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Name: Jeffrey Faville

Home address: 774 Vinyard Ave NE, Salem, OR 97301

Age (If your age will change before the May 17 election, please add your birthdate):
School board zone: 2

Phone numbers
Home: 503-580-2340
Cell: 503-580-2354


How the public can reach your campaign (this is for publication):
Mail address: 774 Vinyard Ave NE, Salem, OR 97301

E-mail address: jeffaville@aol.com

Web site URL: www.jeffreyfaville.schools.officelive.com

Phone: 503-580-2354

Fax: n/a

Current occupation/employer (if any):

Faville Drywall, Inc.

Previous occupations/employers:
Faville Drywall, Inc., 14 years; Owner, Freedom Foundations and private American History
teacher; Owner, Jeffrey Faville Drywall

Colleges attended, degree, graduation date:

Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy

High schools attended, graduation date:

I was home-schooled in my youth but regularly participated in sports and other activities through
the Salem-Keizer School District programs at McNary High School.

Halley, wife
Joy, daughter
Cyrus, son
Justice, son

How long have you lived in the Salem-Keizer School District?

I was born here in Salem-Keizer and I continue to live in the Salem-Keizer School District with
my wife as we raise our family.

If you have children, what public and private schools did they attend, or are they
attending? (If they attend/attended Salem-Keizer schools, please list any in-district transfers and
when they occurred.)
My oldest child will soon be preschool age and my wife and I will determine with each child
what will be the best means of education at each grade.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime, been disciplined by a professional licensing
board/organization or had an ethics violation filed against you? If so, please give the
details. No.

Have you ever filed for bankruptcy, been delinquent on your taxes or other major
accounts, or been sued personally or professionally? If so, please give the details. No.

Salem-Keizer School District committees, activities or organizations you are or have been
involved in (Please include approximate years -- such as, “2008-present” -- for this question and
the following ones): None.

Other experience in public and/or private education (please be specific): My wife, Halley and
I founded Freedom Foundations in 2010 from which we teach early American history from
original sources.

Educational organizations you are, or have been, involved in and any offices held:
Willamette Valley Table Tennis Club,Vice-president, 2003-2007; Board of Directors, World
Bible Quiz Association, 2003-2005.

Please list all public offices to which you’ve been elected, and when: Precinct Committee
Person, 2002 - present.

Please list any unsuccessful candidacies for public office, and when: None

Civic, community and cultural organizations you are, or have been, involved in and any
offices held (include service clubs, chamber of commerce, church/religious organizations,
neighborhood associations, non-profits, unions, etc.): Trustee at Labish Community Church,
2001-2008; Director of youth program at Labish Community Church, 2002-2008; Vice-
president of Willamette Valley Table Tennis Club2003-2007 ; Assistant Director for the
Northwest Region for World Bible Quiz Association, 2003-2005; Willamette Valley Triathlon
Club, 2007-2009; United States Triathlon Association, 2007-2010.

What is the largest budget you have handled? $200,000-$400,000

Who encouraged you to run for the school board? Who are your major supporters
(individuals, groups, etc.)? I was encouraged to run for Salem-Keizer School District Board by
my family and friends who are also my major supporters at this time. I have received
endorsements from several public figures as well.

How much will your campaign cost? $4,000-$5,000

If you are elected, how many hours a week do you expect to spend on Salem-Keizer School
District business? I have been told that 7 hours is typical, however, I intend to spend whatever
hours are necessary. I know I will be spending many more hours up front to avoid the learning
curve and there will be hours needed to learn more about what has already been tried and is not
working in the School District.

How many school board meetings have you attended in the past year?
I have only been to one so far but I am in the process of reviewing each of the meeting minutes
for the last two years.

How many have you watched on CCTV?

As I mentioned in the previous question, I am reviewing the meeting minutes from the last two
years for the School Board meetings and have attended one meeting in person but I have not had
the opportunity to watch one on CCTV yet.

What social-media applications do you regularly use?

I currently am using Facebook and AOL.

Please help us understand your connections to the school district. In responding to the
following questions, if your answer is “yes” please give complete details.
• Have you ever worked for the Salem-Keizer School District or any other district? No.

• Have you, or any company or organization in which you were involved, been a supplier
or contractor for the Salem-Keizer district? No.

• Have any of your family members worked for the school district? Not my immediate
family, though I have an aunt who has worked for many years with those having special
needs in Keizer schools.

• Have you ever worked in the same company or agency with any current district
administrator and/or member of the central staff? No.

• Other than serving on the school board or district committees, do you have any personal,
business or professional relationship with any current district administrator and/or member of
the central staff? No.

PART II: EDUCATION ISSUES. Please limit your response for each question to about 75

1. Why are you running for the Salem-Keizer School Board?

I want to provide the best education possible for my family, my friends and all the other
children who are in the school district. This cannot happen unless the district is willing and able
to make responsible decisions about district finances and motivate parents to be more involved in
the success of their child’s education. I believe we need to focus on the fundamentals and do
those well before we spend more money on other projects.

2. What strengths or assets would you bring to serving on the school board?
First of all I would bring the unique perspective of one who was educated outside of the
traditional public school system. Consequently, I have seen how children have responded to
different types of education. Second, I have 15 years of experience in construction and thus
would be able to make reasonable decisions with regard to repairs and renovations. Third, I have
been responsible with my own money never living beyond my means and would do the same for
the district.

3. What do you see as the strengths of the current school board?

The current board has a heart for the individual students. This is clearly seen by the number of
programs which give specialized care and education to students of different needs and abilities.

4. What do you see as the weaknesses of the current school board?

While the board has done well in bringing up the scores and educations of those who would
normally fall through the cracks, it has failed to bring up the education level of the general body
of students to the academic achievement level necessary to compete and excel in today's
economy. It’s a classic but unfortunate case of focusing on the lowest achieving students at the
educational expense of the rest of the student body including those in the TAG program.

5. What changes would you like to make in the Salem-Keizer School District?
Financially, I would like to make responsible decisions about what ought to be most protected
from cuts. Practically, I would like to prioritize the essential elements of education and focus on
the fundamentals. And most importantly, I would like to involve parents in both the education in
the schools and the decision making of the board. Teachers, administrators and the board cannot
educate children without the support and active involvement of parents.

6. How would you describe your philosophy of education?

Education is the teaching and dissemination of knowledge to students which is received when a
student is motivated to learn. Education begins in the home and there is no substitute for the
love and nurturing of parents. Education is not limited to a classroom or a gymnasium; it takes
place every day in real life situations. Public education ought to provide a service to assist
parents in providing knowledge to students to which they would not otherwise have access.

7. What are the three most important issues you would address if elected to the school

A. (75 words): Financial responsibility requires that we prioritize the things that are most
essential to providing quality education to the maximum amount of students and fund those first.
We need to make smart, non-political decisions about where our funding goes and be responsible
stewards of the taxpayers’ money to get the most educational value for their dollars.

B. (75 words): English, math, science and history need more improvement in our district and
these should be the focus of academics. It’s difficult to have to set aside other programs and
classes when we have some excellent work being done in the schools in these areas, but our
children need to be able to learn to read, write and perform math if they are going to compete in
an ever-shrinking global economy.

C. (75 words): Active parental involvement and communication is the single most important
factor lacking in our district. Too many students struggle through the day because of issues at
home or issues with learning and these issues are never addressed or inadequately addressed.
My hope is not to have more money and programs for parental involvement but rather to have
parents alleviate the need for more money and programs, while at the same time improving the
students' academic success.

8. What education-related publications do you regularly read to keep on the news and on
educational issues (magazines, journals, newspapers, Web sites, etc.)? I follow the local
newspapers articles such as the Difficult Decisions series. I also consistently read articles from
National Home Education Research Institute, which is based in Salem, OR.