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The Christian Messenger

Fifth Avenue Church of Christ

115 W. Fifth Ave.
Lancaster, OH 43130
740-654-0626 – e-mail: info@myfacc.com

April 19, 2011

Brad Seevers
Senior Minister
David Tingler
Associate Minister
Easter Special Offering
Glen Shady It is our goal to raise $2000 to send 2 pallets of food to Haiti
Youth Minister through Lifeline Christian Mission. The Missions Committee
(740-438-5257) is contributing $2000 to this effort and is challenging the
congregation to match that amount with the Easter Special
Offering. If you do not have an Easter offering envelope,
Easter Sunday please mark it on a normal envelope. For more information,
look for one of the bags of food stationed around the church
Sunrise Service
Easter breakfast
Sunday School
9:15am Women’s Prayer Breakfast
Morning Worship Saturday, April 30th - 9:00am
10:30am Mary Alice Coats speaking
Concert by Lancaster High School
There will be no Swinging Gales Jazz Band
evening worship. Sign-up on the sheet posted on the
Women’s bulletin board.
Sunday School 79
Combined Morning Worship 270
Evening Worship 36
Family Reunion (04/13) 40
Weekly Budget $ 4,471.00
Budget Received $ 4,264.32
Youth $ 20.00
Elders $ 27.00
Shady Mission Trip $ 489.00 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27TH
Easter $ 1,237.00 Meal at 5:45PM
Van Fund $ 10.00
Mabel Stevens Memorial for Building Fund $ 20.00 Classes at 6:30pm
SERVING SCHEDULE – April 24, 2011
At the Table 1st Mike Cooper & Larry Bussey 2011 WOMEN’S RETREAT
George Lambert, Bill Kelly, Dick
Serving 1st
Shumaker, Jerry Baker The Women’s Sunday School class is
At the table 2 Mike Cooper & Tom Puckett
Serving 2nd George Lambert, Nick Hinson, Neal
planning an overnight retreat to Round
Rudolph, Dale Thornton, Rod Troutman Lake Christian Camp on May 13 & 14. The
Pastor of the Week Mike Cooper main speaker will be Love Lockman from
PM Deacon George Lambert
Seymour Christian Church in Seymour,
Offering Counters Team 3 Indiana. Cost is $40 which is due by May
COMMUNION PREPARATION 1st. Registration forms are on the
1ST Worship Larry King Women’s Bulletin Board. Please make
2nd Worship Fred Griffith
checks payable to Round Lake Christian
GREETERS Camp. Any questions, contact Beverly
1ST Worship Ernestine Cox & Geri Jaynes
Puckett, 654-4472. Please join us for this
2nd Worship Jim & Cindy Cox
NURSERY time of fellowship with other Christian
Sunday School Laura Wersell & Shirley Marsh women.
2nd Worship Nick & Tracy Hinson
Preschool Helper Judy Gardner
Early Elementary Helper Brenda Hines
Upper Elementary Helper
6-8th Grade Helper
Cindy Cox
Mike Cooper
The heavens declare the glory of
Visitor Center 1st Worship Geri Jaynes God; and the firmament shows
Visitor Center 2nd Worship Norma Holtom
His handiwork. ~ Psalm 19
1st Worship Dan Brown
Bible School Bill Kelly
2nd Worship Jim Puckett
Evening Worship Paul Hoagland
Blood pressure
check-ups will be
The Book Nook will SERVING SCHEDULE – May 1, 2011
meet on Monday, April,
At the Table 1st David Riggenbach, Dick Shumaker
25th at 6:30pm. The Serving 1st D. Rose, R. Coats, D. Gardner, T. Huffman
book this month is At the table 2nd David Riggenbach, Dick Shumaker
“Almost Heaven” by Serving 2nd Dale Rose, Taylor Dean, Nick Hinson,
Patrick Hinson, Neal Rudolph
Chris Fabry and can be Pastor of the Week David Riggenbach
purchased from the PM Deacon Dale Rose
church for $7.00.
Offering Counters Team 4

BOOK NOOK NEWS 1ST Worship Brenda Hines
The book to be discussed at 2nd Worship Sue Tingler
the May meeting is
“Medical Error” by Richard 1ST Worship Jack & Evelyn Hardwick
Mabry. This book will be 2nd Worship George & Alberta Ellis
available for purchase for NURSERY
Sunday School Laura Wersell, Reta Conrad
$12.00 at the April
2nd Worship Courtney Beiter
meeting. Preschool Helper
Early Elementary Helper Martha Kelly
Upper Elementary Helper Becky Hoagland
6-8th Grade Helper Mike Cooper
Visitor Center 1st Worship Janet Brown
Visitor Center 2nd Worship Marie Huffman

1st Worship Paul Alexander
Bible School Camel Marsh
2nd Worship Tom Puckett
Evening Worship Jim Puckett

Sunday, May 1st - 6:00pm

Bloom Carroll Chamber Singers will be
here to present a concert. A fellowship
time will follow.

Theme: “Angels”
Menu: Ham, Scalloped Potatoes,
Succotash, Cole Slaw,
Pies and Angel Food Cake, Rolls
Coffee, Tea and Punch
“A Note from brAd….”
Hello FACC family! What a great day of celebration for Palm Sunday! I want to thank Scott, Sarah, Gideon,
Phyllis and Kim for assisting me with the worship. I also want to thank Phyllis for encouraging so many of our
church family to participate in the choir cantata. The choir was fabulous! They worked so hard for the past
seven weeks and I must say it was quite a blessing. Thanks again Phyllis for having the courage to take on such
a big project. You did a great job! A big thank you is also owed to John Baird for his patience as our sound
man. A sound man often performs a thankless job. Patrick also did excellent with the narration! While we’re
giving thanks, I thank each of you who invited your friends and family for this special day. We had a total of
260 in attendance plus 10 on a Jr.Hi trip to a CIY convention. May God be praised!

I want to take this time to encourage you to participate in our upcoming Curious 303 course. This particular
class will help you discover what your spiritual gifts are. The reason this is so important is because you have
something to offer the Lord and this church. He has created you for His purpose, not that of your own. If you
want to join me, please call to register at 740.654.0626 (office) or 740.550.9882 (my cell).

Allow me to make you aware of some upcoming events:

 May 2-Bloom Carroll Chamber Singers will be in concert at 6 P.M. Please begin inviting your friends to
hear this excellent local choir. If you can bring cookies for our reception that will follow, please contact
Tracy Hinson at 740.277.7975.
 May 9-Mothers Day Worship. I hope you will plan to spend this great day with us as we celebrate with and
pay tribute to one of life’s highest callings; being a mother.
 May 16-Friend’s Day. On this day, we hope you will invite your best friend to our Sunday service. I will
be speaking that morning on “friendship” and we plan to make it a fun day for your enjoyment.
Each week we are meeting new families. As our church family grows, we have a greater need for your
involvement. Please consider how God might use you to build His kingdom. Have a great week and may God
bless your life.

In His Service,

Brad, Eph. 3:20-21

Our Prayer Requests

Dorothy Herman (FMC) Wanda Dickson (FMC) Frances Trimmer Cliff Byers Barbara Benadum
Our Troops Jeane Goldfarb (home) Judy Smith Pete & Markele Kandra Dorothy Henderly
Mike Souders Patricia Hoffman-Weitsman Sharon Bloom Joe Lockhart Millie Hoy
David Daubenmire Mark Miller, Jr. Wes Camp Brittany Ogden Unspoken
Deb Dobson Pauline Stebelton George Andrews Gray Redmond family Diane Williams
NEXT KEENAGER EVENT will be the gathering
on the Johnson Bible College campus that we
Praise be to God! What a wonderful service we had know as “Senior Saints in the Smokies”. The
Sunday. A big thanks to our fantabulous choir as the dates are May 30 to June 3. This is a grand
presented the "The King is Coming". Thank you choir time of relaxed inspiration and fun in the
for your willingness and dedication to participate in shadow of the Great Smokie Mountains.
such a moving experience as this cantata afforded. Morning are given to Bible study and
Our thanks to God for keeping us healthy (sorry Tom) inspiration. Afternoons are free for rest or
and ready and willing to present the word in song and sightseeing. Evenings provide entertainment
deed. I would be remiss if I didn't especially thank and fun. It will be one of the best vacations you
John Baird and Patrick Wersell for their very ever experienced. See me for details and
important part in making our program a success. To registration forms.
the ladies who decorated the sanctuary so beautifully,
it only enhanced the whole experience, thank you. To COMING EVENTS:
all of you who helped set up and tear down, thanks so JUNE –Visit to the Annie Oakley museum and the
much. To Brad and the elders, the men who served, I KitchenAid plant in Greenville, Ohio
appreciate your support in this endeavor. To our
JULY – A journey to The Wilds
congregation, thank you, thank you, thank you for
your wonderful encouragement and expressions of
gratitude. Finally and foremost, to our wonderful WEDNESDAYS: Our two study groups continue
Savior, as the words of the songs said, The King is meeting at 10:00am and 6:30pm each week. We
are, currently, studying I Corinthians. This week we
Coming". We look forward to that return.
are looking at chapter 10. Why not join us!
God bless you all, Phyllis
SUNDAY EVENINGS: At this 6:00pm service, I am
preaching a series of lessons based in the book of
Grateful thanks to George Lambert and Coy
Proverbs. There will be no evening service on April
Cupler for their faithful service in the Sunday
24. On May 1, the Bloom Carroll Chamber Singers
School records keeping. Through the restructuring
of data collection for Sunday School, George and will be here for a concert. The series will resume on
Coy are free to join us in Sunday morning May 8, and the theme is “Escaping Earthly
classes. Welcome! Mindedness”, from Proverbs 10:22. On May 15th
Thanks, Kathryn Albertson the title is “Life’s Most Dangerous Word” as found in
Proverbs 27:1. (The Lord’s Supper is available at
this 6:00pm service.)

FINAL THOUGHT: Most people don’t care what

happens as long as it doesn’t happen to them.

“ForGod so loved the world that

He gave His only begotten Son,
that whosoever believes in Him
should not perish, but have
eternal life.” ~ John 3:16
Apr. 18-22,
Middle School/High
School service week.
Children of God...
April 24, Easter!
"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not
Need to have $2000 turn from it." -- Proverbs 22:6
raised for pallet of food
to Haiti.
Glen's Thoughts
As I wrote about last week, we went to Anderson, IN
Prayer Concerns this past weekend with 6 middle school students for a
Christ In Youth Conference. We had an absolutely
 Vacation Bible awesome time, and I hope that you will continue to
School pray that this weekend will lead to greater things for
 Easter Party on these kids.
Wednesday Night
The theme of the weekend was on Esther. If you have
not read this story in a while, I encourage you to check
it out here in the next week. It is an amazing tale of a
courageous, wise young lady.

The conference's angle on the story is that we all have

"here" and "now" moments. Our "here" moments
consist of our everyday lives. Whether we are
Food pantry Sunday
students, teachers, parents, athletes, gardeners, or
April 24, 2011 whatever else may describe us. The world we live in
Non-perishable food, etc. can be they described as "here." Esther's "here" moment was
brought and left at either
entrance. They will be taken to
being a young orphan who was thrust into power as
Maywood Mission for their the Queen of Persia. Pretty cool, but very scary I am
pantry. sure. Our "now" moment describes opportunities that
we have to serve God. Esther had a life-threatening
opportunity to serve God and save her people by
walking into the king's court uninvited. Because she
was brave enough to respond to God's call, the
Jewish nation was saved and God blessed her life. I
doubt that you will have any "now" moments this week
that are quite that dramatic, but I hope you are looking
for them with as much zeal as Esther.