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Activity: Capture the Flag

Targeted Learning Result: The students will work together as a team to retrieve their team’s flag, i.e. the
football, as many times as possible and bring it back to their side with their waist band, i.e their personal
flag, remaining on for a touchdown.
Length of Period: 45 minutes
Number of Students: 16-24
Equipment: 2 footballs, yellow flags, red flags, whistle, 4 large cones, 8 smaller cones, stop-watch,
Class Objectives: The students will demonstrate teamwork and communication by working together and
making solid passes to teammates in an effort to make as many touchdowns within a class period.

Capture the Flag Rules

The object of the game is for a player to bring their flag that is placed on their opponent’s side back to
their side. There are several ways to do this. One is for a player to retrieve their flag from their
opponent’s side and bring their flag back to their side with their flag still attached to their waistband.
Another way to score a touchdown would be to have a player throw the flag to a teammate that is on the
opponent’s side and then travel whatever the distance necessary to get back on his or her side. A team
gains a point when they intercept the flag. As soon as a player in the flag zone picks up the flag, they are
no longer safe in that zone. Also, if the flag is not in the zone it is no longer safe territory for a player to
enter without the chance of getting tagged. Once a person’s flag is removed by a competitor player he or
she must report to jail. A player can free their teammate from jail by crossing over into the opponent
territory to reach the jail and touch their teammate to release them. Once a teammate has safely gotten to
jail, everybody has free walk backs.
Time Activity Cues Equipment Organization
10 minutes for Attendance Stop-Start for Stop-watch Students line up
both long and Warm-up run time and against the
short days. 15 push-ups pulse. bleachers
25 sit-ups Run around the
Long days-5 gymnasium
minute run
Short days 3
minute run
Short days Capture the Whistle 4 large cones Students divided
=27 minutes Flag sounds when 8 smaller into two teams.
Long days Directions touchdown is cones Each team on
=55 minutes listed above made 2 flag footballs different side of the
Whistle Yellow flags gymnasium
sounds to Red flags 2 jails
begin play 2 flag territories
Whistle (Teacher enforces
sounds when students to enter
an jail if need be)
is made.
Short days= 8 Students Change up Basketballs Students scattered
minutes change up in in gymnasium,
Long days= their shooting hoops or
15 minutes respective standing or sitting