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APRIL 05, 2011

6:45pm* – 8:10pm
Walgrove Avenue Elementary School
1630 Walgrove Avenue ∗ Los Angeles, CA 90066
Phone: 310-391-7104 ∗ Fax: 310-391-9809
By: Julie Dair, Volunteer (*I arrived late.)

I. Welcome & Introductions – Sarah Reimers

II. Special Thanks – Sarah Reimers

A. Jim Heiman Team – led by Lisa Haase
B. New FOW Website Team – Cody Ashe-McNalley, Caroline Diaz, Troy Takaki
C. Dine Out participants – led by Warner Takaki
D. See’s Candies Team – led by Danielle Seidenglanz
E. Newsletter Team – Liberty Conboy and Betsy Carver
F. Council Committee – led by Michelle Dean and Kate Lipkis
G. Race to Nowhere Team – led by Laura Elian and Lesly Hall

III. School/Instructional Reports Guests – Sarah Reimers

A. Marianne Brown (with parent Ruth Handel)
1. The Walgrove Garden Tour will be on April 30.
2. We have a weekly Monday gardening session (1pm-4pm).
3. We also have a weekly Wednesday gardening meeting (12pm-1pm).
4. There are snacks! Please join us.
B. Rick Selan – Dole Foods is offering salads to schools and it and it would be nice for Walgrove to have
a salad program tied in with Beethoven and Grand View Elementary Schools.
1. John Fischer – School Site Council is coordinating that effort with Arlene.

IV. Officer and Council Reports

A. School Site Council (SSC) – John Fischer: we have submitted a preliminary budget – includes aide
salaries, but this is a preliminary budget and there will most likely be changes later on.
B. Educational Vision Task Force (EVTF) – Sarah Reimers for Amy Johnson: please continue to give input
through the EVTF inquiry process on the Arts Program at Walgrove.
C. Fundraising – Lisa Tauscher
1. Artwork for Education – Orders for cards and tote bags are due Friday, April 8. You can buy the
cards later on the website, but the tote bags will not be available online. You must order the
tote bags by Friday, April 8. Catalogs went home already.
2. Walgroovies – “Spring Fling!” is this Saturday, April 9, 5pm, and there are still spaces available.
$10/person. E-mail Clare Carey (claretendai@gmail.com) if you would like to attend.
3. Silent Auction: Saturday, April 30, 5pm, Elian House
a. We are still accepting donations through the end of this week, but make sure you fill
out the donation form and get that in first ASAP.
b. Buy your tickets! Feel free to contribute more to fund teachers/staff to go as well.
c. We will be doing an online pre-auction (twenty-five select items) soon.
d. Silent Auction Raffle! Our goal is to sell 5000 tickets. Kicked off the sale of raffle tickets
during First Fridays on Abbott Kinney for three hours and sold about 100 tickets. It’s
$2/ticket and you can win an iPad!! Each family is expected to sell 10 tickets. We will
be at the 04/30 Garden event selling tickets. We will also be selling at the Mar Vista
Farmers Market on Sundays – please e-mail Francine Nellis (francine.nellis@me.com) if
you can help.
4. Mrs. Nelson’s Book Fair Week – April 7~13 in the Library. We still need volunteers!
5. Walk-a-Thon – June 4 – more details later. Doing it with the people who did it with St. Mark’s and
they did a great job with that.
6. Krystyan Keck (Room 4 Kinder Mom) is starting a solar rebate program at Walgrove and it is a
great opportunity for us as well. California State Rebate Program will give rebates for people
buying the solar unit as well as rebates for Walgrove.
7. Fundraising Numbers
a. Budget was $160K for this year and projected costs were $172K (to cover the costs of
fundraising), and we are currently a little below budget in some areas
(1) Sally Foster (below budget) – $2100 vs. last year’s $6500
(2) Ralphs (above budget) – $6800 vs. last year’s $800
(3) Dine Outs (below budget) – just shy of $1K (with CPK & El Torito) vs. last year’s $1K
(4) Annual Fund (below budget) – doing great with $86K so far vs. last year’s $60K at
this point, but our goal was $100K
(5) See’s Candies (above budget) – raised $2100 (last year we did not do this one)
b. Upcoming things that will bring in more include:
(1) Cornerstone Banner Program – we will be launching this program to display
“appreciation” (not advertisement) banners on the fences at the corner of
Walgrove Avenue and Morningside Way. We already have a Ralphs banner up
already in appreciation of their generosity to us. We will take orders through mid-
May and the banners will go up in June and stay up through 2011. Flyers and
announcements going out soon!
(a) Rick Selan: at Marquez Elementary, they display banners from families.
(2) Silent Auction – April 30. Goal is $40K.
(3) ZJ’s Boarding House Sale on Main Street – May 24. Sales event in conjunction with
Friends of Coeur D’Alene with 15% of sales going to Walgrove. New this year.
(4) Walk-a-Thon -- June 4 (last year we didn’t have one).

D. Treasurer: Mark Sim

1. $109K raised - $113K spent = $3K below goals this month, but this is a normal dip.
2. $51K “cushion” in the bank now, which is what it should be.
3. $71K Annual Fund already collected as of now and will continue to come in through June.
4. We usually get a big boost from Silent Auction and we have those new fundraisers also.
5. E-mail FOWTreasurer@gmail.com if you want a copy of the budget e-mailed to you.
6. Mark is stepping down as Treasurer, but Cindy Minor is staying on as Controller. Nominate
someone for Treasurer soon! The job entails: taxes, insurance, payroll, and budget reports.

V. New Business
A. Sports Mania Summer Camp – Brigid McBride: Walgrove will be a host as second location for this
camp. The primary location is at Paul Revere in Brentwood. This is a summer camp that includes
sports, arts & crafts, and many other activities. Walgrove parents will get the amazing deal of
$200/week rate (normally $250/week) until the end of this month. They have last-minute daily camp
openings as well. Brochures coming out soon!
B. Kaharungi Maori Dance Troupe Performance – Brigid McBride: this Thursday ,April 7, Auditorium.
C. Yearbook – Dana Tasker: Deadline for dedications is April 8 (Friday) but we are flexible. This is our
fourth yearbook. The dedications are a way to fund the yearbook as we are self-funded work.
Every kid and staff member gets one free at the end of the year and any “profit” gets rolled back to
Walgrove, so it’s a win-win situation. Buy your dedication ad!
D. 2011-2012 Budget: School Categorial Budget/State Budget Cuts/FOW Budget Survey – John Fischer
We are asking for a tax extension. Ted Lieu and Betsy Butler (both our reps) are voting for this
already, so no need to call them. We need to lean on people who are obstructing this extension
(listed at bottom of Page 5). If we do not get this tax extension we are facing a very big budget
crisis – three teachers will stay laid off (Webster, Biolatto, Perez) and we will have increased class
sizes – 29:1 student:teacher ratio for K~ Grade 3 and 38:1 for Grades 4~5 if we get the worst-case
1. Question: What about any results from the Deasy meeting?
Answer (Sarah Reimers): Dr. Deasy and Gay Havard (Local District 3) are still in conversation
regarding that meeting, we are still in “squeaky wheel” mode and making follow-up inquiries,
but have no concrete results yet.
2. Budget Survey – Sarah Reimers
a. Thank you to Laura Groppe forwarded survey to Sarah that Palisades did for their parents.
b. We are waiting for a Spanish translation from English Learners Advisory Committee (ELAC)
and that will go out as well as hard copy versions to people who cannot do it online.
c. Results: 89 responses received.
(1) Most responses by grade (from most responses to least responses): Kindergarten,
Grade 2, Grade1, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5.
(2) Overall satisfaction with programs:
a) Instructional Aides (IAs), P.E., and Studio – majority highly satisfied, satisfied
b) Computer – mostly satisfied and with 10% not satisfied
c) Library – satisfied (20%) and not satisfied (25%)
(3) Prioritization of programs:
a) Instructional Aides were far and away the first priority.
b) Studio and P.E. were tied for second.
c) Computer was third priority.
d) Library was last priority.
(4) Prioritization of programs new this year:
a) Programs and materials for Math and Language Arts Differentiation were high.
b) Professional Development was the next highest priority.
c) Council was last priority.
(5) Prioritization of other “historically incurred miscellaneous expenses” (in order of priority
from first to last): Teacher supplies, field trips, Campus Beautification, Shakespeare Club,
and Outreach (Tours, Recruitment and Retention).
(6) Prioritization of possible new major expenses (in order of priority from first to last): Hiring
back pink-slipped teacher, hiring more IAs, hiring a P/T teacher, hiring a Coordinator,
stipends for teachers filling in administrative gaps.
*SCARY NEWS: There are 30 elementary schools with NINE assistant principals between them
in LAUSD (in Los Angeles Times today).
d. Preliminary 2011-2012 budget DRAFT had to go out at today’s meeting and Sarah
Reimers made one on behalf of the Budget Committee in accordance with survey results.
(1) FOW 2011/2012 BUDGET DRAFT
• Class Reduction/Differentiation Teacher (hiring another teacher) – $45K
We are in a position to possibly hire a certified teacher (full-time, but would be hourly)
who would work with teachers to facilitate more small groups across grade levels and
old and new differentiation programs, as well as coordinate all the aides who are
already doing this.
• Teacher Aides -- $28K
We would reduce our funding to aides, but our numbers would remain the same
because the SSC budget is increasing funding for aides. Also, we discussed the
situation with the aides and they agreed that the solution to our problems is not to
hire more aides. With the reduction, we would still have: 3 aides in Kindergarten (one
per class), 3 aides in Grade 1(one for every class), 11 half-aides (one per grade level
for Grades 2~5 and they would continue to do RTI).
• Lunch & Recess Aides -- $5K
• Studio Program -- $30K
• Computer Lab -- $10K
This would be for introductory/rudimentary instruction for second grade and then the
differentiation teacher would be using the computers and technology for
differentiation lessons (i.e., math projects on the computer) so students would still get
computers but rather than being stand-alone program, it would be more integrated
into classroom instruction.
Comment: Currently, there is a lack of cohesion and direction with the computer
program meshing with the RTI program.
• P.E. Program -- $17K
• Great Books Program -- $5K
• Differentiated Math Materials/Programs -- $4K
• Library Aide – $9K
• Teacher Supplies -- $4K
• Professional Development: Teachers and Aides -- $3K
• Shakespeare Program -- $1.5K
• Field Trips -- $2K
• Miscellaneous Printing/Office Supplies -- $2K
• Physical Plant Improvements -- $1K
• Yearbook -- $500
• Recruitment & Retention -- $2K
• Taxes & Licenses/Insurance/Miscellaneous Expenses -- $6K
(2) SSC is throwing more money at aides but they have many pre-arranged mandatory
budget items that they don’t have the flexibility to do. Money comes from different
government sources that have stipulated restrictions.
E. Ocean Charter Expansion – Sarah Reimers
1. Background: Prop 39 is the legislation that deals with charter schools in the state. End tagline states
that district schools must provide space for the charter school if it is “available.” The Charter
Association sued LAUSD about unused space that is available and won. Therefore, LAUSD must
cede all non-core curriculum classrooms.
2. Short-term effect on Walgrove: As a result, as of April 1 Ocean Charter School was offered four
more of Walgrove’s rooms and they have until May 1 to accept the offer. However, they need to
increase enrollment by eighty students to justify their expansion and get those rooms.
3. Long-term effect: With the bungalows being removed in 2012 (and Ocean Charter currently
occupies those), what will continued co-location with Ocean Charter look like? What are their
4. Comment: On the bright side, if we go to the worst-case scenario of a 29:1 ratio, we will have more
rooms and be able to keep the Special Education and Studio Rooms. Westminster and Grand View
have been fighting similar issues.

VI. Happenings
A. Open House Tuesday, April 12, 5-8pm School
B. Book Fair Week of Thursday, April 7 ~ Wednesday, April 13 School Library
C. Parent Teacher Council Wednesday, April 27, 4-5:30pm (with childcare) School
D. SILENT AUCTION Saturday, April 30, 5pm Elian Home

VII. Help Wanted

A. Open House Volunteers!
B. Book Fair Volunteers!
Walgrove Community Alert

State Budget Crisis

Current Situation
$18 billion has already been cut from K-12 education in California in the past three years. With a deficit of
$25.4 billion in the state budget, the Governor has proposed cuts as well as revenues. The governor’s proposed
budget, presented Jan. 10th, includes maintaining education funding, contingent on the extension of current
temporary taxes (sales, income, and vehicle taxes), which would otherwise expire in June 2011 if they are not
extended. These taxes currently generate over $8 billion annually. The loss of this revenue would cause billions
of dollars of additional cuts to schools state-wide! (approximately $330-$1000 per student at a minimum and
possibly much more!)

This is NOT an increase! The state reps from the Walgrove area (Ted Lieu, Betsy Butler) are both in favor of
passing this legislation. The governor hoped to get an initiative on the state ballot for the June election, but
that did not happen. That means that the only course right now, is to pressure the legislature into passing an
extension to the taxes. Or, the legislature could vote to put the measure on the ballot for a later date, say in
the fall.

What it means for LAUSDWalgrove:

Teacher layoffs: We have three teachers who are being laid off this year: Miss Biolatto, Mrs. Webster, and Mrs.

Class size increases: Because of the pending cuts, LAUSD will increase class size to 29:1 for Grades K-3 and 38:1
for Grades 4-5. This increase also means a loss of teaching positions (dictated by seniority) at Walgrove unless
our enrollment significantly increases.

Action you can take:

The reps from this area support the measure. In most cases, the division is along party lines. Folks you know in
areas with Republican representation could be the key to assisting.

• The following state-elected officials are extremely important to reach out to. If any of the following
legislators are your legislator, please fax them a letter today!

• Senator Thomas Harman: District 35 – Huntington Beach/Irvine, FAX (916) 445-9263

• Assembly Member Cameron Smyth: District 38 – Santa Clarita, FAX (916) 319-2138
• Assembly Member Kevin Jeffries: District 66 – Riverside, FAX (916) 319-2166
• Assembly Member Jim Silva: District 67 – Huntington Beach, FAX (916) 319-2167
• Assembly Member Martin Garrick: Carlsbad/San Diego County, FAX (916) 319-2174
• Assembly Member Paul Cook: District 65 – Yucaipa/29 Palms/San Bernardino County, FAX (916) 319-2165

Big Five: the Governor and Legislative Leaders (2 from each house).
SEND a letter to our Legislative Leaders – no matter what district you are in!

• Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway: FAX (916) 319-2134

• Senate Republican Leader Bob Dutton: FAX (916) 327-2272
• Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg: FAX (916) 323-2263
• Assembly Speaker John A. Perez: FAX (916) 319-2146
• Governor Jerry Brown: FAX (916) 558-3160 (cc the governor if you like)

Other ideas for action – rallies, demonstrations, etc.