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The Discoveries
The Political and Technical History
The Rise and the Fall
The Saga and the Soap Opera
The Strange Circumstances


Ingo Swann

(c) Copyright, Ingo Swann, 1996

All rights reserved under International and

Pan-American Copyright Conventions.
Presented in Serialized form in the United States
in the Internet and World Wide Web by
the American Prophecy Project.


The American Prophecy Project
Swann, Ingo

ISSN 1050-0537

--+-- NOTICE --+--

Remote Viewing -- The Real Story is a book being placed in
the Internet and WWW in serialized form, with continuing
segments appearing at unscheduled intervals because of the
time necessary to complete each segment.

The book is appearing in this fashion because the top five

publishers in these United States rejected it on the grounds
that the public interest in the real story of remote viewing is
minimal and the story is of no real mainstream interest.

The author has nonetheless determined that a record of the

story should be available for open-and-free-access historical
purposes and for those who might chance to have interest.

For purposes of accuracy, the book is very carefully based on

documents existing in the author's voluminous, chronological
archives as well as some in the possession of other sources
and resources. All documents substantively depended upon
are noted in the text. A complete bibliography of additional
sources and other supportive materials will be appended later

In those instances where guideline documentation is not

available, or never existed, I have confirmed my recall by
consulting with one or more direct witnesses of those
instances. This follows accepted journalistic procedures which
are both traditional and proper.

However, the book, as it must be, is cast in the form of an

autobiographical memoir and therefore contains many
memories, opinions, deductions and estimations of the author
-- and who therefore leans on the freedoms of speech, belief
and opinion guaranteed by founding documents generally and
equally applicable throughout the United States.

Front Matter

• Dedication
• Forthcoming.Additions
• Author.Preface
• (Temporary) Foreword

Part One: Beginnings

1919 -- 1971


Silence of the heart, practiced with wisdom,

will see a lofty depth;
And the ear of the silent mind will hear untold wonders.

-- Hesychius of Jerusalem

• Chapter 1: Circumstances We Get Sucked Into
• Chapter 2: Tiflis, Georgia
• Chapter 3: Telluride, Colorado
• Chapter 4: Mrs. Buell Mullen
• Chapter 5: Mrs. Zelda Suplee
• Chapter 6: Cleve Backster
• Chapter 7: Feedback and Subliminal Perception
• Chapter 8: The Repeatable Experiment
• Chapter 9 : Dr. Gertrude Schmeidler
• Chapter 10: Psychokinesis

Part Two: The Emergence of Remote Viewing At

The American Society For Psychical Research


You cannot teach a man anything.
You can only help him discover it within himself.

-- Galileo

Today something is happening to the structure of human

A fresh kind of life is starting.

-- Teilhard de Chardin

• Chapter 11: Encountering The Parapsychology Power
• Chapter 12: Dr. Karlis Osis
• Chapter 13: Psychic Powers Vs Powers of Biomind
• Chapter 14: Inside The Venerable American Society for
Psychical Research
• Chapter 15: Out-Of-Body? And The Emergence Of The
Picture Drawings
• Chapter 16: The "Picture Drawings" And My First
Ambiguous Success
• Chapter 17: The Emergence of Remote Viewing
• Chapter 18: Janet Lee Mitchell, PhD
• Chapter 19: A "Communication: From The Hard Drive Of
Our Species
• Chapter 20: New Year's Day 1972
• Chapter 21: The First Upset At The ASPR
• Chapter 22: Mrs. Ruth Hagy Brod
• Chapter 23: The Calm Before The Storms
• Chapter 24: Some Background Regarding The First Storm
• Chapter 25: The First Storm At The ASPR
• Chapter 26: The First Outbound Remote Viewing
• Chapter 27: Circumstances Begin Shifting Directions
• Chapter 28: My First Letter To Dr. H.E. Puthoff
• Chapter 29: Calm Before The Second Great Storm At The
• Chapter 30: The Great Storm At The ASPR
• Chapter 31: Reception For Ingo Swann At ASPR
• Chapter 32: ASPR Disruption

Part Three: Stanford Research Institute (SRI)


The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure
and the intelligent are full of doubt.

-- Bertrand Russell

What we need is more people who specialize in the impossible.

-- Theodore Roethke


• Chapter 33: Airborne Into The Impossible

• Chapter 34: Harold E. Puthoff, Ph.D.
• Chapter 35: Stanford Research Institute
• Chapter 36: Social Introductions and Magnetometer
• Chapter 37: The Varian Hall of Physics, Stanford University
• Chapter 38: Repercussions Begin
• Chapter 39: Realigning Some Garbled History
• Chapter 40: Dr. Shafica Karagulla
• Chapter 41: Dinner at the Tiller's
• Chapter 42: First Intimations of Psychoenergetics
• Chapter 43: Hail to Circumstances Beyond One's Control
• Chapter 44: Puthoff Spreads the Word
• Chapter 45: Dinner With Ruth Hagy and Al Brod
• Chapter 46: Gloria Swanson
• Chapter 47: What Does One Use For Eyes If One Is Out of
• Chapter 48: Uri Geller
• Chapter 49: Researching the Craft of Intelligence
• Chapter 50: In The Library of Congress
• Chapter 51: More Shenanigans and Idiocies at ASPR
• Chapter 52: The Darkest Day of My Life (One of Them,
• Chapter 53: The Second Visit to SRI
• Chapter 54: Transferring Out of Parapsychology
• Chapter 55:"Thoughts Through Space"
• Chapter 56: The Long-Distance Factor
• Chapter 57: Cognitive Aftermath of "Thoughts Through
• Chapter 58: The Media Hysteria of 1972