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The Newsletter of Central St. Matthew UCC April, 2011

A Connecticut Yankee Prepares to Serve in resiliency, the effort to rebuild, the determination, the
the Land of King Creole hope that's there," he recalls. "It's a living and ongoing
model of the resurrection."
With that vital energy displayed, he believes
the merged congregation has a bright future and deep
opportunities for ministry. Referring to the Rev. Dr.
Martin Luther King, Jr.'s, observation that the Sunday
worship hour is the most segregated of the week,
Mereschuk notes joyfully that this church is trying to
change that. He plans to share the good news of this
caring, active congregation widely, confident that
others will also want to be part of it.
The blending of the two congregations is
exciting, he says, and closely resembles a marriage,
The Rev. Chris Mereschuk with two independent parties forming a third entity.
GLASTONBURY (03/07/2011) -- The Rev. Christopher "We're going to embrace our differences, embrace
Mereschuk, whose face, voice, and laugh are familiar to what may come of this relationship," intentionally
young people at two Connecticut UCC churches and addressing their differing heritages, experiences, and
Silver Lake Conference Center, has spent his ministry expectations.
within forty miles of his home town of Canton Center. In The church continues to own and maintain
April, however, he takes up the challenge of a new call both properties. The uptown campus, the former St.
to Central Saint Matthew United Church of Christ, over a Matthew's, provides the worship space and was also
thousand miles away in New Orleans, Louisiana, where equipped with bunkrooms and showers to host mission
he will be the first installed pastor of a congregation groups coming to the city. The mid-city campus, the
merged from two separate churches brought together former Central Congregational, houses the Hume
after 2005's Hurricane Katrina. Center, the oldest child care program open to African
The two congregations come with very different Americans in New Orleans. In a profound witness to
histories. Central Congregational Church UCC was an the church's commitments, funds contributed for its
African American congregation, founded by the repair went first to restoring the Hume Center to
American Missionary Association following the Civil War, operation.
and at one time was the home of civil rights activist, Prior to his current position at First Church in
Ambassador to the United Nations, Congressman, and Glastonbury, Mereschuk was director of youth
UCC minister the Rev. Andrew Young. Saint Matthew's ministries at the Asylum Hill Congregational Church
UCC came from the Evangelical and Reformed branch, UCC in Hartford, and interim summer director at Silver
founded by German immigrants. An independent Lake Conference Center in 2003. A 2007 graduate of
congregation still worships in German in the chapel each Andover Newton Theological School, he was ordained
Sunday. in September of that year. He and his wife, Lila, have a
Both churches have a great heritage of daughter Isabel.
community involvement which won Mereschuk's A wealth of feelings accompany this call. "It's
admiration and affection. "Together they're continuing it absolute foolishness; it's wonderful; it's thrilling and
and are trying to do even more." terrifying; it's all emotions all at once," said Mereschuk,
He joins a congregation profoundly changed who has already asked a church member to be his
along with its municipality. "Post Katrina, the "cultural ambassador."
membership rolls have shrunk," he said. "Just like you'll "New Orleans might be out of the news, but
find throughout the city, many people have not been the need is still there, and the need is great," he
able to return, but Central St. Matthew lives into the reminds those whom he will shortly leave behind in the
vision of what could be. They are not operating out of northeast.
scarcity. They are deeply involved and invested in the The hard part is the break in relationships. "I'm going
community, and looking to be more so. And doing some to miss folks here, that's for sure. But I'm going to
fantastic work." make them come down and do mission work in New
Mereschuk first experienced the city while Orleans."
leading a mission trip from First Church of Christ This page comes from ctucc.org. This page is copyright © 2011
Congregational UCC in Glastonbury, where he currently The Missionary Society of Connecticut.
serves as associate pastor. "I was so inspired by the REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION!
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Farewell Sweet Julia!

musicians. A fellowship facilitator, Julia

expressed exemplary hospitality and welcome
to colleagues, missionaries, and strangers.
Immersing herself beyond the church
families where she and Roland served, Julia
stepped forward to offer parenting classes in
the Seguin community and on local radio,
worked and led numerous PTA groups,
assisted in energizing Church Women United
Julia Wilhemina groups, and the CWU, League of Women
Katrina Weigel Pantermuehl celebrated her Voters where “white gloved women” were
95th birthday on March 9th. She began her present and monitored voter registration and
twilight days in the helpful circle of care by her court rooms in deep south New Orleans.
seven children, her faithful caregivers, and Julia was one of five Weigel siblings,
Hope Hospice. On March 25th she departed survived only by her youngest brother, Arnold,
this life to join a host of loved ones among the of St. Paul, MN. She also is survived by a
great cloud of witnesses. circle of nephews and nieces, twelve
Julia was born in 1916 in Hebron, ND, grandchildren, ten great grandchildren and
to Eugene and Margaret Koch Weigel. With many others who consider her their
the death of her father she grew up in St. mom/grandma/grossmama.
Paul, MN, among her maternal family of loved The family wishes to thank at-home
ones. As an undergraduate at Elmhurst caregivers, Bethany Diaz, Lisa Farias, Alma
College (Il) a loving relationship began with Martinez, and Sally Sauceda, along with the
Texan and late husband, Roland compassionate Dr. Zweibach and his team, as
Pantermuehl, of Sattler. That bond was sealed well as Dr. Ronald Williams. Numerous other
in the Christian marriage covenant on June physicians and pastors have been important
13, 1939, one week prior to Roland’s in Julia’s pilgrimage, including her current
ordination into ministry in the United Church of pastor, Rev. Scott Martin.
Christ. This union of affection and loyalty The family and friends will gather for a
brought seven children into their lives: Karen time of greeting, fellowship, and prayerful
Elizabeth Dietz (Frank), John Paul worship in memoriam at Faith UCC in New
Pantermuehl (Jennifer Blythe), Julia Katherine Braunfels (corner of Loop 337 and Common
Allison, Janice Lynn Ziegler (Michael), Kathy St), on April 9, 2011, at 2:30 pm to greet one
Marie Leber (Richard), Roland Mark another. Service will follow at 3:00 pm to
Pantermuehl (Jill Long Mata), and David thank God for a life so generously given
Michael Pantermuehl (Esther Buck). through these many decades. Serving as
In addition to her local church family ushers and assistants will be her
are the church families of Cross in Seguin, grandchildren: Kevin and brother, Mark Dietz,
TX, Samuel UCC in Clayton, MO, and Central Amy and brother, Jason Ziegler, Jennifer
St. Matthew UCC in New Orleans, LA, where Allison Marlow, Jamie Pantermuehl Martin,
ministries of Rev. Dr. Roland Pantermuehl Jarod and sister, Jessica Pantermuehl, Hunter
and his cherished Julia, made an indelible and brother, Nathan Leber, and Rachel and
mark in so many lives. sister, Leah Pantermuehl.
Her many roles included mentoring
young adults, teaching young children in In lieu of flowers, gifts may be made to Faith UCC,
church schools, singing in choirs, leading 970 N. Loop 337, New Braunfels, TX 78130, or Hope
study groups, and nurturing potential Hospice, 611 N. Walnut, New Braunfels, TX 78130.
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Congratulations Norman!

numerous charity fundraising events.

However, Norman Robinson’s biggest

impact on Louisiana may have been the
probing, provocative interviews he
conducted with community leaders,
politicians and activists. For two years
following Hurricane Katrina, Norman hosted
and helped produce “6 On Your Side Live,”
a nightly broadcast that challenged those
playing critical roles in the recovery of New
Orleans and its surrounding parishes. No
subject was off limits, and it became a
recognized forum for honest discourse and
frank dialogue over the questions and
WDSU's Robinson Honored By issues facing our community.
Broadcast Group
"We're lucky to have Norman as a
Anchor Receives 2011 'Golden Mike' colleague and a friend”, said President and
Award General Manager, Joel Vilmenay. “He
serves as an excellent example for us all
POSTED: 3:27 pm CDT March 15, 2011 and sets a standard to which we all aspire."
UPDATED: 4:29 pm CDT March 15, 2011
NEW ORLEANS -- WDSU-TV is pleased to
Norman Robinson is main anchor on WDSU
announce that the Louisiana Association of
News at 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. and host and
Broadcasters has chosen news anchor
moderator of “Hot Seat” segments that air
Norman Robinson as this year’s recipient of
weekly on Sunday nights.
the Golden Mike award. It is the
association’s highest honor. Each year, the
award is presented to an individual who, in
the opinion of the judges, has made
outstanding contributions, during his or her
lifetime, to the State of Louisiana.

Norman Robinson has been a part of the

WDSU news team for over twenty years,
where he has served as evening news
anchor, moderator of countless political
debates and as a host for WDSU’s special
coverage of Mardi Gras parades and other
important civic events. During that same
time, his dedication to community has been
demonstrated through his work with such
causes as Goodwill Industries, the March of
Dimes and the New Orleans Concert Band.
His community service also includes public
speaking at schools, churches, and
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Vital Signs
Financial Update: We were blessed to end the 2010 year with a slight surplus. The budget
passed for the year 2011 is $272,777 and therefore calls for us to collect an average of $22,731 per
month to meet our expense and outreach obligations.

As of the end of March, this would amount to about $68,193. Between our tithes, offerings and rental
income, we have collected approximately $65,071 for the three months ending March 2011.

Thank you for your generous gifts, tithes and offerings in support of our church’s ministry and
outreach. By the way, please make all checks payable to Central St. Matthew UCC. Credit for cash
donations will be given when money is in an envelope, identified, and designated. Envelopes are
provided on the Welcome Table and/or from the ushers.

Should you require a check, please submit your voucher to the office by Wednesday morning for
Sunday availability. Our new procedures do not allow for checks on a same day basis.

If you have any questions, please see Carol or Dale.

Prayer List
Please continue to pray for:

-Gary and Karen Arndt -Lavera Kelly

-Dorothea Boldt -Amy Miller
-Kyle Carter - Catherine Reigert
-Melvin Chaix -Verna Sileci
-Ethel Creel -Peter Saunders
-Nellie Crump - Ernest & Mathilde Smith
-Dr. Joseph W. Davis
-Michael Englebracht
-Eddie Gebhardt
-Mary Graves
-Cristi Grigoras (brother of Aurelia Zidaru)

-The families of Ingrid Schleh, Joe Beslin, Jamie Adams, Warren Green,
Wilfred J. Lodrig, Sr., Julia
Pantermuehl and Winnie Schumacher
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Things We Can Do!


Commodity for April RICE

One Great Hour of Sharing


as part of Our Church's Wider Mission (OCWM), is one of the four special mission offerings of the United
Church of Christ. Working in more than 80 countries, the offering provides hope to people in more than eighty
countries. The UCC works with international partners, and together we provide support to health, education,
refugee, agricultural, and emergency relief initiatives.
Please give generously.

Save the Date

On Saturday, April 30, 2011, Little Farms UCC in River Ridge, LA will host the Spring Meeting of the
New Orleans Association. The primary focus of this meeting is “Boundary Training”, a must for
clergy who have not participated and suggested for all lay leaders/members.


In preparation for our 2011 Annual Meeting June 3, 4, 5 at the Clear Lake Hilton Hotel

... are your delegates registered through the Conference

... have you purchased meal tickets (no meal tickets sold at the meeting)
... have you made your hotel reservations - May 3 id the reservation deadline line. Room cost of $89.00 will
go up after May 3
... if you are clergy, have you considered registering for Boundary Training on Friday-June 3 (separate
registration is needed)
... are you working on your Conference Annual Meeting mission kits? All kits must be turned in by 10:00 A.M.
on Saturday morning
... if you are asked to submit an Annual Report for the delegate's packet will you get that report to Tim
Marquez in the Conference office by May 1
... if you want to share your talent for our Friday evening Talent Show and Entertainment, contact Rick Ashley
at: TXAGBQ76@comcast.net
... if you want to bring an item for the Saturday evening Silent Auction to benefit Eden Hill Communities
proposed Wellness Center, make preparations to bring the item and turn it in during the registration time.
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From the Flock …

Our traditional Maundy Thursday service Menu:
will take place on April 21, 2011. Time Fried catfish
to be announced soon. As part of our Potato salad
service, soup and bread will be shared. Seasoned vegetables
If you are interested in preparing soup, Baked macaroni & cheese
please see or call Karen Wulff. Bread
…from the Worship Committee
$8.00 per plate

Purchase soft drinks from the

Cub/Boy Scouts for $1.

Call 504-822-7883 for large orders.

Central St. Matthew
invites you to its Pl e a se se e o r c a ll Pa u l e t t e
Tim p t o n t o d o n a t e fo o d it e m s.

Good Friday
Worship Service

Fish Fry

2401 Bienville Avenue

corner North Tonti St.
Friday, April 22, 2010

Worship begins at NOON

under the tent.
D o n ’t f o r g e t y o u r f r e s h c u t
Fish orders filled from f l o w e r s t o d e c o r at e t h e
10:00am – 2:00pm. cross on
EA S TER S u n d ay
A p r il 2 4 , 2 0 1 1
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From Beyond Our Pews …

Stewardship Message cope with their anger, probably by helping them
Extravagant Generosity change how they view the events that angered
them and helping them take it less personally."
“So Joseph took the body….and laid it in his own In research published online in the
tomb.” Matthew 27:59-60 Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin,
Bushman and his colleagues found that prayer
In the week beginning with Palm Sunday, helped to control anger regardless of the person's
the stories we read are full of people giving religious affiliation, or if they attended church or
extravagantly. Think about it and you see giving prayed regularly.
everywhere. Someone gives Jesus a donkey to ride In the first study they asked 53 U.S.
into Jerusalem, a valuable beast in that time. A college students to complete a questionnaire that
woman buys expensive ointment to massage Jesus’ measured levels of emotions such as anger,
tired body. Someone shares their house for Jesus depression, tension, fatigue and vigor and then
and his disciples to celebrate Passover. His followers put them in a situation that could elicit an angry
buy and prepare food for the feast. Jesus gives them response.
bread and tells them he will soon give his body, his Then the students were told to read a
blood, his life for them. From the cross, Jesus gives newspaper report about a cancer patient and
the promise of forgiveness and eternal life to a thief. randomly assigned to pray for her or to just think
Then this lovely story in Matthew of a Pharisee about her. Students who prayed for the patient
named Joseph risking his reputation by giving his had lower self-reported anger levels.
personal tomb for Jesus’ burial. Then, in the In other studies Bushman, Ryan Bremner
resurrection, God not only gave Jesus life, but in so of the University of Michigan, and Sander Koole,
doing gave us forgiveness and a promise not to of UV University in Amsterdam in the
desert us, even when we desert God. Can there be a Netherlands, found similar results about the
more extravagant gift? power of prayer in dealing with anger, aggression
How do we respond to all this generosity? It and provocation.
needs to be more than colored eggs and new "The effects we found in these
clothes. It needs to be more than gardens of flowers experiments were quite large, which suggests
in church and Easter baskets. How do we respond to that prayer may really be an effective way to calm
all this generosity? With our own generous anger and aggression," Bushman said.
discipleship every day of our lives. Happy Easter. But he stressed that the benefits were related to
benevolent prayer.
Rochelle A. Stackhouse is the Senior Minister of The Church of "When people are confronting their own
the Redeemer, United Church of Christ, New Haven Connecticut.
anger, they may want to consider the old advice
April 2011 God is still speaking, of praying for one's enemies," Bremner said. "It
may not benefit their enemies, but it may help
them deal with the negative emotions."


– Wed Mar 23, 11:15 am ET

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) – Furious about an
unkind comment? Angry about a social snub? Say a
prayer, even if you're not religious.
New research from American and Dutch
scientists shows praying can help ease anger, lower
aggression and lessen the impact of provocation.
"People often turn to prayer when they're
feeling negative emotions, including anger," said
Brad Bushman, a professor of communications and
psychology at Ohio State University and a co-author
of the study.
"We found that prayer really can help people
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