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MCA (303) (S05) (O) (Sem.-3rd)


Time : 03 Hours Maximum Marks : 75

Instruction to Candidates:
1) Section - A is Compulsory.
2) Attempt any Nine questions from Section - B.

Section - A

Q1) (15 × 2 = 30)

a) What are numeric constants?
b) What do you understand by data declaration?
c) What are visual basic control tools?
d) How do we assign property values to forms and controls?
e) How do we create time events in visual basic?
f) Explain the difference between syntax error and logical error with the
help of suitable example.
g) Differentiate between modules and procedure.
h) What do you mean by control arrays?
i) What are the advantages of ADO and OLEDB in the visual basic?
j) Explain the concept of client and server in building COM components.
k) List any four ActiveX control components.
l) Name any three different types of the data reports.
m) What are the different types of cursors?
n) What do you meant by Inheritance?
o) What is the difference between ActiveX EXE and ActiveX DLL?

Section - B
(9 × 5 = 45)
Q2) Discuss the Visual Basic program development process with the help of
Q3) Describe the function of various relational and logical operators available in
visual basic.
Q4) Discuss various types of branching and looping statements. Write various
code fragments for to support your answer.
Q5) What are the Menus and the Dialogue boxes? Make a program for pop-up
Q6) Describe the various methods of assigning property values to forms and
Q7) Write a program in visual basic for temperature conversion from degrees
Celsius to degree Fahrenheit, in such a way that if Fahrenheit is selected, the
temperature is converted from degree Celsius to degree Fahrenheit. Use a
textbox text Temp to enter the temperature and a label lbl Temp to display the
Q8) What are the different types of scrollbars? Write a program to demonstrate
the use of scrollbars in visual basic?
Q9) How do we change a For-Next structure to a Do-Loop Structure? Explain
with the help of suitable code fragments.
Q10)Write a program to find out upper and lower boundaries of an array in visual
Q11)How do we create a user defined ActiveX control? Write suitable code
fragments in support of your answer.
Q12)Write a program in visual basic to add and delete a student record in a database.
Make suitable assumptions if any.
Q13)What are the various layers of an applications in a modular design? Draw a
form based chart that shows the design feature of a Login Window and a
Main Window.


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