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Events and Processes of Development Interventions under CMIASP in Tanting-Kalikoshi Irrigation System in Jhapa District

S/N Date Event Who Involved Process Outcome/Expected Outcome

1. Falgun 18, 2066 Testing of Soils in the Farmers, WUA Soil samples were collected The soils of the area were found
Irrigated Area- soil of 197 Functionaries and from the farmers fields and acidic in nature probably because
user farmers was tested personnel deputed from tested for fertility elements of the continued practice of
under a program organized DADO and problems related to soil growing rice under saturated
by DADO condition and continued use of
urea as source of nitrogen.
2. Falgun 18, 2066 Training on Improved Five farmers from the The participating farmers were The irrigated area in the irrigation
Farming Practices organized irrigation system, who provided knowledge on system has been divided in 7
by DADO at Ratekhola were selected by the WUA, improved crop production blocks. The selection of the farmers
Shivbahini Temple at Ward participated in the training. practices for such crops as for the training was made with one
No. 5 of Arujundhara VDC wheat, maize and vegetables. farmer representing from each
The participating farmers were block. The farmer participating in
provided seeds of improved the training was expected to
crop cultivars who were disseminate the knowledge to
expected to distribute the others through peer exchanges.
seeds to farmers in their
respective blocks.
Nomination of a member WUA Functionaries to Because Mr. Dhan Bahadur Karki
Mr. Dhan Bahadur Karki deicide the nomination of The training was focused to was already involved in off-season
from Block No. 1 to the member. They decided formation of farmers’ producer vegetable production, it was
participate in a training in to nominate Mr. Dhan group, seed storage, fertilizer expected that he would
Kathmandu organized by Bahadur Karki because of management and off-season disseminate the knowledge gained
Department of Agriculture his engagement in off- vegetable production. Total of in the training to other farmers.
season vegetable 20 leader farmers from 13
cultivation. districts participated in the
3. Baisakh 17, 2067 Meeting of Executive Total of 11 functionaries The meeting was conducted Following decisions were made by
Committee from among 13 with following agenda: the executive committee:
functionaries of the i. Reorganization the i. The executive committee
executive committee executive committee decided to expel two members-
participated in the meeting ii. Formation of construction Mr. Som Bahadur Dangi and
coordination committee Mrs. Sarswoti Lamsal because
these two members remained
absent in three successive
meeting of the executive
committee. In place of these
two members Mr. Dhan
Bahadur Karki was appointed
as joint secretary and Mr.
Madan Thapa was appointed as
member by consensus decision.
ii. The resignation of Mrs. Geeta
Kharel was accepted and her
position of member was
replaced by Mr. Bhimlal Giri.
iii. A two member construction
coordination committee was
constituted to coordinate the
construction works in the
4. Baisakh 18, 2067 General Gatthering at the WUA functionaries, The WUA functionaries, The team decided to use five
Headworks to decide upon contractor, laborers and engineer and the contractor pumps to pump out the water to
removal of water that engineer from the Jhapa observed the amount of water begin the construction works
emerged after excavation Irrigation Development that had emerged after the beginning the next day morning
of the site using excavator Division Office excavation of the site. The only
to be able to lay down possibility to begin the
concrete for foundation foundation construction was to
construction drain out the water. The WUA
functionaries and the
contractor decided to use five
pumps running simultaneously
to drain out the water. They
also decided to perform Puja
by sacrificing goat at the
headwork site.
5. Baisakh 20, 2067 Beginning of Foundation WUA functionaries- all the The contractor and laborers The presence of the WUA
Construction at the 13 functionaries of the laid down the steel in the functionaries was to ensure the
Headworks WUA were present at the foundation and poured quality of the construction works.
headwork site to observe concrete in the proportion of
the construction of the 1:3:6 in the foundation. The
headworks work continued until 9:00 p.m.
in the evening.
6. Baisakh 21, 2067 Continuation of the WUA functionaries- 8 Nos. The WUA functionaries have Continued monitoring of the
Foundation Construction at (chairperson, vice- been present at the construction works by the WUA
the Headworks chairperson, secretary, construction site daily to functionaries was to ensure the
joint secretary and ensure quality of the quality of the construction works.
treasurer and 3 members) construction works. On this
and one general user from day they noted that the labors
Block No. 2 Mr. Mool have not been preparing the
Prasad Ojha concrete with required
proportion of sand, cement
and coarse aggregate. They
immediately raised the
concern with the contractor
which was rectified.
7. Baisakh 22, 2067 Continuation of the Presence of WUA The WUA functionaries at the The WUA functionaries were
Construction Works at the functionaries (5 Nos.) at headwork construction concerned for the quality of the
Headwork the headwork construction continued to be present to construction works at the
site. ensure quality of construction headwork therefore they had
works. On this day secretary decided to be present at the
and treasurer could not come headwork site without break.
because they had to go to
attend a meeting of drinking
water committee but they
came in the morning to inform
others about their engagement
for the day before going to
attend the meeting.
8. Baisakh 23, 2067 Continuation of the Presence of WUA WUA functionaries continued Continued monitoring of the
Construction Works a the functionaries (8 Nos.) at monitoring of the construction construction works to ensure
Headwork the headwork . works at the headwork site. quality of construction.
They observed that the
proportion of the cement in
the preparation of concrete for
the construction of under
sluice was not proper. This was
immediately corrected with
the intervention of the WUA
9. Baisakh 24, 2067 Continuation of the Presence of WUA WUA functionaries monitored Continued monitoring the ensure
Construction Works at the Functionaries (7 Nos.) at the construction works. the quality of the construction
Headwork he headwork works
10. Baisakh 25, 2067 Continuation of the Presence of Mr. Ran Construction works for the Continued presence of the WUA
Construction Works at the Bahdaur Basnet weir construction started. functionaries to ensure quality of
Headwork coordinator of the construction works.
construction work at the
11. Baisakh 26, 2067 Continuation of the Presence of WUA Mr. Surendra Kumar Jha, WUA functionaries noted the
Construction Works at the Functionaries (4 Nos.) at engineer at Jhapa Irrigation absence of some of the
Headwork the construction site. Development Division came to functionaries who were absent on
supervise the construction this day without any information.
12. Baisakh 27, 2067 Continuation of the Presence of WUA Alongside of the WUA Continued presence of the WUA
Construction Works at the Functionaries (7 Nos.) at functionaries other users from functionaries to ensure quality of
Headwork the construction site. Block No. 5 and Block No. 2 the construction works. Even other
also came to observe the users seemed to be concerned with
construction works. the construction quality and they
came to observe the construction
works voluntarily.
13. Baisakh 28, 2067 Continuation of the Presence of WUA Continued monitoring of the
Construction Works at the Functionaries (5 Nos.) at construction works by the WUA
Headwork the construction site functionaries
14. Baisakh 29, 2067 Observation/Supervision of Six persons from Irrigation The DOI officials who had
the Construction Works by Division Office had come come for the supervision
the Officials from Irrigation on appreciated the speedy
Development Division observation/supervision construction works at the site.
Office mission. WUA They also appreciated the
Functionaries (5 Nos.) continued involvement of the
were present at the site. WUA in the construction
15. Baisakh 30, 2067 Continuation of the Presence of WUA The WUA functionaries noted Continued monitoring of the
Construction Works at the Functionaries (5 Nos.) the absence of other construction works to ensure
Headwork functionaries who were quality of construction.
supposed to come for the
monitoring works.
16. Baisakh 31, 2067 Continuation of the Presence of WUA The head of Irrigation Division
Construction Works at the functionaries (3 Nos.) Office and site engineer came
Headwork on an observation/supervision
visit to the site. On this day the
construction work continued

only for half of the day and all
the labors went on leave after
12:00 noon.
17. Jyestha 12, 2067 Initiation of Construction of WUA Functionaries- The labors laid down steel in Continued monitoring of the WUA
Foundation in the Main Chariperson, Secretary and the foundation and poured to ensure construction quality
Canal 5 other members concrete
18. Jyestha 22-23, 2067 Interaction Program WUA Chairperson with 12 The discussion was The WUA functionaries were made
organized by National other functionaries concentrated to strengthening aware of the roles of NIFUWAN and
Federation of Irrigation participated in the the activities of the District its programs for supporting
Water Users’ Association- interaction program along level entities of the federation irrigation water users’ association
Nepal (NIFUWAN) with other members of in different parts of the counry
District level entities of
NIFUWAN from Ilam and
Jhapa District
19. Jyestha 27, 2067 Training Program on Total of 41 farmers and The farmers were provided The training was focused to
Improved Agricultural WUA functionaries information on improved transformation of cropping system
Practices organized by participated in the training. practices of crop production in the area with the introduction of
District Agricultural Farmers were involved for forthcoming monsoon improved production inputs and
Development Office of from each of the 7 blocks season. The farmers were also practices. The participation of
Jhapa of the irrigation system provided seeds of improved farmers from all the seven blocks of
crop cultivars the system was expected to
facilitate in disseminating the
knowledge among other farmers
through peer interaction.
20. Jyestha 28, 2067 Training Program on WUA Total of 19 functionaries The training was focused to The training was expected to
Capacity Building and and farmers participated in developing resource making the WUA capable of
Resource Mobilization the training. These mobilization plan in the generating and managing financial
organized by Irrigation included 5 functionaries of irrigation system. The resources from within the system.
Division Office of Jhapa the WUA executive functionaries were provided
committee, Chairperson of information on ways and
block level committees means of generating irrigation
from 6 blocks and 8 other service fee (ISF) and its
farmers management in the system
21. Asar 2, 2067 Heavy rainfall damaging the The extent of damage The labors engaged in the WUA making continued watch on
PCC works in the main canal assessed by 3 functionaries construction works were the construction work and making
of the WUA immediately mobilized to repair the prompt action in taking up
after the rainfall damage. corrective measures.
22. Asar 4, 2067 Meeting of WUA Executive The meeting was attended No business could be taken up The reason for absence of the

Committee by Chairperson, Vice- in the absence of needed functionaries in the meeting was
Chirperson and Vice- quorum of the functionaries too pressing works in the monsoon
Secretary and two present in the meeting. cropping for most farmers.
members of the executive
23. Asar 5, 2067 Damage to protection wall Damage inspected by Vice- Initiative taken by the WUA in Continued initiative of WUA in
at the intake due to heavy Chairperson and other two reconstructing the damaged making prompt action in correcting
rainfall members of the executive portion of the protection wall the damages.
24. Asar 8, 2067 Heavy rainfall damaging the Damage inspected by the Initiative made in removing WUA making prompt response in
camp made at the Chairperson, Vice- and transporting the the events of damages/disasters
construction site Chairperson and two construction materials stored with the aim of minimizing the
members of the executive in the camp to a safe distance. possible consequences of the
committee damage.
25. Asar 12, 2067 Monitoring Visit of Chairperson, Vice- The visit was focused to Continued initiative of WUA in
Personnel from Irrigation Chairperson and Secretary assessing the damage caused monitoring of the construction
Division Office, Jhapa of WUA and engineers and to the construction works and works alongside of the personnel
overseers from Irrigation making corrective measures from irrigation office.
Division Office for smooth undertaking of the
construction works
26. Asar 22 and 23, Interaction Program Functionaries of WUA from The session was focused to The information shared by the
2067 Organized by National Tanting and other three sharing of historical context of functionaries of NIFUWAN was
Federation of Irrigation irrigation systems- Poliya, the development of NIFUWAN expected to disseminated among
Water Users’ Association Puwa-Majhuwa and and its roles in the farmers and functionaries of
(NIFUWAN) Taalkhara Irrigation strengthening/empowering other WUAs through peer
Systems participated in the irrigation water users’ exchanges.
interaction session associations in the country
27. Bhadra 2, 2067 Information sharing for The farmers in Block 1 Information relating to The aim of the information sharing
starting saving program by participated in the session initiation of saving program was to motivate the farmers in
the farmers organized by was discussed with the starting saving program leading to
Sahara-Nepal, an NGO farmers. the development of farmers’
supporting the farmers in cooperative in the irrigated area.
livelihood improvement
28. Ashwin 4, 2067 Meeting of WUA The meeting was The meeting was organized as WUA taking initiative for planned
functionaries participated by 13 a planning meeting wherein execution of the development
functionaries of the WUA. the WUA finalized the programs in the system, including
Other invitees present on programs for fiscal year the programs of promotion of

the occasion were 2067/2068 in consultation with improvement agricultural practices
extension officer of DADO- other stakeholders. The in the area.
Jhapa, representative of decisions made in the meeting
Sahara-Nepal and were relating to:
chairperson of adjoining i. Finalizing the programs for
Paliya Irrigation System fiscal year 2067/2068.
ii. Identifying training needs
on improved agricultural
practices to be undertaken
by the Agricultural Service
iii. Identification of 4 crop
demonstration site for the
forthcoming winter season.
iv. Mr. Sitaram Dhital was
released from the position
of the secretary of the
29. Ashwin 7, 2067 Meeting of WUA Executive Eight of the 13 The meeting was focused to
Committee functionaries participated deciding upon the plans for the
in the meeting distribution of improved seeds
of maize and wheat and
vegetables to the farmers.
30. Ashwin 8, 2067 Meeting of Water Users’ Total of 38 farmers The farmers decided to start a The initiative was focused to
Group in Block 1 participated in the meeting compulsory saving program in starting a small saving and credit
this Block by contributing Rs. program by the users’ group.
10 per month.
31. Ashwin 9, 2067 Meeting of Water Users’ Total of 40 farmers along The farmers decided to start a
Group in Block 3 with five executive compulsory saving program in
members of the block the block.
committee participated in
the meeting
32. Ashwin 10, 2067 Meeting of Saving Credit The members of the group, The group has already
Program of Triveni Women WUA functionaries and extended the membership to
Group Sahara-Nepal participated 101 women members with
in the meeting total saving amount of Rs.
3,300. The group decided to
advance credit among the

members with this amount.
33. Kartik 12, 2067 Observation Visit of WUAs Farmers on visit together The WUA functionaries shared
from Okhaldhunga, Bhojpur with WUA functionaries their experiences with the
and Sankhuwasabha to from Tanting Irrigation physical infrastructure
Tanting System improvement works
undertaken with the support
under CMIASP and also
initiative being made relating
to saving programs and
dissemination of improved
agricultural practices.