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Gesner 1

Elissa Munira Gesner

Ms. Woodbury

AP English Lit and Comp

August 10, 2009

Book Summary Sheet: Wuthering Heights

Author: Emily Bronte

Setting: Late 1700’s- early 1800’s, Yorkshire Moors, taking place in the Wuthering

Heights estate and Thrushcross Grange estate

Point of View: First Person Narrative

Plot Summary: Mr. Lockwood rents out a house near Wuthering Heights. He visit’s his landlord,

Mr. Heathcliff, who is rude and gruff. Mr. Lockwood then asks the servant, Ellen Dean,

about the history of Wuthering Heights and the neighboring estate. She tells him of how

Heathcliff was adopted by the father of Catherine and Hindley Earnshaw. Heathcliff was

hated by Hindley, but loved by Catherine. Ellen then goes on to tell of Heathcliff’s and

Catherine’s childhood to death.

As children, Heathcliff and Catheine were mischief makers. But as they grow up,

Catherine falls in love with Edgar Linton. However, she is more in love with Heathcliff.

Yet Catherine goes on to marry Edgar Linton. Heathcliff grows cruel and violent;

Catherine grows ill and apathetic in her conduct towards those around her. Although

obsevielly in love with Catherine, Heathcliff marry’s Edgar’s sister, Isabella.

Heathcliff’s and Catherine’s doomed love still continues after Catherine’s death.

Heathcliff devises a plan to someday inherit Wuthering Heights and the nearby estate by

forcing his son and Catherine’s daughter to marry. Heathcliff had corrupted his son to be
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equally cruel and selfish. Young Cathy is confused as to whom she must love; she loves

her father yet loves Heathcliff’s son. She does not want to marry Young Master

Heathcliff, after she discovers his selfish conduct. However, Heathcliff traps Cathy and

forces her to marry his son. Cathy lives her married life at Wuthering Heights unhappy.

Her husband soon dies because of Heathcliff’s cruel treatment. Cathy falls in love with

Hindley’s son and are going to get married. Wuthering Heights becomes peaceful after

Heathcliff’s death, but there are rumors around the town that his and Catherine’s ghost

haunt the moors together.

Major Characters:

Mr. Heathcliff- Catherine Earnshaw’s evil and doomed lover.

Catherine Earnshaw- Mr. Heathcliff’s mischievious and doomed lover.

Ellen Dean- Catherine’s loyal servant who takes care of the Earnshaws and Lintons.

Mr. Edgar Linton- Catherine Earnshaw’s husband who loves her and his daughter

unconditionally; enemy of Mr. Heathcliff

Cathy Linton- Catherine and Edgar’s daughter. She loves her father very much, but also

bold and impish.

Linton Heathcliff- The sickly child of Isabella and Mr. Heathcliff. Although he loves

Cathy, in the end he becomes corrupted by his father. He is selfish and weak.

Hareton Earnshaw- The ruffian child of Hindley Earnshaw who is then adopted by Mr.

Heathcliff and put into the care of Joseph. He is brash and rude, but only due to his

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Minor Characters:

Joseph- A servant of the Earnshaw’s who now serves Mr. Heathcliff. Pious, yet rude and


Hindly Earnshaw- Catherine’s older brother who is vile towards Mr. Heatncliff, but of

the same character of Mr. Edgar Linton, except a little harsh because of Mr. Heathcliff’s


Old Mr. Eanrshaw- The father of Catherine and Hindley who adopts Heathcliff; he is

kind towards his cildren, but favors Heathcliff the most.

Isabella Linton- Edgar Linton’s sister who falls in love with Heathcliff.

Mr. Lockwood- The tenant who is curious of Wuthering Heights’ past.

Zillah- The servant hired by Heathcliff after he has control of both estates.

Doctor Kenneth- The village doctor.

Major Themes:

• Love can be destructive. The whole story revolves around the doomed love between

Catherine and Heathcliff. They were both reckless in their love, and it brought hatred.

• Love can bring change. Cathy’s and Hareton’s love for each other brought an end to the

dispute between the two estates. Hareton’s character change from being rude to being a

well mannered, educated gentleman because of Cathy.

Writing Style: