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Medical Diagnosis: hydrocephalus, status post- shunt insertion


Indication/ Mechanism of Action Side Effects/ Adverse Nursing Considerations

Contraindication Effects
INDICATIONS: Increases plasma • Hypernatremia • Monitor vital
Generic Name: Treatment of metabolic bicarbonate, which • Serum signs and notify the
sodium bicarbonate acidosis; promotion of excess buffer H ion hyperosmolarity physician of
gastric, systemic and concentrations; reverses • Paravenous abnormalities.
Brand Name: urine alkalinization in metabolic acidosis; administration may • Obtain patient
the case of intoxication neutralizes gastric acid, lead to tissue necrosis history (drug history
with weak organic acids; which forms water, and any
Classification: in order to improve the NaCl, CO2; raises blood hypersensitivity).
Fluids & Electrolytes solubility of drug pH • Monitor fluid
substances that are balance (input-output
Dosage: poorly soluble in neutral ratio, weight, edema).
17 meqs NaHC03 +17 ml acid medium; and in the • Monitor
SW case of hemolysis. manifestations of
hypokalemia and
Frequency: CONTRADICTIONS: hyponatremia
NOW Hypoventilation, • Report any
hypocalcemia, increased symptoms such as
Route: serum osmolarity, nausea, vomiting and
IV Drip further in all situations anorexia.
where sodium intake
must be restricted.