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Divine Health

The operation under the Divine Health, is really not “totally inclined’’ to the
Divine, rather, the Divine concept acts as a curative, management and guidance
function, while the rest falls on the careful understanding and observation of God-
Laid Principles.

To function in Divine Health, which totally says “good-bye’’ to the Health bills,
there are 2 major steps to be climbed to reach this Glorious point:

1. Principles:

“By wisdom the Lord laid the Earth’s foundation….”

Proverbs 3:19
Principles (wisdom) are God’s way of maintaining and regulating the Earth’s
occurrences. Since the Earth was made by Principles (Principle of Faith, to be
precise), therefore, the Earth is sustained by principles (all principles being rooted,
in one form or the other, to Faith). Everything that happens on Earth are all in the
Cycle of Principles; the repercussions for sin are all under the code of principles,
this is why, any type of sin commands a specific punishment, and in turn, any type
of blessing is as a result of a specific principle obeyed. The study of principles
therefore reveals two functions of it – The Cursing side and the Blessing side, thus,
Principles can be manipulated (Note: Principles are the responsible for upholding
the consequences for certain actions).
As everything and every aspect of the Human life and nature, are controlled by
principles, so is the Health of man. Negative health actions, e.g. smoking, excessive
drinking etc, all command various health repercussions. It is important to note here,
that the health of man started to deteriorate immediately after the introduction of
meat to man’s diet (Gen…..*) – Negative Health Action. This single but major
action led to the rapid decrease in the life expectancy of man (science also agrees
with this fact).
Having established that the careful observation of Principles (Earth’s-ruling-
authority-placed-by-God) as a major step into the Divine Health (principles are
divine (function of their creation), so you know) and also, as the major prevention
of ill-health, we are left with the question,
“what are these health principles, and, where can I find them?”
The Commandments given to the ancient Israelites, by God, are the written
statements (By God) of the Principles God, Himself, placed over the Earth during
creation. Most of us have a myopic understanding and knowledge of the
commandments, we think it all stopped at the 10 commandments, but other minor
but major commandments, likel;

“Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of materials”

Leviticus 19:19

And more, shows the authenticity of the commandments, as a whole, as not only
health principles but also, the general principles applicable on the Earth of which,
lots of scientists have investigated upon and adopted as genuine.
The Commandment against the wearing of 2different materials, of the Bible, was
researched upon and, it was found that wearing a cloth of 2 different materials
caused*****. Therefore, the Bible contains the most comprehensive list of accurate
Life principles, including Health principles, you could ever find on Earth.

Other Health principles which may not be found amongst the Commandment (but
found in different verses of the Bible), like fasting and other festival activities are
major Health impacts. The work of fasting – be it with praying or just the starving
of the human flesh from its desires – can be compared with the action of an eagle.
The Eagle, has one tough decision to make ******, this was what the Bible meant
when it said

“They that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength, they shall mount up
with wings like Eagles…..”
Isaiah 40:31

As the strength of the Eagle is renewed after this retreat period (their fasting
period) likewise is any man who sets apart a period of time in retreat.

“….. your youth is restored like the Eagle”

Psalms 105:3
Fasting, for all times, has been a major health enhancer and also the easiest and
cheapest wrinkle remover and age-reducer ever known to man, even science
corroborates this fact.

Also, the festival rituals of the ancient Israelites, in their worship to God, reveal a
lot about their impressive and now rare life span. Certain practices, like abstaining
from wheat, eating garlic, onions etc, were responsible for this phenomenon. In fact,
the general lifestyle of the Ancient Israelites (and some other nationalities at that
time) acts as a practical guide to the observation of the Health laws, a proof to this
was found in Numbers 11:5:

“….. We remember the fish we ate in Egypt at no cost – also the cucumbers,
melons, the leeks, onions and garlic.”
If there’s no other Health rule you know, you must certainly know this one (well,
at least because it’s common),
“Vegetables and Meat, the 2 food constituents of man’s food, the former lengthens
man’s life, the former, shortens it”.
Specifically, it’s the Red Meat that does the most damage to the life of a man. All
these “food” in the above mentioned scripture, are today only regarded as spices in
cooking and hardly is anyone noticing them as real and life-lengthening foods.

2. Spiritual Understanding:

There are 2 major spiritual understandings you must possess inorder to perfect
your hold on the Divine Health. Principles alone are prone to error, and when these
errors occur (either due to ignorance, or due to low self-will) its up to your Spiritual
understanding to put you back in the Health-line. We are talking about:
a. The Revelation of The Stripes
b. The Revelation of the Work on the Cross – Our Position In Heaven.

These 2 revelations (and few others) give the empowerment of your spiritual
Authority over physical situations. As we know, the Spiritual rules the physical, and
the physical is nothing but the mirror of the Spiritual, therefore, if you have the in-
depth knowledge (revelation) of your Authoritative abilities invested in you by
Christ, this ability that puts your in control (spiritual control) over the things around
you, within you and with you, then you’ll know that you have the ability to put a
stop on the forces of sickness or ailments (consequential principles for a broken
health law). This revelation involves knowing that – Your above principalities and
powers, rulers and forces (the 4 major constituents and controllers of the physical
world) spiritually, and the term “above” refers to “higher in rank”, therefore, you
have the ability to boss them around, but in an event of a possible coup d’etat by
these dark forces (mostly occurs when your irresponsive to Christ – the Source and
Sustainer of your new spiritual rank), this revelation also gives you the knowing
that you are hid in Christ which is in God, therefore, if any of these rulers of the
Earth can get pass God and Christ (which means defeating God and Christ, which is
impossible) then they can successfully get to you, and since the occurrence is highly
impossible, this revelation gives you the knowing that you (your health, your job,
your marriage, your academics) is untouchable, and that also, you have the
sufficient Authority, in Christ, to cut off any form of ailment (of any kind) from
your body, all you need do is act on these revelations you have – Faith. Remember,
the same Faith you need to cast out headache form your body, is the same Faith
you’ll need to cast out Cancer or AIDS, because, they are all enlisted under your
control and dominion.

Therefore, this Revelation will take you to the understanding, that you are the
dominator of the Earth, because you possess the highest Authority, In Christ, over
the Spiritual – thus, you control the Earth, which is just the reflection of the

This Revelation puts you back, and maintains a constant and consistent life under
Divine Health for you, and this happens through Faith (verbal and practical action
on revelation possessed).

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