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The Criminal Character of Alfred Nobel Institution Case 1

Joe Nahhas telling Alfred Nobel: Stop your Institution's crimes against
If you look at a car moving away from you, you would see as if the car
has shrunk in size because our vision is a real time vision. If you see
the car at distance A as size C, then at distance B you would measure
or see C as not C but (A/B) C

Observer A C B (A/B) C

A car C at rest at location A (classical) moving will be seen smaller at Location B

A = A; Add and Subtract B

A = B + (A - B); Divide by B
A/B = B/B + (A -B)/B
A/B = 1 + (A - B)/B; multiply By C
(A/B) C = C + [(A - B)/B] C
(A/B) C = C + [(A/B) - 1] C
Car size at B = Car size at A + difference in appearance
Real time vision = event time vision + visual Illusions
Quantum = classical + relativity
Alfred Nobel physicists used this 10th century Arab Physicist's documented
visual trick to claim discovery for all of past century and created a
monopoly on physics with illusions and blackmailed humanity and
created stupidity and harm to students of and all is done inside USA
department of energy.
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Dark energy crime to loot billions claiming that there is dark energy was done in
USA department of energy using these visual effects and to cover this crime USA
energy department and lobbied for Alfred Nobel Prize and was given a Nobel
prize. There is no problem for receiving a Nobel Prize for excellence but there is a
problem when most of all physics used this same trick to claim discovery and
none of it has real existence after a century of proving that it exist.

Dark energy proven to exist and make up 8/9 % of Universe but cannot be found!
Black holes exist but never been seen
Big Bang happened but no one heard it
Einstein gravity waves exist but no one ever detected it
Time travel is the basis of Modern physics but no one has a clue what that mean
Nuclear particles pops up every time a new machine is made! To cover the cost

Sooner or later you will learn how all these Nobel Prize winner claims is garbage like
Alfred Nobel claims to nobility with crimes and nothing Nobel and the only Nobel
thing to do is expose these criminals in Alfred Nobel suit
The fraud is so damaging it reversed Darwin's Ape theory
Ape >> Man >> Harvard Man >> Crook >> Nobel Prize >> Apes Ass

Now see what I have proven before the age of puberty that the collective value of
Alfred Nobel Institution Prize winner Physics and physicists is crimes against
humanity because it wasted generations and resources and it is the most
destructive institution against the human progress and scientific discovery
There is nothing better to see how damaging is Alfred Nobel institution than
exposing its most damaging crime of dark energy that is posted and I call it the
Ape's Ass
If you go to Nobel Prize institution website http://nobelprize.org/ you would see

When you click Nobel Prize in Physics

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Dark energy is all made up
Dark energy is USA department of energy crime
Dark energy is based on Garbage modern physics of time travel
Dark energy experimental proofs is fraud that won dozens of Nobel
prizes and never stopped

The wrong physics is the physics of the dumbest person on

earth by the name of Einstein who sold time travel as science
through dumb western media when time travel is not physics.

What the Arabs said was light is see and measured along the line of
sight that is you do not measure size C but you measure size C cosine
ω t (along the line of sight) and what you miss is C sine ω t
(perpendicular to the line of sight) and this can be expressed as C
(cosine ω t + i sine ω t) or C e í ω t
If C is distance polar coordinates r 0 e í θ; then C would be measured or
seen as r 0 e í θ x e í ω t to a total of r = r 0 e í (θ + ω t)
This can be proven from the definition distance as follows:
All there is in the Universe is objects of mass m moving in space (x, y, z) at
a location r = r (x, y, z). The state of any object in the Universe can be
expressed as the product
S = m r; State = mass x location:
P = d S/d t = m (d r/d t) + (dm/d t) r = Total moment
= change of location + change of mass
= m v + m' r; v = velocity = d r/d t; m' = mass change rate
F = d P/d t = d²S/dt² = Total force
= m (d²r/dt²) +2(dm/d t) (d r/d t) + (d²m/dt²) r
= m γ + 2m'v +m" r; γ = acceleration; m'' = mass acceleration rate
In polar coordinates system
r = r r (1) ;v = r' r(1) + r θ' θ(1) ; γ = (r" - rθ'²)r(1) + (2r'θ' + r θ")θ(1)
r = location; v = velocity; γ = acceleration
F = m γ + 2m'v +m" r
F = m [(r"-rθ'²) r (1) + (2r'θ' + r θ") θ (1)] + 2m'[r' r (1) + r θ' θ (1)]
+ (m" r) r (1)
= [d² (m r)/dt² - (m r) θ'²] r (1) + (1/mr) [d (m²r²θ')/d t] θ (1)
= 0 Light force law
First r = r [cosine θ î + sine θ Ĵ] = r r (1)
Define r (1) = cosine θ î + sine θ Ĵ
Define v = d r/d t = r' r (1) + r d[r (1)]/d t
= r' r (1) + r θ'[- sine θ î + cosine θĴ]
= r' r (1) + r θ' θ (1)
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Define θ (1) = -sine θ î +cosine θ Ĵ;
And with r (1) = cosine θ î + sine θ Ĵ
Then d [θ (1)]/d t= θ' [- cosine θ î - sine θ Ĵ= - θ' r (1)
And d [r (1)]/d t = θ' [-sine θ î + cosine θ Ĵ] = θ' θ (1)
Define γ = d [r' r (1) + r θ' θ (1)] /d t
= r" r (1) + r'd [r (1)]/d t + r' θ' r (1) + r θ" r (1) +r θ'd [θ (1)]/d t
γ = (r" - rθ'²) r (1) + (2r'θ' + r θ") θ (1)
With d² (m r)/dt² - (m r) θ'² = F (r)
And d (m²r²θ')/d t = 0
If light mass m = constant, then
With d² r/dt² - r θ'² = F (r) Eq-1
And d (r²θ')/d t = 0 Eq-2
With d² r/dt² - r θ'² = 0 Eq–1
And d (r²θ')/d t = 0 Eq-2
From Eq-2: d (r²θ')/d t = 0
Then r²θ' = h = constant
Differentiate with respect to time
Then 2rr'θ' + r²θ" = 0
Divide by r²θ'
Then 2(r'/r) + θ"/θ' = 0
And 2(r'/r) = - θ"/θ' = 2[λ (r) + ỉ ω (r)]
Also, r = r0 (θ, 0) e [λ (r) + ỉ ω (r)] t
And θ' = θ' 0 (θ, 0) e -2[λ (r) + ỉ ω (r)] t
For a fixed orbit: λ r = 0
Also, r = r 0 (θ, 0) e ỉ ω t
And θ' = θ' 0 (θ, 0) e -2ỉ ω t
With d² r/dt² - r θ'² = 0
Let u = 1/r; r = 1/u; r²θ' = h = θ’ /u²
And d r/d t = (d r/ d u) (d u /d θ) (d θ/ d t) = (- 1/u ²) (θ’) (d u/ d θ)
= - h (d u/ d θ)
And d² r/ d t² = - h (θ’) (d² u/ d θ ²)
= [- h²/r²] (d² u/ d θ ²)
= - h² u² (d² u/ d θ ²)
With d² r/dt² - r θ'² = 0 Eq–1
And - h² u² (d² u/ d θ ²) – (1/u) (h u²) ² = 0
Then (d² u/ d θ ²) + u = 0
Then u = A e - í θ
Then r 0 (θ, 0) = (1/A) e í θ
And r 0 (θ, 0) = r 0 (0, 0) e í θ
And r = r 0 (0, 0) e í θ e ỉ ω t

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Or, r = r 0 e í (θ + ω t)
This is real time particle motion that Arabs described in 10th
This equation r = r 0 e í (θ + ω t) describes what you see

Circle of vision
As time progresses t =
0, 1, 2, 3 …
The angle of vision
Go down
And the size goes down

0 1 2 3

Light is emitted and light is not an emitter and humans have no means
of measuring light in motion and at best they can take a snap shot.
In mathematical language
Then r = r 0 e í θ at t = 0
Original distance r (t = 0) = r 0 e í θ and θ is the angle of vision
Then at t = 1, the angle of vision is (θ + ω x1)
And r (t = 1) = r 0 e í (θ + ω)
Then at t = 2, the angle of vision is (θ + ω x2)
And r (t = 2) = r 0 e í (θ + 2ω)
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Then at t = 3, the angle of vision is (θ + ω x3)
And r (t = 3) = r 0 e í (θ + 3ω)
Then at t = 4, the angle of vision is (θ + ω x4)
And r (t = 4) = r 0 e í (θ + 4ω)
What it means the shape of the signal sent will change
And r = r 0 e í (θ + ω t)
Then ∆ r = r - r0 = r 0 e í θ [1 - e í ω t]
Or ∆ r = r 0 [e í ω t -1] = ∆ r (x) + í ∆ r (y)
∆ r x = r 0 [(cosine ω t) - 1] = 2r sine ² ω t/2
∆ r x = 2 r0 sine ² ω t/2 Equation - 1
What Equation - 1 means is that a moving signal will change size in
the amount of ∆ r x = 2 r0 sine ² ω t/2
What physicists do is take this equation and call it quantum mechanics
when there is not such a thing than can be called quantum mechanics
and use it to measure things in terms of time and not distance and use
the speed of light as a constant that is divide distance by speed to get
time or in mathematical form divide by light speed constant c r/c = (r
í (θ + ω t)
0/c) e

Then real time T = r/c = (r 0/c) e í (θ + ω t) = T0 e í (θ + ω t)

Or T = T0 e í (θ + ω t)
And looking at θ = 0
Then T = T0 e í ω t
Dark energy Neutrino crime is made using 10th century time trick
equation T = T0 e í ω t:

Frederick Reines Neutrino crime

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1995 was awarded "for pioneering experimental
contributions to lepton physics" jointly with one half to Martin L. Perl "for the discovery
of the tau lepton" and with one half to Frederick Reines "for the detection of the
Page 6
Anti-neutrino + proton ---------> neutron + positron
Positron + electron --------------> Gamma + Gamma
Gamma caught by a sensor and amplified to a signal 1 --> signal 1 on
Oscilloscope 1
Neutron + Cadmium --> [Cadmium eats neutron] --> coughs Gamma
Gamma caught by a sensor and amplified to a signal 2 --> signal 2 on
Oscilloscope 2
Reines and Cowan who claimed that if they install a tank of water close
to a nuclear reactor building and shield it from cosmic radiation then
the Neutrino can be found from seeing two gamma γ signals.
The first signal γ gamma signal is an indication of an Antineutrino
capture by a neutron and the second γ gamma signal is an indication
of a neutron capture by cadmium and excited cadmium spits another γ
gamma signal
A Water Tank with 200 liters of water and 40 CdCl2 or a mixture of tri
ethyl benzene

Picture 1 picture 2

At t = 0 at t = 25 micro seconds
This signal size change on a time delay of 5 micro seconds in a 25
seconds time interval window of 25 micro seconds inside a water tank
filled with try ethyl benzene next to a nuclear reactor is taken as proof
of dark energy

* --------------------------------------------------------------------- *
signal 1 captured then 25 μ seconds later signal 2 captures
Signal 1 and two differ by a small size captured on oscilloscope screens
Water has a refractive index of 4/3 and try ethyl benzene has a
refractive index of 1.44
There was a time window of 25 micro seconds shots were taken and when
a # 1 signal appeared in this 25 micro-seconds window the second
window showed another signal appearing within 0- 5 microseconds
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A signal moving inside a medium is expected to get delayed from
0-5 micro seconds in a 0-25 micro second window
The diffraction slows the motion inside a medium with refractive index n:
And r = r 0 e í (θ + ω t); with θ = 0
Then r = r 0 e í ω t
Dividing by c; then
T=T eỉωt
T=T0e ; ω t = arc tan (1/ n); n v = c; n = index of refraction; v
= velocity of light in medium; c = light speed in vacuum
T = T (0) [cosine ω t + ỉ sine ω t] = T (0) [1 - 2sine² (ω t/2) + ỉ sine
ω t] = T x + ỉ T y
T x = T 0 [1 - 2sine² (ω t/2)]
= T 0 {1 - 2sine² {[(arc tan (1/n)]/2}}

Δ T = T x - T 0 = - 2 T 0 sine² {[arc tan (1 /n)]/2}

Δ T = - 2 T 0 sine² {[arc tan (1 /n)]/2}
T x = T 0 cosine arc tan (1 /n)
T x = T 0 cosine arc tan [3/4] = 0.8 T 0
T x - T 0 = 0.2 T 0
Δ T = 0.2 T 0
The assumption that the free neutrino is detected at the Savannah
River nuclear power plant experiment in 1953 and published in nature
1956 by Reines and Cowan and advertised by United Nations in 1958
is not only wrong but dead wrong. The claim of a second signal
detection delayed 5 micro second after the pair annihilation indicating
a neutron capture by Cadmium and proving the existence of the
neutrino to support Wolfgang Pauli Neutrino theory and relativity
theory is not justified. Here is why
Proof: The gate length is T (0) = 25 μ s (microseconds)
The Container that had Cadmium is basically Tri ethyl benzene mixed
with water. The refractive index of water at 25°C is 1.333 ~ 4/3 and
the refractive index of tri ethyl benzene is 1.44 with 5 to 1 ratio water
to tri ethyl benzene which is a minor distraction to water refractive
Δ T = - 2 x 25 sine² {[arc tan (~ 3/4)/2]} = 5 μ s time delays
Δ T = 0.2 T 0 = 0.2 x 25 = 5 μ s time delays
The coincidence of Pair annihilation gammas and Neutron capture
gammas is not justified
If all the mixture was Tri ethyl benzene because the literature says it is
a mixture and it say it is tri ethyl benzene
Δ T = - 2 x 25 {[sine² arc tan (1/1.44)]/2} = 4.46575 μ s time delays
Page 8
The delayed signal within the 5 μ s intervals is not a sign of Neutrino
capture but a flash of light caught traveled and caught delayed.
Meaning it is the same gamma and not two different gammas. What
Reines and Cowan did is measuring the same signal in a 25 micro
second interval at the start they measured the signal and in that 25
micro seconds interval the signal had 5 micro seconds signal time
delay that was measured as a second event. Reines and Cowan
claimed two signals the first event was the signal of pair annihilation
and the second event is the neutron capture and releasing a second
gamma ray when in fact looking at the same signal. This is the basis of
all dark energy fraud
This is 10th century Arabs description of visual effects taken by
Alfred Nobel institution as proof of dark energy
Δ T = - 2 T 0 sine² {[arc tan (1 /n)]/2}
Δ T = - 2 x 25 sine² {[arc tan (~ 3/4)/2]} = 5 μ s time delays

After 110 years of Alfred Nobel Physicists fraud and garbage for
physics someone can defend humanity and that one is the one and
only Joe Nahhas

A signal changing shape inside a water tank taken as proof of dark

energy and nuclear particles can only come from criminals in Alfred
Nobel suit or the Darth Vader Institution westerners call it Alfred Nobel

Picture 1 picture 2


At t = 0 at t = 25 micro seconds

This size change is given by 10th century Arabs time Illusion formula
Δ T = - 2 T 0 sine² {[arc tan (1 /n)]/2}
Δ r = - 2 r 0 sine² {[arc tan (1 /n)]/2}
The name is Joe Nahhas founder of Arabs real time physics July 4th

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What is scary in all of this is that the Saudi King does not know
anything about Muslims and Arabs physics or Physicists

The king of Saudi Arabia built a 10 billion house of wisdom and gave it
to Harvard graduate to run when Harvard physics department
collective value is garbage like modern physics. Modern physics is 10th
century Arabs discarded Illusions Einstein call time travel and
physicists use it as fundamentals. I am not saying all Alfred Nobel
Institutions are idiots to say the least but Alfred Nobel institution prize
winner physicists are criminals to be exact! Time travel is modern
physics and time travel is not physics. All Nobel Prize winner
physicist got is a collection of 10th century discarded Arab Illusions

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