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BOOK OF ZIFFANIAH — teaching the new creation- revelation process which sustains the new- creative

witness of the voice of eternal righteousness found perfected in the tribute offering of a pure heart. Draft_E-73

relying upon the things of an eternal reference, even the principles of everlasting life in the presence of God. The things of
an awakened countenance are prepared with an eye single to the glory of God and the way of righteousness is likened to the
filling of a bottle with the purified water of knowledge which quenches the thirst for the prize inherent in the sacrifice of the
world in the name of Jesus Christ. The atoning blood of righteousness found as the prize won in the struggle to deny the
world entrance in the formulation of a plan to overcome all evil presented before the face of one set upon the opportunity to
discover the renewing effect of the new blood of perfected faith in the word of the Lord even the perfected attempt to rid the
desire for the things of the world from the desire to seek the face of the Lord Jesus Christ in a perfected- tribute offering of
righteousness. Blessed is the person engaged in the attempt to overcome the face of the world with the heart desire to find
all growth eternal sustained through an effort to find the principles of eternal life awakened in the new heart focussed on
righteousness. Blessed is the person who cherishes the relationship of purity awakened through the desire for righteousness
found abiding in the purified heart of deliverance from adversarial enticing, even the heart which has as its focus the watered
garden of righteousness where the new fruit of righteousness is the foremost focus of deliverance from the focus of the
worldly perspective. So be it written and given unto thee to bring to thy mind the sequence of love and overcoming which is
the plan of deliverance from evil. So be it written and given to thy heart this day in response to thy desire for righteousness.
January 10, 1997(1)
January 10, 1997 (1) Arise and rejoice in the compassion element of the love of God; for ye shall bear mighty witness of the
living tree of eternal life and the words of glory as they are spoken to thy mind in thy trial unto perfected remembrance. Ye
shall rejoice in the compassion of the presence of God as ye find the embrace of fellowship as a new blanket of protection to
fight against the darts of the adversary. Ye shall rejoice in the bestowal of the honor to fellowship in the bonds of true
fellowship with those who have been given the permission to be thy friends, even the friends who do as directed through the
voice of monumental fellowship in the way of perfected hearing and perfected seeing of precept of eternal dominion and
justification, for I have granted unto thee the things predominate to thy comfort that ye be comforted in the name of thy
Savior and Redeemer, even Jesus Christ. So be it given to thee to understand the first and the last commandment that ye do
fellowship in the knowledge of the Son of God and ye do find thy pleasure in obeying the word of the voice of eternal life
found planted within thy heart as a tree of living knowledge and living fellowship, even that ye do hearken to the things of
eternal life. And ye shall write as ye hear that thy mind might be illuminated with an out- pouring of fellowship
understanding even that ye do obtain a comfort that is given in the arms of thy Savior as ye do have spoken unto thee the
fellowship passwords of peace and love and comfort associated with the fellowship surrounding the face of the Lord even
that ye do obtain a comfort of knowledge and come forth to understanding wherewith ye do find thy countenance
illuminated with the glow of godly fellowship in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. For I speak unto thy heart and mind in
this fellowship covenant that ye find peace in the transfiguration of thy mind to obtain an understanding of celestial worlds
awaiting the purified and sanctified of heart. For the work of the Lord shall go forth to the convincing of the gentiles who
have yet to obtain the comfort of the fellowship of the face of Christ as they do find the comfort of everlasting knowledge
and everlasting fellowship obtained in the things of eternal life. So be it given to thy mind to give thee strength to forbear
with the deprivations given to others that they might fulfill the obtaining of the blessing to be called in the sacred-
discipleship fellowship to put into place the things of the future welfare of the people of the Father who inherit the blessings
of the Son Jesus Christ, under whose name ye write to convey thine authority to come forth in the times and seasons of
eternal righteousness found abiding within thy mind and heart. So be it given to thee to rejoice in the favor granted unto
thee in the name of the Father of all in the name of the Son of God and in the name of the Holy Ghost. So be it written to
shower upon thee the host of the knowledge of eternal- life dominion and comfort to fellowship as one doth fellowship in
the covenant of eternal life with the understanding to convey to thee the things of an eternal perspective to guide thee in the
things ye have been called to do from the foundation of the earth. So be it granted to thee to come forth unto an obtaining of
the fellowship of those who have been called of God. So be it given thee to write and confirm upon thy head the blessing of
the sacrifice of Isaac and the sons of Jacob who find solace in the revealed word of the Lord in the things that are bound to
thy heart in the name of righteousness and in the name of pure fellowship with the countenance of love abiding within thee
to strengthen thy knees in the times of tribulation and greater- emotional depravation. Rejoice that ye see through the pain of
the extraction process unto greater seeing and hearing and, therefore, greater faith to covenant with the knowledge given of
God to obtain the fullness associated with the rest of the Lord thy Christ who doth come unto thee in thy sacred- heart
understanding even as ye receive the holy word of righteousness and configure an understanding given of the Father to those
who believe in the word of the Son. So be it thy privilege to obtain a sure witness of the work of the Father in the gathering
of the word of the Son to prepare a foundation for the return of the fullness of the word of the Lord upon the earth. For ye
have been prepared to endure all things brought to bear against thee in the coming forth of the salvation of knowledge which
shall prepare the earth for the millennial reign of the sanctified of the earth even that the knowledge bestowed to the earth
shall prepare the earth for celestial configuration and the return of the fullness of the will of God to be accomplished in the

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