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University of Shimane Summer Program 2010

Current Events
Instructors: Tony Kazanjian

E-mail: akazanjian@miis.edu

Time & Dates: MWF 9:00-10:30am

Course Description
In this course, you will improve your English skills by exploring local,
national, and world current events. You will learn the types of media through
writing newspaper articles and presenting newscasts and press conferences.
You will also research on a current event topic of your choice and share it
with your classmates and your teacher.

Course Objectives
• Be familiar with the variety of language use in the English language
news media
• Deepen your knowledge of current events in the United States and the
• Practice your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in English
• Increase your vocabulary

Newspaper article 20%
Interview Summary 20%
Broadcast presentation 30%
Attendance 20%
Homework 10%
Current Events Class Schedule
Monday, August 2 Wednesday, August 4 Friday, August 6
Class Activities: Class Activities:
 Introduce the class  Analyze 5 W’s
 What are current  Article interview
Orientation! events?  Inverted pyramid
 Differences between  articles
local/national/internatio  Computer lab
nal news  Voicethread
 Where to find info on  Give voicethread
topics assignment, sign up for
(internet/magazines) account
Find a current event article that Homework:
interests you, bring it to class. Voicethread #1 (talk about
articles from class)

Monday, August 9 Wednesday, August 11 Friday, August 13

Class Activities: Class Activities: Class Activities:
 Ledes and headlines  Computer Lab  Computer Lab
 “How to write a news  Exchange ledes  Peer Reviews and final
article”  Write outline and begin draft in class
 Draw up topic list, come article in class
up with new headlines  Listen to Broadcast for Homework:
 Decide on topic for voicethread Final draft of your newspaper
article. article and a photo due Mon.
Homework: Voicethread #2 and finish rough
Write the lead draft

Monday, August 16 Wednesday, August 18 Friday, August 20

Class Activities: Class Activities: Class Activities:
 Interview skills  Wharf interviews  Discuss interviews
 Watch interview  Discuss interviews  Watch broadcasts
 Decide questions for  Decide questions for  Select topics and
wharf interview and host family interview groups for broadcast
practice and practice
 Assign voicethread Homework: Homework:
article, preteach vocab Interview someone in host Outline broadcast content
Homework family
Voicethread #3

Monday, August 23 Wednesday, August 25 Friday, August 27

Class Activities: Class Activities: Class Activities:
 Write broadcast script  Opinions in the Media Current event jeopardy
 Practice  Prepare visuals
Voicethread #4 Homework:
Have fun in San Francisco!