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April 2011

Website: www.ahcc.us

When I was a young blond crew-cut topped kid there were many ways people
AHCC Worship fellowshipped together here at the church on the prairie. Of course there was the
Christian fellowship built around the common promises of Bible verses, blessed hymns
and the strengthening words of the preacher. It was the bond that brought people to this
Schedule place. Still there was other fellowship happening in the relationships amongst those
gathering here. There was a kind of men’s connecting fellowship that came about as a
9:30—Adult Bible Study & group of men and few tag-a-long sons dug graves in the tallest of the Antelope Hills
Sunday School whenever someone left this earth. There was a certain kind of cheerful fellowship that
10:30—Worship Service was reserved for only girls, mothers and grandmothers that remained secret because I
was never invited and instead had to go and get my crew cut on the porch of the
Monday Prayer Times parsonage with a half dozen old men who told wonderful endless stories.
There was a certain kind of fellowship that came with church softball games,
-6:00 pm at Church
Vacation Bible School and hot summer picnics when the ice cream had the texture of
thick sweetened lukewarm milk. There was a certain kind of Midwestern fellowship that
Wednesday Youth took place on large rounded sloping fenders of the Chevys, Plymouths, Nashs and Fords
-5:45 pm—Dramatically Correct after church when men discussed long departed seed corn varieties such Funks and
-7:00 pm—Youth Group Trojan. There was a certain kind of fellowship that took place on any trip to camp, church
meetings and even conventions in those same cars without any hint of air-conditioning on
Thursday Bible Study hot summer late afternoons. There was a certain kind of enduring fellowship that took
–7:00 pm at S. Maas’ Home place when people that cared about each other lost one of their friends.
Their was a certain kind of fellowship that came about when people spoke in
Ministering To You hushed tones about difficulties with their finances, farms and families and were seeking
some extra funds, a little harvest help and even some possible encouraging words. There
Pastor was a certain kind of nurturing fellowship that came from all the grandmas directed to both
mothers and children, both related and unrelated, that they took under their watchful and
Steve Maas Office 223-5626
protective eyes. And there was a joyful fellowship that came from hearty laughter and
Home (605) 272-5614 massive arms that seem to wrap around your shoulders brightening a difficult day as a
Cell (605) 881-9024 reluctant smile came over your face.
Email: pastorsteve116@yahoo.com
We are almost a generation removed from those times. The car brands have
changed and we have air conditioning and the ice cream stays mostly frozen. I am happy
Elders that there still are these same encouraging interactions of fellowship happening at
Kent Goplen 223-7910 Antelope Hills. There are families from those days involved here and many new families.
Randy Maas 223-5532 As all of us connect in fellowship here, hopefully we all can find spiritual encouragement,
Jim Thorpe (605) 272-5353 deep Christian friendships and support for the joyful, difficult and unknown events that will
Nathan Thorpe (507)277-5679 happen in our lives. This month the focus of the sermons, services and special events is
Darren Matthies (605)272-5454 on encouraging one another in Christian fellowship. It means doing the things that have
always been part of this church, but it also might mean stepping out a bit to reach out to
Deacons some in the congregation that you don’t know. Open your heart, your home and your time
Greg Chappuis 223-5286 to plan something different. Share a meal, an evening together or even some extra
Jim Sayre 223-7013 moments with others in our fellowship. The supportive bonds, connections and words will
help us all find joy in all our Savior gives us together. We experience God through study
Dale Schoberg 223-7187
and prayer, worship and sermons but we can also experience God by being together in
Dale Peterson (320) 269-4655 many kinds of fellowship encouraging each other in our faith.
So encourage each other and give each other strength, just as you are doing now (1 Thes. 5:11 NCV).
Renee Frazeur 223-7489
SUNDAY, May 1st
Monday, April 4
Ladies Salad Supper
Mission Quilt
Sewing All ladies are invited to our annual
Ladies Salad Supper on Sunday, May
All ladies are invited to a mission sewing day on the first 1st. Please note we will be having it on a Sunday evening
Monday of each month at Kay Peterson’s home. Quilts this year, not Monday. We will start a little earlier also,
are made for a mission in Mexico. Sewing begins with registration beginning at 5:30 and the supper at 6:00.
around 9:30 am and goes until they are tired. Bring Our featured speaker this year will be
something for the potluck lunch. No fancy sewing skills ___________________ from _________________.
necessary. If you have any questions, please give Kay
a call. AHCC ladies please sign up on the bulletin board at
church for salads you can bring (and remember 2 boxes of
crackers as well!). The Abigails are in charge of the
Sunday, April 17 program this year and the Tabithas are in charge of
CSF Visit & Potluck
Invite your friends and neighbors to this special night out.
Join us for a special Sunday service with Christian There is no charge for the meal; a freewill offering will be
Student Fellowship from the University of Minnesota. received during the service.
(See back Mission Page for information on CSF.) They
will be leading the Worship Service and we will have a
potluck fellowship dinner following. Tabithas set up and
serve; Abigails clean up.
June 5-9
Easter Services
Mark your calendar for June 5-9
April 22 for AHCC’s Vacation Bible School
Good Friday Service program. This year we will set out on a High Seas
____ pm at _____________ Expedition: Exploring the Mighty Love of God. We are in
need of lots of help! Please talk to Renee or Jane if you
April 24 are available for even one night. Thanks!
Resurrection Day
9:30 am—Easter Praise Band
Fellowship Brunch Practices
(everyone is asked to bring a
dozen muffins, rolls, etc.)
Praise band practices will be held at the church at 7:00 pm
There will be no Sunday School.
on April 14, 21 & 28. Practices are open to anyone who
10:30 am—Easter Sunday Worship Service would like to join in praising God with music. The sound
technician who is scheduled for that week is asked to be
Monday Nights at practices as well. See Mary Matthies if you have any
Join us each Monday night as we have a short time of
praise music and then a time of prayer. Everyone is
Wednesdays at AHCC

March 2-Kids Club & Youth at Church (gr. 3-12)

Youth Group will meet at Church
Featured Speaker: on Wednesdays in April
Gene Appel from Eastside Christian Church, Fullerton,

Drama t ically

What Will You Gain From the Convention?

Correc t
MORE Meaning for your life
MORE Learning in workshops that show how the Bible gives
help for life’s questions
MORE Biblical inspiration from the sermons of Gene Appel
MORE Fun with your family and friends. Our puppet and drama team will be continuing with
MORE Encouragement and blessings practices each Wednesday at 5:45 pm. We will be
MORE Fellowship including Pizza Fellowship and Afterglow performing an Easter puppet skit on Sunday, April 10th
on Friday Evening at AHCC and at the Canby and Dawson nursing homes
on Friday, April 22nd.
Adults: $20/person or $35 for two adults in one household
Teens (Grades 6-12): $25
Children (Ages 0 - Gr 5): $5 per child (Max $15 per family)
7:00 pm
AHCC will cover costs for first time attendees! Talk to
Ralph Peterson. Registration forms available on the
Kids in grades 7-12 will have a great time of fun and
table in the foyer or on-line at www.mnconvention.org.
learning at our Wednesday Night Youth Groups. ALL
kids are welcome, so even if you’ve missed a few
Check it Out! months, you can jump right in! If you have questions on
what it’s all about, talk to Darren Matthies.
Every month, I want to recommend a book here in this
little spot. The book will be available in our church
library for you to check out. I want to try and interest
Kids Club
you in reading it. This month the book is Crazy Love by On the first Wednesday of each month we have our
Francis Chan. Francis asks us to question why we do Kids Club for kids in grades 3-6 at church at 7:00 pm.
things the way we have always done them and if we Kids are involved in learning more about God through
have truly responded to the love of God. Who is God to music, Bible lessons, and fun activities. Everyone is
you? Is He just there in an abstract way? Is He beyond welcome!
your understanding in His greatness, is His love for you
staggering in its extravagant capacity and is His
amazing crazy love changing you? Is your life about
trying harder and harder or is it about loving Christ more
and more as to abandon the common and the
accepted? The answer
Mission Moment
Christian Student Fellowship

Christian Student Fellowship is reaching students at the University of Minnesota with the love and message of Jesus Christ.
CSF is also nurturing and training young Christian men and women for lives of service in His Kingdom. We are encouraged
to see students growing in their faith, their desire to serve, and their ability to reach out to others with the truth of the gospel.
Rather than losing their faith and their commitment to the church, CSF students are growing and investing more deeply in
the Kingdom of God.

CSF also continues to reach out to the many international students coming from around the world to the University of
Minnesota. We offer English language classes twice each week, try to help students find furniture for their apartments, and
offer special events every month for students and families to learn about American culture, develop friendships, and hear
about God. Through the relationships we are building, we hope God will open a door for us to share the good news of Jesus.
We have an investigative Bible Study each week, and several of these international students have heard about Jesus
through our ministry.

God continues to provide what we need. We appreciate Antelope Hills partnership with us as we work in this vital mission
field where the leaders of tomorrow are learning today.

         Worship Leaders for April          

April 3 April 10 April 17 April 24 May 1
Communion Meditation: Ralph Nathan Dale S. Greg Darren
Scripture/Com. Prayer: Kent Ralph Nathan Jim T. Kent
Serving: Jim T./Ted Troy/Darren Grant/Randy Kent/Dale S. Dale P./Jim S.
Communion Visitation: Jim T.Steve Dale S. Randy Jim S.
Prayer Room: Nathan/Kay Jim T./Julie Kent/Judy Dale S./Sharon Randy/Jane
Joys & Concerns: Randy Jim T. Ralph Cathy Judy
Songleader: Worship Band Randy CSF Worship Band Worship Band
Praise Team: Worship Band Jane/Cathy CSF Worship Band Worship Band
Pianist: Worship Band Mindy CSF Worship Band Worship Band
Special Music/Other: Dram. Correct
Nursery: Sharon Jane/Grace Shannon Laura Sharon
Greeters: Marcella Schobergs N. Thorpes J. Thorpes Marcella
Sound System: Grant Matt Tim Troy Lynda
Computer: Lynda Sharon CSF/Lynda Melissa Melissa

                           
April Communion: Julie P., Judy B. May Communion: Mary W., Michelle C.
Dawson Area Comm: Bruce Rodrick