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Car Multimedia Systems.

VDO Dayton. The Car Brand.

MS 2000
Portable Navigation Device

3.5" Touch Screen Display (TFT LCD)

Integrated GPS Receiver
Incl. Maps of Europe plus Major Road of Europe
More than 1 Mio. POIs • ZIP Code Entry 1
Antiglare Coating to reduce Reflection
Built-in 544 MB Flash Memory
Removable/Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
SD Card Slot • MP3 Player • JPEG Viewer
5 Vehicle Profiles • 6 Route Criteria Options
Stereo Headphone Out • IR Receiver
Route & Sound • 2D/3D Map view
Position Independent Route Planning

IR Steering Wheel Remote Control RCS 5100
External GPS Antenna • Additional Li-Ion Battery
Protective Case
Not available for UK
MS 2000
Portable Navigation Device

Enhanced Route and Sound with Car Radio Antiglare Coating to Reduce Reflection
Route and Sound enables listening to MP3-files whilst being navigated to In order to keep the map readable at anytime, the 3.5" touch screen moni-
the selected destination via voice, pictogram and map guidance. There- tor is optically coated and effectually backlit. Even in bad lighting conditions
fore the MS 2000 is equipped with a 3.5 mm stereo jack to access an audio the antiglare coated display of the MS 2000 has good readability.
signal. Hence, navigation indications and the sound of MP3-files can be
transmitted to the cars entertainment system simultaneously and thus can Safe & Easy Handling
be played via the speakers of the sound system. Easy handling via touch screen functionality: the MS 2000 can be operated
by one finger only. The VDO Dayton MS 2000 offers easy, simple and
Position Independent Route Planning therefore safer handling. Easy handling of the system is achieved by a self-
Even without an active GPS signal a route can be planned and displayed. explanatory menu on a 3.5" touch screen and an optional wireless steer-
In the navigation mode the starting point is calculated automatically via ing wheel remote control, which communicates via an infrared connection
GPS signal and only the destination needs to be entered into the system. with the navigation device. The remote control can be clipped to the
Whereas independent route planning enables independent selection of a steering wheel in a few grips and therefore ensures safer driving, as hands
starting point and a destination. This feature thus provides the opportunity stay on the wheel and eyes on the street.
to calculate a route between various positions, and can be fixed at home
before the start. Detailed Tele Atlas Maps for Europe
VDO Dayton has selected Tele Atlas digital maps because they are
complete, accurate and up to date. Easily find any destination, anytime,
anywhere, without the slightest worry thanks to Tele Atlas maps.

General MP3 Player Ergonomic, Safety and

• Stereo Headphone Out • Folder View Ease of Use
• IR Receiver • Repeat Track • Antiglare Coating to reduce
• Integrated GPS Antenna • Random Play Reflection
• GPS Antenna Out • Equalizer • Day/Night Map View Mode
• Removable/Rechargeable • Next Track • Compatible to Steering Wheel
Li-Ion Battery • Next Album Remote Control RCS 5100
• SD Card Slot (compatible with up
to 2 GB cards) JPEG Viewer Package Content
• Full Screen • MS 2000 with integrated GPS
Navigation • Next Picture Receiver
• Pictogram- and Voice • Next Album • DVD including Maps of Europe,
supported Route Guidance Major Roads of Europe,
• 10 Languages (German, English, PC Map Tool Points of Interest, PC Map Tool
French, Spain, Italian, Portuguese, • Download Maps, Map Sections and Manual
Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, and POIs • 12V/24V Cigarette Lighter
Danish) • PC Routeplanner Adaptor
• Turn-now Advices • 100V/240V AC Mains Power
• Route Criteria Adaptor
- Fast Route System requirements • USB Cable for Map Downloading
- Short Route • IBM Compatible PC from Windows® PC
- Most Economic Route • Microsoft® Windows® • Windshield Mounting System
- Avoid Highways 98SE/2000/ME/NT4.0 SP5+/XP • Quickstart Manual
- Avoid Ferry • Intel Pentium Processor
• Vehicle Profiles min. 500 MHz
• DVD Drive Options
- Car Slow • IR Steering Wheel Remote
- Car Fast • USB Port
• Internal Memory min. Control RCS 5100
- Motorcycle • External GPS Antenna MA 2010 3
- Bicycle 128 MB RAM
• Min. 3,5 GB free Hard Disk • Additional Li-Ion Battery
- Caravan MA 2020
• Position Independent Route Capacity
• Protective Case MA 2030
• Stop-off points (max. 99) Technical Data
• Northwards/Head-Up Mode • 3.5" colour TFT LCD with a Integration Solutions
• 2D/3D 320 x 240 pixel resolution, • Windshield Mounting System
antenna 3
• Auto zoom/manuell zoom touch screen, anti-reflex surface • Mounting Kit for Bikes 2
selectable • 200 MHz, 544 MB Flash ROM • Universal Mounting Plate 2
• Km/Miles and 64 MB SD RAM
11/05, MS 2000, subject to modification, VU25-0013-13355 02

• Alternative Route • Integrated 12-channel

• Cross border navigation is GPS receiver
possible with following regional • Lithium-Ion Battery 1800 mAh
maps: for 4h navigation
- Major roads of Europe • Dimensions (w x l x d):
- Central Europe (Germany, 120 mm x 80 mm x 37 mm
Austria, Switzerland) • Weight: 228 g
12 V Cigarette - BeNeLux (Belgium, Nether- • Operating temperature:
lands, Luxembourg) -20°...+60 °C
100/240 AC
Headphones Out adapter - Skandinavia (Norway, Sweden, • Loading temperature for 1
Not available for UK
Finland, Denmark) Lithium-Ion Battery: 0°... +45°C 2
Available soon
USB - Spain, Portugal • Power Supply via: 3
3,4 The GPS signal can be blocked by heated
with AUX-In
• Position tracking mode - Integrated battery, 12V/24V windscreens or tinted windscreens with a
• Simulation mode Cigarette Lighter Adaptor and vacuum-metallised surface. In this case,
• GPS independent Route Planner AC Mains Power Adaptor you will need the external GPS Antenna.
Serial Port • Destination input via: (100V/240V)
(Only for Service) PC Please note that the MS2000 is not
- typewriter incl. ZIP Code Entry 1
3) optional - Adress Book
4) Not a Siemens VDO - Last Destinations
Connections accessory
Windows® is a registered trademark of the
- Map Microsoft® Corporation


Car Multimedia Systems.

VDO Dayton. The Car Brand.