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In the below contents (tasks) Grameenphone’s marketing definition is explained.

Grameenphone is a marketing oriented organization that has the various elements of
marketing concepts. The marketing approach of he organization is explained. The micro
and macro environmental factors of Grameenphone are explained in detail while
Grameenphone is making a decision.

The 3G service segmentation is done. The factors that would influence the targeting
strategy of Grameenphone are explained. The buyer’s behavior for Complex buying
behavior and habitual are explain. A marketing mix for anew service-3G was developed
for Grameenphone. The differences in marketing a product within the organization are
also explained. At last the differences in marketing between Telenor and Grameenphone
is discussed.


On November 28, 1996 Grameenphone got the licence to start its operations in
Bangladesh given by the Ministry of post and Telecommunication. On the March 26,
1997 launched its services and started its activities.

Grameenphone had already invested BDT 15,260 crore to build the country’s best
network since 1997. 98% of the country is under Grameenphone’s network reach.
Grameenphone is one of the largest taxpayers and had contributed BDT 16,600 crore in
direct and indirect tax through out its whole operation.

Grameenphone has the largest cellular network in the country supported by 12,000 base
stations in more than 6000 locations.

Grameenphone was first operator to start up the pre-paid mobile service in September
1999. 24 hours call center to support its customers for information and resolving their
problem with their service was introduced. Grameenphone also startes providing value-
added services such as VMS, SMS, fax and data transmission services, international
roaming service, WAP, SMS-based push-pull services, EDGE, personal ring back tone
and many other products and services.

Grameenphone’s network is equipped with EDGE/GPRS services which allow the

customers to use hi-speed Internet through out the country. Currently 3 million users are
using the EDGE/GPRS service.

In the last year Grameenphone almost doubled its subscriber base. By the end of 2009
Grameenphone reached to 23.26 million customers.

Grameenphone always believed in after sales service. To provide the after sales service
600 Gp service desks were opened in all upazilas of 61 districts.
Grameenphone created 4500 full time and temporary employments and 150,000 are
directly dependant on Grameenphone for their livelihood.

Task 1.1

Definations of marketing

1) “We define marketing as: a nodal and managerial process by which individuals and
groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and
value with others:'' To explain this definition, we examine the following important terms:
needs, -wants and demands- products; value and satisfaction; exchange, transactions and
relatitmships; and markets”—(Kotler)

2) “Marketing is an organizational function and a set of process for creating

communicating and delivering value to the customers and for managing customer
relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stake holders”—(definition
given by American Marketing Association in the year 2004, Kotler)

3) “Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating,

communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers,
clients, partners, and society at large”—(definition of marketing by American Marketing
Association in the year 2007)


Grameenphone uses the American Marketing Association definition. It says that

marketing is an organizational function to communicate and deliver the value to the
customers; it even explains Grameenphon and its customer relationship that will benefit
the organization and its stakeholders.

Task 1.2

Share: The share value of the company depends on the impacts on the market both
positive and negative. If Grameenphone is making profits their share value will increase
in the stock exchange. It can happen vice versa for going into losses. Grameephone phone
is a company that has a very favorable growth this growth will increase their market
share. Presently Grameenphone has 44.4% of the market share of mobile phone sector.

Value: The value of the product or service depends on how the products and services of
the company are fulfilling the customer’s needs, wants and demands. The more they fill
the customer satisfaction level the more value is added to the product or service.
Grameenphone is charging more than the other players in the market but yet they have a
very significant growth rate that is because the quality of service they are providing their
customers. Grameenphone has the best network coverage in Bangladesh. The voice
quality is very good while it has the best mobile Internet service among all the other
Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is one of the most important objectives that the
company has to establish. Grameenphone has a very good level of customer satisfaction
as the company is trying their best to meet the needs of their customers. Grameenphone
introduced Bangladesh’s first 24-hour help line to listen to the problems faced by their
customers and resolving the problems. Grameenphone had always put their best to
maintain their customer relationships. So if the level of customer satisfaction increases
Grameenphone will have much better grip on the market.

Exchange: While Grameenphone is operating they are continuously trying to understand

what their customers are actually looking for. The exchange of ideas through continues
surveys and market research can exchange the thoughts and vision of the organization
with the customer’s perception about the company and its products and services.

So Grameenphone’s after looking through these indicators it can be easily said that’s
Grameenphone is a marketing oriented organization.

Task 1.3

The core marketing concepts are market analysis, need wants and demands, product/
service, value/ satisfaction.

Grameenphone keeps on analyzing its market through continuous market surveys and
market research these surveys and market researches are done by the specialized market
research firms which are appointed by Grameenphone. All the results are then diverged
into Grameenphone’s products and services.

Meeting needs, wants and demands is a very difficult job for the company. People have
unlimited needs wants and demands which Grameenphone has to fulfill staying with in
their limitations and business barriers. Best network with the cheapest rates is quite to
impossible for the company so the company tries to meet both the demands but cannot
reach 100% because of their financial barriers.

Grameenphone designs products and services for the targeted market. There are different
types of users in the Bangladeshi market for the cellular technology. Some people like to
talk more while others like to send SMSs. Some people want explore more of Internet
while others want a economical service. Grameenphone combines all these factors and
delivers their services to their customers and offer different packages for different users.

Grameenphone needed a very high level of value and satisfaction to capture the
Bangladeshi market. They did this through rigorous amount of effort and implementing
their decisions effectively and efficiently. This is done through the delivery of value and
satisfaction to the customers. Pricing strategy increases the value and customers’ relation
and product segmentation increase the satisfaction level.

Task 1.4
Grameenphone’s marketing approach:

For more than a decade Grameenphone tried out different approaches to conquer and
capture the whole Bangladesh market with their products and ideas.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is the one type of welfare to the society done by various
organizations. The goal is to put a positive impact on the environment, consumers,
employees and stakeholders of the organization done through charity, building hospitals,
financing various charitable organizations, awareness concerts or advertisements etc.

Grameenphone indulged themselves in various types of social responsibilities i.e.

responsibilities of the corporate houses towards the society.

Health Care

Grameenphone joined hands with Pathfinder International and USAID to support the “
Safe Motherhood and Infant Care” program since the year 2007. It is a program to help
and support the economically underprivileged pregnant mothers and infants. There are
300 sun clinics situated in all the 61 districts of Bangladesh.

In the year 2007 Grameenphone joined with the Sight Savers International to organize
Free Eye Camps to ensure eye care service to the economically underprivileged societies
through organizing 21 free Eye Care camps through out the country.


Grameen Shikhkha

Grameenphone provides scholarships to underprivileged students in different academic

levels by funding their education in collaboration with Grameen Shikhkha.


Alokdeep a non-formal school cum cyclone shelter is built for the SIDR affected areas.
Grameenphone provided their financial support building theses buildings in the southern
belt of the country.

Information Boat

A boat equipped with a lot of digital equipments like scanners, computers, phones, faxes
etc to supply agricultural information to the farmers in the northeast region. This was in
collaboration with CARE.

Other Activities
Grameenphone was the sole sponsor for the Special Olympics 2007. Grameenphone also
participated in the country’s emergency relief works. Grameenphone also developed
Village Phone Program & Community Information Center (CIC), Health, Safety,
Security and Environment (HSSE), A Green Campaigner.

All these social responsibilities are to improve the organization’s image in the society and
to put positive impact on the society that may pull the organization’s popularity to a
higher level. This might also influence the government.


Grameenphone had continued to invest in developing its network to maintain its

leadership in the market. From 1997 the company invested over BDT 149.5 billion in its
network building and development program. In the year 2009 in vested BDT 10 billion to
increase the capacity, coverage and quality of its network. The company joined hands
with Bangladesh Railway and installed 26,000 km of optical fiber that will ensure the
nation wide transmission backbone. Grameenphone also developed a radio and core
network swap with the Chinese Telecom giant Huawei.

Inroduction of new products and services

In the year 2009 Grameenphone launched some very useful and productive products and
services for the consumers. Grameenphone launched GP branded handsets along with the
Edge Internet modem for the first time in Bangladesh market. Grameenphone started a
helpline named “Studyline” to help the students in getting information for admission in
various colleges and universities within the country. It also introduce mobile backup
service, call block service, in flight and maritime roaming service and e-billing for post
paid etc.

Grameenphone also introduced mobile utility bill in the year 2006. The services are
ticketing, utility bill collection, electronic lottery and remittance, all these processes
comes under the brand of “Mobitaka”

Development of Service

Huge investments were done to develop customer service infrastructure, systems and
training for the employees keeping and understanding customer needs. There are 18
Grameenphone Centers (GPC) and 52 Grameephone Center Franchises (GPCF) which
are flagship sales and service point of Grameenphone.

Promoting Grameenphone

Grameenphone used different tools to attract customers. Promotions, advertisements play

a major role in selling out the new products and services. Grameenphone used all the
mediums of advertisements like Television commercials, Billboards, Radio commercials,
Internet newsletters, posters, leaflets and various other methods to deliver the information
about their products and services to the existing and potential customers. Grameenphone
organized a number of events and causes to promote their business.

Task 2.1

Micro Environmental Factors:

Grameenphone should consider its Micro Environmental Factors

The company itself:

The top management that includes the CEO, Directors etc sets up the objectives,
strategies and polities. This top management takes all the significant decisions.

Market managers take their decisions within the parameters developed by the top
management. All the managers have the idea about the other departments to incense their
vision and productivity. The goal of all the departments is to do their work efficiently.


The suppliers of Grameenphone are approved directly by its mother company Telenor.
Grameenphone had to find suppliers for the building network, network contractors,
technicians, potential suppliers. They needed suppliers for the equipment that they
needed to setup their sophisticated systems. In the primary stage Grameenphoen had to
import themselves the equipments but at present companies like Siemens, Nokia Siemens
and Huawei made easier and cheaper for Grameenphone to expand and develop.

Market Intermediaries

When Grameenphone started their products were expensive and exclusive to the market.
At that time only a very small segment used to take advantage of the service. As the
subscribers were limited they needed less market intermediaries.

Grameenphone had to do all the distribution, promotion activities by its own.


Consumer markets: Consumer markets n the year 1997 for the mobile was very small as
the use of landline was broader. There was an existing mobile phone market but
Grameenphone brought a new technology called GSM, new product.

Competitors: Grameenphone should always keep in its mind about their competitors
while taking a decision. A single wrong decision may result them with great loss. The
competition can be controlled by price and value strategy.

Macro Environmental Factors:

The factors can that influence an organization’s decisions and affects the company’s
performance and strategy, but it cannot be controlled.

Political: The politics of Bangladesh is not stable. The policies keep on changing in very
fast. Change in policies means a huge instability in the business. These government
policies might result in a positive or negative manner pushing the company in
uncertainty. These political interferences cannot be controlled.

Economical (Economy): If Bangladesh is at a better economical position people of the

country will have more money to spend so Grameenphone can use that opportunity to
market their products. The situation might also get vice versa.

Social: Grameenphone had always tried to keep its promotions within the social barriers
of the country. If Grameenphone passes those barriers it may result adversely on their

Technology: Grameenphone should bring up with products that’s are technologically

possible. The technology should be attractive and people should be able to use the
products in the local market.

Task 2.2

Market consist of different buyers these buyers have different wants, resources, location,
buying practice. Market segmentation is to divide the large markets into smaller segments
that can be effectively and efficiently reached by the company through its products and

Grameenphone 3G service can be divided or segmented by different usage plans. Plans

which suites the customer needs wants and demands. Grameenphone segmented its 3G
product using Demographic and Behavioral segmentation.


a) Income: The high income earners of the society always go for the fastest internet
service that is available, price does not play a major role in their choice. While in the case
of middle-income earners price plays it all. Around 70% of the Internet users belong to
the middle-income group so Grameenphone have to be very careful dealing this large
mass of potential customers. For the middle income earners there should be 3 different
usage plans- 3GB, 5GB and 10GB. The 3GB plan should not be more than 800 to 900
taka. The 5GB plan should not exceed the limit of 1000 to 1200 taka while the 10GB plan
should remain under 1500taka line.

b) Occupation: there should be special plans for the students that should be cheaper and
more convenient for the students.

In the behavioral segmentation only usage rate should be considered.

There should be three different usage groups.

Unlimited: for heavy usage

Medium: 5GB to 10GB usage

Light: 5GB usage.

Task 2.3

Cellular phone ways deals with the mass market to be the leader and attract potential
customers. The strategies that might have influenced Grameenphone are Market size,
Market growth, target market, market penetration.

Market Size:

The present cellular market is very big. It’s a saturated market with six companies to
compete. Bangladesh is a densily-populated country and mobile phone turned to a basic
good for the people.

The total number of Mobile Phone Active Subscribers has reached 65.142 million at the
end of September 2010.

The Mobile Phone subscribers are shown below:

Operators Active Subscribers

Grameen Phone Ltd. (GP) 28.654

Robi Axiata Limited 11.707

Orascom Telecom Bangladesh Limited (Banglalink) 18.107

PBTL (Citycell) 1.907

Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. (Teletalk) 1.183

Warid Telecom International L.L.C (Warid) 3.581

Total 65.142

*Subscribers in Millions **The above subscribers' numbers are declared by the mobile
Market Growth:

In the year 2007 Grameenphone achieved a 50% growth in customer acquisition. In the
year 2009 Grameenphone reached 23.3 million subscribers with a 44.4% of the market

Target Market:

Grameenphone’s target market is the mass market. From the year 2008 they started to
increase their tariff a little bit but added huge network coverage of about 98% of the
country along with crystal clear voice quality. As a result they increased their tariff along
with the service value.

Market penetration:

Grameenphone increased their market share of their existing product by increasing their
corporate connections along with their existing prepaid connections. They even
segmented their prepaid service to 3 different simplier products named as “BONDHU”,
“APON” and “BADHON”. Other than talk time Grameenphone is also concentrating on
their Internet pacages. 1GB,3GB, unlimited, 15 MB and even daily basis pakages are
developed to meet the customer’s need.

Task 2.4

Complex Buying Behavior: In the case of complex buyer behavior the individual
purchases a high value brand and seeks a lot of information before the purchase is made.
As Grameenphone raised their level even their tariff level the service turned out to be
expensive for the consumers who got the access to use other operator’s service. Now
when people who are willing and able to use Grameenphone service seeks a lot of
information before they buy it. So for the complex buying behavior cusomers
Grameenphone needs to have proper informative promotional activities.

Task 3.1

Marketing mix for a new product or service fro Grameenphone.

Product: Anything that is offered to the market, which is subjected to fulfil the needs,
wants or demands for the targeted customers. There are two types of products tangible
and intangible. Tangible products are the products that have physical existence and
intangible products are services.

Price: It is the price strategy of the organization for the market.

Place or distribution: It is how the organization distributes its product to reach the
targeted customers.
Promotion: It is how the organizations spread the information of their products.

Process: It refers to the process how the organization delivers its service to its consumers.

People: People who can have an impact or can be affected by the organization.

Physical Evidence: Physical evidence is an essential ingredient of the service mix,

consumers will make perceptions based on their sight of the service provision which will
have an impact on the organisations perceptual plan of the service.

Product: In the current date people are in great demand for fast, mobile and reliable
Internet. So Grameenphone develops 3G networks. Networks that can deliver very fast
Internet on the go. All the developed nations of the world already adopted this service.
3G allows video conferencing, develops the voice quality etc. Grameenphone also added
this new concept to their regular service.

Price: The network should not be very expensive as local Wimax broadband operters are
delivering a very good speed of broadband that has mobility within Dhaka. So
Grameenphone has to come up with similar pricing but as Grameenphone’s network is
spread all over the country they can charge a little bit more. The price range should be
1000 taka to 3000taka for the unlimited data connection.

Place and distribution: As 3G is a service it should be distributed trough out the country
by empowering the networks with 3G facilities. As Grameenphone is covering 98% of
the country under its network so all that 98% should have the 3G facility.

Promotion: Grameenphone should have a very good promotion to supple the information
of 3G to its potential customers. It should advertise in all the mediums like television
commercial, radio commercial, newspaper advertisements, leaf lets, billboards etc. It is
seen from the past that television advertisements are the most powerful way to connect to
the customers. Other than these Grameenphone should start up some mobile Internet
usage vans.

These are mobile van that will inform the people about the service through out the

People: Grameenphone should recruit the right staff and train them to deliver effectively
and efficiently to the consumers. As consumers makes their judgements on the products
while interacting with the employees so they should have appropriate interpersonal skills,
aptitude, and service knowledge to supply the service that the consumer is paying for.

Process: An effective process that will deliver the service to the customer. Grameenphone
have to make sure that if a customer applies for the 3G service the company provides the
customer with in 24 hours. The process of subscribing should be hassle free, a separate
both should be
added in all Grameenphone Centers only for 3G service. This section will help the people
to finish all the formalities for the subscription.

Physical Evidence: Physical evidence is the essential ingredient of the service mix,
Grameenphone is a well reputed organization which has already earned trust of the
present service subscriber’s hearts. So the new product 3G will appeal to people’s mind
as it belongs to the Grameenphone family.

Habitual buying behavior is where the individual buys a product out of habit. People who
are using Grameenphone for along period are not willing to change their brand as they
had already experience the good quality of the company. This is a very positive sign for
Grameenphone but thses customer who have habitual buying behavior can be lost if the
customer thinks the value of the product or service went down.

Task 4.1


Product: For Psychographic segmentation Grameenphone need to come up with products

that does belong to a social class, which can add value to the life style and which can
suite the personality of the customers. Grameenphone did designed their services which
divide their customers in social class- Corporate connections for the corporate clients,
postpaid connections (GP Xplore) for the frequent users who needs to have a non
fluctuating calling rate mostly used by high officials and business persons etc.
Grameenphone named their prepaid connections as “GP Smile” which is for the general
people with a lot of promotions. Grameenphone even segmented their prepaid
connections into different tariff packages.

Price: The price charged for the corporate is variable, different companies have different
customized billing rate. The GP Xpolre have a very stable rate of 1.3 taka for minute and
0.50 paisa for a text while the calling charges for the prepaid is always changing.

Place: All the products are distributed according to Psychographic segmentation. GP

Xplore and Corporate Connections are only sold in the Grameenphone Centers while the
prepaid connection is even sold in a stationary or a recharge operator agent near by
through out the country.

Promotion: Grameenphone does their corporate advertisements in a very furnished and

delicate way that will attract the corporate houses around the country. The promotion of
GP Xplore was done very simply while promotions for the prepaid connections are very
colorful and vibrant, done in mass.


Products: Grameenphone differentiated their products for different ages, income,

occupation etc. Products like Grameenphone post paid connection GP Xpolre is for the
people who are in the working age group while prepaid services are more flexible to meet
the requirements of the young generation.

Price: GP Xplore is more expensive than the Smile connection. Even subscribing a post-
paid connection adds more hassle for the formalities.

Place: The prepaid connections are available in most of the places where the youth settles
down for their entertainment while postpaid connections can only be availed in the
Grameenphone Centers.

Promotion: Grameenphone has always tried showing the youth and young generation in
their prepaid advertisements while they showed a settled man along with his family in the
Xplore advertisement.

Task 4.2

Marketing products within the company is a very difficult job as the people are already
aware what is the exact value of the product how much does it cost the company and
what are the exact good and bad impacts of the product on the employees life. In this case
the company have to increase the value of the product. Grameenphone can only market
their product more effectively by reducing their normal rate that is for the general public.
Pricing starategy is the way that may increase the demand and popularity of the product
In Grameenphone’s employees.

Task 4.3

Telenor has more than 150 years of telecom experience. Telenor Group is currently
ranked as world’s one of the largest mobile operator in terms of subscription; the group
has 195 million mobile subscriptions. More than 34,000 workers work in all the 12
markets for Telenor.

Telenor Group has operations in 12 markets

Nordic Telenor Norway (in Norwegian) Telenor Denmark (in Danish) Telenor Sweden
(in Swedish) Canal Digital, Finland (in Finnish)

Central and Eastern Europe Telenor Hungary Telenor Montenegro Telenor Serbia

Asia Telenor Pakistan Grameenphone, Bangladesh dtac, Thailand DiGi, Malaysia

Uninor, India

Telenor does not follow a fixed way to market its products, as it has to diversify the 12
different markets around the globe. When Telenor is marketing a product the company
does not have to consider any type of macro or micro environmental interference as it is
operating in multinational. While in the case of Grameenphone all the products and
services are designed for the Bangladeshi market. The pricing is done on the demand and
supply of the country. Grameenphone have to select the right ingredients from the
Geographic, Psychographic, Demographic and Behavioral segmentations in order to
segment their products that will attract more customers. Telenor follows a global
marketing strategy while Grameenphone have to follow the local Bangladeshi market
strategy to establish and persue for their goals and objectives.


The company should decrease its tariff rates more that should helpful in competing with
other operators in the market. This will increase the market share because the low tariff
plan and better network coverage will attract more customers. The market segmentation
of Grameenphone should be more appropriate to meet the expectations of the customers.
Previously the company used to segment is products only by Psychographic and
Behavioral segmentations but now it is better for the company to segment geographically
and demographically so the services are more specific for all the sectors of the country.
Grameenphone should not go for the same marketing as Telenor because Telenor’s
marketing strategy is a globalized marketing strategy that might not suite the Bangladesh
market as the Bangladesh market needs more segmented and specialized services.



Kotler, Philip. Principles of Marketing. Dorling Kindersley: India 2009