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Gripping of Planets

by the Nodes1
Babubhai N.Yodh, India.

ur subject is based on Nodes.
Therefore, let us understand
what Nodes are. Nodes (Rahu
and ketu) are considered in
Hindu astrology as equivalent to planets,
but they are not physical bodies. They are
only calculated points having immense
effect over the life of nativities on Earth.
Moon is a natural satellite of Earth, which
rotates around the Earth. The Earth with
its satellite revolves around the sun and
moon in its orbit crosses the ecliptic. There
are two points of intersections, each 180
degree away from each other known as
North Nodes or Dagon’s head and South
Node or Dragon’s tail. Nodes are
considered shadowy planets ‐ in the

Shri Babubhai Yodh is an 86 yr old darkness, one cannot see any object and he
has to only imagine. Therefore, it is very
difficult for astrologer to predict correctly
astrologer who hails from a parampara on the basis of Nodes in the chart of
family in Gujarat, India. He has done B.A in Native.
English literature from Bombay University
in 1948 and has been a teacher all his life. Indian astrology compares Nodes to a
He has devoted his life to Jyotish and has Dragon. The mouth of a dragon is called
written two books in astrology titled ‘Art of North Node ‐ Rahu and tail of the dragon
Prediction’ & ‘Importance of Transit Points’ is called South Node‐ Ketu A dragon kills
both considered classics. He is known for his its pray by encircling the tail around its
research work & decades of experience in body. While killing anyone, the tail is
astrology. important for a dragon, therefore, South
Nodes (Ketu) is more harmful than the
North Nodes (Rahu)?

Shri Yodh’s research on nodes is famous since
decades & is published in his book in Gujurati.
This article has been freshly written again by
his kind self for Saptarishis Astrology.

The nodes represent (act like) the lord of the sign in which they are deposited. For e.g., if
North Node (Rahu) is in Leo sign, then that Node represent the characteristic of sun &
house in which it is occupied.
Similarly, the South Node in However, the degree of Saturn is1-1 and the
Aquarius will give the characteristic degree of Nodes is 22-45 – The difference
of Saturn. between them in degree is 21-44. Therefore,
As nodes are the dark portions in the Saturn is not gripped due to difference in degree
Birth chart of an individual, the more than 10. However, Jupiter is gripped
interpretation about the matters
because the difference in degree between Jupiter
indicated by nodes will be incorrect
for n astrologer because of darkness and Nodes is only 3-13.
concerning the nodes. Most of the
interpretations based on nodes are therefore haphazard.

To understand how Nodes grip a planet or planets, remember the rules given below.
1. A planet in conjunction, opposition or in square to Nodes will be gripped.

(1.a) But only when the degree of Node is more that the degree of the planets. E.g. Rahu 25
deg & Ven 20 deg.

(1‐b) The difference between Node and the planet is less than 10 or 12 degrees and then a
planet is considered gripped. The closest grip will be within 5 degrees difference between
Node & planet.
However, the degree of Saturn is1-1 and the degree
2. The planet when
gripped by the Node will give of Nodes is 22-45 – The difference between them in
the following effect. degree is 21-44. Therefore, Saturn is not gripped due
(2‐a) Nodes will give adverse to difference in degree more than 10. However, Jupiter
results of the matters of the
house owned by the gripped is gripped because the difference in degree between
planets Jupiter and Nodes is only 3-13.
(2‐b) House occupied by
gripped planet are not beneficial at all.

3. A Node completes the cycle of twelve signs in about 18 years.

(3‐a) When a Node is giving adverse result in birth chart at particular period, again it well
give adverse result after 18 years.
(3‐b) Fractions of this 18 year there are every four & half year. Therefore, at the period of
every four & half years, the native will experience the adverse result.
For the clarification of the rules the following birth charts are given‐Chart‐I

Chart 1: Female Native, 05 Dec 1952, 00‐10Am, Nadiad (Gujarat, India), 22 N 41, 72 E54.
Planet As Sun Mo Mars Mer® Jup® Ven Sat Ra Ke Ura Nep Pl
Degree 15 19 27 16 09 19 29 01 22 22 24 29 00
Minute 12 30 24 18 44 32 46 01 45 45 42 58 01

Explanation of the gripped planets:‐
1. Mars is in conjunction with North Node
2. Jupiter & Saturn are square with Nodes.
Degree of mars2 is 16‐18 and degree of Node is 22‐45 Degree of Nodes is more than Mars and
difference between the degree of North Node and Mars is 6‐27. Hence, Mars is gripped by
Nodes. Subsequently the matters of houses owned by Mars & the house in which Mars is
deposited, will give adverse result when any Node will transit in conjunction or in opposition or in
square with mars.
The houses gripped by Nodes via Mars are 9th, 4th & 6th. Houses 9 th and 4th are owned by
Mars & 6th is the house in which mars is deposited.
According to rules given, Jupiter and Saturn are square to Nodes.
Degree of Nodes is more than these planets. Therefore, these
planets are ‘Also’ gripped.
However, the degree of Saturn is1‐1 and the degree of Nodes is
22‐45 – The difference between them in degree is 21‐44.
Therefore, Saturn is not gripped due to difference in degree
more than 10. However, Jupiter is gripped because the difference
in degree between Jupiter and Nodes is only 3‐13.
Now the forecast of gripping of the planet mars is given below:‐
When the North Node (Rahu) was transiting from the sign Cancer (Karka) in the year 1962‐
63, mars was affected adversely. The result was that the native’s mother took divorce3 . Due

Degrees in authors submitted article varies from our software.
Publisher: Pls note that Mars is the 4th lord of Mother in this chart.
to this event, the native’s home life was totally disturbed. The native was brought up by her
father’s sister.
1. At the age of 18 years, North Nodes was again transiting from the sign Capricorn in
conjunction with Mars and also square with Jupiter in the year 1971‐72. Therefore, both
Jupiter and Mars gave adverse results.
Jupiter owns 5th & 8th house and deposited in the 9th house so all the matters pertaining to
these houses gave adverse results to the
Native. Jupiter is the main ruler of family life & also of
child. Therefore, if Jupiter is adversely affected
9th house: ‐ Her father lost both eyes
due to unsuccessful operation. in any chart, the native will not enjoy happiness
of the family Life.
5th house: ‐ Education was disturbed
and her comforts also were lost. She had to live under ruling of her father’s sister.
8th house: ‐ Lost the care of father and at this age she had the responsibility of father and her
younger brother.
Jupiter is the main ruler of family life & also of child. Therefore, if Jupiter is ad adversely
affected in any chart, the native will not enjoy happiness of the family Life.Let us observe
the above chart in which Jupiter is deposited in 9th house in Aries sign and this Aries sign is
a Barren sign. Secondly, Jupiter is adversely affected by the grip of Nodes. Therefore, she
married a simple person who was a laborer in textile mill. Native has no issue.

Chart ‐2: Male Native, 04 June 1961, 17:21 pm, Ahmadabad (Gujarat, India) 23N04, 72E37


Planet As Sun Mo Mars Mer Jup Ven Sat ® Ra Ke Ura Nep Pl

Degree 24 20 02 22 13 13 05 06 07 07 28 25 12
Minute 31 24 02 36 20 42 43 02 57 57 52 47 18

Lord of the 10th house Moon is gripped as you can observe.

In the above chart, the lord of the 10th house is moon and it occupies the fifth house in
conjunction with South Node (Ketu). As per the rule, the degree of the Nodes should be more than
the degree of the gripped planet.
Here the degree of South Node is 7‐57 and the degree of Moon is 2‐2. The difference between
them in degree is 5‐55. Hence, Moon is adversely gripped by south Node. The result of Moon
will be adversely & negatively experienced by 10th and 5th house. The native is the son of a
leading industrialist in Ahmadabad City. At the age of 26, during the year 1987‐88. The
native was offered the post of a manager in one of the prosperous industrial units but as fate
would have it, the native failed to prosper as per expectation.
As per astrological principle, the 10th house shows the credit in the career, but if this house is
spoiled, then one has to suffer in the career. In the above chart, the lord of 10th house is
placed in the 5th house which indicates the proper working of the intelligence and
discriminations’. But due to gripping of the Moon by Ketu, both the houses i.e. 10th and 5th, is
spoiled and giving adverse result to the Native made improper changes in the Industrial
Unit and also took hasty decisions. The result of all this was the native had to step down
from his managerial post and it affected his career (10th house).
During the period of his managerial post, the Nodes were transiting the sign Scorpio and
Taurus. This transit of North Nodes and south Node in Scorpio & Taurus sign, gripped
Moon and this period was 1992‐93. During this period of transit, the native had to step down
from his post of manager.

Chart 3: ‐ Female Native, 26 April 1969, 17‐15pm, Mumbai (Bombay, India) 19N01 73E51

Planet As Sun Mo Mar Mer® Jup® Ven Sat Ra Ke Ura® Nep® Pl®
Degree 19 12 01 23 00 03 17 06 5 5 07 04 29
Minute 21 45 25 20 25 50 23 15 10 10 12 35 25

Lord of seventh house Jupiter is gripped. In the above chart, the lord of 4th and 7th house is
Jupiter and Jupiter occupies the Ascendant in conjunction with South Node. As per the rule
the degree of the Node should be more than the degree of the gripped planet. Here the degree
of south Nodes is 5‐10 and degree of Jupiter methods can come out which they can
is 3‐50, the difference between them in share with us. In the next issue, we shall
degree is 1‐20. Therefore, Jupiter is present some finer methods in this series
adversely gripped by south Node. of ‘Gripping of the Nodes’.
Hence, the result of Jupiter will be
adversely and negatively experienced by
the matter indicated by 4th, 7th and also 1st
house. The native is of a cultured family.
The native is also very intelligent but as
the forth house indicates education and
this house is spoiled by Nodes, she could
not complete her education in Journalism
and she has to work in different stream.
Again, Jupiter the lord of the 7th house Dusthanapasthadhithara
indicating her marriage is also gripped by
Nodes. The result is that her parents tried
their level best for her marriage but they swakshetra bhavaphalameva
were not successful. Even the boy friend of karoti nanyat - If a planet owns
the Native who was in contact with her, two houses, one of which is a
did not agree to marry her at the end. dusthana but it is in his own house,
Finally, at this age of 39, she is still
unmarried. it gives the effects of the house
where it is posited.
The transit of North Node and south
Node during the year 1987 was in the sign
of Pisces and Virgo at the age of 28 year of
Lagnath anthyagrihadhipo
the Native. There were chances at that balavathi swartte chirayuh sukhi -
time to get married, but due to adverse this dictum means if lord of the 12th
effect of gripping of Jupiter by nodes, it
was not finalized & she lost the chance. is strong the native lives long with
own wealth and happiness.
The Nodes grip the planets in natal chart When Gulika is posited in
and gives adverse results during the transit Jupiters house, it loses its malefic
period of the Nodes. This principle has
quality, but when Jupiter happens
given astonishing results in predictions &
one can observe that the methodology is to be lord of the house occupied by
extremely simple & lucid. This author has Gulika, he becomes a malefic like
painstakingly derived this principle on his an intoxicated mad dog - Shloka
own after observing thousands of charts from book ‘Gulikotpati’
over a period of several decades, hence he
requests the younger generation to not do
the mistake of just reading this article
only, but to test it immediately on
minimum 25 charts upon reading this piece
& that too at one go whereby it would
register in their mind and some finer