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OnGuard Video

A Networked World
Today’s customers demand flexibility
and expandability while maintaining
the highest standards of security and
accountability within an organization’s
operating environment. Although
secure transmission has been a
cornerstone of closed-circuit video
systems for decades, the nature of
closed systems is losing momentum
in an evolving global market. As
organizations expand, intricate video
solutions must be available in
an always-on, access-anywhere

Network and IP video solutions

provide unmatched flexibility, and
offer countless benefits for
organizations seeking the utmost in
video technology and operating
efficiency. Lenel’s video solutions
offer dramatic web-enabled live and
recorded video viewing, allowing
real-time access to secure networks
of video across the globe. Supporting
the highest standards of network
security, Lenel’s network and IP video
products allow organizations of all
sizes to implement full-scale video
solutions that can be controlled from a
single secure monitoring facility, or

Overview anywhere that secure network access

is available.

Video security requires more than simply combining

From global enterprise systems with
hardware with software. It is the creative implementation
thousands of cameras, to smaller,
of an intelligent blend of unique technology tailored to the
closed networks of single camera
exact needs of an organization’s visual security
stations, OnGuard’s video solutions
requirements. Breakthrough technologies such as video
offer the most flexible, advanced, and
analytics and ultra-secure network communications give
modern technologies available on the
organizations unparalleled flexibility and control.
global security market.
OnGuard video solutions of all sizes offer intricate alarm
integration, investigative analytics, event-driven
recording, and total system management.
Software Enabling the Enterprise
Today’s video demands require advanced software solutions. OnGuard
solutions offer unlimited possibility for any video implementation. As
Lenel continues to drive interoperability of video servers and cameras,
the importance of Lenel’s OnGuard software as the differentiating factor
greatly increases. OnGuard video solutions are built using an
award-winning open-architecture design that promotes ultimate
flexibility in deployment. Advanced linkage capabilities and data routing
for storage are becoming standard requirements for video. From
web-based video viewing applications to futuristic IntelligentVideo
analytics, OnGuard video solutions place no limits on imagination.

Smart Analytics from Anywhere in the World

OnGuard video solutions are powered by strong analytical tools such as
IntelligentVideo, forensic watermarking, frame encryption, and live
monitoring of any feed within a system. OnGuard IntelligentVideo
solutions offer the most advanced analytical capabilities on the video
market. IntelligentVideo provides organizations with intricate methods
for implementing ultra-high security procedures. Packages include facial
detection, directional motion capturing, color-based analytics, crowd
control & group monitoring, loitering & immobile object detection,
weather recognition, and much more. Whether a camera is monitoring Ease of Management
for smoke and fire or an administrator needs video feed access from a OnGuard VideoManager is the most flexible and dynamic video system
remote location miles away from the organization, OnGuard video available today. OnGuard VideoManager offers customers the
solutions make detailed proactive analysis and monitoring easy and scalability to grow small, simple video systems into large, sophisticated
efficient. enterprise video configurations. OnGuard VideoManager can be
seamlessly integrated with OnGuard, offering customers the many
benefits of applications inside the OnGuard portfolio, including OnGuard
Access and OnGuard Fire & Intrusion. By integrating with these
products, customers can realize a true, event-driven system
architecture whereby actionable security is enabled by linking real, live
security-related events.

Unlimited Expansion
Scalable solutions aren’t just about system size, but also system
potential. OnGuard video solutions offer integration into a variety of
external and internal system software and hardware modules. With an
unlimited number of supported cameras, it is important to also allow
third-party modules access to the strengths of OnGuard’s video
portfolio... such as advanced storage solutions. Whether analog or
digital, closed-circuit or over a large IP network, Lenel offers hardware
storage solutions that can manage the most advanced video solutions in
the world.

Worldwide Web, Worldwide Video

OnGuard’s web-based video viewer application makes controlling and
viewing live video easier than ever before. Users can access video
feeds from any capable PC, anywhere in the world without installation of
client software. OnGuard’s web-based video viewing architecture allows
any security organization to efficiently and easily manage video feeds
from one single web-based application. And a video solution is only as
strong as its user experience. OnGuard’s web-based video viewer
brings the “wow” factor back to the user.
Infinite Product Life Cycle Coopetition Through an Open Platform
The combination of OnGuard VideoManager with network OnGuard video solutions provide easy integration with many
video recorders gives customers a solution with an unlimited popular video standards. OnGuard is THE video platform,
product life cycle. By installing the latest version of the supporting industry leading products through strong
OnGuard VideoManager software, you can easily update your partnerships and alliances. OnGuard supports first-rate brands
video system to include the latest features and functionality. of imaging devices, video server technology, and integration
Your initial investment is never wasted or lost, as is often the software solutions, offering unparallel compatibility with
case with traditional digital video recorder solutions. technology devices available in the market. Additionally,
Lenel's Open Access Alliance Program attracts partners with
offerings as diverse as video analytics hardware, intelligent IP
Lenel Video Hardware cameras, and massive structural walls of video feeds. In all,
Lenel’s line of video hardware includes top-of-the-line digital
OnGuard's video solutions give customers the freedom of
and network video recorders, network-based cameras, and
choice, allowing them to utilize their existing infrastructure and
audio/video decoding devices. Fully compatible with many
deploy best-in-breed products throughout their security
third-party video applications, Lenel-branded hardware is an
operational environment!
easy choice for security professionals around the world. The
Lenel brand reflects a history of award-winning technology,
first-class support, and superior quality in all its products.

With a complete suite of scalable video solutions, Lenel is

the leading source for any organization’s video needs.

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