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Sovereign - Sui Juris

quod SUI JURIS est - what is one's by right.

SUI JURIS - one's own master.

Bouvier's Law Dictionary : S1 : Page 107 of 126

1. One who has all the rights to which a freemen is entitled; one who is not under the
power of another, as a slave, a minor, and the like.
2. To make a valid contract, a person must, in general, be sui juris. Every one of full age
is presumed to be sui juris. Story on Ag. p. 10.

SUI JURIS ['suːaı 'dʒʊərıs]

adjective [usually postpositive]
(Law) of full age and not under disability; legally competent to manage one's own affairs;
[ETYMOLOGY: 17th Century: from Latin, literally: of one's own right]

A person who possesses full civil rights and is not under any legal incapacity such as
being bankrupt, of minor age or mental incapacity. Most adults are sui juris.

ADJECTIVE: Law Capable of managing one's own affairs.
ETYMOLOGY: Latin su i ris : su , of one's own + i ris, genitive of i s, right, law.

Sui Juris!
~ latin. Able to speak for one's own self.
Able to represent one's own self.
Capable of managing one's own affairs.
In short, exactly what the government believes you are not.

SUI JURIS (SOO-eye joor-is, SOO-ee) adjective
Legally competent to manage one's affairs or assume responsibility.
[From Latin sui juris, from sui (of one's own) juris (right).]
The opposite of sui juris is alieni juris (Latin for "of another's right"),
one under control of another, either from being below legal age, or because
of mental incapacity, an insane person. -Anu
"The people or persons who may be entitled to, or claim some share
or interest in, the subject matter of the suit are not finite in
number. They include any individual who is sui juris and who might
be interested."
Fred M'membe, The Supreme Court Has Decided, Post of Zambia (Lusaka),
January 23, 1998.
'Lectric Law Library's
SUI JURIS - One who has all the rights to which a freemen is entitled; one
who is not under the power of another, as a slave, a minor, and the like.

To make a valid contract, a person must, in general, be sui juris. Every one
of full age is presumed to be sui juris.


By Pamela Gaston
Sui Juris is the book teaching People how to defend themselves in today's
courtrooms without attorneys. Sui Juris is a concept; literally meaning "in my
own jurisdiction", and explains in plain language what your rights are, how they
are being taken from you, and how you can get them back in court.

Sui Juris exposes the systemic judicial corruption and reveals a powerful Way to
bring forth remedy. The KEY is exercising your God given Inherent Rights and
restoring the Spirit of Truth in America.

Sui Juris, teaches you how to make the Truth in the Record; Sui Juris lets you
Access the Courts, simply and quickly by writing and filing your own legal papers,
get your own discovery and file counter charges for the abuse you have endured if
you have been rendered by the corrupted court system in America today.

We have trusted public officials, judiciary, media and corporations, allowing

them to manipulate every aspect of our society with complete unaccountability.
Lay people turn to greedy bar member attorneys when they are afraid, only to be
compromised into losing everything they have in the corrupted courtroom
process. Usually their own attorneys and the rest of the courtroom players are all
working against them for their own profit. The People do not realize this until
they have been impoverished and destroyed.

Sui Juris shows that a REAL court is simply a place to make a Public Record, and
it belongs to us. The People own the courthouse, the Record, the titles, the
properties, the children.

We have allowed the corruption of Lawful process and wickedness now rules in
high places. The legislature controlled by special money interests and corporate
parties, set up and dominates the private incorporated business called the
"STATE OF OREGON" or any state while upholding a facade with fronts that this
is the government "of the People". IT IS NOT.

Such a STATE is proceeding under a false "voluntary" waiver that you are not a
"people" but you are a "legal person"; and in that OFFICE OF PERSON you
agreed that the STATE owns all resources including your children, your home,
your cars, your property, your businesses, everything, taxed and licensed and
assessed, and that you are beholden to administrative rules of the corporate
state. Ever since the civil war abolished "involuntary servitude" (slavery), the
corporate bankers and government had to devise ways to keep the People as
SLAVES to their corporate interests.

The shadow rulers set about to make people "agree" to these compelled contracts
on Sovereigns, to get people to unknowingly "'volunteer" their rights to protect
themselves and their property from such theft and conversion. In the same way
now, the federal government takes the money then "gives" some back with
conditions and compelled contracts on the states.


Kings and Presidents, go before judges, and that is where the changes happen in
restoring or losing our freedom.

In order to envision and realize the concept of FREEDOM, we have to know what
it means to exercise our Inherent, God Given, un-a-lien-able, Constitutionally
protected rights. We have to know what these are and what it feels like to
defend these rights with all our spirit and strength.

Sui Juris literally means "in my own jurisdiction". Sui Juris lets you express what
is REAL and TRUE in a courtroom.

The people have forgotten what it means to be Sovereigns, and joint tenants in
the sovereignty at the county and state level, joined with 49 other Republics.
When the Constitution was ratified, true Sovereignty under God for the common
man was the seed planted that will bear fruit now.

The common man did not have to be in a court. Real courts are about real
crimes, not like now where poor and innocent persons are rendered in a
courtroom. In the beginning priests, bankers, corporations and special interests
went into court to fight over their money. Now the judicial system has become a
money grubbing industry to rob the people at taxpayer expense.

Sui Juris allows the layman to exercise sovereignty and stand against any who
would seize his rights, his children, his property, his family, his business, his
estate, his liberty or his freedom. Sui Juris takes the profit incentive out of the
courtroom. Imposing a lawyer on your back and in your pocketbook insures their
control and your impoverishment. Since when is a lawyer worth up to

Our constitutional protections have eroded. We must ACT in our Lawful

authority NOW and reclaim the courtroom for justice. We must restore
accountability and a standard of Law and Constitutional contract/oath with real
penalties of prosecution for violations of the Public Trust by our government.
The information in Sui Juris will bring the People up to speed in all fifty states, as
well as other countries, since human rights are universal, and Gods Children are
the same in every Sovereign homeland. The GREED FACTOR has been in control
far too long. We must go into court and insist on stating the facts regarding
abusers crimes, naming names and forcing the criminals who are in our lawful
offices to come out into the light.

HOUSEHOLD WORD IN AMERICA - It means your flesh and blood entity, your
family body, your human rights and liberties, your posterity - your freedom - and
the knowledge to exercise these and protect yourself in a courtroom.

People reading Sui Juris report whole new worlds open for them and that this
information has changed their lives. Fear is generated in the courtroom by not
understanding what is going on around you, being kept in the dark. Sui Juris
outlines the corrupted process being used against you, so that you can "stand"
through it and get your facts in to the record, by filing your own affidavits and
aggressively pleading your own case in court. You are your own best advocate.

Once enough of us realize the gravity of the danger we face and act wisely
regarding the corporate takeover of our lives, we can restore respect for the Spirit
of Truth, and Justice and renew the Spirit of America.

You can purchase a single copy of Sui Juris for only $17 and $3 for shipping and
handling. Sui Juris contains almost 200 pages of life saving information and legal
documents that can be used for a format to write your own legal papers and
affidavits in court. Compare this with paying a lawyer up to $150-$300/hour to
sacrifice your well-being for his own enrichment and self-interest.

Sui Juris must reach the people now. To make this possible I offer a box of 20
books for the special wholesale price of $200 including shipping. That is
$10/book to your door. Let us get the word out and enlighten the people.

To order Sui Juris please contact our distributor Michael Sieradzki, P.O. Box 3,
Merlin, Oregon 97532, Tel. 541-474-3890 or E-mail
You can pay for Sui Juris by money order, check or pay pal.

Sui Juris should be in every home, library, school, university and prison. This
book should be required reading for every sixth grader in school. Please help
spread the word of Truth that there IS an answer to the Constitutional crisis and
judicial corruption we face today and with SUI JURIS we can exercise remedy.

Please also go to www.avoiceforchildren.com for more information

Pamela and Will Gaston, from Mt Angel, Oregon, founded 'A Voice For
Children' in l997 to expose state abuse of families and children in Oregon. The
Gaston's became advocates and learned how to defend themselves in a
courtroom after Will Gaston's 7 year old daughter was removed from him
unlawfully by the Oregon child services agency in l996.
Gaston's discovered that they were locked out from defending the child
or themselves against an out of control state child agency and court system,
where parents have no rights against the state to force the lawful return of their
children. Gaston's discovered after firing four attorneys that the bar works for
the state against the parents.
After five years of engaging the court system, the Gaston's have uncovered the
insidious deceptions of the self-serving courtroom crowd. Their book SUI JURIS
teaches you how to recognize insider deceptive schemes and use their own laws
against them to protect your family and property rights without having to
bankrupt yourself employing an expensive and useless lawyer.