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Arlene H.



Web Site Planning

July 9, 2010
Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of my web site is to provide basic information to my 7th grade English/ language arts students and their parents at
Stephenson Middle School for the 2010-2011 school year. I wanted to introduce myself and provide information about the
curriculum/course content, grading scale, textbooks (link to online textbooks), links to the Georgia Performance Standards, supplies,
important dates, and helpful information about homework and links helpful resource web sites.


1. Students and parents will know the contact information of the teacher.

2. Students and parents will know what textbook is being used for the class.

3. Students and parents will know the curriculum that will be taught and how to access the Georgia Performance Standards.

4. Students and parents will have an overview of the academic school year.

5. Students and parents will know the daily bell and class schedule.

6. Students and parents will know how to locate the Holt, Rinehart & Winston online text and the Holt Online Essay Scoring Program.

7. Students and parents will have an awareness of helpful websites and other resources.

8. Students and parents will know the expectations for the 25 Books Campaign.


The audience for my web site consists of the students that I will have in my English/language arts class during the 2010-2011 school
year. The students typically range in age from 12-13 years old. The classes may include students who are gifted, high achievers, and general
level students. The website will also be available for the students’ parents.

The content of the website provides detailed information about the course curriculum, course content, grading scale, textbooks, (link
to online textbooks), Georgia Performance Standards, supplies, important dates, helpful information about homework, and helpful resource
web sites. The web site provides phone, e-mail, and conference contact information. The website will provide links to other informational
websites that give information about the school, the online textbooks, the online essay writing program, the Georgia Performance Standards,
and other helpful websites.

Story Board:

The story board is a detailed layout of how I want my website to look and the information that I want to use. I put all of my
information on the board and saved it as a word document. I have saved my textboxes and my pictures in my operating folder for my web
page. I can quickly clip on them to remember my fonts and font sizes, and I can obtain the images that I want to include on my webpage.
The next five pages are the storyboard for my webpage.
Mrs. Dawson’s 7th Grade Language Arts Center

Arlene H. Dawson

Directory Stephenson Middle School

 Home 7th Grade Teacher

 Syllabus English/Language Arts

 FYI -1 Room 214

 FYI-2 678-676-4482

 Need Email:

Welcome to Team 7C Language Arts,

We will have a wonderful learning experience for this school year. We will explore,
learn and master the Georgia Performance Standards in all the major areas of language
arts. We will read literature, write creatively, activate our listening skills, demonstrate our
presentation skills, master the rules of the English language and learn much more.

The 7th grade English/ Language Arts is a literature-based integrated course, where
students study selected relevant units. The units of instruction are organized around
thematic concepts and academic skills relevant to and necessary for middle school
students. Students explore various genres and literary elements including both print and
non-print media to be advanced in other courses of study. The research, the writing
process, essays, vocabulary, interdisciplinary projects are parts of this course. Students
experience a variety of opportunities for advancing their skills and for improving skills in
the areas of writing, grammar, mechanics and usage. In addition, technology and
authentic assessment are integral parts of the curriculum.
Mrs. Dawson’s 7th Grade Language Arts Center
Course Syllabus

Course Description: The curriculum in this course is the Georgia Performance Standards. The lessons taught in this course will help
students broaden their literacy knowledge, deepen their thinking about important topics, develop their communication skills, connect
their learning to other classes, and work with a variety of people on different tasks. Students will read and write from multiple genres
throughout the year including: narrative, persuasive, expository, technical, and response to literature. Emphasis will be placed on
students reading multiple genres through the 25 Book Standard and through reading across the curriculum. The emphasis in this course
is on students becoming strategic readers, critical viewers, listeners, and effective communicators, as they evaluate their own learning.

Course Outline: Unit 1 Narrative-Reading & Analyzing Plot and Theme 6 weeks

Unit 2 Persuasion -Reading & Analyzing characters 4 weeks

Unit 3 Expository -Analyzing Myths and folktales 4 weeks

Unit 4 Informational Texts-Analyzing Public, Workplace & Consumer Documents 4 weeks

Unit 5 Poetry-Recognizing Main Idea & Analyzing Poetry 2 weeks

Unit 6 Response to Literature- 4 weeks

Course Standards: Georgia Performance Standards for Seventh Grade Language Arts will be taught during this course. Please refer
to the Georgia Performance Standards for detailed listings of standards. (www.georgiastandards.org)

Course Textbook: Holt, Rhinehart, and Winston – The Elements of Literature, First Course (Replacement Cost: $69.50) Please cover
these textbooks as soon as possible. Book checks are conducted throughout the semester! If the textbook is lost, stolen, or damaged, it
is the student’s responsibility to pay for the book before a replacement book is issued. In the event that the lost book is found, please
retain all receipts.

Policies and Procedures: It is the policy of the DeKalb County School System that students will receive a denotation of “I”
(Incomplete) for any missing assignments until student work is completed. Student work must be completed within the prescribed time
limit set by your school. The maximum point allotment will be 80%.

• Homework- Homework is expected to be completed as assigned.

• Late work / It is the policy of the DeKalb County School System that students will receive a denotation of
“I” (Incomplete) for any missing assignments until student work is completed. Student work must be completed within the
prescribed time limit. The maximum point allotment will be 80%.
• Make-up work for absences - Announced work, such as homework, quizzes and major assessments are
due the day the student returns. For each day’s excused absence, students will have one day to make up missed work. If a
student is absent under extenuating circumstances, special arrangements can be made to make up work. IT IS THE STUDENT’S
• Academic honesty- Receiving or giving information for an assignment is cheating and when caught in the
act students will not receive credit nor receive the opportunity for a chance of make-up. Plagiarism is not acceptable: If a
student takes information from the Internet or any printed resources without a citation, it is considered plagiarism and will result
in a reduction in grade.
Mrs. Dawson’s 7th Grade Language Arts Center

Agenda/daily planner

1 package of dividers
Grading Scale
Loose-leaf paper

1 black and white

Area Included in Area: Percentage
composition notebook

Blue/black & red pens

• Daily In-Class Learning Tasks
• Notebooks Highlighters (assorted
• Journals 30%
Class Work • Participation colors)
• Teacher observations
• Discussions 1 package of colored
• Projects pencils
Performance Tasks • Portfolios 25%
• End Products Standard 2” binder
• Research Papers
• Novel test
• Literature Selection tests
20% Portfolio binder (1”)
• Vocabulary /Grammar tests
• Reinforcement Tasks 2 GB Zip drive
Homework 15%
• Enrichment Tasks
• Skill-building Tasks 1 roll of paper towels

Final Exam 10% 2 boxes of facial

Cumulative Semester Exam

2 packages of sticky
Total 100% notes

2 packages of index
Mrs. Dawson’s 7th Grade Language Arts
First Day of

August 9, 2010

25 Books Campaign

Students are to read a minimum of 25

grade level books or book equivalents
(approx. 1,000,000 words) per year
Team C Schedule
from a variety of subject disciplines.
ELT--------------------- 8:50- 9:45 Students must log their reading and
2nd Period------------ 9:50-10:50 turn in their reading log monthly for a
homework grade.
3rd period------------10:55-11:55
Students should read:
4th Period------------12:00- 1:30 (Lunch
9 Language Arts related books
5 Period------------- 1:35- 2:35
3 Math related books
th th
6 & 7 Periods-----2:40-3:50
(Electives) 3 Science related books

3 Social Studies related books

1 Electives related book

Mrs. Dawson’s 7th Grade Language Arts
Need Help? HOMEWORK is given to reinforce skills. Most homework is due the day after
it is assigned. Students will be given specific due dates for projects,
research papers, and essays. Failure to turn in HW on time results in a
reduction of the assignments grade.

SMS Webpage:

SMS PTSA Webpage:


Georgia Performance Standards:


HRW Online Student Textbook: http://www.go.hrw.com

ZOOM by Kids, for Kids:
http://www.pbskids.org/zoom WEBSITES
The Federal Communications Commission Kids Zone:

Career Information for Kids:


Georgia Department of Education-Online CRCT Practice

Flowchart- I plan to navigate to through the web page from the home-welcome
page to the other pages on the website. If I am able, I will setup navigation
from one page to any other page.

Topic: Mrs. Dawson’s 7th Grade Language

Arts Center Webpage

Course Syllabus FYI-1

Home-Welcome Page

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