc
of applications. Covering subjects from in fields such as Materials Science
atoms to applications and from design Engineering, (Applied) Physics,
to disposal, the Material Science & Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,
Engineering programme is well-suited Civil Engineering, Mechanical
to meet the expectations of students Engineering, Marine Technology, or
with a more theoretical background Aerospace Engineering are eligible
and those with backgrounds in applied for admission. Graduates with a
science or engineering. Bachelor’s degree from a Dutch HBO
are eligible for admission, but will
Career prospects be required to complete a bridging
Graduates of the programme have course comprised of mathematics and
accepted positions at firms such materials science modules. Applicants
as Corus, Stork, DAF, Bosch and from non-Dutch universities will be
Philips. They are working in materials evaluated on an individual basis.

36 | Master Prospectus
MSc Programme in Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineers design, develop follow the principles of biological
and build an enormous range of systems (biomimetics). Examples For more information
technical systems and mechanisms are telemanipulation systems www.me.msc.tudelft.nl
for industry and consumers. At TU (surgical robots, offshore and space
Delft, the fundamental goal of the MSc robots) and steerable endoscopes Academic counsellor:
programme in Mechanical Engineering for intestinal examination using Drs. Ton Valk
is to give students both a broad and principles found in octopus tentacles. T +31 (0)15 27 84923
an in-depth understanding of all • S olid and Fluid Mechanics focuses on E B.A.Valk@tudelft.nl
mechanical engineering disciplines. the fundamentals of contemporary
The programme trains engineers to mechanics for applications in the MSc Coordinator, Transportation
handle the entire process of innovative design, modelling and control Engineering track
thinking, design, manufacturing and of all manner of structures and Dr.ir. Dingena Schott
operation. Students select a track from systems essential in our daily lives. T +31 (0)15 27 83130
among the six choices. Consistent with trends in the field, E D.L.Schott@tudelft.nl
the emphasis in the programme
Programme Tracks is more on numerical models and MSc Coordinator, Control
• Transportation Engineering focuses techniques for the analysis and Engineering track
on the sustainable and effective design of equipment and systems, Dr. Peter Heuberger
development, design, construction rather than analytical approaches. T +31 (0)15 27 85331
and operation of marine and ground • M aterials Engineering and E P.S.C.Heuberger@tudelft.nl
transport systems. Often this Applications covers the functions of
includes the integration of different existing materials and the design MSc Coordinator, Sustainable
modes of transportation. of new materials. Knowledge of Processes and Energy
• C ontrol Engineering is about the materials is essential to optimise Technologies track
analysis and design of reliable structures and to drive technological Dr.ir.Carlos Infante Ferra
high-performance measurement innovation. In the programme, T +31 (0)15 27 84894
and control strategies for a wide students learn to utilise their E C .A.InfanteFerreira@
variety of dynamic technological knowledge in applications across a tudelft.nl
processes. The track places range of sectors: for example, light
particular emphasis on two fields weight materials for the automotive MSc Coordinator, Precision and
of industrial application: advanced industry, strong materials for Microsystems Engineering track
process control and motion offshore platforms, and materials Ir. Jan Neve
control for electromechanical and capable of functioning normally in T +31 (0)15 27 86581
servohydraulic systems. a radioactive environment. E J .J.L.Neve@tudelft.nl
• S ustainable Processes and Energy
Technologies gives students the Career prospects MSc Coordinator, BioMechanical
technological knowledge and Graduates of the programme have Design track
the theoretical, numerical and wide latitude in their career choices. Dr. Dimitra Dodou
experimental skills to play an Graduates of the programme T +31 (0)15 27 84211
active role in the development of have found positions with large E D.Dadou@tudelft.nl
innovative new energy and process multinationals such as Shell,
technologies. Students study AkzoNobel, Philips, Siemens, Stork, MSc Coordinator, Solid and Fluid
key basic disciplines, including the Port of Rotterdam, NS, and various Mechanics track
thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, engineering firms. Many others Dr. Rene Delfos
process modelling and simulation, continue at TU Delft with studies T +31 (0)15 27 82963
and process equipment design. leading to a PhD. E R .Delfos@tudelft.nl
• P recision and Microsystems
Engineering trains students in such Admission requirements
disciplines as advanced simulation, Dutch applicants holding a BSc degree
mechatronics, smart Microsystems in Mechanical Engineering are eligible
and high-precision production for admission. Other applicants may
techniques – all of which play an be admitted but may be required to
integral role in the design and enrol in a bridging programme, like
development of extremely small graduates with a Bachelor’s degree
devices. from a Dutch HBO. International
• B ioMechanical Design focuses applicants should meet TU Delft’s
on systems designed to interact general admission requirements and
with biological systems (such as will be evaluated on an individual
the human body), or systems that basis.

37 | Master Prospectus
MSc Programme in Media and Knowledge Engineering
In the ‘Information Age’, it is essential Career prospects
that we manage information well and The skills acquired by graduates of For more information
that we are able to interact with it the programme are much sought www.mke.msc.tudelft.nl
easily and efficiently. The aim of the after by firms developing interactive
Master’s programme in Media and web applications and incorporating Dr. E.A. Hendriks
Knowledge Engineering is to give intelligent user-friendly interfaces into Programme Coordinator
engineers the skills they will need professional equipment and consumer T +31 (0)15 27 86269
to design and refine applications for products. Graduates have accepted E E.A.Hendriks@tudelft.nl
the handling, processing, storing, positions at firms such as Philips,
accessing, presentation and use TNO, Océ and Logica, multimedia
of information. Graduates will and gaming companies such as Lost
acquire the skills to design and build Boys, Green Dino, Cyclomedia, Code
intelligent systems for information Illusions and Triumph Studios, and in
and knowledge processing and to the health care industry.
design, create and test intelligent
user interfaces. These are skills of Admission requirements
vital importance in the processing of Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree
medical images, the encoding of audio from a Dutch HBO, a BSc from a Dutch
and video data, the design of secure university, or a Bachelor’s degree from
and private digital data management an international university are eligible
systems, and in speech recognition, to enrol in the programme.
games, multimedia retrieval systems,
and artificial intelligence.

MSc in Offshore Engineering

More than 70 percent of the earth’s presence all around the globe. Most
surface is covered by water. Offshore employment opportunities are in For more information
engineering is all about applying the private sector with companies www.oe.msc.tudelft.nl
technologies to the difficult offshore such as Shell Oil, Heerema, All
environment: developing systems for Seas, Bluewater, Gusto Engineering, Dr. S.A. Miedema
the resource recovery from the earth’s Huisman Itrec, Boskalis Dredging, Director of Studies
seabed, laying underwater cables, IHC, and Van Oord Dredging and T +31 (0)15 27 88359
and designing fixed and floating Marine Contractors. E S.A.Miedema@tudelft.nl
platforms for the oil and gas industry,
dredging vessels for the dredging Admission requirements Ir. G. Tol
industry, dredging equipment for land Students with a Bachelor’s degree Programme Coordinator
reclamation projects, and offshore in Mechanical Engineering, Marine T +31 (0)15 27 89445
wind farms. At TU Delft, the MSc Technology or Civil Engineering E G.Tol@tudelft.nl
programme in Offshore Engineering from a Dutch HBO are eligible for
prepares skilled professionals for admission, but will be required to Prof. C.A. Willemse, MBA
careers working on the design and complete a bridging course. Students Department Head
development of all sorts of manmade with BSc in Mechanical Engineering, T +31 (0)15 27 84777
structures and equipment for Marine Technology, Civil Engineering, E C.A.Willemse@tudelft.nl
offshore use. Offshore Engineering Aerospace Engineering, Physics or
offers specialisations in Bottom equivalent from a Dutch university
Founded (Fixed) Structures, Floating of technology, and international students must meet TU Delft’s
Structures, and Dredging Engineering applicants with a degree in Mechanical general admission requirements and
Engineering, Marine Technology, will be evaluated on an individual
Career prospects Civil Engineering, Ocean Engineering basis. Students with degrees in other
The offshore and dredging industry or equivalent will be considered for fields should consult the programme
is an expanding sector with a the programme, but international coordinator.

38 | Master Prospectus
MSc Programme in Science Education and
The Science Education and your knowledge of the subjects you
For more information
Communication programme bridges will teach, and gain extensive
the gap between science and teaching skills. The programme also
technology on the one hand and covers the development of educational
For national applicants
society on the other. There are two programmes and materials, and
Martin Jacobs
separate tracks within the includes a period of practical training.
Programme Coordinator
programme. The Science
T +31 (0)15 27 85594
Communication track prepares you for Career prospects
E info-sec@tudelft.nl
positions facilitating the transfer of Because they serve as bridges between
knowledge between scientists and key science and technology and society,
For international applicants
players in industry and government, Science Communication graduates
Ms Tamara Bacsik
or between scientists and the general have key roles to play in industry and
International Recruitment Officer
public. You will deepen your business, government, the media,
T +31 (0)15 27 88180
knowledge of science and technology research institutes and universities, and
E msc-tnw@tudelft.nl
through advanced studies and learn to NGOs. The Track in Science Education
apply principles of communication focuses primarily on a career in Dutch
theory to situations where effective upper secondary general education
communication of complex scientific institutions (HAVO and VWO). and proof of English proficiency. Please
concepts is required. This track is note that the English requirements for
taught in English. The Science Admission requirements this programme are higher than for
Education track prepares you for a Dutch applicants should check the other TU Delft programmes.
career as a teacher of mathematics, www.studiekeuze123.nl for A TOEFL-iBT score of at least 100 or
physics, chemistry or computer requirements. International applicants IELTS (academic version) overall Band
science, and is only taught in Dutch. should have at least a Bachelor’s degree score of at least 7.0 is required. More
In the programme, you will deepen in one of the sciences or in engineering, details can be obtained on www.3tu.nl.

MSc Programme in Strategic Product Design

Great products don’t just happen. The product development project leaders,
MSc programme in Strategic Product innovation consultants, design and For more information
Design offers the tools to successfully brand consultants, and innovation www.spd.msc.tudelft.nl
exploit market opportunities – and managers. Some graduates choose
create great products – by thinking to go into research, either in the National applicants
strategically about product design and commercial world or in academia. Ms. J.C. Thieme or Mr. J.H. Wiltjer
development. SPD graduates have been hired by Academic Counsellors
With the help of techniques such firms such as TomTom, Philips, Océ, T +31 (0)15 27 82941/83041
as market and trend analyses, and TNT, KPN, T-Mobile, L’Oreal, Samsung, E master-io@tudelft.nl
by giving consideration to future DSM, Fronteer Strategy, and Sunidee.
scenarios, government policies, International applicants
environmental requirements and new Admission requirements International Office IDE
technologies, you gain insight into Applicants holding a BSc degree in T +31 (0)15 27 81077
the processes that drive strategic Strategic Product Design from TUE en E internationaloffice-io@
product design. Ultimately, you will UT will be admitted to the programme tudelft.nl
acquire the skills to help companies to without conditions. Depending on
conceptualise, develop and introduce previous training and competence,
strategically sound, sustainable and applicants with another university Engineering, Aerospace Engineering,
commercially successful products and level BSc may be admitted to the or Engineering Design & Innovation
services for clients and customers who programme but they will be required are eligible for admission after
live and act in the real world. to enrol in a bridging programme. completing a bridging programme.
Applicants holding a relevant
Career prospects Dutch HBO degree such as Human
Graduates are ready to move into Technology, Mechanical Engineering,
positions as strategic designers, Human Movement Technology,
product or brand managers, new Management Science, Civil

39 | Master Prospectus
MSc Programme in Sustainable Energy Technology

The programme provides engineers in the Netherlands. Course modules

For more information
with broad-based, interdisciplinary are similar at all three universities.
knowledge of technologies and Students may carry out their Master’s
systems which influence the thesis research at any of the three
For international applicants
sustainable generation of energy. The universities, depending on their
Ms. Tamara Bacsik
programme includes a number of basic choice of research subject.
International Recruitment Officer
courses such as physical transport
T +31 (0)15 27 88180
phenomena and electrical power Career prospects
E msc-tnw@tudelft.nl
engineering, as well as specialised Sustainable energy engineers will
courses in fields such as energy from be able to command positions in
For national applicants
biomass, solar energy, wind energy, many areas of industry. Engineers
Dr. Hans Zoetelief
hydrogen as a sustainable energy with broad knowledge of sustainable
Programme Coordinator and
carrier and intelligent electrical energy will not only be needed in the
Admissions Officer
networks. Three quarters of the energy industry and related sectors
T +31 (0)15 27 88987
programme is devoted to science and such as supply and transmission,
E info-set@tudelft.nl
engineering modules, and one quarter but also as consultants to these
includes social science modules which sectors, and for research into
address societal and economic aspects renewable energy solutions in
of energy technology. At the end of engineering, production, transport
the first year, students are involved and infrastructure.
in combined studies of various
sustainable energy sources as part of Admission requirements
a systems integration project. There is Dutch applicants should refer to
also the opportunity for an industrial www.studiekeuze123.nl for
internship. Students undertake a requirements. International applicants
research project and thesis in their should have a Bachelor’s degree
field of interest in the second year of in a relevant field of science or
the programme. engineering such as Applied Physics,
The MSc programme in Sustainable Aerospace Engineering, Chemical
Energy Technology is a joint Engineering, Electrical Engineering,
programme of the 3TU.Federation of Maritime Engineering or Mechanical
the three universities of technology Engineering.

40 | Master Prospectus
MSc Programme in Systems and Control

The MSc programme in Systems with expertise in systems and control

For more information
and Control covers the analysis and are much sought after to provide
design of reliable high-performance expert advice about smart products
measurement and control strategies and capital equipment. They are also
Mr. Ton van den Boom
for a wide variety of dynamic involved in sales of such systems.
MSc Coordinator
technological processes. It focuses Engineers may also successfully opt
T +31 (0)15 27 84052
on fundamental generic aspects of for a career in academia, where they
E A.J.J.Vandenboom@tudelft.nl
systems and control engineering are in high demand.
and stresses the multidisciplinary
nature of the field, with applications Admission requirements
in mechanical engineering, electrical Students with an BSc in Mechanical
engineering, applied physics, Engineering, Electrical Engineering,
chemical engineering and aerospace Applied Physics, Aerospace
engineering. The programme brings Engineering, Chemical Engineering,
together issues of physical modelling, Technical Mathematics or Technical
experiment design, signal analysis Computer Science from a Dutch
and estimation, model-based university of technology or a
control design and optimisation, and university that is part of the IDEA
hardware and software, with a focus League are eligible for admission.
on how they relate to various types In some cases, students will be
of highly complex systems at scales required to use one or two electives to
ranging from extremely small to very compensate for academic deficiencies.
large. The MSc programme in Systems Applicants with BSc degrees in other
and Control is a joint programme fields will be judged on a case by case
of the 3TU.Federation of the three basis.
universities of technology in the Candidates with a Bachelor’s
Netherlands. degree in Electrical Engineering,
Mechanical Engineering, Applied
Career prospects Mathematics, Applied Physics,
Graduates from this programme Aerospace Engineering and other
find jobs across numerous sectors comparable programmes from a
of industry, in management, design, Dutch HBO are eligible for admission,
research, development and technical following completion of a bridging
departments. Because complex programme of 30 ECs.
systems are increasingly important
in contemporary society, engineers

41 | Master Prospectus
MSc Programme in Systems Engineering,
Policy Analysis and Management

The purpose of the Master's Career prospects

For more information
Programme in Systems Engineering, SEPAM graduates are equally
Policy Analysis and Management comfortable speaking to technical
(SEPAM) is to educate students to experts and to management, and
Academic Counsellors
become designers and managers often work in interdisciplinary
Ms. Marja Brandt, Danielle
of large-scale and complex multi- environments graduates of SEPAM
Rietdijk en Jeanette Blokland
actor systems within technology are especially appreciated in both the
E s tudieadviseurs-tbm@
domains such as transport and private and the public sector for their
logistics (TIL), information and systematic approaches to problem
communication technology (ICT), solving, their analytical thinking
International Academic
industrial production and energy and their knack for asking the right
(EWI) or land-use and development questions. Many of our graduates are
Ms. Toke Hoek
(LUD). The programme provides currently working in governmental
E internationaloffice-tbm@
students with the capability to apply ministries; large organisations such
technical knowledge in the world as Shell, Unilever, Heineken, Philips,
of management, and focuses on and ING; consultancy firms; and
Programme manager
engineering and decision-making public organisations (Ministries, large
Dr.ir. Marijn Janssen
processes at this interface between agencies and NGOs). Many others
T +31 (0)15 2781140
the public and private sectors. have launched their own ventures.
E M.F.W.H.A.Janssen@tudelft.nl
Students will gain the ability to design
and manage the engineering process Admission requirements
of large, complex, often messy Applicants who have earned a multi-
problems in which social, political, disciplinary technical BSc from a
organisational and technical elements university are eligible for admission.
must all be given consideration. In Applicants with a mono-disciplinary
this programme, you will learn how technical BSc degree from a university
to deal with complex issues both are eligible for admission after
systematically and creatively, to make completing the bridging programme.
sound judgments in the absence of Applicants with a multi-disciplinary
complete data and to communicate Bachelor’s degree from a Dutch
your conclusions clearly to specialist HBO are eligible for admission, but
and non-specialist audiences. You will must first complete the bridging
engage in a multi-disciplinary study programme.
programme gaining knowledge and
experience in systems engineering,
decision analysis and modelling,
and multi-actor management and

42 | Master Prospectus
MSc Programme in Transport, Infrastructure
and Logistics
Transport and logistic systems and consulting firms, research institutes,
their infrastructures are increasingly public transit companies, real estate For more information
taxed to their limits in the developed development companies, engineering www.til.msc.tudelft.nl
world, while in developing nations, and construction firms, and employers
poor roads and inadequate in many similar sectors. Many Academic Counsellor
infrastructure often constitute students also pursue advanced Mr. K.O. Karsen
insurmountable barriers to economic academic studies. T +31 (0)15 27 83337
growth. In both cases, it is no E K.O.Karsen@tudelft.nl
exaggeration to assert that transport, Admission requirements
logistics and infrastructure issues are Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree Programme Manager
also security issues. The purpose of in a relevant field of study of a Dutch Mr. M.W. Ludema
the Master’s programme in Transport, HBO who have achieved an average T +31 (0)15 27 81885
Infrastructure and Logistics (TIL) mark of at least 7.5 may be considered E M.W.Ludema@tudelft.nl
is to give graduates the skills they for admission after completing a
will require to address the pressing bridging course. Students with a BSc
needs of societies at all levels of degree from TU Delft or one of the
development to design, develop and other Universities of Technology in
maintain cost-effective, efficient the Netherlands will be considered for
systems for moving people and goods. admission. International students with
a technological or natural sciences
Career prospects background are invited to apply for
Graduates will find a wide range of admission. IDEA League students may
career opportunities in ministries apply for the programme before they
and other government agencies, have finished their Bachelor’s degree.

PhD students and your professor are there to

help. There are lots of opportunities for thesis
study and a nice balance between theory and
practice. After an assignment, it is nice to
see things you learn are used in real life.
The learning material is hard, but not too hard
for someone willing to work. The textbooks are
understandable. The most important thing
I learned? Probably organising my work well
and working effectively in a group of skilled
people. And the Dutch? Great! They all speak
English and have a good sense of humour.
I took two free Dutch language courses which
were useful, and I made lots of international
friends. Student travel cards and the country’s
central location mean travel across Europe is
easy and cheap too.”
“For me Delft was a good decision. The courses
are interesting. Professors are clear and
Aysegul Danaci [Turkey]
approachable. There are plenty of interesting
MSc Systems & Control
assignments, and if you have a problem, both

43 | Master Prospectus
4. Other
at TU Delft

Postgraduate opportunities at Delft are legion. Here you will find an overview
of other postgraduate options TU Delft has on offer. Please note that these
programmes have varying admission requirements, application procedures,
tuition fees and facilities.

Traineeships in engineering design – PDEng programmes

Initiated on the request of high-tech industry, designer programmes correspond
very closely to industry needs. They integrate technology, life sciences and
business disciplines to fast-track your career. The trainee creatively applies science
and technology in the industrial environment and translates academic findings in
products. The traineeship also provides a unique opportunity to invest in your own
personal development by working with fellow trainees from all over the world in a
salaried position. You use your open and creative mind and critical attitude to find
innovative solutions for design problems. Upon graduation the title Professional
Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng) is awarded; for those pursuing careers in the
high tech industry, the title is of enormous value.

Designer Programme Process and Equipment

Website www.pdeng.tudelft.nl/ped

Designer Programme Bioprocess Engineering

Website www.pdeng.tudelft.nl/bpe

Designer Programme Bioproduct Design

Website www.pdeng.tudelft.nl/bpd

44 | Master Prospectus
The library is an
ideal place to study.

“In the Science Education and Communication Here I was able to combine two aspects of
programme I chose the Communication track the Master’s. The mathematical model needed
to develop qualities beyond the maths skills I study of passenger motivation and behaviour.
already had. I chose mathematics as I liked it; The research led to some important model
I switched to SEC because I am a social person features.
and wanted to combine maths with other What I noticed from visiting company fairs
aspects of business. The change was hard but like “De Delftse Bedrijvendagen” is that all sorts
interesting, from models, theorems and proofs of companies are interested in my combined
to communicating science with its pool social science/technology profile, from Shell to
of concepts, thoughts and practice. Currently Corus to Philips. I still have some months to go
I am doing my graduation project at the and then it’s up to me to choose.”
National Aerospace Laboratory NLR in
Amsterdam. I am looking at queuing at air Chris Kuijper [The Netherlands]
terminals to reduce waiting times. MSc Science Education and Communication

45 | Master Prospectus
Delft looking for a programme to enable me
to pursue this clear goal in my life, and also
for international experience in a technology
university. I chose it because I think it is very
up-to-date, and in an interesting part of the
world, far from my home. It is answering my
hopes. The programme is giving me those skills
to have the right approach to face management
tasks in high-tech firms.
I think some of the most important things
I have learned here are not written in any book.
They are not even linked to science or academic
things. It is simply living and studying here that
are so important. For me it is the first time
I spend abroad for such a long time. Being far
away from my family and friends in Bolivia,
I have learned to appreciate them and to
“When I chose Management of Technology express that to them.”
I was working for the Bolivian government and
I wanted to fill the knowledge gap between Edgardo Silva [Bolivia]
administrative and technical areas. I came to MSc Management of Technology

Post-Master Education
European postgraduate Masters in Urbanism
Four leading European universities – UPC Barcelona, TU Delft, KU Leuven and
Universitá IUAV di Venezia have designed a joint two-year full-time European
Postgraduate Master’s programme in Urbanism: Strategies and Design for Cities
and Territories. The four universities subscribe to the European conviction that
urbanism is a socially responsible discipline targeting the improvement of living
conditions of all citizens. But they differ radically in their approaches, which were
developed in response to their different geographical, historical and cultural
This course offers students valuable experience in differing cultural, disciplinary
and physical landscapes. Website www.emurbanism.eu

Postgraduate programmes by Delft TopTech

Delft TopTech is TU Delft’s School of Executive Education and is dedicated to
helping mid-career professionals and managers to develop and organise their
education. All Delft TopTech programmes are geared to the high standards and
accreditation requirements maintained by Delft University of Technology. They
are designed to strengthen the innovative and executive talents of individuals and
organisations, in both the private and public sectors.
All the programmes below have been developed and are conducted in close
cooperation with industry, government, Delft University of Technology and
academia in general.

• MBA in Business & IT

• Master’s in Energy systems (conducted in Dutch)
• Master’s in Industrial Ecology
• Master’s in IT Management
• Master’s in Public Safety (conducted in Dutch)
• Master’s in Rail systems (conducted in Dutch)
‘The right • Master’s in Retail Design & Management
• Master’s in Safety, Health & Environment
approach to tackle • Master’s in Security Science & Management (conducted in Dutch)
• Master’s in Space Systems Engineering
management tasks • Master’s in Telecommunication Management

in high-tech firms’ Website www.delft-toptech.nl/en

46 | Master Prospectus
In 3mE's Biorobotics Lab, students work on PhD students
biologically inspired designs for robots. TU Delft has eight faculties and various research institutes equipped for and
dedicated to innovative research. Each faculty offers PhD positions; students work
for a period of four years on independent research and complete their doctoral
dissertations in preparation for careers as independent researchers. Successful
PhD candidates are awarded a PhD degree. Each PhD student works with a super-
visor who offers guidance and assists the candidate in securing access to research
facilities. As this document was going to press, the University was in the process of
establishing a TU Delft Graduate School.
If you are interested in pursuing a PhD at TU Delft, we refer you to our website
www.tudelft.nl for an overview of the research programmes and opportunities.
You may also wish to directly contact the individual faculties, institutes or groups,
or apply to fill vacancies announced on our online job sites.
Sites: www.jobsindelft.com and www.academictransfer.nl/org.
More general information can be found at www.phd.tudelft.nl

47 | Master Prospectus
5. Practical
information for
applicants with
a Dutch ­degree
If you are a student with a BSc degree from a Dutch university and you are considering doing a TU Delft Master’s programme,
you are well advised to familiarise yourself with practical matters discussed in this chapter. If you earned your degree outside
the Netherlands, please consult the following chapter.

Admission Master's programme you intend

requirements to pursue, and you have passed
TU Delft BSc degree the Mathematics and English
Students who hold a BSc degree entrance exams. For most MSc
from TU Delft are admitted if the programmes you are required to
main subject focus in the BSc follow a ‘bridging’ programme
phase is related to the MSc degree to compensate for subjects not
course they intend to pursue. The covered in sufficient depth during
MSc programmes in Management the HBO programme (for example
of Technology, and Engineering mathematics & physics).
and Policy Analysis are open to HBO students may take the
all students who have achieved bridging programme in two ways:
good BSc grades in technology or 1. After completing the HBO degree
science. The programme’s Board of programme; 2. During their HBO
Examiners decide on the admission studies: you take the bridging
of TU Delft applicants with a programme as a minor subject.
Bachelor’s degree in a different After completion of the HBO
discipline. programme you can progress to the
A matrix developed for each of related academic programme. This
the Bachelor’s programmes at the option is only available to students
3TU partner universities indicates at one of the Universities of Applied
the availability of transfer options Sciences (HBOs) with which
to the Master’s programmes. TU Delft has signed a covenant.
Please refer to More information is available at
www.3tudoorstroommatrix.nl www.hbodoorstroom.tudelft.nl

Admission HBO students Students with other Dutch

Students with a degree from university BSc degrees
a Dutch University of Applied If you earned your BSc degree at
Sciences (HBO) may transfer another university, the Board of
to a TU Delft Master's degree Examiners will decide whether or
programme. You may be admitted not you are eligible to be admitted
if the main subject of your directly to the MSc programme.
degree is closely related to the

48 | Master Prospectus
Application university libraries. For most course
procedure of study there are additional
EU countries: 1: Apply to Studielink materials you must purchase, such
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, New students wishing to begin as readers, but the costs of these
the Czech Republic, Denmark, their studies in September 2011 are are generally modest.
Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, should apply through
Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, tudelft.studielink.nl. Please make Tuition fees TU Delft Master
Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, certain that you apply before Students in 2011
Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, 1 August 2011. At this site you • EU/EFTA nationals € 1,672
Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, can also apply for student grants • N on- EU/EFTA nationals € 12,500
Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the and loans known in Dutch as
United Kingdom ‘studiefinanciering’.
Starting up – the
EFTA countries: 2: Signing up at TU Delft Welcoming week
Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Have you applied via StudieLink? What is known as the ‘OWee’ in
Switzerland The central student administration Dutch (Ontvangstweek) is the
organisation CSA will further orientation week for all new Delft
process the application. CSA will students. As a university town, Delft
inform you about your registration has a strong student culture and
between mid June and the second new arrivals are well advised to get
week of August 2011. to know as much about it as they
can during this week. OWee, which
Last-minute applications is a tradition dating back more
If you decide to apply to TU Delft than 35 years, provides essential
shortly before or even shortly after information on all aspects of
the start of the new academic year, student life. The new student learns
then you should apply immediately about Delft, the university’s many
through StudieLink and contact facilities, and the numerous student
the Central Student Administration and sport associations. Naturally
(csa@tudelft.nl) to ensure that the week also facilitates contacts
your application is processed as with future student friends.
quickly as possible.

Money zone
Studying costs money. In addition
to the traditional costs of living and
insurance coverage, there are a
number of study-related costs.
Below is an overview of the tuition
fees. Depending on the course of
study, books will typically cost
between € 250 and € 750 a year.
Student and study associations may
offer discounts, second hand books
are often available and many books
can be borrowed from the faculty or

49 | Master Prospectus
6. Practical
information for
applicants with an
international degree
If you hold a non-Dutch (international) BSc degree, this is the chapter that covers the practical matters you should be familiar
with prior to starting studies in Delft. It also covers the various services available to make starting up and studying as successful
as possible. If you received your diploma from a Dutch institution then you should consult the previous chapter.

Studying and living project designed to protect the

in the Netherlands province of Zeeland from the
Dutch language courses sea, and the Keukenhof, a park
‘Goedemorgen. Hoe gaat het?’ with millions of tulips, hyacinths
‘Mag ik twee jus d’orange?’ ‘Good and daffodils.
morning. How are you? May I have Activities also include Delft’s
two glasses of orange juice please?’ traditional Friday Nights,
Although the MSc programmes are international student evenings
taught in English and most people organised by and for TU Delft’s
in the Netherlands communicate international students. These
well enough in English, it is useful Friday Nights give students the
and fun to be able to speak some chance to get to know one
Dutch. TU Delft’s Institute of another and learn more about
Technology and Communication other international students’
offers a range of Dutch language countries and cultures.
courses. You may register for
participation shortly after arriving Travel and transport
in Delft. The courses are free of In the Netherlands almost
charge for our MSc students. everyone owns a bike. This
Website www.delftsemethode.nl means of transport, which is
cheap and ideal for short
distances, is very popular
Activities for amongst students. There are
international several shops which sell
students reasonably priced second-hand
TU Delft organises a number of bicycles. Public transport is
activities for international students safe, clean and efficient. The
during the academic year to help Netherlands has more than 350
make their time in Delft truly railway stations. Fast intercity
memorable. These activities trains link up the main cities and
include excursions to typically slow trains operate between the
Dutch locations like the Delta smaller towns.
Works, a major civil engineering

50 | Master Prospectus
For € 55 you can purchase a Dutch church-goers are split fairly
reduction card which entitles you evenly between Roman Catholics
to 40% reductions on each ticket and Protestants. There are also over
you buy, provided that you travel one million Muslims living in the
after 9.00 a.m. International train Netherlands, as well as various
services also mean that a number other religious minorities such as
of international hotspots are within Buddhists and Hindus.
easy reach. Brussels is only 2 hours The International Student
away and it will only take you 4 Chaplaincy (ISC) helps international
hours to reach Paris. For the students of different religious
shorter distances you can easily persuasions to feel at home in Delft.
travel by tram or bus. In addition to Muslim students are welcome to
Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands worship at one of the mosques
has several smaller airports (like located in Delft. On Friday
the one in Rotterdam) from which afternoon, prayers are held in
flights are available for weekend different locations on campus.
trips to European destinations Website ISC:
slightly further a field, such as www.iscnetherlands.nl
Paris, Berlin or Milan. Discount
travel companies such as ‘Easy Jet’, International Office
and ‘Ryan Air’ sometimes offer Going abroad to study is a big step.
tickets at incredibly low prices. It involves living alone, being away
Before embarking on an from your family, going to a
international trip we would advise different country and often, being
you to first establish whether or confronted with different ways of
not you require a visa for the learning. This is all very nice and
country you are intending to visit. exciting but there is no denying
that it can also be quite tough at
Pastoral care and religion times. Should you have any
Freedom of worship is a problems or questions, Education
fundamental right in the and Student Affairs can provide all
Netherlands and religion is seen as the help you need. The department
something that is very personal. can advise you on a wide range of

51 | Master Prospectus
life examples from the frontiers of research,
made me choose Applied Physics at Delft. With
the support of my academic counsellor, I quickly
adapted to university ways. I feel Delft Master
programmes really teach a different way of
thinking and are not simply an extension of the
skills and knowledge taught earlier. A second
reason for choosing to do my Master’s at TU
Delft is because of the huge choice in setting
the curriculum. Now, almost finished, I can
say that my first experience was quite typical.
Teaching staff are enthusiastic and often
expert, many do ground-breaking research
in their subjects. This results in high quality
education for the students. Besides specific
technical knowledge you also learn a more
generally applicable style of problem solving.”
“During my Bachelor in Engineering Physics at
De Haagse Hogeschool I took the second year Arjan Verduijn [The Netherlands]
introduction to quantum mechanics at TU Delft. MSc Applied Physics
The lively way this course was taught, with real-

issues relating to matters such as mediation and administration. After

accommodation, university the first year, you will be given the
enrolment, insurance, residence opportunity to extend the contract
permits and legal questions. If you for the second year of your studies.
have personal problems you can Please note that these contracts
make an appointment with one of can only be cancelled if you
the student psychologists. For terminate your studies and
students who are disabled this is officially withdraw from TU Delft as
the place that can put you in touch a student. This amount will be
with a specialised counsellor. reimbursed once the contract
During office hours (9.00 to 17.00) period has elapsed, provided that
the information desk is open to all you leave your room in the state
students (see also Contact you found it in when you arrived.
Information). The housing corporation will
inspect your room before you move
out. Unfortunately, TU Delft can
Services for only provide accommodation for
MSc students MSc students. We are unable to
Accommodation provide accommodation for
The International Office of spouses or children. Please note
TU Delft can arrange housing that the monthly rent and the
accommodations for enrolled MSc deposit have to be covered by you.
students. As the number of
incoming international students is An airport ‘meet and greet’ service
increasing, housing is limited. Each year TU Delft fixes a number
Unfortunately accommodation is of ‘Meet and Greet’ days for the
therefore is not guaranteed. The purposes of welcoming and
rent for private student units meeting MSc students upon arrival
averages between € 450 and € 600 at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.
per month and includes gas, water, The dates of these days will be
electricity, internet connections given in the admission information.
and municipal taxes. If you wish to On the ‘Meet and Greet’ days,
rent a unit, you sign a one-year a TU Delft contact person will meet
contract upon arrival in Delft. you at Schiphol Airport and
You are also required to pay a cash accompany you to Delft.
deposit of approximately € 300 for

52 | Master Prospectus
EU countries: Introduction week Justice’s Immigration and
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, The Introduction week is a Naturalisation Department. Before
The Czech Republic, Denmark, preparatory course for all TU Delft can apply for your visa, we
Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, international students enrolling in must have proof that your financial
Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, one of TU Delft’s Master’s resources meet the criteria laid
Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, programmes. The main objective of down by the Dutch Ministry of
Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, the introduction week is to prepare Justice. You should be able to
Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, you thoroughly, but in a pleasant finance the first year’s tuition fee
Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the way, for participation in the TU and provide enough money to
United Kingdom Delft educational system and to cover all the first year’s living
introduce you to issues related to expenses (approximately € 8,000).
EFTA countries: technological development in the This amount for living expenses
Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Netherlands and in Western Europe has been set by the Dutch
Switzerland as a whole. The important elements Naturalisation and Immigrations
of the introduction week are to Services but does not necessarily
learn all about teamwork, oral and reflect the actual cost of living.)
written communication and TU Delft can only apply for your
interdisciplinary study. visa once the first year’s tuition fee
The Introduction programme sum has been received together
constitutes an excellent with the amount required to cover
introduction to Delft, to getting to living expenses. We will reimburse
know your fellow students and to the amount intended to cover your
settling down in Delft. first year’s living expenses by
The Introduction week is free of paying that into your Dutch bank
charge and takes place in the last account shortly after your arrival in
week of August. All students are Delft. Unfortunately TU Delft can
obliged to participate. only arrange visas for MSc
students, not for their partners or
other relatives.
Please note: services for non-EU/ Health & liability insurance
Students with a scholarship EFTA nationals In the Netherlands it is compulsory
that covers all expenses related to Visa to have health and liability
the first year of the MSc If you require a visa to enter the insurance. TU Delft will arrange
programme do not have to pay the Netherlands, TU Delft will mediate the appropriate insurance for you.
quoted amount for the visa for you. Your visa will normally be The insurance provided will cover
application if the scholarship issued within six weeks of all normal medical treatment
organisation is recognised by TU TU Delft’s submitting the visa requirements. It will not, however,
Delft. application to the Ministry of include costs for the treatment of

facilities there were than I expected.

The friendly environment makes it relaxing
and easy to study. And it was fun being in such
an international environment; classmates from
many different countries made the training
cultural and social as well as technical.
I learned almost as much from them as my
professors. The first year was tough with all its
intensive courses but worth it all. I think most
students felt that. I realised there was a lot
more to go for and that was my motivation to
come back to university after having worked for
some time. I love doing research and inventing
new stuff and this will be a great opportunity
for me to create a really enjoyable career I shall
be doing my PhD here too.”

“It was an honour for me to study at Delft. Arash Noroozi [Iran]

Before I came I knew it was a good university MSc Microelectronics
but I learned how many more opportunities and

53 | Master Prospectus
1. C
 ertified copies of documents existing ailments, which could have The first step in the application
should bear the original logo and been treated in your home country procedure is to fill in the online
the original stamp of the office before coming to the Netherlands, application form on the website.
that issued the original or costs for hospital treatment if Please note that the University can
document. Certified translations there are sound medical grounds only start processing once it has
may, alternatively, bear the for postponing the treatment until received copies of the application
original logo and stamp of the you return to your home country. documents listed below (on paper,
sworn translator who did the You will receive your insurance not in electronic form). Incomplete
translation. Letters of reference policy upon arrival at TU Delft. applications and applications
should bear the original Please note that you will be submitted by e-mail or fax cannot
signature. responsible for paying the monthly be processed.
premium of approximately € 40.
2. P
 lease note that if you are in the For an overview of the application
process of obtaining your BSc Admission deadlines, please check the box on
degree, you may also apply for requirements the next page.
admission to an MSc programme and application
at TU Delft. You may be procedures You will not have to pay an
conditionally admitted to In order to be considered for application fee if we receive your
TU Delft on the basis of your admission to a Master’s programme complete application (online form
provisional transcript and you need to meet TU Delft’s plus application documents) by
detailed information on the general admission requirements. 1 November 2010. After this date
curriculum, relevant research Some programmes have specific you will be charged a non-
and the anticipated graduation requirements, please take a refundable application fee of
date. The conditional admission thorough look at the programme’s € 50.
letter will include the deadline information on www.master.tudelft.nl.
date for obtaining your degree. A programme selection committee
will evaluate each individual
application to decide whether the
applicant can be admitted.
The admission decision will be
communicated to you by e-mail
and post. We will confirm receipt
of your application by e-mail.
‘Often expert,
many do ground- You can apply during the final year
of your Bachelor’s studies.
breaking research
in their subject.’

And for someone in building, the Netherlands is

perfect: the Dutch have a long history and they
more or less built their country themselves.
For me, a great gift of the programme was
the internship I did with DHV, an instructive
and eye-opening experience. It gave me
confidence in myself and showed me how
Dutch construction companies work. Now I
work as a junior structural engineer at DHV
while simultaneously working on my graduation
thesis. Most important lesson of the study?
Buy a Filofax! Time is short. Delft offers a fun
student life but also motivation for study. It is
not a large town and that creates the feeling
of being in a family community. The university
offers plenty of opportunities for sports and
culture and the town has activities throughout
“I already have a degree in structural
the year.”
engineering from the UK and what I can say
about my master in Delft is that it completes
Evridiki Kiniakou [Greece]
my training with a strong practical approach.
MSc Civil Engineering

54 | Master Prospectus
Application deadlines: What do I need to apply? What documents do I send in as proof?
15 September 2010
1A.  A good university BSc degree in a main subject 1A. A certified copy of your original academic degree
Start of the online application closely related to the MSc programme to which you (or degrees) in the original language.
procedure are applying.... Is the document in a language other than English,
  French, German or Dutch? Then you must also
Exceptions: Management of Technology, provide a certified translation of your academic
1 November 2010 Engineering and Policy Analysis and Science degree (or degrees) in one of these 4 languages.
Application deadline for students Education & Communication, to which all students
holding a technology or science degree may be
wishing to apply for scholarships

1B. ....or proof that you have nearly completed a 1B. A statement from your university confirming that
1 April 2011
BSc programme whose main subject is closely you are in the last year of your undergraduate
Application deadline for all related to the MSc programme to which you are studies
other students applying.  

2. A BSc Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2A. A certified copy of your transcript (or transcripts)
For a detailed overview of at least 75% of the scale maximum. in the original language.
2B. Is the document above in a language other than
the application schedule: English, French, German or Dutch? Then must also
www.tudelft.nl provide a certified translation of your academic
degree (or degrees) in one of these 4 languages.

3. Proof of English language proficiency (certificates 3. An original report providing:

older than two years are not accepted): • The official TOEFL certificate (the TOEFL
• A TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) organisation can send the score directly to TU Delft
Please note: score of at least 90 (internet-based test). Please if you supply them with the university code 0031)
Selection for the MSc programmes note that we only accept the TOEFL internet-based • Or the official IELTS certificate(academic version)
test. • Or the University of Cambridge ‘Certificate of
in Architecture Urbanism &
• or IELTS (academic version) overall Band score of Proficiency in English’, or
Building Sciences, Design for at least 6.5. the University of Cambridge ‘Certificate in
Interaction and Integrated • or proof that you have passed the University of Advanced English’. 
Cambridge ‘Certificate of Proficiency in English’ or  
Product Design is partly based on
the University of Cambridge ‘Certificate in
a portfolio containing your BSc Advanced English’ 
study projects, including the
As the whole process of collecting information,
graduation project. Applicants
registering for the tests and receiving the test results
for these programmes are may take several months, we advise you to register
required to send a digital for the IELTS or TOEFL several months before
starting your application.
portfolio. The specific
requirements for these Nationals of the People’s Republic of China only:
programmes are described on A NUFFIC certificate as proof of your English
language proficiency. In order to obtain the NUFFIC
the programme’s websites.
certificate you will need to take the IELTS or TOEFL
internet-based test.

Only nationals from the USA, U.K., Ireland, Australia,

New Zealand and Canada are exempt from the proof
of English language proficiency requirement.

4. A clear and relevant essay in English 4. An essay in English (2,000 - 3,000 words)
(2,000 - 3,000 words) addressing the following:  
• Your motivation for taking the MSc programme of
your choice.
• Why you wish to pursue this programme abroad
and/or in the Netherlands in particular.
• Why you are interested in TU Delft.
• If there are optional specialisations in the Master’s
programme of your choice: which specialisation(s)
interest you most, and why?
• Examples of three Master’s thesis topics that
interest you and with an explanation of your
particular interest.
• A brief summary (maximum 250 words) of the
thesis work or the final assignment done for your
Bachelor’s programme, including information on
the credits earned, grade, and full workload.

5. Two reference letters in English, French, German 5. Two reference letters

or Dutch:
1. o
 ne from an official of the faculty from which you
obtained your degree
2. o
 ne from your employer or another person in
authority, e.g. your Bachelor’s thesis supervisor.

6. An extensive résumé (curriculum vitae) written in 6. Your curriculum vitae


7. Proof of identity 7. A photocopy of the page (or pages) of your

passport that give your name, date of birth, place
of birth and the passport expiration date.

55 | Master Prospectus
During your stay in Delft you can
expect to spend between € 850
Money zone Jobs are not always available and
Annual tuition fees for TU Delft you may also come up against a
and € 1,100 per month on living
Master’s programmes language problem. Any
expenses. This does not include
• E U / EFTA nationals: € 1,672 employment you find should at
tuition fees.
• N on-EU/EFTA nationals: least fit in with your study
Example of a student's monthly
€ 12,500 schedule. We would advise you to
budget (€ 920 in total):
first concentrate on settling in and,
Housing: €500
Please note: if you want to find work, to start
Food: €180
• T he various TU Delft joint looking for a job once your study is
Health insurance: € 40
programmes have their own well under way.
Clothing etc.: €100
individual tuition fees.
(transport, social activities): €100
• I n order to align the tuition fees Scholarships &
with the actual costs of the awards for excellent
programmes, tuition fees for TU Delft admitted
non-EU students who students
commence their programmes Numerous scholarships are
as of Fall 2011 had to be raised. awarded to TU Delft admitted
• Tuition fees for TU Delft’s students with exceptional promise
programmes are reviewed and outstanding academic
annually. You are strongly achievement by specific faculties,
advised to visit our website for departments and industry partners.
the most up-to-date tuition fee Consideration for these
information. scholarships requires students to
have been admitted to their MSc
Living and other expenses
programme; there is typically no
The cost of living and studying,
separate application procedure.
which includes such things as food,
Selected scholarship recipients
accommodation, transport, books,
will be notified directly by the
compulsory health insurance, social
life expenses and study trip costs,
is estimated to be, on average,
TU Delft Scholarships for excellent
€ 850 to € 1,100 per month.
In addition, you will need
Eligibility: Excellent applicants
approximately € 1,500 to cover
admitted to one of TU Delft’s MSc
all initial settling-in expenses.
Value: From partial tuition waivers
Study and work
to full scholarships
Dutch law allows foreign students
More information:
to work part-time while studying,
but stipulates that income from
employment should be viewed as
Justus en Louisa van Effen
‘additional’. In fact, this means that
Eligibility:  Excellent applicants
you should be able to finance your
admitted to one of TU Delft’s
MSc programme without working.
MSc programmes
Non-EU/EFTA nationals are
Value: Full scholarships
permitted to work a maximum of
More information:
10 hours per week or 3 months
full-time during the summer
holiday period, which falls in June,
Other opportunities at TU Delft
July and August. Please note that
Some faculties, such as the faculty
your residence permit will be
of Civil Engineering and
retracted if you work more. A work
Geosciences, the faculty of Applied
permit, to be applied for by the
Sciences and the faculty of
employer, is compulsory. EU/EFTA
Electrical Engineering, Mathematics
nationals do not need work
and Computer Science, offer
permits. Several of the job centres
other scholarship opportunities
(uitzendbureau’s) are willing to
in cooperation with NESO offices
mediate in finding part-time jobs
or industry.
for students in the business and
More information:
industrial sectors.

56 | Master Prospectus
Scholarships & members of priority groups
awards for all and/or marginalised regions are
excellent students specifically invited to apply for
an NFP fellowship.
Erasmus Mundus Value: Full scholarships
Eligibility: Excellent students More information:
admitted to Erasmus Mundus www.nuffic.nl/nfp
programmes only  
Value: Full scholarships
More information: Scholarship &
ec.europa.eu/education/ awards for excellent
programmes/mundus/index_en.html students from
specific countries
Huygens Scholarship Programme
Eligibility: open to excellent STUNED
students from all countries Eligibility: Indonesian mid-career
Value: Full scholarships (government) workers admitted
More information: to one of TU Delft’s MSc
www.nuffic.nl/huygens programmes
  Value: Full scholarships
Netherlands Fellowship More information:
Programme www.nesoindonesia.com
Eligibility: mid-career professionals  
who are nationals of and working MCIT / Depkominfo
and living in one of the NFP Eligibility: Indonesian mid-career
countries (check the country list on (government) workers admitted
the NFP website) admitted to one to one of TU Delft’s MSc
of the programmes of the faculty programmes
of Technology, Policy and Value: Full scholarships
Management. Candidates from More information:
Sub-Saharan Africa, women and www.nesoindonesia.com

57 | Master Prospectus
in architecture with further academic and
professional guidance in urban design – the
Dutch have had to build intelligently on a small
area of land, and they have much to teach
the world about that. I knew Delft University
of Technology was a leading institute with
world renowned infrastructure, faculties
and a unique teaching environment. Life is
most enjoyable here in Delft, it is one of the
beautiful cities of the world with its old canals,
buildings, and plazas, and student life is fun.
I am delighted about my choice and the study
programme especially. I enjoy the workshops
and excursions. I am part of group and work
as a member of a team rather than on my own.
Each day I see myself closer to my dream of
positively contributing to the betterment of
“For an Asian there is always a fascination
about Europe and its countries, cultures, Niki Shah [India]
history and style of living. What brought me M Sc Architecture, Urbanism and Building
to Delft was the wish to complement my skills Sciences

 Conacyt Other international organisations

Eligibility: Mexican Several international organisations
professionals admitted to one offer financial support for those
of TU Delft’s MSc programmes wishing to study abroad. UNESCO,
Value: Full scholarships UNDP, Unido, the World Bank,
More information: OECD, the Asian Development
www.conacyt.mx Bank, and the European Union may
  well have offices in your country,
Colfuturo or can otherwise be contacted
Eligibility: Colombian through their head office.
professionals admitted to one Scholarship organisations in your
of TU Delft’s MSc programmes own country may also award
Value: Full scholarships scholarships for TU Delft degree
More information: programmes.

Students from EU/EFTA countries

Students from EU/EFTA countries
may be eligible for a loan from the
Dutch government which will cover
part of their tuition fees. Website

The Netherlands Student Grant

finder is an online search engine
for overseas students who want to
study in the Netherlands and are
looking for financial aid. The Grant
finder gives information on a range
of Dutch scholarships for overseas
Website www.grantfinder.nl

58 | Master Prospectus
59 | Master Prospectus
7. Contact
Request brochures at www.brochures.tudelft.nl

www.twitter.com/tudelft www.twitter.com/delftuniversity




For Dutch For international Netherlands

MSc applicants MSc applicants ­Education
I-TU International Office Support Offices
Aula, Mekelweg 5 Jaffalaan 9a
2628 CC Delft 2628 BX Delft Netherlands Education Support
PO Box 5 Offices (NESOs) serve as a
T +31 (0)15 27 89111 2600 AA Delft channel for information and
E info@tudelft.nl The Netherlands provide support and liaison for
Website www.master.tudelft.nl the academic communities of the
T +31 (0)15 27 88012 Netherlands and of the country
F +31 (0)15 27 85690 they are situated in. They also
E info@tudelft.nl provide information and guidance
Website www.master.tudelft.nl regarding the choice of an inter­
national course or programme of
education or training. We currently
maintain Netherlands Education
Support Offices – or NESOs –
in Beijing, Taipei, Jakarta,
Ho Chi Minh City, Mexico City, Seoul,
Brasilia, Moscow and Bangkok.
Website www.nuffic.nl/neso

60 | Master Prospectus
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