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Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387 (571) 426-1335 carolynchristian@ymail.com


Highly innovative and influential executive with demonstrated leadership experience in global and domestic organizations.
Demonstrated ability to transfer learning’s and successes across industries resulting in highly recognized and replicated
strategies. Successful leader in highly matrixed organizations, known for creating and leading collaborative, productive
teams in politically challenging environments. Intellectually agile, with a reputation for “connecting the dots” between
consumer and market insights and the goals and objectives of an organization, leading to more clearly defined value
propositions, actionable strategies, innovative products and services with an understanding of the impact to other functional
areas. Decisive and naturally curious with a high level of enthusiasm for the work at hand and people on the team.

Expertise in strategic planning, marketing, business development, operations direction, process improvement, program
and project management, multimedia marketing, sales, fiscal oversight, and client satisfaction.
Multiple industry experiences in non-profit, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical, and financial sectors.
Implements product management through development, packaging, collateral development, launches, advertising,
account management, channel management, portfolio management, and media relations.
Delivers winning sales numbers in challenging markets and economies.
Builds and maximizes high-value business relationships and strategic alliances.
Strengthens and trains focused, high-impact, cohesive teams.
Advances and organizes multi-tiered agendas in demanding settings.
Pinpoints and pursues opportunities to expand business, catapult revenue, and maintain competitive edge.

Corporate Leadership Strategic & Tactical Planning Business Partnering Market & Account Expansions
Consultative Sales Creative & Technical Initiatives Client Acquisition & Retention B2B & B2C
Revenue Generation & Savings Budget Control Research & Analysis Competitive Intelligence Forecasting P&L
Risk Management Talent Development Tool Creation Goal Setting Performance Management Benchmarking
Communications Presentations Vendor Management Consensus Building Problem Solving

AARP SERVICES INC. / ASI, Washington, DC 2009 – 2010
Non-profit membership organization for persons age 50 and over, providing benefits, products, and services.
Vice President, Strategy & Planning: Met challenge to achieve organization’s mission for delivery of member value,
social impact, and revenue through creation of winning strategic plans and focus on highest priorities. Orchestrated team of
Directors and staff on key initiatives, led Product Competitiveness Council, and co-led AARP/ASI Product Council.
Drafted and executed strategic plans for business development, operations, product management, and marketing, and
control product and service portfolio.
Created research plan assessing member needs and brand perceptions, resulting in consumer value proposition adopted by
company. Championed corporate-wide research plan pertinent to long-term strategic planning and new product development.
Identified new business platforms of technology, education, and travel for expansion of product and service portfolio.
Identified by leadership as top-performing executive in the organization within the first 3 months of tenure and
strategies and insights touted by the CEO and COO as leading in the organization.
Co-developed the Product Competitiveness Council and Co-Chaired the New Product Council resulting in a cohesive,
strategic approach to new product development and the identification of over 50 new products and services for
business development and over $300,000 savings in the market research budget.
Spearheaded the strategy and research plan to successfully identify the ASI value proposition resulting in the
identification of leading indicators to increase brand presence, member engagement and loyalty.
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INTERSECURITIES, INC., Bedford Heights, Ohio 2006 – 2009

Provider of financial products and services to individuals and non-profit organizations.
Vice President of Marketing, Christian & Associates : Demonstrated entrepreneurial capability through establishment and
drive of financial planning practice with assets of $45M. Established critical goals with focus on underserved markets, and
created high-impact marketing collateral, marketing campaigns, presentations, and seminars. Exceeded clients’ expectations
through the delivery of customized solutions.
Expedited establishment of presence in Cleveland area with requests to participate on local radio programs to share
insights and demonstrated client successes.
Forged collaborative alliances with local and national non-profit organizations, nationally recognized business leaders,
and local companies, resulting in highly attended events and significant business opportunities.
Took away deeper knowledge of the financial industry and fine tuned skills in account management and customer

GOJO INDUSTRIES, Akron, Ohio 2003 – 2006

Manufacturer of hand hygiene and skin care products.
Market Development Director, Purell Workplace Wellness: Realized breakthrough market expansion through innovation
of Purell Program for Workplace Wellness, focused on promotion of brand hand sanitizer for use on corporate desktops.
Participated in product and packaging development, and established targeted marketing program to include development of
collateral, Web site, campaigns, sales training, and educational materials.
Realized most successful program launch in company’s history following failures by 5 Directors prior to tenure,
resulting in its presentation as corporate model for other product and market development platforms.
Expedited delivery of 2 new products as part of program, resulting in incremental sales in excess of $1M.
Forged ROI and forecast models for employers and distributors for program cost justification, resulting in generation
of millions of dollars.
Gained knowledge of a BTB environment built on a distribution model and combined knowledge of consumer product
marketing to successfully create a new channel of business for the organization.

THE COCA-COLA COMPANY, St. Charles, Missouri 2001 – 2003

Leading global manufacturer of soft drinks.
Group Manager, Operational Marketing: Drove winning branding and marketing initiatives, supervised 2 Operational
Marketing Managers, and performed role as Coca-Cola Spokesperson on radio and TV. Collaborated with media team on
launch of Vanilla Coke product, oversaw Olympic Torch Relay event in St. Louis, and drafted local bottler strategy for St.
Louis African-American market.
Designed and guided launch plan for Vanilla Coke, resulting in sales rank of No. 6 in U.S., as well as outperformance
of forecast with incremental sales of $1M.
Created and executed incentive programs for new product launches, resulting in incremental sales in excess of $300K.
Orchestrated non-carbonated beverage availability drive, resulting in increased market share and incremental sales in
excess of $127K.
Added knowledge of consumer product marketing and market research to a background grounded in BTB sales,
marketing and business development.

ELI LILLY & COMPANY, Indianapolis, Indiana 1987 – 2001

Leading pharmaceutical manufacturer.
Manager, Corporate Business Development (1999 – 2001): Performed clinical and market analyses for compounds in
development. Focused resources on viable candidates, resulting in savings of thousands of dollars. Created review process,
resulting in savings of over $450K. Participated in development of corporate guidelines for in-licensing opportunities,
resulting significant savings. Submitted product opportunities with potential for future business in excess of $500M.
Manager, U.S. Market Research (1997 – 1999): Provided strategic direction to existing research plans, resulting in savings
in excess of $400K. Engaged in development of universal research methodology, resulting in savings in excess of $500K.
Participated in formation of preferred vendor database, as well as market research process, resulting in savings in excess of
$2M. Coordinated domestic and global research plans, resulting in savings in excess of $1M, as well as modeling by other
domestic and global market research groups.
Additional positions with Eli Lilly & Company include Manager, Payers, U.S. Women’s Health as well as positions
involving contract business management, new product planning, marketing, sales, account management, and training.
M.B.A., Marketing, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
B.S., Chemistry, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Leadership Leadership Development Leveraging the Power of People and Ideas Diversity Management
Business Management Maximizing Business Performance World-Class Performance Project Management
Connecting with Customers Marketing Innovation Targeted Selection Pricing Strategies Negotiation Strategies
Account Management Customer Satisfaction Health Economics Legal and Marketing Best Practices

Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387 (571) 426-1335 carolynchristian@ymail.com