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Beloved Mother

The older woman is always named:

grief and anguish of the eternal smile
written and legible, clear words of poetry
from head to soles of feet
The older woman is always named:
victims, thank you, blessing and forgiveness
faithful have given birth
sincerely dozens of plays, fate and human
The older woman is always named:
on the shoulders of each child stand up
reach the stars with her heart and her

Dewa Ayu Tika Krisna Dewi

1. Theme: The Struggle of a Mother

2. Subject : She or old woman

3. Speaker : The third person

4. Essential meaning:

This poem is about the life of a mother experienced in living life full of
suffering and happiness. Even thought a mother feels in a difficult
situation she was trying to be happy in the eyes of children and their
families. Array on top there are also 2nd and 3rd verses. Lines smile
eternal pain and sorrow poet used to convey the message that a mother
in every life experiences the ups and downs in educating children. The
second stanza the poet conveys the message that so noble a mother.
Although mothers suffering or hard but always forgive mistakes with
their children is unconditional or benefits for their children ideals
achieved. Third stanza the poet conveys that a mother's love will never
change until the end of time and trying to raise his son to reach for their

5. Figure of speech:

- Metaphor:

Style of language or figure of speech used in poetry is a beloved

mother figure of speech comparisons (metaphors) that compares two
things briefly and solid objects found in the array, old woman is
always named, on the first stanza, the 2nd, 3rd, and to-one line of
each stanza.

- Symbol :

This poem use of language that can be said quite beautiful. The
poem has a very poetic symbolism, if we understand the poem
thoroughly array, grief and pain of eternal smile, the word, grief
anguish, suffering symbolizes received by the mother.

• The word 'smile' symbolizes a joy. In incorporation array, grief

and pain perpetual smile can be hard to symbolize love
experienced by a mother.

• The first lines, “old woman's name was” is a symbol used by the
poet in calling a woman who was married and a mother's nature.

• Lines, written and legible, clear words of the poem, rhyme

symbolizes the theme of mother as a sincere affection to their

• Array, victims, thanks, blessing, and forgiveness symbolizes the

mother who in her life always suffer and there are times when
getting a compliment. Moms always prayed for her son and
forgive mistakes made by his son in order to succeed in

• Array, sincerely faithful has spawned dozens of plays symbolizes

so sincere a mother with the birth of her child. Array fate and
human history, symbolizes the mother who gave birth to her
children with a variety of characters and determine the direction
of human history.

• Array, love affection of three ancient words symbolizes the love

of a mother who will never change though until the end of time.
Lines on the shoulders of each child upright standing symbolizes
the enormous burden of a mother trying to raise their children in
order to achieve and succeed.

• Arrays reach the stars with his heart and her promise
symbolizes a faithful mother and trying to keep their children
could succeed.

• Core words in a poem beloved mother found the word 'eternal',

'poetry', 'forgiveness' and 'birth'. The word 'eternal' in the poem
on the meaning eternal or never fade with age. The word ‘poetry’
poetry which symbolizes a full melodious strains as if mothers are
like a precious or noble poetry. The word 'forgiveness' means a
pardon for a mistake is done for the sake of a more noble
purpose. The word 'bear' means a woman who eventually
became a mother for her children.

6. Rhyme:

Beloved Mother above uses repetition rhyme lines and equations as in

the array old woman is always named located on the line to -1. Array is
also contained in the initial stanza to stanza to -2 and -3. Equation
rhyme also occurs in the word 'eternal' second row and the word
'poetry' in the 3rd row as well as on-line to the sixth word 'forgiveness'
and the word 'birth' on the 7th row. The sound was repeated in a
patterned and usually in the middle of lines rhyme (poetry), but
sometimes also found in the middle row.

7. Tone:

In the poem above can be obtained by different tones depending on the

meaning and intent of the poem will be read.

Title of poem : Beloved Mother

Theme : The Struggle of a Mother

Author : Dewa Ayu Tika Krisna Dewi

Score :A
I think this poem is very good, because there are so many meaning
between the lines. By reading this poem we realize how real the struggle of a
mother and her victimization. This poem was telling the truth how much we
owe a great debt to them. This poem belongs to inspirational poem. It can give
sensitive effect to the reader in order that can touch the feelings.

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