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lanuarylfebruary 7007 ls I housetrends 49

By Nichole L. Reber I phoro, by Matt McCourtney
They could showcase their Danish furniture in their modernist-inspired
residence and accommodate overnrght guests in the
second home, a sarasota
school of Architecture dwelling. + The main house, designed by Bill Whit_
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The main display
Pieces of Danish modem fumirure de-
/ signed byAme Jacobsen, Poul Klaerholm,
Nanna Dizel and orhers from the 1940s
through today are sffewn throughout
both houses. One of Nielsen's favorite
pieces in the fust-floor great room of the
main house is an Indian-red Egg sofa by
Arne Jacobsen, of which only eight were
ever made and onJy five remain in exis-
tence. It is flanked by a black learher Egg
chair, also byJacobsen, and a glass cock-
tail table framed in polished stainless steel
by architect/furnirure designer Poul Kjaer-
holm. Kjaerholm's black leather day bed,
known as the PK 80, is identical to rhose
used in the recent renovation of the Mu-
seum of Modern Art in New york and
compietgs the room.
Hickory flooring, maple baseboards and
oak doors soften the starkness of the mod-
ernist fumiture. Tirzo sets of sliders and a
pair o[ French doors grant expansive views
of the Gulf of Mexico and are comple-
mented by 11-foot ceilings and an open
floor plan. Irom the grear room guests
enter the famiiy room or tfuough the but-
ler's pantry into the contemporary kitchen.
continued >

TOP: In the family room, glass sliding doors

offer an irresistible view of the Gulf of Mexico.
ABOVE: A close up photo shows the intricate
weaving detail of a steel and wicker chair.
RIGHI Known as the lcon table, the family
room's cocktail table is designed in glass and

januarylfebruary 2007 Ir I housetrends 5 |

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expansive waterfront views.
OPPOSITE TOP: A black Arne
Jacobsen Egg chair creates an in-
triguing visual impact in the corner
of the secondlevel theater room.
bath continues the home's use of
hickory flooring and maple base-
boards, along with natural stone
countertoPs and tiles.


52 housetrends ls I january/february 2007

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In the family room. a glass cockuil this sruff yet Ringllng School of fut and 1949, rhe design rose in populariry when
uble witl'r rounded stainless steel legs, Design students aren t even exposed to it. John F. Kennedy used Lt for his presiden-
l<Lrown as rhelcon table. was created by Because of his Danish roots and his tial debate with F.rchard Nixon.
designer Nanna Ditzel. It is flanked by a dedlcation to this furniture, the Nielsen The guest bedroom and the Nielsens'
Decrsion sofa manufactured by Fritz house continues the feel of a furniture de- daughter's room reside at the other end of
Hansen and a milk chocolate brown sign museum in the second-story fheafre the second-story. The guest room con-
ieather Papa Bear chair. The latter is one room. the daughter's room. guesr bed' tains a light olive green leadrer chieftain's
of only 30 such cl'rairs by Hans J. Wegner room and bonus room that serves as a chair designed by Finn Juhl, and the
avaiiable internationaily. and it is as dis double oftice. daughter's room features an Arne Jacob-
tinci as the room's Harp chair. From a black Arne Jacobsen Egg chair Ln sen Ani chair. Fpp chair and Swan chair
"People call it the Harp chair but it's ac- the corner of the theatre room guests lux- for the future furniture expert.
tually taken from the design of a Viking *rown by
uriare in the lndirect sunlight continued >
ship," says ICm. Its seat and back struc- siiders granting boundless Culf views.
rure jn sturdy rwine irrefuubly resemble Guests can also lounge in the black leather
a harp s V-"haped strjng placement. To sofa and easy chairs which flank a flint-

complele Lhe insfrumental appreciation roLled. marbie-topped. split-square cock- t;
designer Jorgen Hovelskov installed a tail table-a11 Poul Kjaerholm designs.
':ow-shaped back support of wood, Rectangular and oval windows offer
'.'.:,-:h upon second glance illustrates its views o[ Siesu l(ey and shed light for
: ---:. rr-rspiration. showcasing the encased Mosaico chair by

-.. .:-:is in Denmark are like foot- Bisazza and Company. Hickory floors
i : : ::.k:tball players here because and trayed ceilings complement it while
: . a -:: ',':..UeS aft SO mUCh," pocket door sliders lead to a long, narrow
r lde'igners porch Lhat runs the length of tJ.re house
. . I nr ale maimizing Gulf views.
Bevond rhe theatre room is a double
:: wirh matching maple desks by Rud
-":.sen and two Hans Wegner chairs.
f , Cnair and designed in , "'','
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januaryfebruary7007 lsl housetrends 53

History preserved privacy. The front door is almost en-
Guests who stay with the Nielsens for tirely encased in glass and opens to two
prolonged Periods can stay in the parabolic-shaped cedar walls which fur-
Carousel House, a 1956 Sarasota School ther deepen the round feel of the house'
of Architecture design bY TolYn Designed primarily in a ioft sryle, a
TWitchell. Whitrner mirrored is abun- sleeping area and a kitchen with an eat-
dant block windows, cedar siding and ing nook surround a conversation area in

copper trimmed overhangs on the main the center.

house, going to the extent o[ making a In the conversation area, Jacobsen's

turreted enffanceway to reFiect the round- swiveling Egg chairs in lime and forest
ness of the Carousel House' An infiniry- green pair with a blue Egg chair, all of
Iipped, irregulariy shaped pooi betrveen which circumscribe a Plano cocktail table
the two showcases materials such as by Pelikan Design for Fritz Hansen' More
limestone artd terrazzo found in each' light enters ftom a skylight that seems to
A wall of sliders facing the main house pop up from the ceiling. For their func-
serves as the most common entry to the
tionaliry, comfort and aesthetic vaiues,
Carousei House- The abode is sur- modemist architecture and Danish furni-
rounded by glass block windows and a ture unite in sophisticated elegance at the
concrete wall of a peekaboo pattern for Nielsens'compound. 1s

54 housetrends ls I january/february 7007

buildingtre n d s
' Bill Whitmer
Jacobsen's swiveling Egg chairs sur-
Builder: round a Plano cocktail table by Pe-
Gulfside Homes likan Design for Fritz Hansen.
r-_:i:li_.]1i I'i: ::'i_::a:: An irregularly_
Dishwasher: shaped pool between rhe main
Meile residence and the Carousel House
utilizes materials such as limestone
Cooktop and oven: ana terrazzo-
DCS i_l i: i:i-l: r_i ;-i'i ::,f,.:-:- r"tl :':. A concrete
wall, designed in a "peekaboo" pat-
Refrigerator: tern, surrounds the Carousel House,
Sub Zero providing privacy for staying guests.

Backsplash, showers, tile:

Tte & Stone Collection

Bans & Olufsen sound
anc lelev;ston systems

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Januarylfebruary 2007 i rl housetrends 55