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Kindergarten News
St. Paul Lutheran School

Some details
On Thursday morning the children
will be going to ‘Stations of the Cross’.
The older students at St. Paul share
the story of Holy Week! This is a very
unique experience and I invite you to
join us, if you are able. We will begin
around 8:00 – please make note that if
Another fun filled week of
you are running late on this morning,
you might need to walk around a bit Kindergarten!
to find us.

Easter eggs – in celebration of Jesus’

Wow! April is just flying by! We enjoyed another wonderful
resurrection we will have an Easter week in Kindergarten filled many special activities! Some of
party, with an egg hunt! Please bring them are highlighted on the next page!
in a dozen filled eggs that we can hide
and your child’s Easter basket. We
will begin our party at 2:30 with treats
and will need some volunteers to be Church Events
our ‘Easter Bunnies!’ Please let me
know if you can help out with any of
As we celebrate Palm Sunday this week, St. Paul is also having
the annual church picnic! Please feel free to come and join us
for worship and lunch afterwards!
Also, as we approach Holy Week and Easter, we extend our
invitation to you to join us for our special worship services!
You can check the website, calendar or shoot me an e-mail and
I would be happy to send you our worship times!

Upcoming Events
Easter party No School Spring Program
4.21 4.22 & 4.25 4.29

Highlights of the week!

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
On Tuesday we enjoyed a lovely afternoon at the
wildflower center! The children observed many items
in nature and recorded some of their observations as
well! We created some wildflower illustrations that are
posted on the bulletin board outside our classroom.
Come by and take a look! J

‘Jesus of Nazareth’ Play

On Wednesday afternoon we had the opportunity to
watch a special play! This play shared some special
events of Jesus’ life, including Holy Week, His death
on the cross and His resurrection. This was a very
moving and enjoyable time!

On Thursday morning we were able to go up to
Concordia Academy and meet Dr. Achterberg! Dr.
Achterberg showed us some xylophones and taught us
some fun patterns to play! (there was even a fire drill
while we were up there!) Ask your child how they
liked playing the xylophone!

This week in our journals we had many Kindergarten
friends writing sentences! YAY! What great readers,
spellers and writers we have in Kindergarten! Thank
you for all the work you are doing everyday at home to
help your child succeed!

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